Scream [for G FUEL]

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  1. ComaPinguoin745

    ComaPinguoin745Month ago

    this vid is soooo Pepepains

  2. KillerRevenant

    KillerRevenantMonth ago

    Man sitting here Friday night sipping a Gfuel watching Gfuel videos what a time!

  3. Elizabeth Cummings

    Elizabeth CummingsMonth ago

    A1 content, keep uploading! Why don’t you use Smzeus . c o m?? It’s the best way to promote your videos.

  4. Blink VII

    Blink VII2 months ago

    I'm loving these ads so much

  5. Shidenzu

    Shidenzu2 months ago

    Where’s Sydney Prescott ?

  6. Gheorghe Mătușa

    Gheorghe Mătușa2 months ago

    Cen i drink gfuel im 9 plsssss i reealy wanna know

  7. Gheorghe Mătușa

    Gheorghe Mătușa2 months ago

    @Jack Lodge how many?

  8. Gheorghe Mătușa

    Gheorghe Mătușa2 months ago

    @Jack Lodge ok thx

  9. Jack Lodge

    Jack Lodge2 months ago

    why tf would you need gfuel at 9 years old? trust me wait a few more years

  10. True Pc King

    True Pc King2 months ago


  11. Stoja SRB

    Stoja SRB2 months ago


  12. Justin Duane

    Justin Duane2 months ago

    I love this reference

  13. RE Family

    RE Family2 months ago

    Hey GFuel one question how old do you need to be to drink GFuel

  14. RE Family

    RE Family2 months ago

    Oh ok

  15. Jnh

    Jnh2 months ago

    I wouldn’t recommend consuming full serving of gfuel until around the age of 15+

  16. Pegee

    Pegee2 months ago

    Murder: try’s to kill me Me: no I got my Gfuel u can’t kill me

  17. XxSuski

    XxSuski2 months ago

    That’s scared tf out of me I was not expecting that

  18. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing2 months ago


  19. Kraken G

    Kraken G2 months ago

    This is amazing marketing what the heck

  20. stylz

    stylz2 months ago

    Is this a hint towards a re release for fruit punch👀👀

  21. Adam

    Adam2 months ago

    Haha 70th commenter 69 comments? Not anymore

  22. Lezbunny69

    Lezbunny692 months ago

    Reskin Hype Sauce. Since that tub always has great artwork on it. I could only imagine what Halloween or even XMas spin it could have. Plus Hype Sauce is THE FUCKING BEST FLAVOR PERIOD!!!!!!

  23. Harold Torres

    Harold Torres2 months ago

    Hm.... Cindy?!?!

  24. NzT xxkillzjake

    NzT xxkillzjake2 months ago

    I love yall bro yall really care about your fans and do silly stuff like this hehe

  25. Simon Z

    Simon Z2 months ago


  26. Dameez

    Dameez2 months ago

    This is why you drink g-fuel, it will literally save you from being murdered

  27. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing2 months ago

    Looks like Y’all hinting something

  28. Omar ahmed

    Omar ahmed2 months ago

    this is so creepy

  29. Eduardo Puente

    Eduardo Puente2 months ago

    Metro exodus gfuel green stuff

  30. Ijaz Aziz

    Ijaz Aziz2 months ago

    I cant get gfuel because I'm in The UK 'L'

  31. Kraken G

    Kraken G2 months ago

    Try amazon

  32. rodeo chip

    rodeo chip2 months ago

    Restock gang

  33. Mintyvsworld

    Mintyvsworld2 months ago

    Nearly everyone doesn’t get this is a reference to the scream intro 😂

  34. Mintyvsworld

    MintyvsworldMonth ago

    @jordan no a lot of people didn’t surprisingly

  35. Cresh

    Cresh2 months ago

    Wow I’m first to comment

  36. Mintyvsworld

    Mintyvsworld2 months ago

    @Cheemtos well,I guess they have to promote the reskins of peach ice tea and blue chug rug

  37. Cheemtos

    Cheemtos2 months ago

    Yeah I thought instead of horror movie questions they would ask video game questions

  38. Sickobing

    Sickobing2 months ago

    if pokimane made a flavour named it SimpBerry

  39. Ashley Smart

    Ashley Smart2 months ago

    Thought there was going to be a jump scare at the end there 😂

  40. Keith Ng

    Keith Ng2 months ago

    I wish they sell gfuel in Malaysia

  41. Sickobing

    Sickobing2 months ago


  42. Pluto V2

    Pluto V22 months ago

    So you want us to scream lmao

  43. Cheemtos

    Cheemtos2 months ago

    It is a scream movie reference

  44. Cresh

    Cresh2 months ago

    I want you to scream gfuel/-dabs-

  45. Sickobing

    Sickobing2 months ago

    se ke rim

  46. William Orlando Bernal Jimenez

    William Orlando Bernal Jimenez2 months ago

    how old u can drink g fuel im 12 years old

  47. TheAlexis45

    TheAlexis452 months ago

    I started to drink at 12 so yeah, you can drink it. Just drink once a day and your good.

