NickEh 30 x G Fuel

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  1. More Lidzzz

    More LidzzzMonth ago

    1:20 this is what I have to go though when I play on keyboard and mouse on ps4

  2. S1ght

    S1ghtMonth ago

    When you first get gfuel

  3. Snowzz1

    Snowzz13 months ago

    Where’s your little brother nick eh 15

  4. SimbaX1

    SimbaX14 months ago


  5. Rng Kid

    Rng Kid5 months ago

    Nick is the most down to earth person tho

  6. chiweenie

    chiweenie5 months ago

    He on crack

  7. Andrew

    Andrew5 months ago

    Try mixt energy

  8. Jaden Zhou

    Jaden Zhou5 months ago


  9. Licorice Liam

    Licorice Liam5 months ago

    Everybody gangsta until nick force feeds Gfuel to a dummy

  10. Masked Beast

    Masked Beast6 months ago

    How to partner with g fuel

  11. Thomas Does Stuff

    Thomas Does Stuff6 months ago

    Nick eh 30 on crack be like

  12. Mahir

    Mahir6 months ago

    what a loser

  13. Sync Edits

    Sync Edits7 months ago

    oh no

  14. 男ニンニク

    男ニンニク7 months ago

    Now we need 30 flavor aka Nick flavor

  15. ZentricFN

    ZentricFN7 months ago

    Gfuel next to the rzr... what a man.. no. KING

  16. L0xify

    L0xify7 months ago

    Kid after drinking the gfuel in the lava lamp:

  17. Nebulas Fawzy

    Nebulas Fawzy7 months ago

    Young kids when they drink coffee for the first time including g fuel

  18. Martin

    Martin7 months ago

    why did he delete all those tubs... they are probobally all scratched... and sad

  19. trixsta32

    trixsta327 months ago

    nick eh 30:high on f fuel w2s:now we are talking

  20. 2kz2 clan _ Rainz 2356

    2kz2 clan _ Rainz 23567 months ago

    Mans snorted a bit too much g fuel

  21. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy7 months ago

    its like watching an autistic child on their birthday

  22. Anthony J. Tlustochowicz

    Anthony J. Tlustochowicz7 months ago

    Also,when you give nick g fuel

  23. Anthony J. Tlustochowicz

    Anthony J. Tlustochowicz7 months ago

    What is going on?

  24. The24thSanta

    The24thSanta7 months ago

    I can’t wait till he gets a flavor and shaker of his own I want a nick shaker sooo bad

  25. The Original Barron

    The Original Barron7 months ago

    Hahaha Nick lol

  26. GTXT1000

    GTXT10007 months ago

    I m dead inside

  27. Cameronn 16

    Cameronn 167 months ago

    Why this have like 600 likes?


    CHARGER7 months ago

    This is an accurate representation of what happens when I get my shipment in

  29. QT Flames

    QT Flames7 months ago

    Pfp checks out

  30. kiingdylan 10

    kiingdylan 107 months ago

    Can’t wait to find out what flavor he’s gonna go with

  31. F101 Clan

    F101 Clan7 months ago

    0:33 he has 3 steam decks

  32. Deven Daljit

    Deven Daljit6 months ago

    I was liken

  33. Daniel Graser

    Daniel Graser7 months ago

    His flavor would be chromosomes

  34. WOUTER Nijeboer

    WOUTER Nijeboer8 months ago

    No hate, but this is hella cringe

  35. Clovis Delorme

    Clovis Delorme8 months ago

    Nice views/subs ratio

  36. desperateism

    desperateism7 months ago

    Clovis Delorme i mean its a company who tf watches a company

  37. Powe ll

    Powe ll8 months ago

    GFuel is overpowered. wanna know why? Its playing in a Controlla

  38. QT Flames

    QT Flames7 months ago


  39. Omar Islam

    Omar Islam7 months ago

    Powe FC controller disrespect!!

