Introducing G FUEL's 36th flavor, Sour Pixel Potion - inspired by Twitch! Available now at:
Fuel Your Life at


  1. Jack Lodge

    Jack LodgeMonth ago

    y'all ever gonna restock this?

  2. Quantum

    QuantumYear ago

    Hopefully this shit is good because I bought a tub.

  3. MandoMadness

    MandoMadnessYear ago

    where do I get g fuel

  4. Onii-Chan

    Onii-ChanYear ago

    Minecraft Gfuel

  5. SanQuiSau

    SanQuiSauYear ago

    So now I can taste disrespect and sexual biases while hydrating and getting energized? Nice

  6. αrham

    αrhamYear ago

    Is gfuel halal i am a muslim and i would really like to know.

  7. NineVolt

    NineVolt7 months ago

    bro its just powder LMAO

  8. TrashyLifeline

    TrashyLifelineYear ago

    Yes it is

  9. zek aesthetic

    zek aestheticYear ago

    I really want g fuel so bad but on Brazil has no g fuel

  10. Aekano R6

    Aekano R6Year ago

    Taste the minecraft

  11. Arrow Rain

    Arrow RainYear ago

    What do u mean by pixel lol

  12. Luke

    LukeYear ago

    GFUEL the 最高

  13. Jacko

    JackoYear ago

    i got a tub at twitchcon, so good!

  14. appelmies

    appelmiesYear ago

    Can I get a free try

  15. JuMeme

    JuMemeYear ago

    Does It ship to italy?

  16. Lag

    LagYear ago

    when will be another sale buy 1 get 2? i'm looking to buy snow cone and another flavor

  17. Hedgehogs

    HedgehogsYear ago


  18. Dario Kucej

    Dario KucejYear ago

    still 20 dollar shiping to slovakia :(

  19. Thunder lion878 Sage

    Thunder lion878 SageYear ago

    Laser beam yeet flavour

  20. JarTheRandom

    JarTheRandomYear ago

    Great! Time to ask my dad for money

  21. Golden Nail

    Golden NailYear ago

    Needed in Minecraft soon

  22. Elyse_kaylie

    Elyse_kaylieYear ago

    Hey G FUEL when your going to stock 24k G Fuel cause your all out and says “Buy one get one free” how are you suppose to get it

  23. am i a joke to you

    am i a joke to youYear ago

    *oh my gawd* -Pepsi- *pixle*

  24. MixedEnergyHD

    MixedEnergyHDYear ago

    They need to make a sour gummy bear/worms flavor !!

  25. MixedEnergyHD

    MixedEnergyHDYear ago

    I bought the Strawberry banana box, then Hype Sauce box, and now this surprise box 😩 worth being broke lol

  26. MixedEnergyHD

    MixedEnergyHDYear ago

    Gauge Jonas one of my favorites, refreshing with water. With milk it’s like having a smoothie, best flavor by far that is awesome in both

  27. rEal1YT Toxin

    rEal1YT ToxinYear ago

    MixedEnergyHD is Ksi’s flavour good?

  28. Octus

    OctusYear ago

    really that's it smh

  29. Puff

    PuffYear ago

    What? It’s just a new flavor what’s wrong with it. Were you expecting like a deluxe, extreme sweet and spicy, raspberry, and jelly cake flavor

  30. Speedy Blue7

    Speedy Blue7Year ago

    Only true gamers are in notification squad

  31. One-Minute Metal

    One-Minute MetalYear ago


  32. Env Y

    Env YYear ago

    Basically sour grape when grape is such a underrated flavour this should hopefully boost its popularity

  33. ALittleSaucy

    ALittleSaucyYear ago

    Guess it’s not safe to drink this new flavor

  34. PaddyMonTv

    PaddyMonTvYear ago

    in this moment you go in call with the creator of this GODLIKE video advertisment

  35. Brent Gattis

    Brent GattisYear ago

    Imma need another BOGO free sale soon with all these new flavors and me just starting a new job haha

  36. Joe M

    Joe MYear ago

    Ordered it just now lol

  37. Favaro Leone

    Favaro LeoneYear ago

    >Twitch NOPE! Where's my Pewdiepie flavor?!

  38. Zeke

    Zeke3 months ago

    It's here now

  39. SanQuiSau

    SanQuiSauYear ago

    N O W

  40. ViperPlays

    ViperPlaysYear ago

    Minecraft-gfuel colab.. now that’s an epic gamer moment

  41. EveryThingR

    EveryThingR6 months ago

    @baconboi _pixel_ flavour

  42. EveryThingR

    EveryThingR6 months ago

    @Lunden Reid lol

  43. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid7 months ago

    Tablets r/wooooosh

  44. Tablets

    TabletsYear ago

    It’s says it’s inspired by twitch

  45. Apple !

    Apple !Year ago

    I think it’s more terraria flavor

  46. Alice Mugi

    Alice MugiYear ago

    Can't wait for it

  47. jalomannen

    jalomannenYear ago

    Fabian Fabian gfuel gfuel

  48. darth vader

    darth vaderYear ago

    Add pewds and faze shaker cups back pls

  49. darth vader

    darth vaderYear ago

    @Azul Beats link plz

  50. Azul Beats

    Azul BeatsYear ago

    Ya boi ordered two 🥰🥰🥰

  51. darth vader

    darth vaderYear ago

    @jalene150 it's out of stock

  52. jalene150

    jalene150Year ago

    Pewds jr cup is still on the website....

  53. Delgado

    DelgadoYear ago

    So it’s a Twitch flavor?

  54. Alistair Booth

    Alistair BoothYear ago

    @Mudbutt Nah it tastes like vodka and cats

  55. Mudbutt

    MudbuttYear ago

    @yikes ass sweat lol

  56. yikes

    yikesYear ago

    So it tastes like sweat?

  57. Joshua David

    Joshua DavidYear ago

    Sophia Eva no fookin shat

  58. Dylan Baker

    Dylan BakerYear ago

    I want to try GFUEL but i don’t want to tell my mum that I want it

  59. Puff

    PuffYear ago

    CallMeStatic If it’s a kid parents don’t usually allow kids to drink energy drinks (I know it’s a formula)

  60. niko

    nikoYear ago

    Dylan Baker why lmao

  61. Dylan Baker

    Dylan BakerYear ago

    I don’t think she will let me

  62. SKAR

    SKARYear ago


  63. darth vader

    darth vaderYear ago


  64. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel SanchezYear ago

    Use code pewdiepie

  65. Kmz

    KmzYear ago

    Yeah who else is gonna buy then like this post na jk sub to me channel naaaaaa jk for real unless ? I mean your choice

  66. CIAB BeanS

    CIAB BeanSYear ago

    Bout to try it at twitch con

  67. WaterGaveUsLife

    WaterGaveUsLifeYear ago

    This is drugs

  68. DelightStriker

    DelightStrikerYear ago

    Well yes, but actually no

  69. Nathan Beaumont

    Nathan BeaumontYear ago


  70. kazik

    kazikYear ago


  71. TracedX

    TracedXYear ago

    Noti gang

  72. LJ Wrighty

    LJ WrightyYear ago


  73. Zino CZ

    Zino CZYear ago

    Sub to pewdiepie

  74. Zino CZ

    Zino CZYear ago


  75. WerkkuPlayz

    WerkkuPlayzYear ago


  76. david

    davidYear ago