G FUEL Black Friday 2019

BLACK FRIDAY BOGO! Buy One Tub, Get one FREE!!! Including the NEW, PEACH COBBLER Flavor! Get it now while supplies last on this BLACK FRIDAY EXCLUSIVE! Fuel Your Holiday at gfuel.com/


  1. Aiden Carlotti

    Aiden Carlotti3 months ago

    Is this happening this year

  2. Roman Martinez

    Roman Martinez7 days ago

    Sorry for such a late reply I really hope you were able to get your peach cobbler tub but yes it did happen again and I got lucky to get one but I’m hearing it won’t happen again so I’m skeptical about opening it

  3. Aiden Carlotti

    Aiden Carlotti3 months ago

    Again I mean?

  4. CrimsoNinja

    CrimsoNinjaYear ago

    Guys please what is the track you used for this promotion,

  5. fatty17

    fatty17Year ago

    I Just bought my first gfuel. I got peach iced tea and pewdiepie, was it a good choice?

  6. syntica

    syntica2 months ago

    @Rayyan Noman yeah it was pretty good

  7. Rayyan Noman

    Rayyan Noman2 months ago

    @syntica its pretty good

  8. syntica

    syntica7 months ago

    @fatty17 so how did it taste

  9. fatty17

    fatty17Year ago

    I haven't got it yet

  10. Tuna

    TunaYear ago

    Is it healthy ?

  11. loomnati noscopers

    loomnati noscopersYear ago

    ironically enough the black friday exclusive flavor peach cobbler was never in stock on black friday since they sold all of it on monday and didnt even think about holding some back for the actual day it was meant for...

  12. BearLife77

    BearLife77Year ago

    I ordered 3 tubs of GFUEL before the Black Friday deal so I could have had 6 tubs but I only have 3

  13. Fallsdayz _

    Fallsdayz _Year ago

    BearLife77 that sucks I bought peediepies flavor and got peach cobbler or roman Atwood’s free

  14. Drass Ulgar

    Drass UlgarYear ago

    I chose the best time to buy for price, and the worst time to buy for speed. Last year it took almost a month to get my order for my black Friday purchase

  15. Franko

    FrankoYear ago


  16. MelonStein -Road To 1k

    MelonStein -Road To 1kYear ago

    Why are the collector boxes gone😔😭

  17. ashton Henwood

    ashton HenwoodYear ago

    Can you guys sponsor Jacksepticeye? He’s an awesome dude and always talks about you guys

  18. X Phasma X

    X Phasma XYear ago

    First jack has to apply for a sponsorship from them on their website than it has to get accepted

  19. fatty17

    fatty17Year ago

    Yes pls

  20. O_xTanjax_O

    O_xTanjax_OYear ago

    Idk how the hell yall can afford 10+ etc but...swing a tub my way so I can try my first XD like dam yo

  21. O_xTanjax_O

    O_xTanjax_OYear ago

    @Adler na everybody here not be having a job

  22. Adler

    AdlerYear ago

    A job😂

  23. Junaiti Aja

    Junaiti AjaYear ago

    Sold out ....

  24. Kirill Schtranin

    Kirill SchtraninYear ago

    restock the peach cobbler

  25. Chris Sorkos

    Chris SorkosYear ago

    I’ve never tried gfuel before, won’t buy any packs because the shipping is hella expensive for me. Should I buy 2 peach cobbler tubs, or one peach cobbler tub and select something else? If it’s about buying something else expect peach cobbler, please let me know what to choose.

  26. Chris Sorkos

    Chris SorkosYear ago

    Lezbunny69 What about pink grapefruit

  27. Lezbunny69

    Lezbunny69Year ago

    Fazeberry and sour blue chug rug are really good

  28. sam

    samYear ago


  29. sam

    samYear ago

    @Yarne G no idea

  30. Yarne G

    Yarne GYear ago

    Pikachorp Yo bro, do you know at wich time they restock?

  31. sam

    samYear ago

    Yarne G ;)

  32. Yarne G

    Yarne GYear ago

    Pikachorp i heard that they’re gonna bring a new stock tomorrow :)

  33. sam

    samYear ago

    @Yarne G ive got Intel...

  34. Bad Wolf

    Bad WolfYear ago

    You bet yo ass I'm ordering some today

  35. Quad Vlog

    Quad VlogYear ago

    Already bought 12 tubs 😂😂

  36. MR pineappies

    MR pineappiesYear ago


  37. CMShortboy

    CMShortboyYear ago

    Yo, lemme get that song link tho 🔥

  38. CENSO

    CENSOYear ago

    Liginon berry and snow cone here I come

  39. Symbaa

    SymbaaYear ago

    artsy fartsy 🔥🔥

  40. CENSO

    CENSOYear ago

    Symbaa ツ only real ones

  41. Symbaa

    SymbaaYear ago

    Exact same flavours I ordered 😂

  42. ItsTheBlueFox

    ItsTheBlueFoxYear ago

    idgf about no black friday bc when i do the 2 tubs it skyrockets the shipping prices. The rates are trash and the prices are high. This is just awful.