  40. More RiZeEM

    More RiZeEM8 months ago

    I just got my first shaker and tub congrats btw

  41. Dangle

    Dangle8 months ago

    rather do crack

  42. 3abbaskah

    3abbaskah8 months ago

    filming and acting like kid PETHATIC

  43. I’mtoxiclol

    I’mtoxiclol8 months ago

    Is he getting his own flavour

  44. aaallesandere

    aaallesandere8 months ago

    Nice! Selling liquid obesity to children

  45. F6

    F68 months ago

    Damn nick flexible lol

  46. ACOG Batteries

    ACOG Batteries8 months ago

    Stop sponsoring Keem****

  47. TheRadicalRats

    TheRadicalRats8 months ago

    Huh, looks like the fever dream I had last night 1:10

  48. SoLo ReVertz

    SoLo ReVertz8 months ago

    I just went and order his picks for a starter today. Can’t wait to get it!

  49. Takynayywayy

    Takynayywayy8 months ago

    G-Fuel tastes awesome, but if you are looking for it to "pump you up" don't be fooled. Most energy drinks have more caffeine, and this stuff, although its easy and again tastes great, will not keep you awake whatsoever.

  50. Angel Hits

    Angel Hits8 months ago

    I was literally watching nick eh 30 and then I got an ad about this xD

  51. Mr. Shark

    Mr. Shark8 months ago

    Why did I just get a notification...

  52. Fr0z3n Waffle

    Fr0z3n Waffle8 months ago

    Just ordered my first tub and shaker! Also congrats Nick!

  53. General Fishstick

    General Fishstick5 months ago

    Zyncs Stuff I’m 11 and i got the David dobrik picks so

  54. ur autistic

    ur autistic8 months ago

    @Zync ZN • 14 years ago a lot of people under 18 drink it

  55. Zync ZN • 14 years ago

    Zync ZN • 14 years ago8 months ago

    I can't drink it, you have to be over 18, so RIP to me...

  56. dragon_slayerDra

    dragon_slayerDra8 months ago

    @F1zzy Boi faze clans battle juice

  57. F1zzy Boi

    F1zzy Boi8 months ago

    @dragon_slayerDra what flavour did u get

  58. Don’t read my profile picture

    Don’t read my profile picture8 months ago

    Just no

  59. My dog Swallowed a brick lol

    My dog Swallowed a brick lol8 months ago

    Over marketing over marketing over marketing

  60. vortex_void _

    vortex_void _8 months ago


  61. ParanoidRival

    ParanoidRival8 months ago

    you can just tell he plays fortnite

  62. S A D

    S A D8 months ago

    *1:12** hum, Nickk what are you doing?*

  63. Julian Lamparelli

    Julian Lamparelli8 months ago

    Yall see the mystery flavor. I hope it comes back

  64. gasgr01

    gasgr018 months ago

    Lessss goooooo

  65. JHolland

    JHolland8 months ago

    Boring announcement just like his channel

  66. Nick Eh 30

    Nick Eh 308 months ago

    Looking forward to 2020 with you guys! 💜

  67. Edwin Sanchez

    Edwin Sanchez2 days ago


  68. Max_SBG

    Max_SBG2 days ago

    @Splatendo ikr

  69. Splatendo

    Splatendo11 days ago

    But little did he know 2020 would be the worst year of our lives

  70. MrGamerMarcus77YT

    MrGamerMarcus77YT27 days ago

    @Faisal Because there is not many views on the video.

  71. Bob and Snap

    Bob and SnapMonth ago

    Can I Have A shoutout

  72. Recoil

    Recoil8 months ago


  73. Hybrid Assassin

    Hybrid Assassin8 months ago

    My man be living in his parents basement lol


    MST MORGUE2 months ago

    @Hybrid Assassin you’re the one being ignorant by commenting that. you made yourself look bad.

