FaZe Interview - G Fuel Afterparty

FaZe Adapt takes a minute to talk at the Fortnite World Cup G Fuel x FaZe After Party

Fuel Your Life at gfuel.com/


  1. Adela Lozada

    Adela Lozada7 months ago

    0:12 my dad left me hahahaha Faze rain and Faze adapt

  2. Omar Arafat

    Omar ArafatYear ago

    0:11 my dad left me

  3. Israel Millan

    Israel MillanYear ago

    Wow, really I like me.

  4. Soar Hunter

    Soar HunterYear ago

    I love g fuel

  5. Reacktz

    ReacktzYear ago

    "FaZe Adept" ??? lmao

  6. Will_vids

    Will_vidsYear ago

    My man looks so drunk

  7. Pulkyy Eu

    Pulkyy EuYear ago

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  8. BoomQD

    BoomQDYear ago

    Like me or else...

  9. Blink-luvs-Anime

    Blink-luvs-AnimeYear ago


  10. Nick

    NickYear ago

    nordan interview?

  11. Nuhrv

    NuhrvYear ago

    My man is cooked out of his mind

  12. afnan

    afnanYear ago

    his voice sounds nice

  13. BornTroublesome

    BornTroublesomeYear ago

    Dumb slapped

  14. Khaled

    KhaledYear ago


  15. PlatinumPlay

    PlatinumPlayYear ago

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  16. Simon M

    Simon MYear ago

    Adapt sounds like steve-o

  17. BornTroublesome

    BornTroublesomeYear ago

    Simon Martin looks like him too

  18. David Begley

    David BegleyYear ago


  19. RamenCuate

    RamenCuateYear ago

    “My dad left me “ - FaZe Rain, 2019

  20. SpurseRinne

    SpurseRinneYear ago

    We here

  21. ITz Direwolf115

    ITz Direwolf115Year ago


  22. Maddex Lindsey Vlogs

    Maddex Lindsey VlogsYear ago

    Bet gfuel won heart this

  23. Gaming With Volt

    Gaming With VoltYear ago

    Faze up

  24. Josh Lehto

    Josh LehtoYear ago

    Aleex and nordan 🤩

  25. Chevar

    ChevarYear ago

    Lmao the beginning tho

  26. Aidanxn

    AidanxnYear ago

    Alex Farted but Nordan Shat

  27. KarlPlays

    KarlPlaysYear ago

    this man is hammered

  28. Rezently

    RezentlyYear ago

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  29. lucid Avalore

    lucid AvaloreYear ago

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  31. Rezently

    RezentlyYear ago

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