Dr. Disrespect's G FUEL Black on Blackberry - IN A CAN

If you love Dr. Disrespect's G FUEL Black on Blackberry, wait until you try it in a can! Grab yours today:
Fuel Your Life at gfuel.com/


  1. RCZXX

    RCZXX5 months ago

    but if i buy the G fuel that dr disrespect has what will he drink?

  2. ritwik sinha

    ritwik sinha5 months ago

    what's the song?

  3. Elliot

    Elliot6 months ago

    Anybody watching this after doc was banned from twitch?

  4. pokefluff97

    pokefluff976 months ago

    Will doc keep this partnership?

  5. Payton MSTR

    Payton MSTR6 months ago

    Nope, cans and flavor are gone because he left for Mountain Dew Game Fuel

  6. 50Light

    50Light7 months ago

    Why is drdisrespect not sponsored by g fuel anymore?

  7. John Boko

    John Boko5 months ago

    He partnered up with Mountain Dew Game Fuel that's why.


    THEMEMEGAMER7 months ago

    Now he drinks Mountain Dew

  9. 집학살

    집학살8 months ago

    Doc looks like the type of person to kill someone in real life just for killing him in PUBG

  10. Crash Phoenix YT

    Crash Phoenix YT8 months ago


  11. MikeyTheWarrior/MTW

    MikeyTheWarrior/MTW8 months ago

    Was this can for a limited time?

  12. Payton MSTR

    Payton MSTR6 months ago

    It was gonna be out for longer, but he left Gfuel for mountain dew

  13. Noahinglis111

    Noahinglis1118 months ago

    Ok but why did the tub get changed to just black on blackberry with no dr disrespect in it...

  14. Daniel

    Daniel5 months ago

    He is not sponsored anymore, I think he is sponsored by game fuel now

  15. Payton MSTR

    Payton MSTR8 months ago

    I have been trying to figure this out, and I’m pretty sure he left gfuel

  16. Islam

    Islam9 months ago


  17. Archy Æ

    Archy Æ10 months ago

    Plot twist Dr disrespect is white

  18. Mister Maniac

    Mister Maniac10 months ago

    ummmm.....?? i dont get it

  19. Wudiepie Gamer

    Wudiepie Gamer10 months ago

    Gfuel, Please make PewDiePie collector box back again plsssssss ://

  20. Prodigy

    Prodigy10 months ago

    No shipping to bd??

  21. flaggboy

    flaggboy10 months ago

    yeah, limited edition *ONLY IN THE FUCKING UNITED STATES*

  22. flaggboy

    flaggboy10 months ago

    Everyone: * sees "Premiered" *Everyone hated that.*

  23. flaggboy

    flaggboy10 months ago


  24. Mister Maniac

    Mister Maniac10 months ago

    what you talking bout kiddo?

  25. Seth Bowling

    Seth Bowling10 months ago

    When are we getting Ragin' Gummy Fish in a can?

  26. High Life

    High Life10 months ago

    Mad corny and I love gfuel

  27. Drunk Yoda

    Drunk Yoda9 months ago

    Mister Maniac bruh get help junkie

  28. High Life

    High Life10 months ago

    @Mister Maniac what are you mad about you get sold some mid

  29. Mister Maniac

    Mister Maniac10 months ago

    @High Life oh ok, you are a troll, makes sense now.

  30. High Life

    High Life10 months ago

    @Mister Maniac ok wigger

  31. Mister Maniac

    Mister Maniac10 months ago

    corny? you obviously have an amount of brain cells that can easily be counted by a 5 year old...

  32. LWIAY

    LWIAY10 months ago

    Are you going to be selling them at the 7-Eleven

  33. davis

    davis10 months ago


  34. monopoly

    monopoly10 months ago

    B L A C K O N B L A C K B E R R Y !

  35. CrisFTW

    CrisFTW10 months ago

    Is it bullet proof?

  36. [Nitty] MJ.-

    [Nitty] MJ.-10 months ago

    What a waste of a gaming setup

  37. Mister Maniac

    Mister Maniac10 months ago

    they were props lol

  38. High Life

    High Life10 months ago

    Yeah :(

  39. F_D_L_R

    F_D_L_R10 months ago

    But when do you restock on the normal tripple pack of this flavour

  40. Wardedcookie

    Wardedcookie10 months ago


  41. J. Michael Miller

    J. Michael Miller10 months ago

    I'd been afraid to try a tub but I liked the 4 pack

  42. Purpleson

    Purpleson10 months ago

    DR. Disrespect is moving up in the world the flavour is alright not my cup of tea. Edit: I just finished the Premier what even is this advert...

  43. lennon 41

    lennon 412 months ago

    get this blonde bangs out of here

  44. Mister Maniac

    Mister Maniac10 months ago

    You talking about the can or powder?

  45. Adam Kennedy

    Adam Kennedy10 months ago

    I'll pass. I didn't like his flavor.

  46. Mister Maniac

    Mister Maniac10 months ago

    and ill be honest, his powder is good but not the best. but his can is literally my favorite can yet. his can flavor was the 1st can flavor i was willing to buy a 12 pack of. bout to buy another 12 pack of blackberry very soon!

  47. Mister Maniac

    Mister Maniac10 months ago

    the cans taste way better than theyre powder counterpart. you obviously havent tried a single can yet kiddo.

  48. Jon Moore

    Jon Moore10 months ago

    Hi Gfuel:)

  49. Delaney Harris

    Delaney Harris10 months ago

    Racist ass name for a drink just saying