Crash Bandicoot's Wumpa Fruit G Fuel

This time, It's about time! N. Sane Flavor! N. Sane Energy! N. Sane Adventure! Celebrate @Crash Bandicoot on his journey to save the multiverse with "G FUEL WUMAPA FRUIT" - Inspired by - Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time! Join the waitlist at


  1. Adrian Aguilar

    Adrian AguilarMonth ago

    Selling at target, walmart, meijer and jewel-oseo

  2. Otavio Universo Draw

    Otavio Universo Draw2 months ago

    Isso vai chegar no brasil???

  3. Thor Jorud

    Thor Jorud3 months ago

    I’m getting this one

  4. Antonio Pierro

    Antonio Pierro3 months ago

    can you make a G FUEL of me

  5. skai beach

    skai beach3 months ago

    i might get this soon i think

  6. Sidney Smith

    Sidney Smith3 months ago

    I got it guys, it's like a weird mix between apple and mango. It reminds me a lot of the golden apple pear flavor. Honestly I prefer this one warm instead of cols, the mango flavor comes out a lot more then.

  7. Anne Grey

    Anne Grey3 months ago

    I don't know what it'd be called, but I'd like cotton candy flavor back. I miss it.

  8. InfiniteMato

    InfiniteMato3 months ago

    Is there going to be a collectors box for this or no

  9. Diagonal Mario

    Diagonal Mario3 months ago

    Im definitely preordering this

  10. XCycle

    XCycle3 months ago

    How long would I think the faze clan shaker cups be out till

  11. Sound Effects Box

    Sound Effects Box3 months ago

    it awesome

  12. crystal X dire

    crystal X dire3 months ago

    I finna cap

  13. Haroon

    Haroon3 months ago

    Give me

  14. Drowsy

    Drowsy3 months ago

    Why no shaker?

  15. King Billy

    King Billy3 months ago

    Check out my USlikes

  16. Twisties_the_clown

    Twisties_the_clown3 months ago

    I sadly ordered Gfuel over a month ago now i am still waiting for it to arrive...

  17. Carter

    Carter3 months ago

    Can we get like a candy cane or hot coco flavor for Christmas or apple cider for Thanksgiving

  18. Carter

    Carter3 months ago

    Moon pie is more marshmallow than chocolate and twisted candy is like a lollypop not a peppermint candy cane

  19. Carter

    Carter3 months ago

    @Jygako theres still a difference

  20. Jygako

    Jygako3 months ago

    we already have twisted kandy and moon pie

  21. BaconTaco

    BaconTaco3 months ago



    CRAZY FAMILY3 months ago

    Lets see how many people are watching this during quarantine

  23. Fyi

    Fyi3 months ago

    I like it🤩

  24. Terry Games

    Terry Games3 months ago

    Crash is Back😍

  25. Logan Bopp

    Logan Bopp3 months ago

    will it be in stores?

  26. Koa Doris

    Koa Doris3 months ago

    Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  27. MJ Brandao

    MJ Brandao3 months ago

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  28. Wes Thompson

    Wes Thompson3 months ago

    Can we have a chug chug flavor

  29. J. Michael Miller

    J. Michael Miller3 months ago

    No kit/shaker?


    JACKTWONZ3 months ago

    First Crash Bandicoot youtooz and now wumpa fruit G-Fuel, they're going all in with this

  31. GSTHD

    GSTHD3 months ago

    Monster Energy Drink: sponsor's AAA titles like CoD and Halo. Gfuel: I see no competition here.

  32. Poopie Peeper

    Poopie Peeper3 months ago

    But crash bandicoot is an AAAAAAAAAAAA title game

  33. Rome De Julio

    Rome De Julio3 months ago

    What would this taste like?

  34. Redmist 2033

    Redmist 20333 months ago

    Wouldn't it be crazy if the Subreddit r/Gfuel gave out some Cans or tubs of Wumpa Fruit Gfuel? Might need to do that...

  35. Rodo Tv

    Rodo Tv3 months ago

    Spicy Hot coco flavor?

