Pewdiepie G FUEL Flavor!

Time for Flavor! THE Pewdiepie now has his very own G Fuel flavor - and it's not meatball! Get yours at


  1. David G Leach

    David G Leach2 days ago

    fun fact: we all searched this

  2. Nushinn

    Nushinn8 days ago

    What does pewds taste like?

  3. IanTheGreat

    IanTheGreat9 days ago

    Ngl it's a pretty solid flavor

  4. Joseph Lee

    Joseph Lee17 days ago

    PewDiePie flavour, directly from his bathtub!

  5. nojato 42

    nojato 4219 days ago

    first tought was that "that was a fluid simulation" second tought "i just bought pewds g fuel so nice"

  6. Gaming software phone

    Gaming software phoneMonth ago

    Song name?

  7. RubyLeveledUp

    RubyLeveledUpMonth ago

    really should of made it clear that this flavor is lingonberry. I stayed away from this flavor until today because i thought it was cherry. And i was missing out its so delicious!!!! even the picture on the front looks like a cherry. I think the majority of people never even heard of a lingonberry Gfuel you really missed the mark on advertising here!

  8. John Marston or Scar face

    John Marston or Scar faceMonth ago

    What flavour is it

  9. meageekygirl

    meageekygirl2 months ago

    First flavor I ever tried!! I quit coffee and drink GFuel for my daily energy!! Love ya GFuel. Wish i could sponsor you officially. I’ve gotten a lot of my friends and coworkers to buy your product. Still, I’m proud to be a GFuel drinker and fan!!

  10. a good man

    a good man3 months ago

    I might as well just buy it for the cup not the flavor because I drink gamer supps

  11. Forged -Inferno

    Forged -Inferno3 months ago

    "Now made with organic PewDiePie"

  12. bruh CSTMF

    bruh CSTMF3 months ago

    Tried this today, it was good.

  13. Brad Anthony Vickers

    Brad Anthony Vickers3 months ago

    i taste it is lingonberry is soo good better than cranberry yeah is fruit original in scandinavia between norway and swedish (not in finland nad danish)

  14. Mudalad12

    Mudalad123 months ago

    "bro you spilled my fucking drink"

  15. tazwar Chowdhury

    tazwar Chowdhury3 months ago

    G-Fuel has about as much caffeine as a very strong cup of coffee. It's got more caffeine than a Red Bull but less than heavy-hitting energy drinks like Spike. It also has significant amounts of antioxidants, which protect your cells and DNA by mopping up dangerous free radicals floating around in the body

  16. Toxic Psycho

    Toxic Psycho4 months ago

  17. John Ivan David

    John Ivan David4 months ago

    Restock please

  18. Sickobing

    Sickobing4 months ago


  19. F B I

    F B I4 months ago

    So this is what sweedish gamer blood taste like


    DRIPPY PLAYZ4 months ago

    I want it

  21. Pug With 1K Subscribers

    Pug With 1K Subscribers4 months ago

    Who Justed wanted pewdiepie to comment

  22. Ewan Diyar

    Ewan Diyar4 months ago

    I'm guessing it's lingonberry

  23. FairCraft

    FairCraft5 months ago

    *it tastes like floor tbh*


    OZZY DA DERP5 months ago

    So that's where his legs went

  25. Harun TCG

    Harun TCG5 months ago

    Gamerboy Flavored Water

  26. yoot4life

    yoot4life5 months ago

    Be careful about the G-Fuel spilling on your keyboard!

  27. dimas Purba

    dimas Purba5 months ago

    If vanilla or blueberry tastes good mixed with energy drink. Gfuel can just simply sponsor Maya and Edgar

  28. Raol Babay

    Raol Babay5 months ago

    pewdiepie blood

  29. ALVi Music

    ALVi Music5 months ago

    Seems like melodic dubstep is still not dead! 🧃😆

  30. ViperRo

    ViperRo5 months ago

    So i can say that i tasted pewdiepie...

  31. Crrat26

    Crrat265 months ago

    I have a really strong urge to buy that.

