--CLASSIFIED-- G FUEL : INCOMING TRANSMISSION... A #GFUEL anomaly. An advanced formula shrouded in secrecy. Will you decipher the code? If you’re reading will soon find out...solve the Mystery at


  1. Minecraft Boy

    Minecraft Boy29 days ago

    It taste like a slushy

  2. Anthony Salvati

    Anthony SalvatiMonth ago


  3. dan kane

    dan kaneMonth ago


  4. IPlayStuff

    IPlayStuffMonth ago

    Ordered mine the 28th and it’s still not here absolutely love the shipping times 10/10

  5. bode abbott

    bode abbottMonth ago


  6. Pokemon Trainerray

    Pokemon TrainerrayMonth ago

    Is this black ops inspired?

  7. Sam Furlong

    Sam FurlongMonth ago

    I GOT IT AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT FLAVOR IT IS. I would be a bad taste tester.

  8. Yoop Noop

    Yoop NoopMonth ago

    Is this supposed to be based on Cold War? Those are the vibes im getting from this teaser

  9. mandzia 2

    mandzia 2Month ago

    привет, огонь видос успехов тебе может и поиграем вместе. Короче говоря, красава, Я ПОДПИСАЛСЯ и ЛАЙКНУЛ обязательно и всем рекомендую было бы тоже приятно, если бы тоже зашел и оценил мой канал по достоинству, но это не обязательно))))

  10. Sil

    SilMonth ago

    Day 1: please bring back the cotton candy flavour

  11. Sil

    SilMonth ago

    @dan kane Thanks for the information man, I think I’m gonna buy it!

  12. dan kane

    dan kaneMonth ago

    @Sil its gotta be , tastes exactly like it and smells like cotton candy. I saw another youtuber say it had a watermelon/cotton candy like flavor , but mine is definitely just cotton candy , tastes great

  13. Sil

    SilMonth ago

    @dan kane oh really?

  14. dan kane

    dan kaneMonth ago

    Ayo I swear this classified flavor is cotton candy, I got two tubs of it

  15. SrAsian ?

    SrAsian ?Month ago

    What is this cod?

  16. TheHeartyHardie YT

    TheHeartyHardie YTMonth ago

    is it the cure to covid-19?

  17. Obama

    ObamaMonth ago

    is it a cod flavour?

  18. FMC finch

    FMC finchMonth ago

    These comments tho

  19. Widow Main

    Widow MainMonth ago

    Hope gfuel gets unbanned in norway sometime

  20. Dancing Man

    Dancing ManMonth ago


  21. ace clan

    ace clanMonth ago

    Can you ask gfule if they can sponsor my friends clan

  22. Jasford

    JasfordMonth ago

    @Soulcune hahahaha

  23. Soulcune

    SoulcuneMonth ago

    Yeah yeah I’m sure they will.

  24. Bladness

    BladnessMonth ago

    Xqc the juice pls

  25. EwanMC

    EwanMCMonth ago


  26. Karl Meade

    Karl MeadeMonth ago

    The FDA do not advise you to drink this 'it tastes like shit' FDA

  27. Rome De Julio

    Rome De JulioMonth ago

    This is the first time I have bought a flavor without watching review videos kinda nervous🙈

  28. ron ster

    ron ster2 months ago

    Hey G fuel! I have a flavor sugestion! Can you do a Keanu Reeves flavor?!?!

  29. Corey

    Corey2 months ago

    Is it cranberry rhubarb heard that was a flavor coming

  30. Brian Cunningham

    Brian Cunningham2 months ago

    I ordered it with no idea what it will taste like... hope it’s not a letdown

  31. zyncblade

    zyncblade2 months ago

    Well i just bought Ksi Miami kit and Moon pir tub and Bahama mama tub

  32. KailebArt

    KailebArt2 months ago

    It's Cola :)

  33. Peter

    Peter2 months ago

    SCP flavored gfuel.

  34. Nicholas Wielandt

    Nicholas Wielandt2 months ago

    Order one and got another one free for my girlfriend with the bogo let's go

  35. Lil Jesus

    Lil Jesus2 months ago

    Idk why but I cant get the buy one get one free offer using my Amazon account balance, it just requires using credit cards for some reason

  36. SnOwOkie

    SnOwOkie2 months ago




    already cup

  38. Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}

    Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}2 months ago

    They could tell you what it tastes like, but then they'd have to kill you.

  39. DarkGrids

    DarkGrids2 months ago

    Thought this was a collab with CoD

  40. Lee

    Lee2 months ago

    One of the ingredients is the secret formula :)

  41. JakeShaw16

    JakeShaw162 months ago

    Can someone tell me the flavour?

