KSI's Strawberry Banana G FUEL

KSI gets his own flavor of G FUEL - Strawberry Banana! Shop KSI's exclusive G FUEL collection: gfuel.ly/2Na7W14
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  1. ĶAŹÌ

    ĶAŹÌ20 hours ago

    His teeth iss also yello

  2. Julian Sung

    Julian SungDay ago

    Babatunde when there's no wootah

  3. Yaboi 666

    Yaboi 666Day ago

    This is fucking genius. this us way more comedic than the bullshit lele pons or lilly sing pumps out. AND ITS A FUCKING COMMERCIAL. Gfuels got a new customer.

  4. Emre Kaya

    Emre KayaDay ago

    When your mom burns the pizza rolls 0:37

  5. l .maje32

    l .maje327 days ago

    woah! How much were you payed to do this

  6. Mè0 3edWars

    Mè0 3edWars8 days ago

    Lol i like how hes beat up everything in a commercial

  7. Funny Jacks secret channel

    Funny Jacks secret channel10 days ago

    Can’t wait for the remix one

  8. MrHeadshotzz

    MrHeadshotzz18 days ago

    Watching KSI destroy a room while dressed as a strawberry kind of had its charm. LOL

  9. N0t Cameron

    N0t Cameron28 days ago

    What did all of that have to do with gefuel

  10. Kamini Patel

    Kamini PatelMonth ago

    the reason for this new flavor is because the add revenue is getting low

  11. MoreKathool

    MoreKathoolMonth ago

    This is the best gfuel ad ever lol

  12. BTannertamej

    BTannertamejMonth ago

    i thought it would’ve been watermelon

  13. zeph

    zephMonth ago

    did i just spend 75 seconds of my life watching a grown man scream in a strawberry costume

  14. Aidi!

    Aidi!Month ago

    This is epic

  15. ogfik

    ogfik2 months ago

    I mean... he did say he hates banana sooo.. 😂😂

  16. Benski

    Benski2 months ago

    If you put his powder in milk, you can make it a milkshake.

  17. Vxzo xx

    Vxzo xx2 months ago

    ksi doesnt like bannanas?

  18. Poopie Peeper

    Poopie Peeper2 months ago

    They should’ve given Ksi ragin gummy fish lol

  19. Bryant Yong

    Bryant Yong2 months ago

    This is super saiyan lvl 1000 with fatneek combined

  20. Aiden Damian

    Aiden Damian2 months ago

    When daddy don't buy you vbucks

  21. Lord Melon

    Lord Melon3 months ago

    rage monster be like

  22. Tarek Soubra

    Tarek Soubra3 months ago

    Since when was Ksi Logan Paul

  23. yung Skrilla

    yung Skrilla3 months ago

    i can’t stop replaying this lol

  24. memes meemesss

    memes meemesss3 months ago

    I like how on the gfuel website it’s only American and Ksi is from the uk?!???!?!?

  25. NotBad

    NotBad3 months ago

    who knew gfuel was secretly recording my little brother losing in fortnite?

  26. DatManDonte

    DatManDonte3 months ago

    Best gfuel flavour no 🧢

  27. Bradz

    Bradz3 months ago

    If ksi lost to Logan 😂

  28. Tristan Wolf Gustavsen

    Tristan Wolf Gustavsen3 months ago

    Mommy why is the black man destroying the room?

  29. Tristan Wolf Gustavsen

    Tristan Wolf Gustavsen3 months ago


  30. DomiTuPana xdd

    DomiTuPana xdd3 months ago


  31. Ləmon Đuck

    Ləmon Đuck3 months ago

    Bruh what is he thinking

  32. Sisi Mathara

    Sisi Mathara3 months ago

    When a kid tries a travis scott burger

  33. Jeff

    Jeff4 months ago

    Ksi family friendly version:

  34. Faxydh

    Faxydh4 months ago

    Lol I looks retarted

  35. Miguel Tadeo

    Miguel Tadeo4 months ago

    Ksi is enjoying his job

  36. Juul Cat

    Juul Cat4 months ago

    Nobody: Cod zombies: 0:26

  37. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Alejandro Gonzalez4 months ago

    This is the best thing ksi has ever done😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Shawon Zaman