  32. KVK

    KVK5 months ago

    *30% muscle increase*

  33. C H I R A G

    C H I R A G5 months ago

    camera quality better than pewdiepie

  34. BlueLeafYT

    BlueLeafYT5 months ago

    That's why he has no legs

  35. simon patel

    simon patel5 months ago

    the music sick tho

  36. Bero DA GOAT

    Bero DA GOAT5 months ago

    Hold up

  37. Royce Orville 2

    Royce Orville 25 months ago

    Why is Gfuel moving to cannibalism

  38. RandomGoatOnTheInternet

    RandomGoatOnTheInternet5 months ago

    I finally can snort pewds.

  39. Iboyplayz

    Iboyplayz5 months ago

    Ok then

  40. The Doodler

    The Doodler5 months ago

    Why did you get his legs for the flavor tho

  41. Marie Maye MENDOZA

    Marie Maye MENDOZA5 months ago

    shot so i can just take a item and put a"pewdiepie" name so if i say "pewdiepie dog" whould you buy it or "pewdiepies shit" whould you buy it or if i say "pewdiepie" whould you buy it

  42. TMapp

    TMapp5 months ago

    did they make pewdiepie pee into a bottle for the flavour

  43. AVG

    AVG5 months ago

    got recommended to me today

  44. Valentijn Steffens

    Valentijn Steffens5 months ago

    Never thought that pewds his blood was so tasty.

  45. Rafiq Daniel

    Rafiq Daniel5 months ago

    His pp?

  46. Night ops 456

    Night ops 4565 months ago

    Now this is epic

  47. Crispi San

    Crispi San5 months ago

    I really want to get g fuel but it is really expensive does anyone know of any low price g fuel

  48. 50,000 subscriber with No videos

    50,000 subscriber with No videos5 months ago

    Better be made out of his blood!

  49. iYzQ

    iYzQ5 months ago

    and it's not meatball! Get yours

  50. Macyle

    Macyle5 months ago

    It's all fun and games Till some random nobody on twitter makes False Accusations about Pewds And G Fuel Cuts ties with him cus of it and Pretend like this never exists. Oh boy there will be a hell to pay that's for sure XD

  51. Vanity!

    Vanity!5 months ago

    I’m glad this was recommended to me

  52. Masked Geo'M

    Masked Geo'M5 months ago

    Plot Twist: Pewdiepie Donated his Blood Supply to G Fuel and Everyone's Drinking Pewdiepie's Tasty Eternal Blood 🤤🤤

  53. Norm Trong

    Norm Trong5 months ago

    If yall broke and dont know what it taste like it taste like swedish cannibalism meat

  54. Jam Heinz

    Jam Heinz5 months ago

    Why do you not skip the ad? The ad:

  55. Shem Ramirez

    Shem Ramirez5 months ago

    Swedish bath water now that should be main stream. The guy working at recommendation deserve's a raise

  56. Justin Cortez

    Justin Cortez5 months ago

    When I watched this I just got a notification about a new PewDiePie video

  57. daleandrew.gamer

    daleandrew.gamer5 months ago

    the caption in the thumbnail is pretty terrifying, is there a secret pewdiepie cloner machine somewhere?

  58. Private_ Alex

    Private_ Alex5 months ago

    Time for Swedish gaming juice

  59. MeltedHours

    MeltedHours5 months ago

    Hmm... So this is what you got in your recommendation Well.... Epic

  60. flam Yeehaw

    flam Yeehaw5 months ago

    anyone know the song

  61. Swervin X

    Swervin X5 months ago

    Me: goes to shop Cashier: what you after? Me: you got pewdiepie? Cashier: I dot think that’s a cigarette, but I will check at the back

  62. Sultan Muhid Uddin

    Sultan Muhid Uddin5 months ago

    Which bodily fluid r we talking about?

  63. Aufinator

    Aufinator5 months ago

    They used his legs for the flavour

  64. Manjula Kulkarni

    Manjula Kulkarni5 months ago

    Yo seriously 1000 rupees for 1 litre

  65. Jaz Zapata

    Jaz Zapata5 months ago

    What is this

  66. Bunny United Gaming

    Bunny United Gaming5 months ago

    Me: *i will take your entire stock*

  67. EQUAL

    EQUAL5 months ago

    Finally I can taste what Marzia always taste.