  42. oof

    oof2 months ago

    what the hell does classified taste like

  43. Bigbogmangoman

    Bigbogmangoman2 months ago

    I dont get why they do this shit just tell us also they push us to buy before any reviews cuz we want to buy before the bogo ends its so scummy

  44. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero2 months ago

    The real flavour is dehydrated water

  45. Ei Ütle oma nime

    Ei Ütle oma nime2 months ago

    Probably hot dog water

  46. Mr Memes

    Mr Memes2 months ago

    Im just waiting for the juice flavour

  47. Totti El Shaarawy

    Totti El Shaarawy2 months ago

    I spend my most time in "recording gameplay "Editing "uploading "I need my brothers and sisters please support me🙏😢😢🙏

  48. EssexLad 8919

    EssexLad 89192 months ago

    But you can’t get in shops than Carabao, Red Bull, Rerentless, Lucazade and other energy drinks that are sold in shops.

  49. Sadd Cartel CarsN’Cruise

    Sadd Cartel CarsN’Cruise2 months ago

    Are u seriousssss a new flavor right after I ordered my bogo🤦‍♂️ rip in chat

  50. KailebArt

    KailebArt2 months ago

    It was in the BOGO list, it's only available for two to three days.

  51. DSVTgaming

    DSVTgaming2 months ago

    the numbers mason, what do they mean?

  52. cN/Nikos H.

    cN/Nikos H.2 months ago

    the numbers mason what do they mean

  53. ALV1 Music

    ALV1 Music2 months ago

    Hi! Im a 16 years old music producer from Italy. Check out my music!

  54. MysticDevtaku

    MysticDevtaku2 months ago

    as long as i dont start seeing numbers and a russian im fine with it

  55. Just Megumin

    Just Megumin2 months ago


  56. FaZe_ Alex24_YT

    FaZe_ Alex24_YT2 months ago

    Good i ordered it nice

  57. Cas

    Cas2 months ago

    Nice tub design, I love the hype they are building up.

  58. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    I said they look too similar The binary numbers design is on both, that's what I mean Don't jump to conclusions and don't call me stupid

  59. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    @biggie cheese no

  60. Tat

    Tat2 months ago

    Looks too much like nemesis tea

  61. Chroma

    Chroma2 months ago

    so what's the flavor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  62. Militant Pacifist

    Militant Pacifist2 months ago

    PLOT TWIST: Classified flavor is going to be Belle Delphine’s bath water.

  63. Bryan Pretzer

    Bryan PretzerMonth ago

    jus saying, it is pink

  64. Ceyshon Huggins

    Ceyshon HugginsMonth ago

    I wouldn’t complain

  65. Koli Greece

    Koli GreeceMonth ago


  66. Xcalibre Hates You.

    Xcalibre Hates You.2 months ago

    No wonder it sold out so quickly. Gfuel bought it all and have been saving it for this moment.

  67. delta

    delta2 months ago

    Then they title it, Simps Ahoy!

  68. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing2 months ago


  69. Hanz Castro • 1827 years ago

    Hanz Castro • 1827 years ago2 months ago

    so this is inspired by cold war?


    CHEW E FOONG2 months ago

    I bought this along with a Glow-In-The-Dark shaker.

  71. Jonttuf17

    Jonttuf172 months ago

    @CHEW E FOONG yea same here it is a fun thing to have even if it only glows for a few minutes at a time


    CHEW E FOONG2 months ago

    @Juan Saldana It does but not much usage. I just like the design of it. Huge fan of G Fuel here.

  73. Juan Saldana

    Juan Saldana2 months ago

    The shaker cup don’t even work

  74. CosmicMario004

    CosmicMario0042 months ago

    Bruh I’m not buying a flavor unless I know what it is, get out of here with this limited time bullshit

  75. -I_ rainny

    -I_ rainny2 months ago

    the numbers mason, what do they mean

  76. Goldknight. Exe

    Goldknight. Exe2 months ago

    Black ops Cold War collab??????

  77. Orba

    OrbaMonth ago

    Your right

  78. Alex Hernandez

    Alex Hernandez2 months ago

    That’s what I thought

  79. Ben Williams

    Ben Williams2 months ago


  80. Erick Rodriguez

    Erick RodriguezMonth ago

    They made a shaker but not a flavor weirdchamp Wrap it up

  81. Diego O

    Diego O2 months ago

    @Gordify lol idk why anyone would subscribe to ur channel

  82. Solar R

    Solar R2 months ago

    @Gordify ur straight Weirdchamp bru

  83. Solar R

    Solar R2 months ago

    @Gordify OH HELL NAH WYM

  84. Gordify

    Gordify2 months ago

    nah bro xQc is trash

  85. SupremeBBV7

    SupremeBBV72 months ago

    where did you find the winner for the summit1g

  86. SupremeBBV7

    SupremeBBV72 months ago

    @Tat can you fucking not my god like it was just a question for fucks sake

  87. Tat

    Tat2 months ago

    @SupremeBBV7 that's what I told you You triggered or something?