  43. Antti Heusala

    Antti HeusalaYear ago

    does anyone know when the pewdiepie tallboy shaker is returning

  44. Antti Heusala

    Antti HeusalaYear ago

    Symbaa ツ oh

  45. Symbaa

    SymbaaYear ago

    Antti Heusala it’s not

  46. ItsMaze _

    ItsMaze _Year ago

    Peach cobbler and battle juice

  47. NoaChains

    NoaChainsYear ago

    help i didn't get the 3 packs with my order

  48. James S.

    James S.Year ago

    Only time I buy direct is during BOGO otherwise it's cheaper and faster to buy off of Amazon.

  49. Norco

    NorcoYear ago

    Shock already told us

  50. Zachary Couch Vlogs

    Zachary Couch VlogsYear ago

    Lol I just bought 2 tubs like a week ago

  51. Yxng Buba

    Yxng BubaYear ago

    @Brian Cunningham hey Brian Im brian

  52. Tom Stubbs

    Tom StubbsYear ago


  53. Brian Cunningham

    Brian CunninghamYear ago



    ODYSSEYYear ago

    Use code Shock

  55. Negans Mayo Sandwiches

    Negans Mayo SandwichesYear ago

    Hopefully they keep peach cobbler a permanent flavor

  56. oof lord

    oof lordYear ago

    Negans Mayo Sandwiches they probably wont but maybe bring it out every fall or thanksgiving

  57. Joseph Nieves

    Joseph NievesYear ago

    Not First but still here

  58. Malzov

    MalzovYear ago

    i just bought gfuel 4 days ago . F

  59. Norco

    NorcoYear ago

    Malzov shock is the best

  60. Malzov

    MalzovYear ago

    @Norco i just drink the thing i dont research the history lmao

  61. Norco

    NorcoYear ago

    Malzov you like gfuel but don’t know shock rip malzov

  62. Malzov

    MalzovYear ago

    @Norco how is it sad i dont know someone?? lmao

  63. Norco

    NorcoYear ago

    Malzov you don’t know who electric shock that’s sad

  64. cupplaz

    cupplazYear ago


  65. Hondoras Kick

    Hondoras KickYear ago

    O dem dik epic PP grow up

  66. Gram Tacoz

    Gram TacozYear ago


  67. Antti Heusala

    Antti HeusalaYear ago

    i got peach cobbler and pink grapefruit

  68. Antti Heusala

    Antti HeusalaYear ago

    Brian Cunningham i havent tried it but im sure it will be good

  69. Smash meme Boy

    Smash meme BoyYear ago

    The thing is... me too lol

  70. Brian Cunningham

    Brian CunninghamYear ago

    pink grapefruit is one of my favorite flavors

  71. Wallomy

    WallomyYear ago

    Antti Heusala good election

  72. Mina Kostova

    Mina KostovaYear ago

    i have made a severe and continuous lapse of my judgement

  73. Mr. Innocent

    Mr. InnocentYear ago

    Mina Kostova and i would like to apologise

  74. Luke

    LukeYear ago


  75. martymacaron1

    martymacaron1Year ago

    Can u give me free gfuel (: I will be very happy, please.

  76. Swavy

    SwavyMonth ago

    Sure what’s your adress? Jk

  77. KebsikowyShobe16

    KebsikowyShobe169 months ago

    Wtf man

  78. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian RodriguezYear ago

    Bro I swear if it’s not a bogo free

  79. Alguna_cosa 69

    Alguna_cosa 69Year ago

    @Mina Kostova yes thats me

  80. Mina Kostova

    Mina KostovaYear ago

    @Alguna_cosa 69 retro

  81. Alguna_cosa 69

    Alguna_cosa 69Year ago

    @Mina Kostova what discord. gfuel or retroboost pack? im in only these two

  82. Mina Kostova

    Mina KostovaYear ago

    @Alguna_cosa 69 yo are you from that discord

  83. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian RodriguezYear ago

    PatrickŠandor 6289 ight bet thanks


    TITAS SHOWYear ago

    stop with ur "first" comments. Saying first doesn't give you 1 sextillion dollars

  85. [GD] lunachu

    [GD] lunachuYear ago

    @Just Another Pleb bruh

  86. Rangyr Wilson

    Rangyr WilsonYear ago

    WOOOOWWW did you REALLY just assume somebody's net worth? That's SO RACIST!!!!

  87. Just Another Pleb

    Just Another PlebYear ago

    GD lunachu imagine that I gave a shit

  88. [GD] lunachu

    [GD] lunachuYear ago

    @Just Another Pleb imagine saying ok boomer

  89. Xavian killer

    Xavian killerYear ago

    @Just Another Pleb No u

  90. Yuki's Cabin

    Yuki's CabinYear ago


  91. Alguna_cosa 69

    Alguna_cosa 69Year ago

    Yes you are

  92. Jon Moore

    Jon MooreYear ago


  93. Mrkitkat1

    Mrkitkat1Year ago

    Jon Moore stfu

  94. Alguna_cosa 69

    Alguna_cosa 69Year ago

    You arent

  95. BC_YT

    BC_YTYear ago


  96. Alguna_cosa 69

    Alguna_cosa 69Year ago

    True you are 1st

  97. S O Y

    S O YYear ago

    @Jon Moore shut it

  98. Jon Moore

    Jon MooreYear ago

    I’m first because I said first

  99. bazza

    bazzaYear ago

    BC_YT shut up