Dr. Disrespect - G FUEL Ready to Drink

The two time is excited for the new ready to drink G Fuel cans - get yours at gfuel.com/


  1. mustafa nazar

    mustafa nazarDay ago

    Did you know dr disrespect is 6ft 7.5 inches making him the tallest famous gamer in the USA 🇺🇸

  2. Rico Mansos

    Rico MansosMonth ago

    Call of duty need to make him a character

  3. Racsi Beryl

    Racsi BerylMonth ago

    it's THE DOC not DOG SHT

  4. ToxicRazer

    ToxicRazer4 months ago

    Hey dr disrespect should become a streamer and get banned and make more youtube streams

  5. Yatsura2

    Yatsura26 months ago

    These commercials are so fucking dumb. _"Here, drink some liquid sugar and think about all the sports you could be doing right now"_

  6. Adam

    Adam2 months ago

    Gfuel doesn’t have sugar, do your research before hating On a great product

  7. Observationally

    Observationally4 months ago

    GFUEL doesn’t have sugar

  8. Mohammad M

    Mohammad M7 months ago

    Not anymore

  9. norwegian idiot

    norwegian idiot10 months ago

    tries to open the can from the wrong side and pretends to drink smh

  10. Quantum

    QuantumYear ago

    Want Gfuel

  11. Somnia

    SomniaYear ago

    Oh ok cool

  12. Le Lamp Requiem

    Le Lamp RequiemYear ago


  13. TRUxGameAholic

    TRUxGameAholicYear ago

    If this was an add it wouldn't piss me off ever.

  14. Hijinks

    HijinksYear ago


  15. Wizzar

    WizzarYear ago


  16. Humpelfunftel

    HumpelfunftelYear ago

    Sold out...

  17. Mrpieintheface

    MrpieinthefaceYear ago

    This is how he good at pubg

  18. pointless pointing

    pointless pointingYear ago

    Helps you commit adultery 50% faster!

  19. dishophoiba

    dishophoibaYear ago

    Hate this guy so much lol

  20. Nice GuyGAMES23

    Nice GuyGAMES23Year ago

    gasoline flavoured g fuel....cool

  21. Ender

    EnderYear ago

    wasn't he fatter?

  22. Loli4lyf

    Loli4lyfYear ago

    0:30 pro gamer moves

  23. Kaiser 928

    Kaiser 928Year ago

    Who needs a keyboard when you can suffocate them yourself?

  24. Gamelinio 13

    Gamelinio 13Year ago

    Pls bring it in Greece

  25. adam56321

    adam56321Year ago

    Doooooooooccccc your the best

  26. Deranged Monkeys

    Deranged MonkeysYear ago

    real athletes dont need gfuel

  27. Kaiser 928

    Kaiser 928Year ago

    True that. You don't need GFuel to be a true athlete. You need steroids.

  28. Papascrub

    PapascrubYear ago

    Sugar with a sprinkle of caffeine powder. Brilliant!

  29. Mark Stevensson

    Mark StevenssonYear ago


  30. Retrocidal

    RetrocidalYear ago

    Only reason I even herd of g fule was becuase of doc

  31. Mashable

    MashableYear ago

    0:36 You think Darkness is your ally?



    G fuel, ready to drink and ready for you to go on a diet soon afterwards

  33. osM

    osMYear ago

    this dr disrespect guy should become a streamer

  34. Dagdan

    Dagdan6 months ago

    Funniest comment ever.

  35. OmgIsBean

    OmgIsBeanYear ago

    No Kap

  36. GeneralREIGN

    GeneralREIGNYear ago


  37. Mike Austin

    Mike AustinYear ago


  38. Bargain man dan 6342

    Bargain man dan 6342Year ago

    I’m going to stockpile these before brexit

  39. Bargain man dan 6342

    Bargain man dan 6342Year ago

    Fair point it’s a lot of crap

  40. Ahmed

    AhmedYear ago

    What difference does brexit make?

  41. Leandro Lamas

    Leandro LamasYear ago

    How tall is this dude? (pls make it in non-muricah units)

  42. Man Lamp

    Man LampYear ago

    6ft 4in (150cm)

  43. CoolBoyz :D

    CoolBoyz :DYear ago

    203 cm


    DADY WUBBYYear ago


  45. Ethan james

    Ethan jamesYear ago

    It’s about damn time

  46. Mushroom Cap Genova

    Mushroom Cap GenovaYear ago

    keep pushing it right to the kids

  47. InsomniaB

    InsomniaBYear ago

    Play of the game *Dr. Disrespect*

  48. Finna_ Bean

    Finna_ BeanYear ago

    Dr disrespect still exists in 2019????