  88. SupremeBBV7

    SupremeBBV72 months ago

    @Tat shut up lol i look on insta

  89. Tat

    Tat2 months ago

    @SupremeBBV7 look at their Twitter and Facebook, noob

  90. SupremeBBV7

    SupremeBBV72 months ago

    no where did you find it

  91. Aspire YT

    Aspire YT2 months ago

    Can I get a free tub?

  92. spry

    spry2 months ago

    @ur step mom ikr

  93. ur step mom

    ur step mom2 months ago

    Mans really asking for free gfuel in a comment section

  94. Redmist 2033

    Redmist 20332 months ago

    The Subreddit r/Gfuel is going crazy for this new flavor! So happy to have more options!

  95. DisasterRuss

    DisasterRussMonth ago

    @FourRain45 cheeto

  96. The Mini Doom Slayer

    The Mini Doom Slayer2 months ago

    @FourRain45 nah its probably cold war related

  97. FourRain45

    FourRain452 months ago

    @Drew Smith XQCs flavor. Probably something like tropical and named Jungle Juice

  98. Drew Smith

    Drew Smith2 months ago

    Got any idea as to what it is?

  99. Oscar G

    Oscar G2 months ago

    what it even taste like no cap

  100. EwanMC

    EwanMCMonth ago

    Tastes like a fucking onion mason

  101. Joey Werksman

    Joey WerksmanMonth ago

    Top 10 flavors I’ve never tried

  102. ivar akesson

    ivar akesson2 months ago

    Tastes like stealth

  103. I Hop

    I Hop2 months ago

    It taste like classified


    OMGITSTBONE2 months ago

    I got this and the lingonberry can’t wait to try both !

  105. Mer_sk8s 211

    Mer_sk8s 211Month ago

    The berry one is amazing

  106. KillerRevenant

    KillerRevenantMonth ago

    @AJ72_YT I just picked up Faze X I’m really excited to try it I’ve heard it tastes like skittles and I got Classified. Fazeberry is Bomb I have the regular and sour it’s that good defiantly a top 5 flavour for me.

  107. AJ72_YT

    AJ72_YT2 months ago

    @Jacob had it once out of a starter pack and it was sooooooo good but I had to go with fazeberry and rainbow sherbet this bogo, faze x is probably my favourite flavour tho

  108. Jacob

    Jacob2 months ago

    Lingonberry is very nice

  109. Wardedcookie

    Wardedcookie2 months ago

    BROO COD CW 10:34

  110. Wardedcookie

    WardedcookieMonth ago

    @EwanMC I'm from 2033

  111. EwanMC

    EwanMCMonth ago

    H- How did you... get a time stamp for 10:34

  112. NoSweatBet K

    NoSweatBet K2 months ago

    Please don’t be trash I’ve ordered 2 allready

  113. mcjackster

    mcjackster2 months ago


  114. aden12nd

    aden12nd2 months ago


  115. Bacon

    Bacon2 months ago

    I casually find this in my recoomended when it's uploaded 2 minutes ago and a bot already appeared.


    OMGITSTBONE2 months ago


  117. Jaxon D Peterson

    Jaxon D Peterson2 months ago

    GFuel can you hit me up on snapchat please my mom can’t afford what i want rn an i was wondering if you could help me please i’ve never had gfuel and i would highly appreciate it it’s hard to get stuff with covid i would love if you did send some. Thank you i love you guys if you comment what you can text me with phone number snap or insta please i would love it❤️🥺

  118. [GD] Neon

    [GD] Neon2 months ago

    Classified files

  119. Seth Bowling

    Seth Bowling2 months ago

    Inspired by Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War lol

  120. lm _ Slayer

    lm _ Slayer2 months ago

    @Riotous wdym thinking, it's literally the only game out rn that has this type of setting lmao

  121. OG2shankz

    OG2shankz2 months ago

    Yea me too

  122. Riotous

    Riotous2 months ago

    Yes that’s what I’m thinking 🤔

  123. !!!!!!!!!!!!????????

