Sour FaZeBerry G FUEL

The original FaZeBerry - mixed lip smacking sourness! Introducing...SOUR FaZeBerry G FUEL! Coming Soon! Fuel Your Life at


  1. 男ニンニク

    男ニンニク6 months ago

    Wow energy for quarinetine

  2. DarkZero

    DarkZero7 months ago

    maybe this will make most of faze stop playing shitty fortnite

  3. 2kfrosty

    2kfrosty6 months ago


  4. sparky kills

    sparky kills7 months ago

    If gfuel do what footasylum do and bing the people they sponsor on videos to play games and others things then this youtube channel would be lit

  5. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid7 months ago

    Gimme a chance for my gfuel to ship like damn

  6. NanaTea64

    NanaTea647 months ago

    Hello my name is brody I make gaming videos on TikTok and USlikes I am working on getting a better gaming setup I just got myself a mini fridge but nothing to drink I was wondering if you guys could please help me out??

  7. poo

    poo7 months ago

    Reestock please :(

  8. Lau_ Ris

    Lau_ Ris7 months ago

    pls back the FaZeBerry Colletors Box plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  9. AnonymousScar

    AnonymousScar7 months ago

    It’s Back

  10. no yes

    no yes7 months ago


  11. Snippez Noob

    Snippez Noob7 months ago


  12. Bazintrick Ways

    Bazintrick Ways7 months ago

    Not buying from a company that sponsors Keemstar - boycott

  13. Juber Ahmed

    Juber Ahmed7 months ago

    Drop Keemster

  14. DanGame33YT

    DanGame33YT7 months ago

    Ой май гайт я русский

  15. FROSKI

    FROSKI7 months ago

    Just bought the collectors pack!! And three more tubs of gruel!! Spent $180 yessir

  16. Jimpy

    Jimpy7 months ago

    Sorry but I'm done buying this product because you sponsor DramaAlert he is a psycho

  17. Lily Windows

    Lily Windows7 months ago

    Drop keem star gfuel

  18. Adrian Dorfsmith

    Adrian Dorfsmith7 months ago

    Bought the collectors box for bubble gum, and now I have done it again with sour FazeBerry. I feel sorry for my bank account

  19. aaallesandere

    aaallesandere7 months ago

    Gnome fuel 🤮

  20. Keanu’s build and Ride

    Keanu’s build and Ride7 months ago

    Here at g fuel we support a person that has faulsy accused people of being pedofiles and helped in a sucide

  21. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid7 months ago

    Wow it literally just came out and I just bought some like 2 days ago now I can’t get it


    ATMODEPTH8 months ago


  23. troll

    troll8 months ago

    You know what really makes my mouth sour though? Having a questionably safe product being marketed by an outright liar. No one wants to associate with a brand that Keemstar 'endorses'

  24. Gamerren

    Gamerren7 months ago

    He got kicked. Gfuel is a good company

  25. Evan Reinhardt

    Evan Reinhardt8 months ago

    I will not support a company that sponsors Keemstar. He a source of hate and violent influence. Please drop him and do what’s right.

  26. ACOG Batteries

    ACOG Batteries8 months ago

    Stop sponsoring Keem****

  27. MAXhealth_Twitch

    MAXhealth_Twitch8 months ago

    Please stop supporting Keemstar..

  28. RedXI

    RedXI8 months ago


  29. Jcpurex 7

    Jcpurex 78 months ago

    i want it but cant buy it i wanna die but cant

  30. JetCoolXtreme

    JetCoolXtreme8 months ago

    Me: Orders the bubblegum collectors box. Gfuel: ANOTHER ONE!

  31. daniel alon7

    daniel alon78 months ago

    I want this so bad

  32. Worqtツ

    Worqtツ8 months ago

    How old do you need to drink gfuel

  33. Winter 707

    Winter 7078 months ago


  34. Zorbcck

    Zorbcck8 months ago

    When's the BOGOF offer coming? x


    NOVOICE8 months ago

    New Flavor *ORANGE FLAVORED RAGING GUMMY FISH* why orange, well jev fans know thats his favorite flavor...

  36. Basil Nadeem

    Basil Nadeem8 months ago

    Gfuel is so big you guys need to have a HQ in the UK.

  37. DJ Awesome Dude

    DJ Awesome Dude8 months ago

    Damn man all these fazeberry products coming out lately I like it but it’s too much for one wallet to handle

  38. Weird_Red Panda

    Weird_Red Panda8 months ago


  39. eman james

    eman james8 months ago

    hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa these comments lol

  40. BudKnight

    BudKnight8 months ago

    Can’t wait until buy one get one free so I can get sour fazeberry and bubblegum.