    Shawon Zaman4 months ago

    I summon r/ksi

  39. James LaBrie

    James LaBrie4 months ago

    Yet you guys refuse to sell to the UK

  40. Kuzia Reznikov

    Kuzia Reznikov4 months ago

    He used a plate as a frisbee 😂😂

  41. Andrew

    Andrew4 months ago

    46 more views till it hits 1 million views

  42. sky

    sky5 months ago

    I swear the director just giving reddit some more ammo

  43. D4ᖇKN3SSS

    D4ᖇKN3SSS5 months ago


  44. Jayverted 2

    Jayverted 25 months ago

    Come mr tally man strawberry banana

  45. Hunter

    Hunter5 months ago

    So heartwarming

  46. Sujal Khadka :- 22

    Sujal Khadka :- 225 months ago

    Open Indian style

  47. Sheikh Nuurudiin

    Sheikh Nuurudiin5 months ago

    I think ksi loved filming this

  48. WD PC

    WD PC5 months ago

    Typical day for KSI after losing in FIFA

  49. Galaxite

    Galaxite5 months ago

    Bugha : Bananas

  50. Giacomo NAVAGERO

    Giacomo NAVAGERO5 months ago

    We should post this on JJ’s reddit

  51. big jill

    big jill5 months ago

    what did i just watch

  52. HaZnain

    HaZnain5 months ago

    When mom says u can’t buy vbucks


    IM NOT RACIST5 months ago

    why does this feel like a mild eric andre skit?🤔

  54. yung Skrilla

    yung Skrilla5 months ago

    i can’t wait to remind ksi that this exists soon

  55. Eu Jhn

    Eu Jhn5 months ago

    When ninja looses in fortnite

  56. Adina B

    Adina B5 months ago

    How have I not seen this before😂😂😂

  57. Alexandru Marunceac

    Alexandru Marunceac5 months ago


  58. Carole Ramboyong

    Carole Ramboyong5 months ago

    0:18 right now his destroying peelys

  59. Boomer Juice

    Boomer Juice5 months ago

    Haha Bannana go brrrrr.

  60. Ayaan Playz

    Ayaan Playz5 months ago

    when ksi sees logan paul

  61. alcoh

    alcoh5 months ago

    banane warrior

  62. the choo choo train

    the choo choo train5 months ago

    if he lost the fight

  63. H a d e s ハデス

    H a d e s ハデス5 months ago

    This is all i wanna do when i get angry. Hes so lucky

  64. Kai_115

    Kai_1155 months ago


  65. Wyvrn

    Wyvrn5 months ago

    *How does it feel to Chew 5 gum*

  66. YTJosephXX_ 99

    YTJosephXX_ 995 months ago

    Every yellow thing is jake Paul

  67. Wingchunwillie

    Wingchunwillie5 months ago

    How much money did you spend on this

  68. Erin

    Erin5 months ago

    It tastes like moldy fucking banana.

  69. NFL crazy Game

    NFL crazy Game5 months ago

    wtf lol

  70. aahilj

    aahilj5 months ago

    Babatunde looking for wotah

  71. Choper 578

    Choper 5786 months ago

    This is how ikea tests their products

  72. JENS

    JENS6 months ago


  73. Lil Loopin

    Lil Loopin6 months ago

    How is this not on reddit?

  74. Yo DaD

    Yo DaD6 months ago

    At least he was training

  75. Lenny Is beter than carl

    Lenny Is beter than carl6 months ago

    What a chad

  76. biggie zk

    biggie zk6 months ago

    Wait what

  77. Endmysuffering Please

    Endmysuffering Please6 months ago

    Uh was he OK while making this

  78. Rezzy Khan

    Rezzy Khan6 months ago

    U can tell by the thumbnail that he doesn't wanna be there

  79. Crispy Cookie

    Crispy Cookie5 months ago

    Who doesnt want to destroy a room without consequences

  80. R_Krispp65

    R_Krispp656 months ago


  81. Latha Balamurugan

    Latha Balamurugan6 months ago

    Idiot, I happened 7 months ago.

  82. MemelessYT

    MemelessYT6 months ago

    My favorite part 1:00

  83. colossalbreacker

    colossalbreacker6 months ago

    missed opportunity for KSI watermelon gfuel

  84. Latha Balamurugan

    Latha Balamurugan6 months ago

    That's racist

  85. Ineeddatpizza

    Ineeddatpizza6 months ago

    USlikes algorithm thought it was cool to put this in my recommended

  86. Knox G

    Knox G6 months ago

    when you ask your mom for vbucks but she says no 0:17

  87. C J

    C J6 months ago

    Release the audio without the music please that'd be appreciated... Thanks 0:30 for context

  88. ean Declan

    ean Declan6 months ago

    Gfuel do be wasting thousands of dollars in the intro

  89. ShinyAgumon X

    ShinyAgumon X6 months ago

    The redit gonna blow up with memes after this

  90. Remmington Johnson

    Remmington Johnson6 months ago

    This is Logan after losing the fight

  91. Asian Spongebob

    Asian Spongebob6 months ago

    What if the cameraman forgot to press record

  92. mr. randøm

    mr. randøm6 months ago

    0:17if Logan Paul win

  93. Nino Rabonni B. Madanguit

    Nino Rabonni B. Madanguit6 months ago

    one hell of a japanese gfuel ad

  94. Hunter Roseberry

    Hunter Roseberry6 months ago

    Y is this in my recommended

  95. Clever Vexus

    Clever Vexus6 months ago

    Anyone else getting this in their recommendations

  96. Sloth

    Sloth6 months ago


  97. Vitarlox_Xs

    Vitarlox_Xs6 months ago

    It feels good drinking a youtuber than is fighting a clickbaiter

  98. Fransisca Gracia Christie

    Fransisca Gracia Christie6 months ago

    I like his look its so cute especially when ksi dressed up as banana

  99. arhaan patel

    arhaan patel6 months ago

    Who has gotten this vid in their recommended more than once?


    WHOISRYAN6 months ago

    When you ready to get revenge

  101. memeinator

    memeinator6 months ago

    Black guys in strawberry suits destroying stuff is what we call, **original content**

  102. Black Lightning Gaming

    Black Lightning Gaming6 months ago

    Its G or nothing

  103. damehr

    damehr6 months ago

    bugha be triggered.

  104. Nicolas Hernandez

    Nicolas Hernandez6 months ago

    My guy I love the gfuel