Bubble Gum G FUEL!

Bubble Gum G Fuel! Now Popping at gfuel.com/


  1. Henry Gower

    Henry Gower5 months ago

    I wish I could get g fuel :((((((

  2. H1GOR

    H1GOR6 months ago


  3. Kaio Fábio

    Kaio Fábio7 months ago

    uhuu funny

  4. よしろ

    よしろ7 months ago


  5. ꧁ f҈a҈r҈e҈s҈ ꧂

    ꧁ f҈a҈r҈e҈s҈ ꧂7 months ago


  6. NanaTea64

    NanaTea647 months ago

    Hello my name is brody I make gaming videos on TikTok and USlikes I am working on getting a better gaming setup I just got myself a mini fridge but nothing to drink I was wondering if you guys could please help me out??

  7. Reddy

    Reddy7 months ago

    I got gfuel and a shaker I’m Canadain even with a code it’s $70.00 plus tax why tf is it pricey in Canada Winnipeg for me

  8. is44c0

    is44c07 months ago

    Only white virgins would dislike this one.

  9. no yes

    no yes7 months ago


  10. ACOG Batteries

    ACOG Batteries8 months ago

    Stop sponsoring Keem****

  11. Rachel Mihalut

    Rachel Mihalut8 months ago

    Just posted a video about it!:)

  12. Lucas Hansen

    Lucas Hansen8 months ago

    nice effects

  13. Peterrr

    Peterrr8 months ago

    This would taste good for about a week until it got old.

  14. Dhaaim is a bot

    Dhaaim is a bot8 months ago

    Hey Gfule I want to get sponser please

  15. Saucy Boy

    Saucy Boy8 months ago

    ok but does it have perkaholic

  16. Calp

    Calp8 months ago

    I ordered the collectors box I cant wait to see what the new flavor brings bubblegum is a really weird flavor to define and capture Especially within drinks so I can’t wait to see

  17. RxM Moura ツ

    RxM Moura ツ8 months ago

    Sponsor me plis

  18. ItsNotYeAlt

    ItsNotYeAlt8 months ago

    Now when are we getting GFuel flavored gum?


    INSXMNIAC18 days ago

    Chewy chug rug

  20. Kairyuu Cruz

    Kairyuu Cruz4 months ago

    Double Trouble

  21. Jai Nitai Holzman

    Jai Nitai Holzman6 months ago

    ItsNotYeAlt It already exists

  22. Nicolas Silva

    Nicolas Silva8 months ago

    awesome, would be cool to see some actual bubblegum g-fuel

  23. SkateGame ScreamRepeat

    SkateGame ScreamRepeat8 months ago

    Ordered it as soon as it came out actually a little before it came out because I got early access

  24. TF150Gaming

    TF150Gaming8 months ago

    2 for 1

  25. Xvlg Gaming

    Xvlg Gaming8 months ago

    Yo I can finally taste what's bubble gum is like I have a phobia where I am afraid of gum is the a realist gum taste

  26. Xtrem1ty

    Xtrem1ty8 months ago

    This probably gonna go really well with milk ngl

  27. Bruh

    Bruh8 months ago

    AaronStr1k3z _ it’s super good as well. Great with both.

  28. AaronStr1k3z _

    AaronStr1k3z _8 months ago

    @Bruh what about water?

  29. Bruh

    Bruh8 months ago

    Xtrem1ty I already tried it with milk. It was super good

  30. Moos3tic

    Moos3tic8 months ago

    im confused is it a flavor or is it the real thing

  31. matthew anthony

    matthew anthony8 months ago


  32. GhostJim

    GhostJim8 months ago

    What does a machine taste like?

  33. slingshotvibe

    slingshotvibe8 months ago

    about bloody time to now bring cherrycola

  34. TigriTheNug

    TigriTheNug8 months ago

    Not available in my country 😔

  35. Vertilius

    Vertilius8 months ago

    I cannot wait for bepto bismol v 2.0

  36. Kyoja

    Kyoja8 months ago

    I ordered 18th of april and they havent shipped mine out, anyone have this problem?

  37. Rooks

    Rooks8 months ago

    Coronavirus causing delays. Be patient ;)

  38. TheAlexis45

    TheAlexis458 months ago

    Do you live in the U.S?

  39. FortBox

    FortBox8 months ago

    Bastrin ❤️

  40. henderson3

    henderson38 months ago


  41. Vlad Do Stupid Things

    Vlad Do Stupid Things8 months ago

    Bubble Gum is floor gang

  42. ImDurex 69

    ImDurex 698 months ago


  43. Jake Paul69

    Jake Paul698 months ago

    We want to team up with you and hyper X

  44. Jake Paul69

    Jake Paul698 months ago

    Can you sponsor sting clan

  45. voknows

    voknows8 months ago

    In for 2 tubs!