  49. i Predator

    i PredatorYear ago

    Finna_ Bean you shut your mouth when you talk to the Two Times like that

  50. M7m4dX3z

    M7m4dX3zYear ago

    0:20 i thought dr disrespect was flipping me off

  51. Nicas 5

    Nicas 5Year ago


  52. Hunter2345O

    Hunter2345OYear ago

    All of the cans are s old out :(

  53. A.M.

    A.M.Year ago

    Only commercial worth watching

  54. Squibbb

    SquibbbYear ago

    just don’t bring it to a bathroom

  55. Z7RAGE

    Z7RAGEYear ago

    It’s still the same.

  56. Trusty

    TrustyYear ago

    Isnt gfuel ready to drink just a regular energy drink. I mean, it takes away the differnce between energy drink and gfuel.

  57. Googlepie

    GooglepieYear ago

    The ingredients are different

  58. Paįnツ

    PaįnツYear ago

    Lmfao what’s next? Gfuel granola bars?

  59. Chillbear

    Chillbear3 months ago



    WHITE TIGER_YT21Year ago

    Dude u should open shops on all European Contrys and America. I'm Portuguese btw. I know, no one cares, I'm just sayin


    WHITE TIGER_YT21Year ago

    @69 or 420 Sou Português


    WHITE TIGER_YT21Year ago

    @Jimmy Neutron I know. I even said it in the comment itself!

  63. 69 or 420

    69 or 420Year ago

    WHITE TIGER_YT19 Tu e brasileiro?

  64. Daddy demonetisation Sama

    Daddy demonetisation SamaYear ago

    Sulaiman Sahak lol

  65. Zenith

    ZenithYear ago

    Sulaiman Sahak chill

  66. Soar Hunter

    Soar HunterYear ago

    You guys are lit I want to tast gfuel so bad I really want it

  67. Toxin- Brawl stars

    Toxin- Brawl starsYear ago

    When are u gunna restock on snow cone😢

  68. Toxin- Brawl stars

    Toxin- Brawl starsYear ago

    Chase Cetta thank u!!👾

  69. Chase Cetta

    Chase CettaYear ago

    Snowcone is back in stock now, in case you have not seen yet.

  70. Roy Claessen

    Roy ClaessenYear ago

    now this is how you do ads

  71. Jason Bourne The CIA Agent

    Jason Bourne The CIA AgentYear ago

    Please sell your products at gas stations or something.

  72. Chickenlead

    ChickenleadYear ago

    Why doesn't pewdiepie have his own flavor?

  73. Viktor Nikolayenko

    Viktor NikolayenkoYear ago


  74. Chris Frank

    Chris FrankYear ago

    these have 300 mg of caffeine just to warn you guys if your tolerance isnt that high to caffeine then dont buy it a normal cup of coffee has 95 mg of caffeine

  75. MG Vlogs

    MG VlogsYear ago

    16 dislikes have no family

  76. Luke Skycoca

    Luke SkycocaYear ago

    Ready for dominate

  77. Top Rabbit

    Top RabbitYear ago

    I’m taking this to area 51

  78. Top Rabbit

    Top RabbitYear ago

    come to me s o n f I died lol

  79. come to me s o n

    come to me s o nYear ago

    Nice are you going to be a naruto runner which is why your getting that gamer fuel into your veins?

  80. Cordial Comet

    Cordial CometYear ago

    Song please?

  81. アランミスター

    アランミスターYear ago

    Should have been quicker its out of stock

  82. dwdrps

    dwdrpsYear ago

    Violence ✅ Speed ✅ Momentum ✅ You already know this sold out cause all the chubby cheek punk, ponytail flopping, vaseline from head to tippy toe, wanna be gamers wanted to be just like doc.

  83. BatmanTheGamer67

    BatmanTheGamer67Year ago


  84. Tuplis

    TuplisYear ago

    You should do an applepie flavor xd You know because of PEEWDIEPIEE

  85. Mads Isak

    Mads IsakYear ago

    Hey g-fuel, wake up!... Get The Doc and Steven Seagal to do a collaboration on this. Would be legendary.

  86. Thomas Valenti

    Thomas ValentiYear ago

    Song is , dance with the dead- her ghost, thank me later

  87. Unsettled Madness

    Unsettled Madness7 months ago

    I would have went with Riot from DWTD

  88. Welowee

    WeloweeYear ago

    More doc please

  89. Canackthor

    CanackthorYear ago

    What a man bro all you want to be just drink gfuel and become as unique as the doc


    BLUNTMANYear ago

    Увы, но ты живёшь в России

  91. Ammar Abed

    Ammar AbedYear ago

    Hek yeah!!!

  92. Sprungkartoffel Tv

    Sprungkartoffel TvYear ago

    But now you have all the problems of regular energy drinks...

