Resident Evil 3 | G FUEL Nemesis Tea Flavor

The evil Umbrella Corporation has sent perhaps their most deadly, freakish, unrelenting creation after you - “NEMESIS” - with the hopes of covering up their vile, deadly secrets! How will you prevail and save humanity from extinction?! With the help of our devilishly-delicious, high-performance, G FUEL “NEMESIS TEA FLAVOR” CANS OF COURSE!!! A provoking combination of lemonade & iced-tea: Inspired by CAPCOM’s Survival Horror Game - Resident Evil™ 3!!! Fuel Your Life at


  1. M!st3rAz

    M!st3rAz5 months ago

    I would actually buy this. I'm ready to consume some T-Virus.

  2. ZeroCheese

    ZeroCheese5 months ago

    I just got it it taste like half tea half lemonade it’s gud

  3. Yuriusu TR

    Yuriusu TR6 months ago

    I want this

  4. Trouble Breathing

    Trouble Breathing8 months ago

    hope this lasts longer than the game

  5. pumpkinjbggezro

    pumpkinjbggezro8 months ago

    Why is it tea tho +isn t resident evil from a chinesse company or something like that

  6. #SMHCLANofficial

    #SMHCLANofficial9 months ago

    We need a shaker bundle!

  7. #SMHCLANofficial

    #SMHCLANofficial9 months ago

    Where the hell is my shaker bundle?

  8. sniper180

    sniper1809 months ago

    My order just came in today and it's Awesome. Really looking forward to buying more of your flavors.

  9. My Frame's Vision

    My Frame's Vision9 months ago

    The best video

  10. Cemil Sari

    Cemil Sari9 months ago

    G fuel make a Monster hunter drink 😁😁😁


    SPIDER_GAMING_9 months ago

    Once it’s out I’m about to buy cans and a tub

  12. Godly Dellort

    Godly Dellort10 months ago

    Naa I prefer gamersupps

  13. Ridalia

    Ridalia10 months ago

    U.S exclusive? Im sorry WHAT!

  14. AMV For You

    AMV For You10 months ago

    Nice vid

  15. AMV For You

    AMV For You10 months ago



    UXKNOWNPATUZ10 months ago

    GFuel Bring back coconut flavor plz

  17. Scott

    Scott10 months ago


  18. Jake Karma

    Jake Karma10 months ago

    Worst name they could of though of... As a comment below says TEA-virus should of been the name of this

  19. FaZe_Jawsome

    FaZe_Jawsome10 months ago

    They should make a flavor named bluberry fuego

  20. Arkram FatZ

    Arkram FatZ10 months ago

    Fake lachy

  21. fazerdscar

    fazerdscar10 months ago


  22. BlueDevil

    BlueDevil10 months ago

    this game is old and this game over hyped in 2020 and G Fuel is overpriced

  23. josh miller

    josh miller10 months ago

    Gfuel is overpriced? 35$ a tub shipping brings you to 42$ n some change that’s less then a dollar a serving or just about a dollar.. go buy your Red Bull for 3$ a can😂 we’ll see ya slumped out in the next 4 hours pal

  24. I'm not real Not real

    I'm not real Not real10 months ago

    BlueDevil resident evil is a classic it’ll never die shit I’ve bought resident evil 4 4 separate times 5 two times and 6 two times just because the console change I still have the original one two and three this games rated almost a 10 on ign if it’s like re2 remake it’ll be amazing and gfuel it can be pricy but they were just doing a buy one get one as well as using content creator codes can knock a lot off their products paying 30$ for 40 servings vs 6$ a day for the biggest red bull is a pretty good deal if you actually think about it

  25. André Lopes

    André Lopes10 months ago

    What's the deal with US only?

  26. André Lopes

    André Lopes10 months ago

    That might be the case but how come there was no issue with the doom flavour then? The canned drinks (not just the resident evil one) are also US only, is it also licensing issues?

  27. Arkram FatZ

    Arkram FatZ10 months ago

    Everything is cancelled because of Corona

  28. JuJangler

    JuJangler10 months ago

    André Lopes due to licensing issues 😞😞

  29. Ala Ma

    Ala Ma10 months ago

    US only is the worst move you could ever do

  30. Ala Ma

    Ala Ma10 months ago

    @I'm not real Not real It still sucks for the rest of the world, but maybe they will begin shipping the flavour under a different name worldwide - like Hype Sauce

  31. I'm not real Not real

    I'm not real Not real10 months ago

    Ala Ma it’ll sell well I know 4 people not including me who will be ordering this and if they do collectors boxes I’ll be ordering 2 for myself like I did with the demonade plus I don’t think it’s permanent I think it’s due to shipping regulations with the virus out right now

  32. Freak Magnet69

    Freak Magnet6910 months ago

    U.S only... this will sell poorly rip

  33. I'm not real Not real

    I'm not real Not real10 months ago

    Twisted Evil Twin2705 it won’t sell poorly I myself know 2 who will order a collectors box if they will have one if not they’ll order a tub a piece I myself will probably order 2 of either when it drops resident evil is very popular in America

  34. Miko Swavey

    Miko Swavey10 months ago

    Yessssss !!!! Been playing RE2 like crazy need this

  35. Sonicice 24

    Sonicice 2410 months ago

    If you have coronavirud and drink this you be zombie.

