Black Milk | G FUEL Flavor Mix

Looking to add an energizing, Black on Blackberry #GFUEL-infused twist to your morning milk routine?? We've got you covered!
- 1 Shaker (12-16 ounces) of your preferred milk
- 1 Scoop of Black on Blackberry
- Shake & Enjoy! 😋👌
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  1. evolve Re4zz

    evolve Re4zzMonth ago

    Yeah not my favorite one

  2. SolidusCabal

    SolidusCabalMonth ago

    INSTANT diarrhea

  3. Demoknight Gaming

    Demoknight GamingMonth ago

    Ah yes I love my negro leche

  4. TheMistery Fication

    TheMistery FicationMonth ago

    "black milk" that sounds wrong lol

  5. Mr. HOT-DOG

    Mr. HOT-DOGMonth ago

    I think is very wierd to mix gfuel with milk (in general)


    HAND SANITIZER2 months ago

    ima puke

  7. Justin_Time_ For_Fun_

    Justin_Time_ For_Fun_2 months ago

    I understand some may not want to use milk, but it doesn’t hurt to try. The peach rings is pretty good with milk, ngl.

  8. sudo

    sudoMonth ago

    I like strawberry banana with milk it’s just makes so much sense

  9. TTV JakeyonGFUEL

    TTV JakeyonGFUELMonth ago

    ya ive been drinking blackberry in milk since doc was on the cover

  10. Lil Jesus

    Lil Jesus2 months ago

    And so is the hype sauce

  11. Levezar Blue

    Levezar Blue2 months ago

    Looks fantastic

  12. GLORY

    GLORY2 months ago

    why are only black people allowed to drink this milk?

  13. MasterOden

    MasterOden2 months ago

    Looks kinda gross ngl lol

  14. Andrei Ivanov

    Andrei Ivanov2 months ago

    Reminds me of Unus Annus, good times.

  15. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing2 months ago



    ETHAN DELEON2 months ago


  17. MarcXC

    MarcXC2 months ago

    looks kinda sus

  18. SonDestiny

    SonDestiny2 months ago

    Milk? Are u kidding me?

  19. Yampa

    Yampa2 months ago

    so many cursed flavors

  20. car son

    car son2 months ago

    they play like the happy music but your miximg it in milk wtf

  21. Vedrc

    Vedrc2 months ago

    it is called black milk. obviously there's gonna be milk

  22. Drfrog JZ

    Drfrog JZ2 months ago

    Chocolate gfuel ?

  23. Doge king.

    Doge king.2 months ago

    thanks! I hate it

  24. ZeXplain

    ZeXplain2 months ago

    News: milk shows white supremacists GFuel: black milk News: wait that illegal

  25. Jaime Vicente Ibarra Lumbad

    Jaime Vicente Ibarra Lumbad4 hours ago

    @Unknown Guy its just a fucking comment

  26. ZeXplain

    ZeXplain2 months ago

    @Unknown Guy it just comment bruv

  27. ZeXplain

    ZeXplain2 months ago

    @Unknown Guy why do you even care about how many likes you have

  28. Unknown Guy

    Unknown Guy2 months ago

    @ZeXplain Welp, I actually have 11 likes in my comment.

  29. ZeXplain

    ZeXplain2 months ago

    @Unknown Guy my comment and your comment is two different things

  30. Dingilil

    Dingilil2 months ago

    Its not 25 calories anymore ;)

  31. PhantomDogman

    PhantomDogman2 months ago

    Black Milk... Oh adding blackberry gfuel to milk.

  32. Dameez

    Dameez2 months ago


  33. Donald Trump Gaming

    Donald Trump Gaming2 months ago

    Shut up

  34. EpicRealPro Yt

    EpicRealPro Yt2 months ago

    Am I the only one who sees bots saying PLS help me hit 1k my dad will buy me a new pc or something?

  35. KIULL

    KIULL2 months ago


  36. Scottie Boy

    Scottie Boy2 months ago

    Missing the Doc on the tub, man.

  37. Dexterity X

    Dexterity X2 months ago

    This looks fucking vile .

  38. Eddy

    Eddy2 months ago

    Is milk and gfuel good?

  39. Raphael Roth D.

    Raphael Roth D.2 months ago

    Idk about the blackberry but i have french vanillia coffe and strawberry shortcake and those are so fcking good with milk

  40. JYMBO

    JYMBO2 months ago

    WHY did you remove DrDisrespect branding from Black on Blackberry???

  41. Nelson Cisneros

    Nelson Cisneros2 months ago

    Yeah Dr.Disrespect is unpartnered with gfuel

  42. PhantomDogman

    PhantomDogman2 months ago

    @KIULL I guess that might be true.