  41. AnonymousScar

    AnonymousScar7 months ago

    Rip for you, you can’t get sour fazeberry for the thing

  42. LucasMABRgaming

    LucasMABRgaming8 months ago

    i hope it comes out soon cuz i wanna get chug rug and gummy fish tubs or something like that

  43. Xtronicon

    Xtronicon8 months ago

    We need cinnamon toast crunch flavor

  44. S3RPNT

    S3RPNT8 months ago

    FaZeberry Requiem

  45. Sean

    Sean8 months ago

    Will it have a collectors box?

  46. Edward Bautista

    Edward Bautista8 months ago

    I review GFUEL and I already got the foavor

  47. FL1GHT RISK100X

    FL1GHT RISK100X8 months ago


  48. Famfighters Aka Crew11

    Famfighters Aka Crew118 months ago

    This what we want 😂

  49. Bro_Gaming

    Bro_Gaming8 months ago

    But will there be a collectors box

  50. Trey Sullens

    Trey Sullens8 months ago

    Dude how many times are these guys gonna knock it out of the park, they have to run out of good ideas eventually? Right?

  51. Isaiah Revelles

    Isaiah Revelles8 months ago

    Trey Sullens all they did was make it sour 😂

  52. MikeSG87

    MikeSG878 months ago

    GFuel has been killing it with the new flavours, coffee, bubble gum, and this are all ones that I've wanted for a while

  53. meixzu

    meixzu8 months ago


  54. voknows

    voknows8 months ago

    What's a FazeBerry????

  55. ThatGuyWithTacos

    ThatGuyWithTacos8 months ago

    Another one

  56. Zachary Couch Vlogs

    Zachary Couch Vlogs8 months ago

    This will probably be my new favorite flavor

  57. Aquaz

    Aquaz8 months ago


  58. Glitchy

    Glitchy8 months ago

    Bruh I just ordered my supply of gfuel for next month, u can't just drop a new flavour on me like that

  59. salt

    salt8 months ago

    that looks actually fire

  60. K1tKatzz

    K1tKatzz8 months ago


  61. Awsome zombie

    Awsome zombie8 months ago


  62. Jersie

    Jersie8 months ago

    Ya'll need to CHILL, let me regenerate my wallet D:

  63. Simthe Siman

    Simthe Siman8 months ago

    Sicko mode

  64. YouTube News

    YouTube News8 months ago

    Another New Flavor!!!

  65. Avea

    Avea8 months ago

    I need these in cans

  66. Josh Holland

    Josh Holland8 months ago

    Avea we need cans in the EU

  67. Beefypack

    Beefypack8 months ago


  68. Young Sauce

    Young Sauce8 months ago

    Might be getting this for my birthday tomorrow ?🤷‍♂️

  69. Young Sauce

    Young Sauce8 months ago

    Bc Tiger thanks really appreciate it🙏

  70. Bc Tiger

    Bc Tiger8 months ago

    YoungSauce Gaming happy birthday for tomorrow

  71. Pygz

    Pygz8 months ago

    i just ordered fazeberry

  72. califye

    califye8 months ago

    now this is epic

  73. CallMeBenn

    CallMeBenn8 months ago

    Yes please.

  74. Zeptr

    Zeptr8 months ago


  75. Zeptr

    Zeptr8 months ago


  76. scopezwrld

    scopezwrld8 months ago

    Can’t wait

  77. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast8 months ago

    Wow this actually might be good but I’m out of money so I can’t buy it

  78. pepejaar

    pepejaar8 months ago

    I just saw csgo NiP vs FaZe and FaZe won on the third map

  79. ficccoo

    ficccoo8 months ago


  80. That's Insane

    That's Insane8 months ago

    Me:I just bought the newest GFUEL flavour GFUEL:There is another

  81. Jakob

    Jakob7 months ago

    Winsins Hopefully not

  82. Jakob

    Jakob8 months ago

    MrSteroids1 nah, it’s one flavour a month

  83. WhyDidIPickTheName?

    WhyDidIPickTheName?8 months ago

    G fuel be running us dry

  84. CallybobCOD.R6

    CallybobCOD.R68 months ago

    Literally RIP bank account 😂

  85. ElamGG

    ElamGG8 months ago

    i will buy this imitatively

  86. Harold Torres

    Harold Torres8 months ago

    Why you gotta break my heart! And MY WALLET?!?!

