End Of Summer BOGO - Last Chance!

Last chance to take advantage of our End of Summer BOGO! Buy one Get one on Tubs! Fuel Your Summer at gfuel.com/


  1. JimJimWow

    JimJimWow3 months ago

    Mine came the day it ended

  2. Tully Smully

    Tully Smully4 months ago

    Does anyone now when the next one is

  3. pEno 420

    pEno 4204 months ago

    Does anyone else hear the phub intro

  4. Sypher Zez

    Sypher Zez4 months ago

    Gfuel I want to tell you something if I live in Canada can I still get some

  5. Nexrues

    Nexrues4 months ago


  6. joma Huntington

    joma Huntington4 months ago

    U guys should make a lychee flavor

  7. Cyqo Yt

    Cyqo Yt4 months ago

    I’ve been waiting for like 1 month it feels like

  8. UniGasps Alex

    UniGasps Alex4 months ago

    why this is quite drunk

  9. David Pineda

    David Pineda4 months ago

    Can I get gful

  10. Leverage -_-

    Leverage -_-4 months ago

    Do I use the ksi gfuel with water or milk

  11. Cyqo Yt

    Cyqo Yt4 months ago


  12. Rat Gosh

    Rat Gosh4 months ago

    I would buy one if you were to sponsor me, or by any chance give me both of them for free and I’ll get an entire Walmart stock of them

  13. Joey Cartel

    Joey Cartel4 months ago

    Do they restock the kits? I want to try more flavors but the blacked out kit is out of stock an thats the shaker i want.

  14. Reflex _070

    Reflex _0704 months ago

    when you want gfuel but your live in the uk :(

  15. TSOAK

    TSOAK4 months ago

    pewdiepie is your subscriber

  16. Barış Dalar

    Barış Dalar4 months ago

    Poor timing since cherry limeade instantly sold out. Hopefully it comes back soon

  17. Le vi

    Le vi4 months ago

    Plz bring G-Fuel in the philippines.... We only have Gatorade


    ABHISHEK SRIGIRI4 months ago


  19. Glitchy

    Glitchy4 months ago

    love how it ends on September 2nd and was also uploaded on September second

  20. Mike Galbraith

    Mike Galbraith4 months ago

    Bought 3 tubs and got 3 free. Restock Cherry Limeade again please, missed that one. In the past 2 weeks I’ve bought 11 tubs lol. Had bought some and then bogo dropped.

  21. Hardy Creations

    Hardy Creations4 months ago

    i just got 2 tubs, how long do you think it will take to arrive?

  22. Alexis Cortes

    Alexis Cortes4 months ago

    8 days. That's how long mine takes

  23. Wyatt R.

    Wyatt R.4 months ago

    Restock dubmelon mint pls

  24. Alexis Cortes

    Alexis Cortes4 months ago

    It got vaulted so they were sadly not

  25. Sawyer JAB

    Sawyer JAB4 months ago

    I got blue ice and lingonberry😁

  26. Sosig Lord

    Sosig Lord4 months ago

    G fuel *exists* My wallet *NOOOOO*

  27. MiningUniverseYT

    MiningUniverseYT4 months ago

    Will you ever do a discount for the starter kits so more people can get into g fuel

  28. Ewan Urquhart

    Ewan Urquhart4 months ago

    you can use codes of creators like “SHOCK”

  29. SMR979

    SMR9794 months ago

    Mine came in one day!!

  30. Calin Radu

    Calin Radu4 months ago

    i just got my first order and i want to get myself 2 tubs for the black friday bogo this year one of them will be french vanilla iced cofee what should be my second one i was thinking piewdiepie but i dont know.....................any recomandations

  31. Cyqo Yt

    Cyqo Yt4 months ago

    How long did it take?

  32. Alexis Cortes

    Alexis Cortes4 months ago

    Pewdiepie is soo good. It's not like any other flavor . I recommend but also hype sauce since it's right on point and soo good. It all depends on what you like (like sour or sweet or natural things)

  33. XxInphaseOwlxX _

    XxInphaseOwlxX _4 months ago

    I'm 15 and I'm thinking of ordering a flavor

  34. XxInphaseOwlxX _

    XxInphaseOwlxX _4 months ago

    @Alexis Cortes Sure I will

  35. Alexis Cortes

    Alexis Cortes4 months ago

    @XxInphaseOwlxX _ Your not underage, you just only get one serving a day instead of an adult being able to drink 3. I have't tried that one yet, but you should try perdiepie

  36. XxInphaseOwlxX _

    XxInphaseOwlxX _4 months ago

    @Alexis Cortes ik I'm underage but I think I should be safe with half a scoop or less. Idk which flavor I should get tho. I'm thinking about butters gfuel.

  37. Alexis Cortes

    Alexis Cortes4 months ago

    You should. They are really good

  38. ZenoZeno

    ZenoZeno4 months ago

    I rly wanted sour cherry but it was sold out :( F

  39. Vurxy

    Vurxy4 months ago

    Bought 6 tubs and ngl. I’m hyped to get them

  40. DatManDonte

    DatManDonte3 months ago

    Slickzy what’s ur problem?, stop being a dick for no reason

  41. Vurxy

    Vurxy4 months ago

    Ok . Like your content is better

  42. Slickzy

    Slickzy4 months ago

    Vurxy you play fortnite 😂😭😭😭😭

  43. Vurxy

    Vurxy4 months ago

    so funny 😐

  44. Slickzy

    Slickzy4 months ago

    bruh I bought your mom

  45. Alex_Perezident

    Alex_Perezident4 months ago

    Bought 4 tubs lol glad I got to get the cherry lime flavor before it sold out

  46. reinisreinisb

    reinisreinisb4 months ago

    Me trying to buy this: Also me: ehhh I don't have money i guess i'll make it my self. Makes a blue can and a red one. Now i have G fuel.