  68. Kha Truong

    Kha Truong5 months ago

    this is like drinkable bath waster lmao

  69. Vito Zrilić

    Vito Zrilić5 months ago

    Its cherry because thats the most popular juice in Ikea

  70. Paddy Teo

    Paddy Teo5 months ago

    dam. ive always wanted to try some g fuel flavoured pewdiepie

  71. Classicbread

    Classicbread5 months ago

    Spill proof lid eh

  72. Pricilla Cepeda

    Pricilla Cepeda5 months ago

    I’ve always wondered what a gamer tasted like

  73. Gerro Laurio Abarabar

    Gerro Laurio Abarabar5 months ago

    I can't I dont have money ;-;

  74. Nandan Mehndiratta

    Nandan Mehndiratta5 months ago

    Now we want Felix Kjellberg G FUEL Flavor!

  75. Lord Cactus

    Lord Cactus5 months ago

    G Fuel: New pewdiepie flavored G Fuel! Belle Delphine is typing...

  76. 208 Dragonman

    208 Dragonman5 months ago

    I’ve always wondered what PewDiePie tasted like

  77. nitro

    nitro5 months ago

    lol\ ha lol

  78. Geovan Marvellino

    Geovan Marvellino5 months ago

    In Russia there's a "Gopnik" flavor

  79. Pio Palma

    Pio Palma5 months ago

    I already have that thank you it taste so good

  80. I play PokemonGoEveryday

    I play PokemonGoEveryday5 months ago

    What a real man drinks

  81. Gubble flip

    Gubble flip5 months ago

    Really y not cherry pie

  82. Super Semo

    Super Semo5 months ago

    So thats why he doesnt have legs

  83. Floating Villager

    Floating Villager5 months ago

    it's like gamer girl bath water but better right?

  84. Greedy.Master 016

    Greedy.Master 0165 months ago

    Made from pewd leg

  85. Kane Flores

    Kane Flores5 months ago

    It available on my birthday

  86. Andrew Latoks

    Andrew Latoks5 months ago

    so this is where his legs went...

  87. Santiago Delgado

    Santiago Delgado5 months ago

    Me: I want to know what Pwed's guts taste like Gfuel: Say no More.

  88. R E L A X

    R E L A X5 months ago

    Gamer fluid

  89. Inigo Mendoza

    Inigo Mendoza6 months ago

    thats probably why he has no legs

  90. Kkinder

    Kkinder6 months ago

    Oh god help me I drank it and now my legs are disappearing, I have a love for tambourines, and I have the sudden urge to eat meatballs. Edit: Oh no, I just searched it up, and apparently I'm gonna start shouting "FLOOR GANG OUH" very soon.

  91. o o

    o o6 months ago

    seems you have Swedish memer syndrome 😂

  92. o o

    o o6 months ago

    happens to everyone

  93. aahilj

    aahilj6 months ago

    This is from pewdiepie's legs

  94. Jyothi A

    Jyothi A6 months ago

    Weird Felix, but ok.

  95. aahilj

    aahilj6 months ago

    It's pewdiepie

  96. Bigballoons

    Bigballoons6 months ago

    The Images make it look like a red blueberry.

  97. Boneless chicken TV!!

    Boneless chicken TV!!6 months ago

    Someone make a full song of this

  98. Bubbz _

    Bubbz _6 months ago

    I'll take your entire stock

  99. Chxy

    Chxy6 months ago

    It’s not actually PewDiePie it’s just named that bc he’s Sweden and it’s lingonberry flavored

  100. Senzu Been

    Senzu Been6 months ago

    This ad is fire 🔥

  101. LUC RILEY

    LUC RILEY6 months ago

    Always wanted to know how pewdiepie tastes like...

  102. Sexydabber 69

    Sexydabber 696 months ago

    I got it and it tastes pretty ass. Sorry love u PewDiePie ❤️

  103. TacoCat

    TacoCat6 months ago

    why do they keep recommending me this it's been the 30th time

  104. Champaman

    Champaman6 months ago

    We have gamer girl bath water... Now we have gamer boy period water