FaZe Temperrr x G FUEL

FaZe Temperrr sits down to talk about his long-standing relationship with G FUEL - Fuel Your Life at gfuel.com/


  1. HAHA David

    HAHA David4 months ago

    Skater boooyyyyy

  2. Hercules

    Hercules6 months ago

    most of the faze clan members look likes the guys that message underage girls for naked pics.

  3. kip

    kip10 months ago

    Whyd oes it say 2 months ago whut

  4. Tonny Michel

    Tonny Michel10 months ago

    Where do they sell Gfule

  5. Drippy

    DrippyYear ago

    Yo Gfuel hit me up on any thing like flavours or anything I’m save in saveing £30 more £/$ for Gfuel

  6. SecretLvl

    SecretLvlYear ago

    bought 2 tub 36 days ago,still nothing,cant track my package. Gfuel never response to all of my email. SMH

  7. kJayy

    kJayyYear ago

    I don’t understand faze anymore lol

  8. Jumpie

    JumpieYear ago

    Wasn’t first sponsor imagine customs?

  9. Instinct

    InstinctYear ago

    Back when FaZe members were the only ones getting flavors and shaker cups, back when FaZe was basically Gfuel's only partnered org... miss these days

  10. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusYear ago

    Bro I swear gfuel videos never get recommend


    TEAM FUTUREYear ago

    “Gfuel what fuels you”

  12. Risky7k

    Risky7kYear ago

    We love Temperrr and G Fuel :D

  13. Alexander Farzaneh

    Alexander FarzanehYear ago

    One of the best partnerships in the game

  14. • Manolo •

    • Manolo •Year ago

    *Tommy is capping about their first sponsorship, it was actually “ imaginecustoms “ it was a company that made painted controllers, not scufs but custom painted controllers.* temperrr is all about the 💰

  15. Fried Ravioli

    Fried RavioliYear ago

    LMAO first him saying he was a co founder now this

  16. AyeeLmao47

    AyeeLmao47Year ago

    Love this guy

  17. Mercanthony

    MercanthonyYear ago

    Legend right there

  18. Quantum

    QuantumYear ago

    Very cool g

  19. Brainless R6

    Brainless R6Year ago

    Just got some more cans and another tub keep doin your thing

  20. 666999

    666999Year ago

    Put Gfuel in my ass

  21. KLIPS

    KLIPSYear ago

    love these guys

  22. Effxct-Ageo

    Effxct-AgeoYear ago

    Yo it will be a honor if you give me a shoutout and make me a g ⛽️

  23. Zasto

    ZastoYear ago

    You realize your asking a international company to shoutout you and make you a gfuel flavor you have 20 subs wtf?!?!

  24. 2jupe

    2jupeYear ago

    just got my tub of dubmelon mint and pink grapefruit and a packet of chug gummy fish and a packet of cotton candy also blue ice energy crystals

  25. s

    sYear ago


  26. Isaac Padilla

    Isaac PadillaYear ago

    I remember getting fazeberry flavor and the rain shaker cup I was so hyped

  27. Isaac Padilla

    Isaac PadillaYear ago

    Faze up

  28. Angel5999

    Angel5999Year ago

    Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️ 👇❤️ Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️❤️

  29. Silent7

    Silent7Year ago

    2016 for me

  30. PaddyOG

    PaddyOGYear ago

    Gift me boiii

  31. Archer

    ArcherYear ago

    Angel5999 been one since 2015 baby

  32. Angel5999

    Angel5999Year ago

    Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️ 👇❤️ Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️❤️

  33. Ight imma head Out

    Ight imma head OutYear ago

    Angel5999 faze Kay fan alertttt

  34. Arzene

    ArzeneYear ago

    shut up

  35. Team Vilo

    Team ViloYear ago


  36. Denotate

    DenotateYear ago

    who here from KSI?

  37. Ight imma head Out

    Ight imma head OutYear ago

    Denotate don’t you mean babuntunde

  38. Come watch This

    Come watch ThisYear ago


  39. SwayVY

    SwayVYYear ago


  40. FloridaSky ツ

    FloridaSky ツYear ago

    Followed them when they first got sponsored by GammaLabs. I remember getting those packs as a free trial wayyyy back.

  41. BotzEX

    BotzEXYear ago

    I remember that lol they had a free 3-pack thing and all yu had to pay was shipping 😂 I had the 3 OG flavors

  42. Jakob

    JakobYear ago

    We need PewDiePie forest berry (skogsbär) flavour

  43. Thetandz

    ThetandzYear ago


  44. TangledToad

    TangledToadYear ago

    Kieran is gay

  45. B

    BYear ago


  46. 666999

    666999Year ago

    Tomperrrr 😂😂😂😂

  47. Draxxis

    DraxxisYear ago

    b r u h

  48. echoonsticks _

    echoonsticks _Year ago

    First 5 comments get a tub for free

  49. dylow

    dylowYear ago

    Enrique Cortez hmmm

  50. Bubble_boi

    Bubble_boiYear ago


  51. Sky McWilliams

    Sky McWilliamsYear ago

    I Clicked off a bill burr video for this better be good...

  52. echoonsticks _

    echoonsticks _Year ago

    I need some of that for free

  53. echoonsticks _

    echoonsticks _Year ago

    It was a joke

  54. Zasto

    ZastoYear ago

    I have never seen a company with so many people begging like a loser and if you can’t afford to buy it you probably are to young to drink it anyway

  55. Roman

    RomanYear ago


  56. maurice

    mauriceYear ago

    Funny أنا لا 911​ 😂😂😂😂 ماذا بحق الجحيله ، ا لمتسكع ون bruh bruh bruh ماذاماذا Oboama Gay?😥😨😱😩😡