  36. Puntrol Officer

    Puntrol Officer10 months ago

    You haven’t taken my money yet?


    ELIYA FUN TIME10 months ago

    Hi friend! Thanks for sharing! Full view and like#95 from us! Let's stay connected!🌷🌷🌷

  38. Tropical

    Tropical10 months ago

    Im waiting for my boy electric shock to try this

  39. Crisp

    Crisp10 months ago

    Would've been a goaty opportunity to call it "Tea-Virus"

  40. Cherry Lion

    Cherry Lion9 months ago

    I wish. I've looked at their Facebook page, there's this one comment has the same flavor idea but GFuel replied saying it's not a good market tactic due to the epidemic.

  41. BigDaddyGeralt

    BigDaddyGeralt9 months ago

    That’s what I’m going to be calling it. 😂

  42. Smokigaming

    Smokigaming9 months ago

    Very good idea

  43. Wouter 1

    Wouter 110 months ago

    haha big smile man have gfuel now


    SHADOWRIDER8810 months ago

    I can't wait, I ready to cop right away, signed up for early realease!

  45. Николай Стоянов

    Николай Стоянов10 months ago

    Sad eu noises

  46. ᗷᑌTTᗴᖇ t̆̈ŏ̈ t̆̈h̆̈ĕ̈ m̆̈ă̈x̆̈

    ᗷᑌTTᗴᖇ t̆̈ŏ̈ t̆̈h̆̈ĕ̈ m̆̈ă̈x̆̈10 months ago

    Resident *gfuel*

  47. Saif

    Saif10 months ago

    Bro this new powder is gonna give you the T-virus that's rad.

  48. Cuck_N_ McGuckin

    Cuck_N_ McGuckin10 months ago

    It’s going to be raspberry tea

  49. I'm not real Not real

    I'm not real Not real10 months ago

    Cuck_N_ McGuckin I think they said lemon

  50. DudeOfAllJokes Gaming

    DudeOfAllJokes Gaming10 months ago

    Cuck_N_ McGuckin I’m hoping

  51. LiinoDrengen

    LiinoDrengen10 months ago

    Sick editing

  52. Danta GamIng

    Danta GamIng10 months ago

    It suck for me as I live in Australia

  53. TimmyBoi Clickbait

    TimmyBoi Clickbait10 months ago


  54. MarioMadness

    MarioMadness10 months ago

    US only flavour... rip the rest of the world

  55. Simon Gaskell

    Simon Gaskell10 months ago

    Not in the UK. So annoyed with this, was my most anticipated flavour to date. I heard on Twitter it was licencing issues. I feel like abit more push could of been done on this cause, people are just gonna sell it on Ebay anyways, not looking forward to have to look at a price of £50-£80 on GFuel....

  56. Arkram FatZ

    Arkram FatZ10 months ago

    Well I live in Sweden.

  57. Jean keyrouz

    Jean keyrouz10 months ago

    I am buying this . gamer for life

  58. Pepega Clap

    Pepega Clap10 months ago

    US exclusive? That's just kinda weird tbh...

  59. I'm not real Not real

    I'm not real Not real10 months ago

    Pepega Clap I think it’s due to shipping regulations because covid

  60. Uulepuule

    Uulepuule10 months ago

    @Nesquicc yes it is

  61. Nesquicc

    Nesquicc10 months ago

    No it’s not

  62. Captain Taco

    Captain Taco10 months ago


  63. pepejaar

    pepejaar10 months ago

    Wait is the only can us limited

  64. I'm not real Not real

    I'm not real Not real10 months ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s due to shipping regulations with the virus currently

  65. MuhTheCow

    MuhTheCow10 months ago

    GFUEL = G-virus

  66. pepejaar

    pepejaar10 months ago

    Btw sucks to live In Finland

  67. Jersie

    Jersie10 months ago

    Imma be honest. this looks fire, but the name? C'mon you couldve been more creative

  68. JackThe Commenter

    JackThe Commenter7 months ago

    Woah jersie do you have a discord?

  69. Cam

    Cam9 months ago

    Jersie imagine tea-virus

  70. Sam Ward

    Sam Ward10 months ago



    LOGAN-MERCER10 months ago

    I’ll be pickin that up




  73. 2KBoomer

    2KBoomer10 months ago

    First one but I'm coping this

  74. BrBlazexx

    BrBlazexx10 months ago


  75. MarkusNetwork

    MarkusNetwork10 months ago

    This is pretty TEAvil

  76. Sam Ward

    Sam Ward10 months ago


  77. Jersie

    Jersie10 months ago

    *grabs wallet and shaker*

  78. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast10 months ago

    I flipped knew it would be tea flavor

  79. smokey24605 twitch smokey2460583

    smokey24605 twitch smokey246058310 months ago

    Let's go

  80. Simityy

    Simityy10 months ago


  81. Smokigaming

    Smokigaming10 months ago

    First comment

  82. DBI Darzly

    DBI Darzly10 months ago


  83. Imjust 2mad

    Imjust 2mad10 months ago


  84. Alex

    Alex10 months ago


  85. Hot Dawg

    Hot Dawg10 months ago


  86. nMz Alpha

    nMz Alpha10 months ago