In collaboration with award winning artist, Mike Perry, G FUEL presents a new flavor dedicated to the Hypebeast society, dubbed - HYPE SAUCE. A refreshing blend of Raspberry Lemonade. Get yours today: www.GFUEL.com
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  1. Jettonyt

    Jettonyt4 months ago

    If anyone is looking for a review come to my channel just uploaded my opinion on this flavour!

  2. jmend12

    jmend12Year ago

    This flavor is aaaaa-mazing

  3. DotyDot

    DotyDotYear ago

    can we get gfuel in norway? atleast tell me why i cant order it here

  4. H20ice

    H20iceYear ago

    I think norway banned gfuel.

  5. K•E

    K•EYear ago

    I got a tub it taste soooooo nice

  6. Piratpartietable

    PiratpartietableYear ago

    the dj mike perry?

  7. Im Addicted

    Im AddictedYear ago

    When will the Pewdiepie flavor come out ?

  8. Gibbster

    GibbsterYear ago

    Mine Is Already On The Way Bro, You Don't Have To Keep Convincing Me Through Instagram, Your Website, And Now USlikes.

  9. Julio Molloja

    Julio MollojaYear ago


  10. TheGoldenJet

    TheGoldenJetYear ago

    Nice to see you partner with MMA fighters

  11. Retriever

    RetrieverYear ago

    its not that mike perry lmfao

  12. Richie Ohler

    Richie OhlerYear ago

    I won the giveaway on the gfuel twitch channel with ziytex,merc and gioo but I still haven’t gotten my form

  13. Lil K

    Lil KYear ago

    Receive mine yesterday and it was so refreshing n good especially with the heat.

  14. am i a joke to you

    am i a joke to youYear ago


  15. shark card

    shark cardYear ago

    i'm waiting pewdiepie make his own flavour i'll buy it directly!

  16. Razorsaber

    RazorsaberYear ago

    Say no more

  17. Zayx

    ZayxYear ago

    Welp here’s a reminder it hapoened

  18. Natesh Garg

    Natesh GargYear ago


  19. Duke Skeptic

    Duke SkepticYear ago


  20. Yxng Buba

    Yxng BubaYear ago

    Someone said PewDiePie golden apple flavor can u please do that it's so smart

  21. Lightism

    LightismYear ago

    Hype sauce is amazing I recommend you buy it while you can

  22. Raja Wirayuda

    Raja WirayudaYear ago

    Can you do a PewDiePie golden Apple flavor please

  23. Bennett R.

    Bennett R.Year ago

    If there was a Golden Apple flavor that was different from Golden Apple Pear, it would have to be AntVenom's flavor

  24. TLS Videos

    TLS VideosYear ago

    Raja Wirayuda Pewds flavor is literally called Pewdiepie, so it’s pie flavor

  25. TheRealDude

    TheRealDudeYear ago


  26. Jakeyy Boii

    Jakeyy BoiiYear ago

    Maybe a bro fist flavor

  27. Jakeyy Boii

    Jakeyy BoiiYear ago

    That sounds stupid

  28. Falling beds

    Falling bedsYear ago

    Sounds good but I'm getting golden apple pear.

  29. plsfollowme 1000followerswithoutvid

    plsfollowme 1000followerswithoutvidYear ago


  30. MiguelTakesLs

    MiguelTakesLsYear ago

    I would buy more if it was sold in stores.

  31. Ahdian Haque

    Ahdian HaqueYear ago

    10 th

  32. XiGlove子昇

    XiGlove子昇Year ago

    Where is the B-Lasagna sauce

  33. MatasPlayZ

    MatasPlayZYear ago

    Hype in the chat

  34. Zayed Saeed

    Zayed SaeedYear ago

    How do I make my own one

  35. 0pax

    0paxYear ago

    Sad they dont have it on limeprogaming yet :(

  36. Snowkat Youtube

    Snowkat YoutubeYear ago


  37. Spanky Lmao

    Spanky LmaoYear ago

    Ayy lmao

  38. 50k subs with 3 videos?

    50k subs with 3 videos?Year ago


  39. Snowkat Youtube

    Snowkat YoutubeYear ago

    Hello to you soon and have a great time in my opinion