Nickmercs x G FUEL

IT’S OFFICIAL!!! The #MFAM has joined the #GFUEL FAM!!!Please welcome @NICKMERCS to the G FUEL SQUAD!!!!! Fuel Your Life at


  1. Nathan Exists Probably

    Nathan Exists Probably7 months ago

    Wasn't he in the Razer respawn commercial

  2. Le Chien Sale

    Le Chien Sale7 months ago

    Taste the sand.

  3. Savannah D

    Savannah D8 months ago

    The first time I hear of your brand was in association with Keemstar and since then your brand seems sleazy to me. Just something to think about while you still give money to an actual sociopath.

  4. Gamerren

    Gamerren8 months ago

    I guess you can go back to loving gfuel lol

  5. Mac Daddy

    Mac Daddy9 months ago

    I placed a order about 2 weeks ago n havent heard anything back idk if this is because of Covid-19 or not. I sent emails but haven’t heard anything back yet.

  6. Youknowhimasduck !

    Youknowhimasduck !8 months ago

    Did the gfuel came already

  7. Versinal

    Versinal9 months ago

    No Cookie Dough flavour

  8. Shaheema Smith

    Shaheema Smith9 months ago

    Can you send some gfuel I can't afford in my country it's 700 rand it's south Africa cape town

  9. The RA

    The RA9 months ago

    I attached all my watches together to make a belt... It was a waist of time..

  10. ?ᄆ.ᄆ

    ?ᄆ.ᄆ9 months ago


  11. Lil GodNugget

    Lil GodNugget9 months ago

    I swear he was with razed respawn guess gfuel is just better

  12. Brett FPS981

    Brett FPS9819 months ago

    Here because of PewDiePie

  13. Sander FN

    Sander FN9 months ago

    Hey Gfuel, Im in a Team Called Spirit eSport and i was wondering what can we do to get sponsored by gfuel?

  14. Rehtric

    Rehtric9 months ago


  15. MilkB01

    MilkB019 months ago

    gfuel make hype sauce hydration formula

  16. Cloudy

    Cloudy9 months ago

    4k viewa

  17. lankybox fan

    lankybox fan9 months ago

    wow thanks G fuel an collab that no one asked for but y ou did it!

  18. Edit Tyler

    Edit Tyler9 months ago

    Wanna let a young channel promote you!?

  19. afilthyliberaliguess

    afilthyliberaliguess9 months ago

    My foot hurts

  20. Taska1 One

    Taska1 One9 months ago

    Haha i orderd off gfuel 30days ago still havent even got a tracking number or email. feeling abit riped off

  21. Taska1 One

    Taska1 One9 months ago

    @SunsBTW Mhm 34days later im still waiting bro i only just got a tracking number today. witch means its still going to take days to come this my first time ever ordering and my experience is pathetic i even payed for fast shipping

  22. SunsBTW

    SunsBTW9 months ago

    No coronavirus make this take forever I got my stuff in like 8 days

  23. Sava

    Sava9 months ago

    Gfuel Is like drugs, u tryit once and u get addicted to it just like drugs.

  24. Mr. West

    Mr. West9 months ago

    MercMelon incoming

  25. luke Mainwaring

    luke Mainwaring9 months ago

    Hello. Give me free gfuel

  26. Redhy

    Redhy9 months ago

    We need minecraft monday x gfuel

  27. Caleb Shelton

    Caleb Shelton9 months ago

    "hey bro, I am with GFUEL now, bro. I can't be more excited than I am, bro. Bro, let me lean forward out of the view of my camera that I could easily fix but don't, bro." Pretty much what he said, I took out some "bros" because good god he says it all the damn time.

  28. Bmoc1995

    Bmoc19959 months ago

    MFAM Mango Mash would be fire. 👀

  29. Yung Roach

    Yung Roach9 months ago

    does this mean a new flavor?

  30. FloridaSky ツ

    FloridaSky ツ9 months ago


  31. SkateGame ScreamRepeat

    SkateGame ScreamRepeat9 months ago

    My boy nickmercs! I hope he gets his own flavor and shaker. He deserves it he’s an awesome dude and he deserves it. ❤️

  32. Rehtric

    Rehtric9 months ago

    SkateGame ScreamRepeat i mean it’s kinda obvious he is... also you said deserves it twice..

  33. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork9 months ago

    I’ve wondered what sand tastes like.

  34. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork9 months ago

    Lol 😂

  35. GhostJim

    GhostJim9 months ago

    My parents always said that I was te gifted one

  36. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork9 months ago

    GhostJim yeah 😂 XD

  37. GhostJim

    GhostJim9 months ago

    I think it tastes like grease

  38. grrr

    grrr9 months ago

    Why was they first one reuploaded

  39. gb g

    gb g9 months ago

    I can feel the strength running up my tubes

  40. Jackson Hellen

    Jackson Hellen9 months ago

    I wonder what his flavor going to be maybe like Spartan Strawberry or something

  41. Rukaz OX

    Rukaz OX9 months ago

    Who cares 1

  42. SunsBTW

    SunsBTW9 months ago

    I do

  43. MEISAI

    MEISAI9 months ago

    Say sike.

