Cizzorz Interview - G Fuel Afterparty

Cizzorz takes a minute to talk at the Fortnite World Cup G Fuel x FaZe After Party

Fuel Your Life at


  1. Pulkyy Eu

    Pulkyy EuYear ago

    Follow malkins16 on twitch

  2. ً

    ًYear ago

    the thumbnail is me when i’m about to bust a nut but instead i’m shooting out blanks

  3. Itz_Sythe

    Itz_SytheYear ago

    Can i get a free gfuel any size just wanna try some gfuel never had it

  4. Trando Bando

    Trando BandoYear ago

    I want to but I’m too young

  5. Crackyy FN

    Crackyy FNYear ago

    @L0L Small Pp ikr

  6. L0L Small Pp

    L0L Small PpYear ago

    @Crackyy FN So True !!!

  7. Crackyy FN

    Crackyy FNYear ago

    Sad like there gonna send you gfuel lol xd

  8. L0L Small Pp

    L0L Small PpYear ago

    No u poor nincon poop buy it urself

  9. Seel

    SeelYear ago


  10. Seel

    SeelYear ago

    Too bad he only get 20% of it

  11. Future Squad

    Future SquadYear ago

    i’ve still never tried gfuel but i’m only 13 so I shouldn’t

  12. Amy Qc

    Amy QcYear ago

    Future Squad I’m 12 and I only drink a shaker per day and I swear I feel great just play video games or something you need to concentrate after or during drinking your Gfuel because your heart will pump a lot and you need to concentrate on something oh and last thing.. It’s addicting

  13. Yarny

    YarnyYear ago

    eh I don't think having energy drinks at 13 is THAT bad. I'd say once you hit middle school you're good to go, just be responsible about how much you drink because too much of anything will kill anyone.

  14. Future Squad

    Future SquadYear ago

    Copperrex yeah

  15. Copperrex

    CopperrexYear ago

    You can drink g fuel just dont drink it fast and dont drink it every day

  16. Stolen Volcano

    Stolen VolcanoYear ago


  17. Joe

    JoeYear ago

    if u ever tried gfue before like this

  18. Gaming With Volt

    Gaming With VoltYear ago

    Faze the fuge up

  19. big MEMES

    big MEMESYear ago


  20. brandon davidson

    brandon davidsonYear ago

    Yaaa yeeet dab

  21. Conorz

    ConorzYear ago

    Also first

  22. Conorz

    ConorzYear ago

    Ah cizzorz