  75. Hybrid Assassin

    Hybrid Assassin2 months ago

    @MST MORGUE idc he makes more than everyone in the comments section so shut up and stop making me look bad


    MST MORGUE2 months ago

    still makes more money than you lol

  77. Hybrid Assassin

    Hybrid Assassin3 months ago

    @GokuHasThickThighs I didnt ask for your back story so I dont care if they died

  78. GokuHasThickThighs

    GokuHasThickThighs3 months ago

    @Hybrid Assassin no actually, my parents died in a car accident 4 years ago and i live with my sister in an apartment

  79. Luca Graham

    Luca Graham8 months ago

    *E P I C*

  80. Jaxx Productions

    Jaxx Productions8 months ago

    he needs his own flavor

  81. jeff jeff

    jeff jeff8 months ago

    **NO GFUEL WAS HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS SCENE Nobody: what about the scene before

  82. QT Flames

    QT Flames7 months ago

    *Not only G fuel was harmed*

  83. Theexdopexking

    Theexdopexking8 months ago

    I would buy but my chug rug hasn’t even shipped

  84. Ehsanツ

    Ehsanツ8 months ago

    *the og fans already watched this in Nick's vid*

  85. desperateism

    desperateism7 months ago

    Ehsanツ *only not fakes know he didn’t make a yt video on this*

  86. Drizzle

    Drizzle8 months ago

    Ayeee amazing bro but does gfuel reply

  87. Drizzle

    Drizzle8 months ago


  88. G FUEL

    G FUEL8 months ago

    Would be cool if they did

  89. Lipton

    Lipton8 months ago

    You just can’t hate on Nick, he deserves everything he achieves in life, the most genuine and nicest guy i have actually seen in the gaming community. What a great guy

  90. Fleeb

    Fleeb5 months ago

    Not true at all

  91. Jack Keezel

    Jack Keezel5 months ago

    Nick Eh 30 hi I love you 😍

  92. Fumi

    Fumi6 months ago

    He should have his own flavour

  93. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork8 months ago

    Nick Eh 30 yo u actually replied

  94. CrispyCRACKS

    CrispyCRACKS8 months ago

    @Nick Eh 30 damn bro nick replyed!!

  95. LiamFm

    LiamFm8 months ago

    This is so cringe

  96. AsRaTV

    AsRaTV8 months ago


  97. Burcol

    Burcol8 months ago

    ya love to see it

  98. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast8 months ago

    Wonder what his flavor would be

  99. Daniel Graser

    Daniel Graser7 months ago

    @SkyManiaclmaoo 💀💀💀

  100. SkyManiac

    SkyManiac8 months ago


  101. francesca warner

    francesca warner8 months ago

    Lachlan_Jeremiah what would that taste like

  102. FaZe_Jawsome

    FaZe_Jawsome8 months ago


  103. Rizzle

    Rizzle8 months ago

    Who ever u are have a good day 👀👀👀

  104. Lizzette Hernandez

    Lizzette Hernandez8 months ago

    *No Gfuel was harmed in the making of this video*

  105. DubZ Trxps

    DubZ Trxps7 months ago

    yourasianchum ta hell

  106. asianonnoodles

    asianonnoodles8 months ago

    Owen Gilligan pennis*

  107. Lizzette Hernandez

    Lizzette Hernandez8 months ago

    @Pixel x Mick video*

  108. Pixel x Mick

    Pixel x Mick8 months ago

    Lizzette Hernandez *scene* *

  109. NotZeq

    NotZeq8 months ago

    @gfuel I ordered a shaker cup with packets and still haven’t gotten my order it’s been 3 weeks and no email addressing nothing

  110. Beck Josh

    Beck Josh3 months ago

    Order it on amazon

  111. Vley

    Vley6 months ago

    NotZeq takes longer now

  112. Bamboo_

    Bamboo_8 months ago

    Mine took 2 to 3 weeks

  113. iAmKarma

    iAmKarma8 months ago

    Guys mine came in 3 days

  114. lankybox fan

    lankybox fan8 months ago

    adamzain _690 mine came in 3 months

  115. Lohman

    Lohman8 months ago

    Dem Gfuel

  116. VxntageVFX

    VxntageVFX8 months ago

    This is great, great work nick and GFUEL

  117. Dyslexic DoodleBob

    Dyslexic DoodleBob8 months ago

    i don't think you need anymore gfuel bud...