  44. Trever Gaming

    Trever Gaming9 months ago

    re uploaded

  45. The Donker

    The Donker9 months ago

    scoots in screen

  46. AB Capone

    AB Capone9 months ago

    I know Nick gon have some great flavors


    SHADOWRIDER889 months ago

    tbh, I don't even know who he is lol

  48. Rehtric

    Rehtric9 months ago

    Drew Aga just cause he has lots of subs doesn’t mean everyone is gonna know who he is...

  49. kalta desmon

    kalta desmon9 months ago

    @Drew Aga ok and?

  50. Drew Aga

    Drew Aga9 months ago

    SHADOWRIDER88 yikes he has the most subscribers on twitch out of everyone

  51. Jasilda Michaca

    Jasilda Michaca9 months ago


  52. Kolten Jordan

    Kolten Jordan9 months ago


  53. Ervin Ramirez

    Ervin Ramirez9 months ago

    Who else saw it when they first uploaded before they took it down

  54. Quepzyy

    Quepzyy9 months ago

    Pog champ

  55. bored boi

    bored boi9 months ago

    Who tf is this nickmercs guy?

  56. Feared AK

    Feared AK9 months ago

    @Caden LOLOLOL ignorant tard, fools pulled in $150,000 in esports winnings from Fortnite alone... But yeah he's dogshit, nice logic.

  57. Caden

    Caden9 months ago

    A dogshit controller fortnite player

  58. ElevenTN

    ElevenTN9 months ago

    who’s here before it got deleted and re-uploaded?

  59. zlxed

    zlxed9 months ago

    Bro, I literally saw the vid like a minute before it got deleted then I went to go show my brother and it was deleted and literally everyone thought I was lying :/

  60. Orbit ψ

    Orbit ψ9 months ago


  61. dumpy

    dumpy9 months ago

    TrOlLkInGs14 they got the name wrong. In the previous one it was nick mercs

  62. TrOlLkInGs14

    TrOlLkInGs149 months ago

    Why did it get deleted?

  63. DuhRealKeanu

    DuhRealKeanu9 months ago

    Sounds Breathtaking!!

  64. cursedcrusader

    cursedcrusader9 months ago

    7 likes and no views Kinda strange🤔

  65. Amarii ded aya

    Amarii ded aya9 months ago

    Collab with JJBA

  66. Mezz1x

    Mezz1x9 months ago

    First one be deleted tho 😏

  67. josh miller

    josh miller9 months ago

    What even

  68. RAY F1

    RAY F19 months ago

    Who was a fan of GFUEL before he drinked GFUEL?.?,,!

  69. TrOlLkInGs14

    TrOlLkInGs149 months ago

    Yup before he drinked

  70. XxmaxgrxX

    XxmaxgrxX9 months ago

    Looks good

  71. leo zander

    leo zander9 months ago


  72. Landsafe

    Landsafe9 months ago

    Is it gonna be a new flavor?

  73. dumpy

    dumpy9 months ago

    Land Safe yeah probably. It wouldn’t make sense to have a reveal like this just for a shaker

  74. Reaf

    Reaf9 months ago


  75. MannyC

    MannyC9 months ago

    My dawg nickmercs made the cut

  76. Yasir Gaming12

    Yasir Gaming129 months ago

    I’m first!

  77. Sulaiman Nasir

    Sulaiman Nasir9 months ago

    Yasir Lakada no ur not

  78. Isplody

    Isplody9 months ago

    Yasir Lakada no

  79. Dutch

    Dutch9 months ago

    I like ninja

  80. d oh

    d oh9 months ago


  81. Lil Llama Rust

    Lil Llama Rust9 months ago

    No way!!!

  82. Xeonlmao

    Xeonlmao9 months ago


  83. halimi701

    halimi7019 months ago


  84. Nightmare X

    Nightmare X9 months ago


  85. Dutch

    Dutch9 months ago

    Ninja is hot

  86. Michael Penrose

    Michael Penrose9 months ago

    Yo I guess I'm first

  87. Sulaiman Nasir

    Sulaiman Nasir9 months ago

    Michael Penrose no ur not

  88. SiShark

    SiShark9 months ago


  89. Earthqauke Kid

    Earthqauke Kid9 months ago

    This is the same ;-;

  90. dumpy

    dumpy9 months ago

    Earthqauke Kid they changed the title

  91. Artic

    Artic9 months ago


  92. Black Atom

    Black Atom9 months ago

    This looks AMAING !!!

  93. jirtzz

    jirtzz9 months ago


  94. Nice Man

    Nice Man9 months ago


  95. Sr. Waffle

    Sr. Waffle9 months ago


  96. Sulaiman Nasir

    Sulaiman Nasir9 months ago

    Sr. Waffle why u like ur own comment lmao and btw ur not 1st i am

  97. Sulaiman Nasir

    Sulaiman Nasir9 months ago


  98. Bobcat Hyper

    Bobcat Hyper9 months ago


  99. Supify

    Supify9 months ago

    Second. Time