  43. KIULL

    KIULL2 months ago

    think its cause he switched to game fuel

  44. Firebelted

    Firebelted2 months ago


  45. Unknown Guy

    Unknown Guy2 months ago

    Title: Black Milk *Wait, that's illegal.*

  46. cham bot

    cham bot2 months ago

    Then why bryan cbg said that hes racist and why you blamin me not him

  47. ٰ

    ٰ2 months ago

    @Carter yes if it was g fuel

  48. Carter

    Carter2 months ago

    @cham bot why is it illegal 1 that's a fricken meme 2 would you wanna drink black milk?

  49. cham bot

    cham bot2 months ago

    Why im just saying that why is it illegal to have BLACK milk in a drink it’s not like there something wrong with the color im just saying

  50. Carter

    Carter2 months ago

    @cham bot I hope your joking... are you seven years old? Hes talking about the color of a drink not color of skin idiot


    MOO TUBE ORIGINAL2 months ago


  52. Austin Rich

    Austin Rich2 months ago

    Needs to be a chocolate flavor

  53. King K EXTREME

    King K EXTREME2 months ago

    does g fuel taste good with milk?

  54. JimJimWow

    JimJimWow2 months ago

    strawberry shortcake with milk is great

  55. Risky

    Risky2 months ago

    I've heard certain flavors, not all

  56. iTz_Z41N

    iTz_Z41N2 months ago

    That looks frocking leng

  57. TheBestPatrat

    TheBestPatrat2 months ago

    Black berry is foamy af that just sounds like it’ll make it worse

  58. Potiic

    Potiic2 months ago

    That is not black milk it’s purple

  59. BHV Me

    BHV Me2 months ago

    Can you also bring gfuel to China

  60. FATE ghost YT

    FATE ghost YT2 months ago

    This is not legal

  61. don’t fucking care

    don’t fucking care2 months ago

    i am so stupid lmao, i thought G-fuel was cool bing with BLACK-PINK, i need my glasses

  62. Suicidal

    Suicidal2 months ago

    That's grey

  63. YT_UrBoySlinky

    YT_UrBoySlinky2 months ago

    They call it black milk because the flavor is Black on Blackberry because it’s black

  64. DANYA YTꪜ

    DANYA YTꪜ2 months ago

    Грустный факт: этот комментарий не наберёт даже 6 лайков😭🙏

  65. Help

    Help2 months ago

    gfuel just ended racism LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO

  66. MoreCrxwn

    MoreCrxwn2 months ago

    “Who's been a TRUE fan of “GFUEL ” FOR OVER A YEAR”😇" (ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴛᴡ)

  67. Evan Hits

    Evan Hits2 months ago

    no one cares or asked so stfu.

  68. Jerek Beamon

    Jerek Beamon2 months ago

    We need more gfuel combos!!!!

  69. Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix2 months ago

    Nice love it

  70. SOL1C

    SOL1C2 months ago

    First can I have free Gfuel

  71. Big Itchy

    Big Itchy2 months ago


  72. RazoHuh

    RazoHuh2 months ago

    What the fuck is black milk

  73. Essam Shaikh

    Essam Shaikh2 months ago

    Sup can you bring gfuel to Saudi

  74. MeshalF1

    MeshalF1Month ago

    No but you can come Bahrain my fuel is about to arrive

  75. Sizn

    Sizn2 months ago

    Hmm i dont know abt that one chief

  76. Pixto_22

    Pixto_222 months ago

    @Sizn why you tried it, berry milkshakes are an actual thing you know? They are amazing

  77. Sizn

    Sizn2 months ago

    @Pixto_22 hmm idk because there are some that are good with milk and this aint the one for me

  78. Pixto_22

    Pixto_222 months ago

    What do you mean it looks amazing ima try it berry milkshakes

  79. haxer guy

    haxer guy2 months ago

    woah i am the first at a g fuel commercial also i buy g fuel every month :)

  80. ZeroPointGravity

    ZeroPointGravity2 months ago

    flavor mix* not commercial, also nice

  81. JimJimWow

    JimJimWow2 months ago


  82. Jacob Blume/ KiNG Teal

    Jacob Blume/ KiNG Teal2 months ago

    It’s not the best 😜

  83. Hollowtide

    Hollowtide2 months ago

    i uh what

  84. Sir Hogang

    Sir Hogang2 months ago


  85. Raimundo Kanaan

    Raimundo Kanaan2 months ago


  86. Joey Calvento

    Joey Calvento2 months ago


  87. Jmjacksolo

    Jmjacksolo2 months ago


  88. Justin Powers

    Justin Powers2 months ago


  89. Christian Sanchez

    Christian Sanchez2 months ago