Spicy Snow Cone | G FUEL Flavor Mix

Looking for a new #GFUEL Mix that's equal-parts SPICY & COOL?? We've got you covered with our "SPICY SNOW CONE" mix! Here's the steps:
- Take 1/2 scoop Snow Cone
- Take 1/2 scoop Spicy Demon'ade
- 1 Shaker full of ice-cold water
- Pour both scoops into shaker
- Shake & Enjoy! 😋💦
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  1. Ya Boi Kryzon

    Ya Boi KryzonMonth ago

    But why tf you putting half a scoop in a full cup of water? Does it taste that bad that you had to dilute it?

  2. Francisco Castro

    Francisco Castro2 months ago

    Re-release the Elemental Shakers PLEASE!!!

  3. Giggy Sphere

    Giggy Sphere2 months ago

    Hey gfuel I bought some of your guys g fuel and I’m 11 do you recommend I drink it ?

  4. just a normal default pfp

    just a normal default pfp9 days ago


  5. Blacknight 179

    Blacknight 1792 months ago

    My guy you’re not even old enough to be on this site, let alone energy drinks, I’d say wait till at least 15.

  6. oof

    oof2 months ago

    cream + moonpie = 🤔

  7. Yampa

    Yampa2 months ago

    whats gonna be next cyanide with wumpa

  8. Cheemtos

    Cheemtos2 months ago


  9. Spidey Charles the hedgehog

    Spidey Charles the hedgehog2 months ago

    Is g fuel for kids?

  10. just a normal default pfp

    just a normal default pfp20 days ago


  11. Zeke

    Zeke2 months ago

    Shiny Splash + Spicy Demon'ade = Spicy Spash

  12. cd_alv21x

    cd_alv21x2 months ago

    mia venit jipfuelu baieti jucam fortnite

  13. Sebbe gamer

    Sebbe gamer2 months ago

    sooooooooooooooooooooooo badddddddddddddd

  14. احداث العالم ترند

    احداث العالم ترند2 months ago


  15. Awesome Stuff

    Awesome Stuff2 months ago

    that's just nasty

  16. Rio Cronk #39

    Rio Cronk #392 months ago

    Spicy demonade + blue ice = blue spice

  17. Shadez

    Shadez2 months ago

    Can you do one with hypsauce

  18. Zeke

    Zeke2 months ago

    Yessss, we need a something mixed with hype sauce

  19. Roc Johnson

    Roc Johnson2 months ago

    notice how it doesnt show him drinking it

  20. ShockZ

    ShockZ2 months ago

    I just purchased some hopefully it comes soon

  21. ShockZ

    ShockZ2 months ago

    I'm grinding towards getting a sponsor with gfuel

  22. Timberwolf

    Timberwolf2 months ago

    No ewwww stop Gfuel.......

  23. Summerhouse-Rykkinn

    Summerhouse-Rykkinn2 months ago

    Ship to norway

  24. Max Aesthetic

    Max Aesthetic2 months ago

    It's cursed obviously but it kinda do be lookin tasty

  25. MasterOden

    MasterOden2 months ago

    This sounds gross lol should I try in a vid?

  26. Sharkade

    Sharkade2 months ago

    'Spicy demonade' and 'snow cone' actually has different taste, I personally tried them and one is sour while other is bitter so I don't know how they even blend together. :p

  27. Taxi Man

    Taxi Man2 months ago


  28. Plaakk

    Plaakk2 months ago


  29. Rhythmical Frenzi

    Rhythmical Frenzi2 months ago

    What's up with all of these cursed recipes recently? I'd be better off mixing Moonpie GFUEL with pickle juice

  30. Jusstyno

    JusstynoMonth ago

    Inb4 Spicy Milk

  31. Grant Shovlin

    Grant Shovlin2 months ago

    honeslty dont do it

  32. Akash Kumar

    Akash Kumar2 months ago

    lol its sounds kinda bad

  33. NooSson

    NooSson2 months ago

    I love GFUEL energy drink

  34. Proboscis monkey

    Proboscis monkey2 months ago

    Donna nana nana nana FOOT MAN

  35. Frank Morabito

    Frank Morabito2 months ago

    yesterday was my bday

  36. Elijah

    Elijah2 months ago

    I love GFUEL I drink it everyday of my life. I would have failed so many quizzes and tests if I didn’t have this.

  37. Dankest Destiny

    Dankest DestinyMonth ago

    clutched my driving exams and helped me learn how to drive faster and more confidently. ACTUALLY busted

  38. LIL CREW

    LIL CREW2 months ago

    Dude that sucks

  39. Karolis Pavlavicius

    Karolis Pavlavicius2 months ago

    It was good until my parens block gfuel from our house:(

  40. LIL CREW

    LIL CREW2 months ago

    I know bro

  41. MEJUS

    MEJUS2 months ago


  42. Juan Pablo Falla

    Juan Pablo Falla2 months ago

    send me this

  43. mrrmime

    mrrmime2 months ago


  44. JimJimWow

    JimJimWow2 months ago

    tried it Its very Good

  45. AcidRayn

    AcidRayn2 months ago

    is there going to be a Black Friday sale?

