Arctic Cherry Smoothie | G Fuel Flavor Mix

Looking for a new, mouth-watering, energizing, refreshing #GFUEL Smoothie Recipe to try?? We've got you covered! Here's the steps:
- Take 1 Scoop of FAZE X Flavor
- 1 Shaker full of ice-cold water
- 1 cup of frozen cherries
- Pour contents into blender
- Enjoy!
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  1. NA NI

    NA NIMonth ago

    Aye where can you buy that GFUEL glass

  2. Yeetbeat487 89

    Yeetbeat487 89Month ago

    0:11 nice moustache

  3. Daily Oscars

    Daily OscarsMonth ago

    Great content !!! Briefly and concisely 👀💪and only 19 seconds💥👍

  4. ZyanzFn

    ZyanzFnMonth ago

    i have my own flavors of g fuel no cap btw

  5. Ali Al Katalby

    Ali Al Katalby2 months ago

    GFUEL you should make a kid version of GFUEL! So basically kind of like soda! It could be target for 7-13 year olds!

  6. BoLT_FootNugget

    BoLT_FootNuggetMonth ago

    I mean... I started drinking it after I turned 13 and you could drink it at an even younger age as long as you know that moderation is key

  7. ZyanzFn

    ZyanzFn2 months ago

    i have this rn and i love it so fucking much

  8. Mifta

    Mifta2 months ago


  9. Meequalsjeff

    Meequalsjeff2 months ago

    A G-FUEL a day keeps sleepiness away

  10. Ashley Curtis

    Ashley Curtis2 months ago

    KSI is the reason I'm here.

  11. Tucker Hoye

    Tucker Hoye2 months ago

    Can you please make more caffeine free options for the younger and more caffein sensitive people who still love your products, I hope you see this and if you do thank you.

  12. Alpha Playz

    Alpha Playz2 months ago

    They do have Hydration tubs with some different flavors that I don’t think have caffeine

  13. JGR

    JGR2 months ago

    That defeat the purpose of it being a energy formula not juice for gaming but I mean u can try half a scoop Sorry if this didn't help you

  14. Andrei Ivanov

    Andrei Ivanov2 months ago

    step one: get enough money so you can actually purchase a single bottle of gfuel

  15. Monu Khan

    Monu Khan2 months ago

    Ek number

  16. Soda Stain

    Soda Stain2 months ago

    not a single Dislike Lets keep it that way

  17. IanTheGreat

    IanTheGreat2 months ago

    what about the cherry seeds though....

  18. Jusstyno

    JusstynoMonth ago

    The crunch is part of the Recipe.

  19. 2smooth 2

    2smooth 22 months ago


  20. Mr8Uupp

    Mr8Uupp2 months ago

    Where the seeds

  21. DoritoDK

    DoritoDK2 months ago

    I would get gfuel but shipping is 20 dollars lol


    RILEY TURNER2 months ago


  23. FiMasterSword

    FiMasterSword2 months ago

    Who else is predicting a Dream G Fuel

  24. Zeke

    Zeke2 months ago


  25. F2LMikey

    F2LMikey2 months ago

    Idea: cotton candy in milk mixed with vanilla icecream in the blender

  26. Bones ShrinkingCoyote

    Bones ShrinkingCoyote2 months ago

    one i NEED me a Gfuel glass, Two didnt know we could make smoothies with this, thankx for the tip!

  27. Dylan Stull

    Dylan Stull2 months ago

    I need that GFUEL glass

  28. ZyanzFn

    ZyanzFn2 months ago

    i have it rn

  29. Gwjf

    Gwjf2 months ago

    I know right

  30. Luke van den Berg

    Luke van den Berg2 months ago

    @supreme pops I think like $10 or $15

  31. supreme pops

    supreme pops2 months ago

    @Luke van den Berg how much we're they?

  32. supreme pops

    supreme pops2 months ago


  33. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy2 months ago

    why did the chicken cross the road to get to the other side

  34. ZenoZeno

    ZenoZeno2 months ago

    U went around others comments saying no one cared and this is the funny u come up with when someone does it to u

  35. ZenoZeno

    ZenoZeno2 months ago

    Wow funny lol

  36. ZenoZeno

    ZenoZeno2 months ago

    Very funny

  37. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy2 months ago

    @ZenoZeno wow your ip is 737.637.637 I’m selling it

  38. ZenoZeno

    ZenoZeno2 months ago

    Wow no one cares lol

  39. Davin Colley

    Davin Colley2 months ago

    Damn that looks good

  40. Pika

    Pika2 months ago


  41. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy2 months ago

    No one cares

  42. VectoFN

    VectoFN2 months ago


  43. ZyanzFn

    ZyanzFnMonth ago

    @Dbzboy about you

  44. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy2 months ago

    No one cares

  45. Shadow Furious Gamer

    Shadow Furious Gamer2 months ago

    Step one buy a blender

  46. Elijah

    Elijah2 months ago

    I drink GFUEL every day absolutely love it

  47. BoLT_FootNugget

    BoLT_FootNuggetMonth ago

    @ZyanzFn so do I. Moderation is key, and you’ll be fine

  48. Elijah

    Elijah2 months ago

    @ZyanzFn no cap

  49. ZyanzFn

    ZyanzFn2 months ago

    btw stop the cap

  50. ZyanzFn

    ZyanzFn2 months ago

    that is not good for you at all my man

  51. lm _ Slayer

    lm _ Slayer2 months ago

    @Zeke idk, just used to it at this point, what does matter to u lmao?

  52. Essam Shaikh

    Essam Shaikh2 months ago

    Will you bring gfuel cans to Saudi in the future

  53. EliteG4meZ

    EliteG4meZ2 months ago

    I like your drink

  54. Rodo Tv

    Rodo Tv2 months ago

    Nice I'm first

  55. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy2 months ago

    @Rodo Tv oh ok

  56. Rodo Tv

    Rodo Tv2 months ago

    @Dbzboy It was a Mocking of everyone in the comments

  57. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy2 months ago

    No one cares

  58. EliteG4meZ

    EliteG4meZ2 months ago


  59. EliteG4meZ

    EliteG4meZ2 months ago

    @Dbzboy yo momma does

  60. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy2 months ago

    No one cares

  61. Mofo Stealth

    Mofo Stealth2 months ago


  62. ZyanzFn

    ZyanzFnMonth ago

    i have it no cap

  63. Laundry De-luxe

    Laundry De-luxe2 months ago


  64. Laundry De-luxe

    Laundry De-luxe2 months ago

    @Dbzboy yeah of course not

  65. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy2 months ago

    No one cares

  66. MasterOden

    MasterOden2 months ago

    Should I make a video on it??

  67. Plty

    Plty2 months ago

    wow nicee

  68. juicy avocado

    juicy avocado2 months ago


  69. juicy avocado

    juicy avocado2 months ago

    @Dbzboy no one asked u

  70. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy2 months ago

    No one cares

  71. Ahmad Al habib

    Ahmad Al habib2 months ago


  72. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy2 months ago

    @Ahmad Al habib no one cares

  73. Ahmad Al habib

    Ahmad Al habib2 months ago

    I actually was first bu far😂 tehe