  93. Deranged Monkeys

    Deranged MonkeysYear ago

    its funny because they used to say how its better than the canned ones and now look what they did lol

  94. ThePunisher

    ThePunisherYear ago

    what's that song i need it

  95. Canackthor

    CanackthorYear ago

    Dance with the dead-her ghost

  96. ThePunisher

    ThePunisherYear ago

    doc is in peak condition

  97. Dewoy1

    Dewoy1Year ago

    When companies get their bang for the buck. LUL

  98. T R

    T RYear ago


  99. Mackadamian

    MackadamianYear ago

    Nobody does it better !!😱

  100. mata-pombos

    mata-pombosYear ago

    G Fuel is like FinalMouse, they announce a new product and in minutes it´s sold out 😢

  101. marki992

    marki992Year ago

    13 of you who gave this video a thumbs down must be some blonde banged inward knee'd loose gut punk kids. NO ONE DOES IT BETTER!...NO ONE!

  102. Glitched

    GlitchedYear ago


  103. Glocc

    GloccYear ago

    I copped 12 pack

  104. Amaan Faruqi

    Amaan FaruqiYear ago

    This should be a gas station or Walmart thing

  105. SkillerSwagg

    SkillerSwaggYear ago

    That moment you realize dr disrespect would make a great call of duty character

  106. 2smooth 2

    2smooth 2Month ago


  107. Aiden

    AidenYear ago

    SNAP EM!!

  108. J F

    J FYear ago

    DrDisrespect violence speed and momentum PUBG weapon skins for life

  109. Pikapi gaming

    Pikapi gamingYear ago


  110. Flipside Shock

    Flipside ShockYear ago


  111. Juice

    JuiceYear ago

    He looks like someone of GTA

  112. HickeyGG

    HickeyGGYear ago

    Absolute legend

  113. TheOurVids

    TheOurVidsYear ago

    Track is Dance With The Dead - Her Ghost

  114. fire rainbow

    fire rainbow6 months ago

    not the same

  115. Encalica

    EncalicaYear ago

    I thought it was Darude - Sandstorm.... just like all the other unknown songs

  116. Trap 4 Days

    Trap 4 DaysYear ago

    Thanks a lot

  117. J!NX SILVER

    J!NX SILVERYear ago

    Congratz u saved the world

  118. Moritsuma

    MoritsumaYear ago

    why are the cans so small

  119. 5322 9812

    5322 9812Year ago

    Doc is a giant

  120. Dragonite

    DragoniteYear ago

    That's so cringe... I like it! Why this isn't a meme?

  121. Alex Wilson

    Alex WilsonYear ago

    literally the most uncringe thing ever

  122. Not Cool

    Not CoolYear ago

    That's cool but can you restock all your flavors online I've been waiting two months for some pre-packaged watermelon blue ice golden apple pear, it would also be nice to be able to buy a t-shirt or two.

  123. Alive Eagle

    Alive EagleYear ago

    You should buy it on Amazon it's cheaper and is almost never needs to be restocked it's also from gfuel official company or that's what it says

  124. Blood Guy

    Blood GuyYear ago

    Oh no

  125. LapisGoBlue

    LapisGoBlueYear ago

    Now live on mixer

  126. -Unknown-Code-

    -Unknown-Code-Year ago

    The two time!

  127. Saizen

    SaizenYear ago

    Love you Doc. I'm better than you. 1v1 me brah

  128. Pepega

    PepegaYear ago

    Gillete Right♂️Version

  129. Vereor Nox

    Vereor NoxYear ago


  130. Max Radion

    Max RadionYear ago

    Are they going to be available in stores?

  131. lowkeysmokeytf

    lowkeysmokeytfYear ago

    Why you gonna run an ad and not restock?

  132. Czahrs

    CzahrsYear ago

    Soldout yesterday...

  133. Favaro Leone

    Favaro LeoneYear ago

    Dr. Disrespect should move to Mixer like Ninja did

  134. Tistiics

    TistiicsYear ago

    Favaro Leone he made 15 million dollars last month I don’t think he’ll move anywhere

  135. thecupcake Imposter

    thecupcake ImposterYear ago

    Nah mixer is trash twitch or dlive

  136. Carlos

    CarlosYear ago


  137. Saizen

    SaizenYear ago

    At least they wouldn't ban him for an accident and do nothing about slut streamers.

  138. Not Gay

    Not GayYear ago

    Good thing to drink on toilet breaks

  139. Straight To The Point with Der Bean Person

    Straight To The Point with Der Bean PersonYear ago

    my blue ice gfuel got delivered yesterday

  140. ʟᴇᴏ

    ʟᴇᴏYear ago

    it sold out in 5 minutes

  141. Nonstop destroyer

    Nonstop destroyerYear ago

    @Racoon_raider yes cap

  142. Racoon_raider

    Racoon_raiderYear ago

    No cap?

  143. Spanglebob

    SpanglebobYear ago

    I just want to be completely transparent

  144. danz409

    danz409Year ago

    i would say $31 for a 12 pack is fucking ludicrous. but apparently people are buying it... people with holes in there pockets. that's just nuts.