  46. Ghostly

    Ghostly2 months ago

    Can someone describe the taste of spicy demonade to me I was thinking of getting it but I dont know how the taste would be I feel like its gonna taste how it sounds because thats for sure one thing they are really good at but spicy in a drink dosent sound right

  47. Plty

    Plty2 months ago

    @Ghostly yea and i dont recommend it to most people but aint no way im stopping you from trying a flavour:) Cheers

  48. Ty

    Ty2 months ago

    I'd rate it a 2 out of 10. Spicy drinks should not be a thing

  49. Ghostly

    Ghostly2 months ago

    @Plty ahh okay so it's a lemonade with cinimion

  50. Plty

    Plty2 months ago

    To me, its a 3-4/10 drink. I prefer more sour (sour blue chug rug for example) instead of spicy. idk how to explain the taste but maybe you could say it tastes like a weird cinnamon spice thing.

  51. Ciro 00

    Ciro 002 months ago

    Guys please try my gummy sour bear flavor on gfuel and use cod ciro0 for 30% off

  52. xQuote

    xQuote2 months ago

    I'll try it... but it sounds gross

  53. Splash

    Splash2 months ago

    no just no

  54. RiskingBrandon

    RiskingBrandon2 months ago


  55. FaZe_Jawsome

    FaZe_Jawsome2 months ago

    Spice king gonna buy tons of it 😳

  56. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens2 months ago


  57. ripe-claim4

    ripe-claim42 months ago

    I am so mad because I really want gfuel but its banned and illegal in my country pls gfuel explain why Norway banned gfuel.

  58. ripe-claim4

    ripe-claim42 months ago

    @Zeke karlosn yes I didn't because I dont have a computer

  59. ripe-claim4

    ripe-claim42 months ago

    @Zeke ???

  60. Zeke

    Zeke2 months ago

    @ripe-claim4 did you wishlist on steam?

  61. ripe-claim4

    ripe-claim42 months ago

    @Ghostly but have you heard of karlson.

  62. Ghostly

    Ghostly2 months ago

    @ripe-claim4 nope im just saying what places have done before as its been banned in a bunch of other areas for its cafinne content

  63. Isaac Rivera 40

    Isaac Rivera 402 months ago

    So gfuel i bought the pewdiepie one and it didn’t come with a shaker? Can u tell me y

  64. Enzo Rides

    Enzo Rides2 months ago

    cuz ur trash

  65. Enzo Rides

    Enzo Rides2 months ago

    come watch my vids

  66. Juice Rip

    Juice Rip2 months ago

    Nice I ordered a snow cone tub and a cloud chaser cup

  67. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming2 months ago

    No one cares that your first if your here just to comment that you shouldn’t even have a youtube account

  68. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens2 months ago

    Man speaking facts

  69. Vilius Bui

    Vilius Bui2 months ago

    spaisy snou koun

  70. Jayden Po

    Jayden Po2 months ago

    SPiCy sNoW CoNE OMeGalOl

  71. Saty

    Saty2 months ago


  72. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens2 months ago

    @pug can u stfu kid, who even are you

  73. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens2 months ago

    @pug I’m saying thank you to him not saying first and realizing his mistake

  74. pug

    pug2 months ago

    it was edited and why do you care

  75. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens2 months ago

    Thank you for not saying first btw. Your a good man

  76. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens2 months ago

    U where first lol

  77. MarkusNetwork

    MarkusNetwork2 months ago

    Oh thank goodness, I thought it was an announcement for a new flavor. Phew!

  78. ShockZ

    ShockZ2 months ago

    Nice it looks good

  79. Evan Quaite

    Evan Quaite2 months ago

    I am the first love you man

  80. JimJimWow

    JimJimWow2 months ago

    @Andrew Stevens No u

  81. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens2 months ago



    CLOUZE WTF2 months ago



    CLOUZE WTF2 months ago

    @Andrew Stevens and what do u care I’m a kid that plays fn leave me alone bruh are u that low In life that u be toxic to kids wow


    CLOUZE WTF2 months ago

    @Andrew Stevens Woah calm down Jamal don’t pull out the nine

  85. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens2 months ago

    Your not kid

  86. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens2 months ago


  87. Bru Dude

    Bru Dude2 months ago

    Sponsored by the doom slayer

  88. anthony morales

    anthony morales2 months ago

    Gfuel can i get a free tub plz

  89. OU Kalc

    OU Kalc2 months ago


  90. GnSk Lion

    GnSk Lion2 months ago


  91. Macaw YT

    Macaw YT2 months ago

    Im gonna have to pass on this

  92. Coinchaingod123

    Coinchaingod1232 months ago


  93. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens2 months ago


  94. Ej Soko

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  95. pug

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  96. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens2 months ago