  47. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast4 months ago

    My dad bought gfue from the boho sale and he isn’t telling me what he got until it’s my birthday in two weeks so I hope he got me some good ones

  48. Slickzy

    Slickzy4 months ago

    2 straw berry short cakes 😎

  49. King Blox

    King Blox4 months ago


  50. Skilly

    Skilly4 months ago

    boi am i early

  51. KingaX5 King

    KingaX5 King4 months ago

    I bought Tropical Rain and FaZeberry with my birthday money and for my birthday my mom got me a winter ehite shaker and a strawberry shortcake tub which is what I wanted.

  52. Frog Counter

    Frog Counter4 months ago

    too broke to afford somethin' free

  53. Itz_Sythe

    Itz_Sythe4 months ago

    I like how they removed the faze rain logo from tropical rain

  54. Vurxy

    Vurxy4 months ago

    Partnership ended

  55. Haley

    Haley4 months ago

    Still waiting for my sonic collectors box to be shipped

  56. Dopwater

    Dopwater4 months ago

    Bought six tubes can’t wait for it to arrive

  57. Carter Stranaghan

    Carter Stranaghan4 months ago

    a o lets gooo

  58. Shmed

    Shmed4 months ago

    Poor timing since cherry limeade instantly sold out. Hopefully it comes back soon

  59. Sunny

    Sunny4 months ago

    100 million

  60. Ellis Darwent

    Ellis Darwent4 months ago

    I bought eight tubs and three shaker cups

  61. zeloo

    zeloo4 months ago

    literally99% wont see this but if you do, Godbless you, stay safe and *read my name* 💞

  62. Wardedcookie

    Wardedcookie4 months ago

    Moonpie and Blue ice coming tomorrow

  63. TuGaz

    TuGaz4 months ago

    Moon Pie 🤢

  64. XifyclappedU

    XifyclappedU4 months ago

    I have to get one

  65. Jaybze

    Jaybze4 months ago


  66. Spazticツ

    Spazticツ4 months ago

    I bought some ima get 2 in a couple of days love you GFUEL

  67. Spazticツ

    Spazticツ4 months ago


  68. Spazticツ

    Spazticツ4 months ago

    Reply 1 if you bought GFUEL with BOGO

  69. Slickzy

    Slickzy4 months ago

    Vurxy same here my says it’s coming Friday what about you

  70. jaarmu

    jaarmu4 months ago

    NOOO bogo ends today

  71. Spazticツ

    Spazticツ4 months ago

    Damn right

  72. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming4 months ago

    No one cares if your first

  73. Amir G

    Amir G4 months ago

    Luckily I got copped gfuel before it finished

  74. Olexandr Grach

    Olexandr Grach4 months ago

    G fuel gains 💪

  75. jcarlos 707

    jcarlos 7074 months ago

    I need to get one

  76. AddysusXD

    AddysusXD4 months ago

    Thank god I got the BOGO

  77. Sleepless Ones

    Sleepless Ones4 months ago

    Can I have 2 for free?

  78. Kazmix2

    Kazmix24 months ago

    Love how I’m watching this during online class

  79. Spazticツ

    Spazticツ4 months ago

    Kazmix2 the video 13 seconds long stop trying to act like a bad ass lol cringe

  80. Vilma R

    Vilma R4 months ago

    My class starts in a hour

  81. jaarmu

    jaarmu4 months ago

    oh yeah shiiit corona's still a thing somewhere

  82. King Blox

    King Blox4 months ago

    Same lol

  83. O P T

    O P T4 months ago

    Same 😂😂😂

  84. Rahul Vasireddy

    Rahul Vasireddy4 months ago


  85. 2icy Wavy

    2icy Wavy4 months ago

    Aty noti gang

  86. Curly Cakes

    Curly Cakes4 months ago


  87. Farook IBM

    Farook IBM4 months ago

    I need pls give me plz

  88. jan habot

    jan habot4 months ago


  89. Arion13

    Arion134 months ago


  90. Naruto Sasuke

    Naruto Sasuke4 months ago


  91. Declan A Anstock

    Declan A Anstock4 months ago


  92. Wardedcookie

    Wardedcookie4 months ago


  93. David Colebank

    David Colebank4 months ago

    3rd :(

  94. Kai_weeb

    Kai_weeb4 months ago


  95. Habeebzz

    Habeebzz4 months ago


  96. Ravein N’ bathin

    Ravein N’ bathin4 months ago


  97. Kit_onWeed

    Kit_onWeed4 months ago


  98. Jordan Bitton

    Jordan Bitton4 months ago


  99. Noob gaming 26

    Noob gaming 264 months ago


  100. Beanie

    Beanie4 months ago

    @Safety Bot then keep scrolling lol

  101. Ricardo Rendón

    Ricardo Rendón4 months ago

    Beanie ikr

  102. Safety Bot

    Safety Bot4 months ago

    Please do not say that.

  103. Beanie

    Beanie4 months ago

    you were first


    MOONLIGHT WIZARD4 months ago


  105. Ravein N’ bathin

    Ravein N’ bathin4 months ago

    Ricardo Rendón first. It’s annoying we know your first it’s a video second lamo why u mad

  106. Ricardo Rendón

    Ricardo Rendón4 months ago

    Ravein N’ bathin dude we know u didt ask but why are you mean about it what ur problem

  107. Ravein N’ bathin

    Ravein N’ bathin4 months ago

    Fine Safety Bot

  108. Couthsilver2000

    Couthsilver20004 months ago

    No one asked

  109. Ricardo Rendón

    Ricardo Rendón4 months ago

    Ravein N’ bathin what ur problem?