  36. Aztrix

    Aztrix3 months ago

    60% off with code: IMMORTAL Thank me later 👍

  37. Aiden Maul

    Aiden Maul3 months ago

    Wow how much is it

  38. Dandify

    Dandify3 months ago

    Is it actually mango?

  39. O_ IQueue

    O_ IQueue3 months ago

    Not trying to be stupid but like what will it taste like mango a mix of stuff what we talking I need to now to see if I’m compping

  40. CaleRED

    CaleRED3 months ago

    Code SHOCK 30% OFF!

  41. Jack Frantz Othniel Baonga

    Jack Frantz Othniel Baonga3 months ago

    no way

  42. AdvancedSoda

    AdvancedSoda3 months ago

    Now this is a sponsor i was not expecting! 🤣 Grats guys! Keep up the good work

  43. Seandc 66

    Seandc 663 months ago

    After the sonic one came out, it was only a matter of time before there were more video game related drinks. Can't say I expected Crash to be next either though.

  44. KSizz

    KSizz3 months ago

    Use Code “Obey”

  45. shrek is my fursona

    shrek is my fursona3 months ago


  46. Slickzy

    Slickzy3 months ago

    Sympl no

  47. RyanMG08 The Welsh Commentary YouTuber

    RyanMG08 The Welsh Commentary YouTuber3 months ago


  48. The KidHype

    The KidHype3 months ago


  49. The KidHype

    The KidHype3 months ago


  50. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast3 months ago

    Ok ok I haven’t had peach rings yet but this, this looks amazing

  51. Huntingpengu 2

    Huntingpengu 23 months ago

    @Jerry Kensick me too, I like the sweet flavors

  52. Jerry Kensick

    Jerry Kensick3 months ago

    it’s so good it was my first flavor and still my favorite out of itself pewdiepie and chug rug

  53. Brady Austin

    Brady Austin3 months ago

    @JR. Beast it really truly does taste like peach rings.

  54. Huntingpengu 2

    Huntingpengu 23 months ago

    It really does, I compared both and it’s like if you liquidized it

  55. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast3 months ago

    Huntingpengu 2 I had peach rings before but not the gfuel flavor so idk if it taste the same

  56. cvndxlvrix g

    cvndxlvrix g3 months ago

    Where’s the shacker ???

  57. Otacon Magoo

    Otacon Magoo3 months ago

    Umm no collectors box with Crash shaker cup? I will get the flavor as long as a collector's box is coming soon.

  58. Jerry Kensick

    Jerry Kensick3 months ago

    i was surprised they didn’t do one maybe on the actual release day instead of preorder

  59. real

    real3 months ago

    I used code duk and get 30% off OMG

  60. Huntingpengu 2

    Huntingpengu 23 months ago

    Pewdiepie is 31% off

  61. Wrath Fearless

    Wrath Fearless3 months ago

    Is there no collectors box?

  62. arpxl

    arpxl3 months ago

    what will be the flavor I'm thinking mango

  63. MasterOden

    MasterOden3 months ago

    Slickzy yup

  64. Slickzy

    Slickzy3 months ago

    arpxl apple and mango

  65. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid3 months ago

    I want this but I don’t got money

  66. SkateGame ScreamRepeat

    SkateGame ScreamRepeat3 months ago

    Oh this is amazing !!! I’ve played every crash game and grew up on it and now GFUEL collaborated with crash. Two of my favorite things

  67. We Bleed Fire After Hours

    We Bleed Fire After Hours3 months ago

    what does a wumpa fruit taste like?

  68. byoonable

    byoonable3 months ago

    My guess is it'll be tropical with a slight slightly tart finish, like pineapple/mango. Also very curious.

  69. Flopp3r

    Flopp3r3 months ago

    Is that mango???

  70. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock3 months ago

    I can’t believe finally 30% code Shock works on a new flavor let’s go!!!!!!

  71. Carter

    Carter3 months ago

    What happened to your channel? Why is it now breaking news live?