  87. Jürnas Jaanits

    Jürnas Jaanits8 months ago

    Stop making new flavours right now. Ship people their orders. I paid 15 dollars for shipping and i haven't heard a single thing about where my gfuel is and i ordered it 3 weeks ago

  88. YooFaucey

    YooFaucey8 months ago

    “Don’t lie who's been a HUGE FAN OF GFUEL💉" (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)👣

  89. nOt bAd bUt nOt gOOd

    nOt bAd bUt nOt gOOd8 months ago

    You just want subscribers! I see you everyday! STOP and earn them yourself

  90. Kayjay ._.

    Kayjay ._.8 months ago

    He’s a Fortnite account too 😂

  91. Xeonlmao

    Xeonlmao8 months ago

    Imagine self promoting in a gfuel ad

  92. Venomborn

    Venomborn8 months ago

    FaZeBerry (in tub form) tastes almost exactly like blood to me...idk why lol so this is a nah for me, fam. The carbonated can version is great though! Idk why the regular is so bitter and copper-y to me. Anyone else experience this with FaZeBerry specifically?

  93. halohaloband

    halohaloband8 months ago

    @Venomborn I'll have to order some!!!!

  94. Venomborn

    Venomborn8 months ago

    Rekt Zwutz the cans are absolutely my favorite. So delicious. Ragin’ Gummy Fish, Tropical Rain, Sour Blue Chug Rug, Blue Ice, Black On Blackberyy, even FaZeBerry here...all very very good in can form

  95. Kayjay ._.

    Kayjay ._.8 months ago

    Blood ._.

  96. Avea

    Avea8 months ago

    @halohaloband I've had sour blue chug rug in its canned version and I like it better than the tub.

  97. halohaloband

    halohaloband8 months ago

    How are the can versions of gfuel?

  98. SavageTheLizard

    SavageTheLizard8 months ago


  99. JalalJunior

    JalalJunior8 months ago


  100. Furrrit

    Furrrit8 months ago

    Can I pre order dat look so good

  101. EG Capalot

    EG Capalot8 months ago

    You can sign up for early access

  102. Chrono Trigger

    Chrono Trigger8 months ago


  103. ZLH Gaming

    ZLH Gaming8 months ago

    Can't wait to try regular fazeberrry soon

  104. Nexus Reaperrr

    Nexus Reaperrr8 months ago

    Yall missed such an opportunity with green apple :(

  105. Joe M

    Joe M8 months ago

    That would be good I just want a normal cherry flavor lol

  106. TracedX

    TracedX8 months ago


  107. CCAIDES

    CCAIDES8 months ago

    I gonna have to cop it

  108. Olexandr Grach

    Olexandr Grach8 months ago

    I mean I already think that the only flavor that beats it is KSI’s flavor

  109. jorge ruiz

    jorge ruiz8 months ago


  110. Sanity Bysn

    Sanity Bysn8 months ago

    ℂ𝕒𝕟𝕥 𝕨𝕒𝕚𝕥

  111. daryel hernandez

    daryel hernandez8 months ago

    When are tK shaker cups coming back Come to think of it when is tK coming back

  112. Spid3r TY

    Spid3r TY8 months ago


  113. Lucas Soler Engvall

    Lucas Soler Engvall8 months ago


  114. DrVader YouTube

    DrVader YouTube8 months ago

    I was about to buy faze berry but now I’m not

  115. AnonymousScar

    AnonymousScar7 months ago

    xEricC1001x this sour one is the most sour one yet, and that’s your personal preference

  116. Zorbcck

    Zorbcck8 months ago

    @xEricC1001x Sour Cherry is banging

  117. xEricC1001x

    xEricC1001x8 months ago

    Original will be better. The sours are not impressive. Coming from someone with a tub of every flavor they've ever made.

  118. Olexandr Grach

    Olexandr Grach8 months ago

    Is it better then the original faze berry?

  119. Angel Quiroz

    Angel Quiroz8 months ago

    Yes, a new flavor coming soon

  120. AnonymousScar

    AnonymousScar7 months ago

    Joe M still, it taste different than regular fazebrrry

  121. Joe M

    Joe M8 months ago

    Not really it's just sour lol

  122. Lxrinc

    Lxrinc8 months ago


  123. Grubby Monkey

    Grubby Monkey8 months ago

    ok this is epic

  124. Rantuber

    Rantuber8 months ago

    Gamer moment forreal

  125. GunnarTheManager _

    GunnarTheManager _8 months ago

    Grubby Monkey yea

  126. JONKILLERZ 991

    JONKILLERZ 9918 months ago


  127. MaxDowling 04

    MaxDowling 048 months ago

    Sounds nice

  128. zoinks!

    zoinks!8 months ago

    First. Edit: Never mind... :(

  129. accent

    accent8 months ago


  130. Lil Oreo

    Lil Oreo8 months ago

    If your reading this your not first

  131. Crisoforo Melchor

    Crisoforo Melchor8 months ago