  118. MarkusNetwork

    MarkusNetwork8 months ago

    Nick Eh 30: I will never drink any energy drinks. GFUEL: Want a partnership? Nick Eh 30: *pulls uno reverse card*.

  119. Rancid Riki

    Rancid Riki8 months ago

    gfuel isn't exactly an energy drink

  120. ً

    ً8 months ago

    Stop promoting fortnite streamers, they aint worth spending money on

  121. DudeWithBread

    DudeWithBread8 months ago

    1 year too late mate...

  122. EvanEvolved

    EvanEvolved8 months ago

    Cringy, but in a good way :)

  123. Joliss

    Joliss8 months ago

    Inward your videos are cringe, in a bad way

  124. Nelsony

    Nelsony8 months ago

    @Exo laziness is not cringe involving in mass shootings is cringe

  125. Exo

    Exo8 months ago

    @EvanEvolved doesnt change the fact that its cringe

  126. Team CommanD

    Team CommanD8 months ago

    EvanEvolved that doesn’t make sense

  127. EvanEvolved

    EvanEvolved8 months ago

    Cause this is a burn account lmao

  128. Olexandr Grach

    Olexandr Grach8 months ago

    This is actually me when I get my 3 g fuel tubs

  129. Corey

    Corey8 months ago

    Early gang

  130. Yoda

    Yoda8 months ago

    Is it just me or does his dad look and sound exactly like Bob from Stranger Things

  131. Falak Nawaz

    Falak Nawaz8 months ago

    Holyy ikr he looks exactly the same

  132. Ethyro

    Ethyro8 months ago

    RIP Bob🙏

  133. Yoda

    Yoda8 months ago

    Great add btw, it’s just too bad g-fuel doesn’t ship to my country. There is a chance that I might die before ever tasting g-fuel. Rip

  134. Nick Eh 30

    Nick Eh 308 months ago

    Bahah I’ll tell him that

  135. Rajendan Manimaran

    Rajendan Manimaran8 months ago

    Jequavis ikr 🤣

  136. Mezz1x

    Mezz1x8 months ago

    I’m not first I’m not last but when g fuel posts I click very fast

  137. ConnorSWB

    ConnorSWB8 months ago


  138. CloAk 21

    CloAk 218 months ago


  139. ar mason

    ar mason8 months ago


  140. Evert

    Evert8 months ago


  141. 100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

    100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge8 months ago

    Nobody: GFUEL: *Making everyone's quarantine better*

  142. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork8 months ago

    It’s nick that’s making it better.

  143. Wide Dog

    Wide Dog8 months ago

    If they would ship mine it would be even better

  144. Plazma ὣ

    Plazma ὣ8 months ago

    Hello again

  145. 100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

    100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge8 months ago

    the random person who like this will become a millionaire guaranteed

  146. Mudbutt

    Mudbutt8 months ago

    Your names a lie and this is lie...get a life lol

  147. Heaven Rupert

    Heaven Rupert8 months ago

    honitly these are fake unless you are lucky

  148. CaptainClark23

    CaptainClark238 months ago


  149. Dharic

    Dharic8 months ago

    Also saw this on tik tok

  150. Pain _

    Pain _8 months ago


  151. Slimyfishszn

    Slimyfishszn8 months ago


  152. AlpineAnimates

    AlpineAnimates8 months ago


  153. Cooper Stage

    Cooper Stage8 months ago

    Let’s gooooo boys

  154. Reset

    Reset8 months ago


  155. Sam- I-Am

    Sam- I-Am8 months ago

    The Meme,The Stream,The Eh Team

  156. Woody1nutt _

    Woody1nutt _8 months ago


  157. Legendツ

    Legendツ8 months ago

    Hi nice video

  158. Conoil 1

    Conoil 18 months ago

    Notification gang!!!!🔥🔥

  159. Hawkdew

    Hawkdew8 months ago


  160. Dharic

    Dharic8 months ago

    Lucky can you do a give away for gfuel