  72. SavageBomb 777

    SavageBomb 7773 months ago

    Most Wanted G Fuel Collaboration Kingdom Hearts "Sea Salt Ice Cream Flavor"

  73. Carter

    Carter3 months ago

    Way to plug your GFUEL code lol

  74. Elijah

    Elijah3 months ago

    Luv u shock!

  75. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock3 months ago

    Mr.toptoxic _YT always 😳

  76. Huntingpengu 2

    Huntingpengu 23 months ago

    Can we have Minecraft Steve’s health potion gfuel?

  77. shrek is my fursona

    shrek is my fursona3 months ago

    byoonable anything grape flavored is an instant damage pot

  78. byoonable

    byoonable3 months ago

    There's already a sour pixel potion flavor

  79. Jack Frantz Othniel Baonga

    Jack Frantz Othniel Baonga3 months ago


  80. Itsbillz

    Itsbillz3 months ago

    When is summits flavour then!? Next month!?

  81. Itsbillz

    Itsbillz3 months ago

    @Alonzo Nava oh ok

  82. Alonzo Nava

    Alonzo Nava3 months ago

    Later This Month

  83. OG COD Player

    OG COD Player3 months ago

    It will give you heart failure

  84. Ality

    Ality3 months ago

    Ayo GFUEL what do I need to do to get a free tub of tropical rain👀

  85. Dumpsterch1cken

    Dumpsterch1cken3 months ago

    You guys should make a black cherry flavor for black ops cold war

  86. Jerry Kensick

    Jerry Kensick3 months ago


  87. Dumpsterch1cken

    Dumpsterch1cken3 months ago

    Oooooooooo I'm interested

  88. Itsbillz

    Itsbillz3 months ago

    Looks quite good 💯

  89. Conkfn

    Conkfn3 months ago

    Yooo 💲💲

  90. OG COD Player

    OG COD Player3 months ago

    If you drink too much gfuel it can kill you because of the caffeine

  91. Tendou

    Tendou3 months ago

    Yeah? Eating too many almonds can kill you too, everything should be taken in moderation

  92. Huntingpengu 2

    Huntingpengu 23 months ago

    Yeah but that’s like 10 cups

  93. Yeehaw Tr3yway

    Yeehaw Tr3yway3 months ago

    At least it tastes good

  94. xd xd

    xd xd3 months ago


  95. kzixx

    kzixx3 months ago


  96. SD_ George

    SD_ George3 months ago

    Hell yeah

  97. Mr Poco

    Mr Poco3 months ago


  98. MasterOden

    MasterOden3 months ago

    Bruh never thought that would have happened

  99. Joker Mind

    Joker Mind3 months ago

    Me waiting for a cod flavor 👁👄👁

  100. Slickzy

    Slickzy3 months ago

    Joker Mind same

  101. Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun

    Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun3 months ago

    Does this mean Wumpa is an actual fruit?

  102. Itsbillz

    Itsbillz3 months ago


  103. Rapid attack

    Rapid attack3 months ago

    It was sonic now crash time to shine

  104. Retro Games

    Retro Games3 months ago

    Respond pls

  105. Huntingpengu 2

    Huntingpengu 23 months ago


  106. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming3 months ago

    I had a feeling this was gonna happen

  107. Trix Nix

    Trix Nix3 months ago


  108. diziny

    diziny3 months ago


  109. Mr. Flix

    Mr. Flix3 months ago

    Hell yea!!

  110. Emerge

    Emerge3 months ago

    Love it

  111. GnomeGGS

    GnomeGGS3 months ago


  112. It’s RRash

    It’s RRash3 months ago


  113. Lion HIMSELF

    Lion HIMSELF3 months ago

    First bois

  114. Bulletz

    Bulletz3 months ago

    Don’t lie who’s been a fan before 2020?😇” (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴡ/ɴᴏᴛɪs)❤️🚀

  115. Huntingpengu 2

    Huntingpengu 23 months ago


  116. Huntingpengu 2

    Huntingpengu 23 months ago

    Imagine being a bo

  117. Itsbillz

    Itsbillz3 months ago


  118. MasterOden

    MasterOden3 months ago

    Shut up bot