FaZe Banks Interview - G Fuel Afterparty

FaZe Banks takes a minute to talk at the Fortnite World Cup G Fuel x FaZe After Party
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  1. The H00N

    The H00NYear ago

    Oh my god he's so hammered

  2. Rafael Canillo

    Rafael CanilloYear ago

    The comments are lit

  3. StickAnimation

    StickAnimationYear ago

    Gfuel gets 80 percent of your drink

  4. NewWorldOrder

    NewWorldOrderYear ago

    My man using dx wwe shirt

  5. Brandon Choi

    Brandon ChoiYear ago

    80% of revenue from this video is going to him

  6. Deadly Kangaroo

    Deadly KangarooYear ago

    Haha this is me on weekends i feel this. Lowkey reckon there’s a time n place for something like this tho anddddd a afterparty was not it. Haha shoutout banks the beast

  7. Voltz

    VoltzYear ago

    how can u not love banks

  8. Fenix

    FenixYear ago

    He's so drunk😂 I make videos

  9. BornTroublesome

    BornTroublesomeYear ago

    0:50 my man gave banks the mic instead of dapping him up😂😂

  10. Kyle King

    Kyle KingYear ago

    Can't wait to see this guy on America's most wanted

  11. Nexon YT

    Nexon YTYear ago

    Banks is something else I love it 😂❤️

  12. Wyatt

    WyattYear ago

    Shotgunning g fuel lol

  13. DarkKitarist

    DarkKitaristYear ago

    Well of course he's drunk. Greed and lies go hand in hand with alcohol :)

  14. Dylan Criste

    Dylan CristeYear ago

    Two legends in one video. Amazing!

  15. Green Thunder

    Green ThunderYear ago

    They cut out 80% of the interview

  16. Mikul Bae

    Mikul BaeYear ago

    Green Thunderl8 its because 80% of it was probably spent being a narcissistic douchebag. or his bald head was showing

  17. Leon Zhang

    Leon ZhangYear ago

    GFuel: *banks interview* Also GFuel: Drink the gfuel in a can. Ok thanks that’s enough footage cya

  18. Alunite

    AluniteYear ago

    He is so hammered

  19. i_ am_ blur

    i_ am_ blurYear ago

    Drunken reps of your product. Always a smart move.

  20. Anthony

    AnthonyYear ago

    Gfuel what’s the limit per day

  21. Alpaco Strong

    Alpaco StrongYear ago


  22. Instinct

    InstinctYear ago

    Am I the only one who loves his DX shirt? And if you’re not down with that we have two words for yah Suck It

  23. Dylan

    DylanYear ago

    This the dude who has illegal contracts right

  24. Wimmsn

    WimmsnYear ago

    nahh, not he. the organisation maybe 🤷‍♂️

  25. Legacii

    LegaciiYear ago

    I'm dead

  26. dopeer

    dopeerYear ago

    Let me join faze

  27. Computerfreak122

    Computerfreak122Year ago

    He sounds like he smoked a pack

  28. Gian Gladous

    Gian GladousYear ago

    This kid is literally so drunk. Love ya squid.

  29. TheDarknessOfGames

    TheDarknessOfGamesYear ago

    I tried one and it was complete shit, proof faze is bought sad world I’d do the same shit but I’d at least tell y’all when my contract is over

  30. _iTzFeaRz

    _iTzFeaRzYear ago

    Gfuel the best

  31. _iTzFeaRz

    _iTzFeaRzYear ago


  32. xel

    xelYear ago

    Toe flavor coming out?

  33. xel

    xelYear ago

    Banks is just a great dude

  34. drippiest game boii

    drippiest game boiiYear ago

    Use me as a "Gfuel should make a toe flavor" button😉


    THE_REAL_D1PPERYear ago

    Maybe belly button aswell

  36. drippiest game boii

    drippiest game boiiYear ago

    @TheDarknessOfGames hmmmmmm that seems good but we shall wait for the basic flavor to build up our way to that delicious flavor, I luv gfuel

  37. TheDarknessOfGames

    TheDarknessOfGamesYear ago

    Dankest Game Boii I was thinking more of toe nails from milfs option

  38. BM Vortex

    BM VortexYear ago

    23 like

  39. Bubble_boi

    Bubble_boiYear ago

    I have no words

  40. Lucas Soler Engvall

    Lucas Soler EngvallYear ago


  41. Ishwor Shrestha

    Ishwor ShresthaYear ago


  42. Tatan

    TatanYear ago


  43. Nyesha T

    Nyesha TYear ago


  44. Israel gomez

    Israel gomezYear ago


  45. Simthe Siman

    Simthe SimanYear ago


  46. bl Luis

    bl LuisYear ago


  47. Itz Masc

    Itz MascYear ago

    I luv gfuel

  48. Aman Fareez

    Aman FareezYear ago