    !!!!!!!!!!!!????????2 months ago

    Ay is one of the side affects seeing a ww2 Russian veteran by the name of reznov telling you to kill three certain people

  124. David Gamez

    David GamezMonth ago

    For some reason I remember being locked up in a prison with him in the cold war

  125. Disciple of Crispus

    Disciple of CrispusMonth ago

    Dragovich, kravchenko, Steiner,,,,,,

  126. David Gamez

    David Gamez2 months ago

    These men must die, this keeps on echoing in my head

  127. Chαrσ

    Chαrσ2 months ago

    Surely not, I'm not wrong, or am i?

  128. DarkArcher05

    DarkArcher052 months ago

    Give me

  129. Fernie20_

    Fernie20_2 months ago

    Lmao I already ordered

  130. Willow Faded

    Willow Faded2 months ago

    O shiz pog master

  131. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n02 months ago


  132. Paul Perez

    Paul Perez2 months ago

    Gfuel Flavored

  133. Cameron Carson

    Cameron Carson2 months ago

    The numbers mason

  134. George

    George2 months ago

    Not the juicer WeirdChamp

  135. Maxwell Holbrook

    Maxwell Holbrook2 months ago

    Anomaly flavor?

  136. Darkrift 119

    Darkrift 1192 months ago


  137. RETR0 B4LLER

    RETR0 B4LLER2 months ago

    Cold War?

  138. Rockyroadgaming

    Rockyroadgaming2 months ago

    @RETR0 B4LLER I agree cold War would've been amazing

  139. RETR0 B4LLER

    RETR0 B4LLER2 months ago

    I know I wanted Cold War and dident know because there is a main quote from Cold War that is classified

  140. Rockyroadgaming

    Rockyroadgaming2 months ago

    @RETR0 B4LLER so it's not cold War Prob just something like mystery

  141. RETR0 B4LLER

    RETR0 B4LLER2 months ago

    But it’s not

  142. RETR0 B4LLER

    RETR0 B4LLER2 months ago


  143. Alejandro Oviedo

    Alejandro Oviedo2 months ago


  144. chuck norris

    chuck norris2 months ago

    Can I have for fee I’ve spent over 250 dollars already

  145. Vxup

    Vxup2 months ago


  146. MasterOden

    MasterOden2 months ago

    ToP SecreT

  147. Connor Pence

    Connor Pence2 months ago

    Ok... sooo... what does it taste like?

  148. Krownz

    Krownz2 months ago

    Quality content 😂

  149. JJsniper

    JJsniper2 months ago

    wheres the logic cup

  150. Ezy shot

    Ezy shot2 months ago

    Lets goooooooooooo

  151. Master Chef jb

    Master Chef jb2 months ago

    Ingredients unknown

  152. Plty

    Plty2 months ago

    @Jonah Marie R. Sebastian bruh

  153. Jonah Marie R. Sebastian

    Jonah Marie R. Sebastian2 months ago

    Belle delphine’s Bath Water

  154. Tocan

    Tocan2 months ago


  155. RileyGams

    RileyGams2 months ago


  156. Sr Leaf

    Sr Leaf2 months ago

    Can gfuel like this?

  157. Yami VFX

    Yami VFX2 months ago


  158. Error _ Toxic1

    Error _ Toxic12 months ago


  159. Fizzy Cactus

    Fizzy Cactus2 months ago

    Who else already ordered two lol

  160. سيف المزروعي و اقطع

    سيف المزروعي و اقطع2 months ago

    So what should i dov

  161. spencer1342

    spencer13422 months ago

    @NoSweatBet K it is only for Black Friday then it’s gone

  162. Fizzy Cactus

    Fizzy Cactus2 months ago

    @Punctuate then I don’t like it ?


    DESKTOPBACON2 months ago

    Punctuate it would be a good gift

  164. spez

    spez2 months ago

    me i have ordered 2 ᗩᑎᗪ ᔕᑎOᖇTEᗪ TᗯO

  165. MrRexta

    MrRexta2 months ago


  166. Krownz

    Krownz2 months ago


  167. AquaNut Yt

    AquaNut Yt2 months ago


  168. RileyGams

    RileyGams2 months ago

    Oh no

  169. Gavin Villa

    Gavin Villa2 months ago

    Oh boy

  170. chuck norris

    chuck norris2 months ago

    Tell me

  171. RIPMajor

    RIPMajor2 months ago

    "Don't lie who else has been a FAN Before NOVEMBER?🍪" "Iᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ"🎁

  172. Bacon

    Bacon2 months ago

    bots are interesting Edit: Awkward they have actual uploads with work into it. THEY EVEN HAVE THE TEXT AND EMOJI'S HEH

  173. Connor Daredevil

    Connor Daredevil2 months ago

    Bro these bots