  48. Mintyvsworld

    Mintyvsworld2 months ago

    I drank it when I was 11 and nothing happened,just don’t have more than one serving a day and shake it well

  49. markybuildy

    markybuildy2 months ago

    I thot it was gonna be a fruit punch reskin

  50. Joe M

    Joe M2 months ago

    Same lol.

  51. Isela arellano

    Isela arellano2 months ago


  52. Pratham Amlani

    Pratham Amlani2 months ago

    I love gfule can I get a shoutout

  53. supreme pops

    supreme pops2 months ago

    Nice, pretty chill

  54. NitroApples

    NitroApples2 months ago

    What did I just watch

  55. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast2 months ago

    This is scarier than night mare on elm street I watched yesterday

  56. Payton MSTR

    Payton MSTR2 months ago

    Looks dank

  57. Twisty 101

    Twisty 1012 months ago

    When are u guys gonna restock

  58. TBH_ Stryker

    TBH_ Stryker2 months ago

    so early

  59. Dux Domine

    Dux Domine2 months ago

    The stovetop popcorn, this really is 1999

  60. Lenin No Bulto

    Lenin No Bulto2 months ago

    Quien tenga el celular en la mano que Dios los libre del covid19 y a su familia ❤️🙏😍🤩

  61. jack _112

    jack _1122 months ago

    g fool ee

  62. Kazmix2

    Kazmix22 months ago

    You’re safe if you have Gfuel 😂😎

  63. Reflex Clan

    Reflex Clan2 months ago

    I followed GFUEL on Tik Tok can they follow me back.

  64. notlight slayer

    notlight slayer2 months ago

    I am gonna cop

  65. Calzee

    Calzee2 months ago

    Pretty cool!

  66. MaJJorTurfOfDroidd

    MaJJorTurfOfDroidd2 months ago

    LOL FAM.😆😆😆👏👏👏

  67. iVonikXz

    iVonikXz2 months ago

    Idk why I wanna try gfuel with cereal

  68. ItsCruzTube

    ItsCruzTube2 months ago

    iVonikXz use moon pie then you'd get like a Cocoa Puffs flavor

  69. Xx_velez_xX 0:

    Xx_velez_xX 0:2 months ago

    Gfuel share with me

  70. nerdykitty cakez

    nerdykitty cakez2 months ago

    That was Everything

  71. Secret YT

    Secret YT2 months ago


  72. Tc DynamicZ

    Tc DynamicZ2 months ago

    Wtf did I just watch

  73. Subwooferzzz

    Subwooferzzz2 months ago

    Mouse is broken from how fast I clicked

  74. jack _112

    jack _1122 months ago


  75. lolplayer 21

    lolplayer 212 months ago


  76. ATLANTIKA Plundering 2

    ATLANTIKA Plundering 22 months ago

    Wow 10/10

  77. Timotej Leginus

    Timotej Leginus2 months ago


  78. skiirts

    skiirts2 months ago


  79. fido

    fido2 months ago


  80. Boga Gohith

    Boga Gohith2 months ago

    first fi

  81. BenPGamer

    BenPGamer2 months ago


  82. SnowwX

    SnowwX2 months ago

    Early boys

  83. It’s Phantom ツ

    It’s Phantom ツ2 months ago


  84. Boga Gohith

    Boga Gohith2 months ago


  85. DaShuby

    DaShuby2 months ago

    You should have more hydration flavors?

  86. DaShuby

    DaShuby2 months ago

    Ik you made fazeberry but idk

  87. markys world

    markys world2 months ago


  88. markys world

    markys world2 months ago

    Wheres my free g fuel

  89. x9

    x92 months ago


  90. Athrekyte

    Athrekyte2 months ago


  91. RIPMajor

    RIPMajor2 months ago

    The 1% who see's this comment i pray you become successful in life😊 800 otw🙏

  92. Anime Zay

    Anime Zay2 months ago


  93. Bru Ok

    Bru Ok2 months ago


  94. Bru Ok

    Bru Ok2 months ago

    The Reskin looks dope

  95. Bru Ok

    Bru Ok2 months ago

    Cool i am

  96. what is my life

    what is my life2 months ago

    Ur first lol