  46. Fresh141 !

    Fresh141 !8 months ago


  47. anoj krish

    anoj krish8 months ago

    seriously dunno why its so expensive to get to Canada when my country is literally close to it

  48. joma Huntington

    joma Huntington3 months ago

    Cuz Canadians are too nice

  49. Pringle’s & Bleach

    Pringle’s & Bleach7 months ago

    But it’s still a different country lmao

  50. Khajornsak Tu

    Khajornsak Tu7 months ago


  51. Partyfreak

    Partyfreak8 months ago


  52. Skee ber ber

    Skee ber ber8 months ago

    any one giving away the collectors box?

  53. JCom

    JCom8 months ago


  54. angeldyc2003

    angeldyc20038 months ago

    Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Swaggy Duck

    Swaggy Duck8 months ago


  56. MigSlay

    MigSlay8 months ago

    Swaggy Duck all 3

  57. voknows

    voknows8 months ago


  58. High Life

    High Life8 months ago

    Cotton candy is underrated tho

  59. Skee ber ber

    Skee ber ber8 months ago

    bubble gum

  60. Yoda

    Yoda8 months ago

    Yo do me a solid and ship to South-Africa, we did what you asked, we changed our substance compliance policies.

  61. xd alikh idzam

    xd alikh idzam7 months ago

    @Bruh yeah freedom by looting stores, police violence and 100000 covid 19 deaths

  62. Gamerren

    Gamerren7 months ago

    @Sowual Lol look at these conservatives get triggered... Imagine saying "our country has 1,250,000 cases" proudly lmao

  63. Gamerren

    Gamerren7 months ago

    @Yoda move to Europe, America sucks compared to Europe

  64. Sowual

    Sowual8 months ago

    iToxSin Lmao illegal immigrants my man are bad. Obama was the same way with illegal immigrants look it up.

  65. Yoda

    Yoda8 months ago

    iToxSin I have an academic scholarship at the school I’m attending rn. So my best shot is grinding until I eventually get a scholarship at an American university. I’m basically gonna try and pull an Elon Musk. Idk if he got a scholarship or not but he sure as hell moved to America and made it.

  66. KebsikowyShobe16

    KebsikowyShobe168 months ago


  67. Heff_YT

    Heff_YT8 months ago

    Can’t wait to get this

  68. Mr Bloxu Ω

    Mr Bloxu Ω8 months ago

    This is something that willy wonka will make 🍨🍫

  69. Mastercoolness

    Mastercoolness8 months ago


  70. Pluto V2

    Pluto V28 months ago


  71. ElevenTN

    ElevenTN8 months ago

    bubble trouble just kill me

  72. Sonicice 24

    Sonicice 248 months ago

    Now this is epic.

  73. FaZe_Jawsome

    FaZe_Jawsome8 months ago

    Gamers we got em

  74. Lion HIMSELF

    Lion HIMSELF8 months ago

    Already bought yesterday, early access gang

  75. Curly Cakes

    Curly Cakes8 months ago

    Piggy Wig damn I’m late access gang

  76. daryel hernandez

    daryel hernandez8 months ago

    Great I already had the song from Nacho Libra stuck in my head now I’m going to think of it whenever I see GFUEL

  77. niq

    niq7 months ago

    whats the son gs name?

  78. OC Lumix

    OC Lumix8 months ago

    Uh ordering that in 0.5 seconds

  79. Gage Robins Photography

    Gage Robins Photography8 months ago

    I wanna buy some but cant cuz im broke lol

  80. Green Dude

    Green Dude8 months ago

    Holly shit :0

  81. CallybobCOD.R6

    CallybobCOD.R68 months ago

    Literally just went and got myself the collector box

  82. ParanoidRival

    ParanoidRival8 months ago

    who else drinking gfuel right now?

  83. High Life

    High Life8 months ago


  84. L0SXD

    L0SXD8 months ago


  85. MikeyTheWarrior/MTW

    MikeyTheWarrior/MTW8 months ago


  86. ッHZZ

    ッHZZ8 months ago

    I am definitely buying that

  87. Nasa

    Nasa8 months ago

    Free sample?

  88. RileyGams

    RileyGams8 months ago


  89. Supify

    Supify8 months ago

    I need to buy this

  90. Swaggy Duck

    Swaggy Duck8 months ago

    Ngl, looks bomb.

  91. Swaggy Duck

    Swaggy Duck8 months ago

    Ngl, looks lit.

  92. AaronStr1k3z _

    AaronStr1k3z _8 months ago

    "Bomb" epic

  93. Adam Riaz

    Adam Riaz8 months ago

    1min ago

  94. EveryDayCasper

    EveryDayCasper8 months ago

    i want this

  95. EveryDayCasper

    EveryDayCasper8 months ago


  96. Ayad R

    Ayad R8 months ago


  97. Ayad R

    Ayad R8 months ago

    Ayeeee bubble gum

  98. ParanoidRival

    ParanoidRival8 months ago

    bying this straight away lol

  99. ParanoidRival

    ParanoidRival8 months ago

    @Bruh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  100. Bruh

    Bruh8 months ago


  101. BQLTX

    BQLTX8 months ago


  102. Rehtric

    Rehtric8 months ago

    BrianX018 Fortnite big gay