New FaZe G FUEL Flavor!

The next epic chapter in our FaZe-inspired lineup of flavors is coming...What could it be!? FaZe Up at
*𝘥𝘳𝘰𝘱𝘱𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘩*


  1. Helgi 07

    Helgi 073 months ago

    Jarvis inspire. Aimbot apple

  2. Herobrah

    Herobrah3 months ago

    I better see "Inspired by Faze Jarvis" And the flavor called Ban Blast

  3. Kyle Lamontagne

    Kyle Lamontagne3 months ago

    Yesss. Make it ban blast that would be so amazing and funny


    ASTROSHOTZ3 months ago

    Can this get delivered to the uk

  5. Oskarinis

    Oskarinis3 months ago

    faze flavours are the best

  6. Bleach Boy Music

    Bleach Boy Music3 months ago

    I ordered some hours ago, and i’m gonna order this and not need it at all

  7. Matúš Janč

    Matúš Janč3 months ago

    My idea: apple juice flavor


    MX Network LIVESTREAMS3 months ago

    im in

  9. Cheemtos

    Cheemtos3 months ago

    it will be a sour flavour

  10. Ezra Farwell

    Ezra Farwell3 months ago

    ayee a new FaZe flavor. Not like we have enough

  11. Dabi

    Dabi3 months ago

    Yo can i get alot of g fuel

  12. Ozzy Armstrong

    Ozzy Armstrong3 months ago

    Insta buy.

  13. yung Skrilla

    yung Skrilla3 months ago

    i’m sorry but gfuel really doesn’t wake me up or anything

  14. Bullet

    Bullet3 months ago


  15. Azeem Ishaq

    Azeem Ishaq3 months ago

    Let me guess FaZe Cherry😕😕😕

  16. Rockwell

    Rockwell3 months ago

    Must feel great when pewdiepie is subbed to you

  17. SplatGun

    SplatGun3 months ago

    Looks disgusting imo

  18. SkateGame ScreamRepeat

    SkateGame ScreamRepeat3 months ago

    I hope it’s nickmercs flavor he deserves it.

  19. Baadach

    Baadach3 months ago

    ... k?

  20. Spotify Ad

    Spotify Ad3 months ago

    Yeah cool but what’s the flavor

  21. Mrmaker4memes

    Mrmaker4memes3 months ago

    Why make faze flavours

  22. _Sugar___

    _Sugar___3 months ago


  23. JayY OGT

    JayY OGT3 months ago

    This was unexpected

  24. retarded.jawline

    retarded.jawline3 months ago

    0:07 sorry the video was too long I had to place a bookmark just don't mind this comment

  25. Crispy 867

    Crispy 8673 months ago

    im sorry but faze doesnt need 3 FLAVORS

  26. Nee Gerr

    Nee Gerr3 months ago

    So we have 3 faze gfuel flavors there are def not going to be anymore Gfuel: there is another

  27. Jygako

    Jygako3 months ago

    I Have Long PP good idea

  28. Nee Gerr

    Nee Gerr3 months ago

    @Jygako ive got a feeling its gonna be some mint flavor because of the winter mint shaker

  29. Jygako

    Jygako3 months ago

    MinE_RaIdZ I wanna know what the new flavour is tho

  30. MinE_RaIdZ

    MinE_RaIdZ3 months ago

    Jygako yee, and i mean if buddy gets outa his darkness at somepoint, i bet theyll reput his name onto it. I just hope they dont take it away its not my fav flavour but its unique and i wanna support my dude nord.

  31. Jygako

    Jygako3 months ago

    @MinE_RaIdZ well yeah I guess technically rain is still a faze flavor though

  32. Calzee

    Calzee3 months ago

    Yoooo who’s hyped for this flavour?!

  33. Shotta

    Shotta2 months ago

    Yo it cam out today and I’m getting the collector’s edition 🤩

  34. Purfix 4

    Purfix 43 months ago


  35. S o

    S o3 months ago

    Another faze gfuel flavour. They got like 2 or 3 already

  36. Jerry Kensick

    Jerry Kensick3 months ago

    fazeberry, sour fazeberry, fazeberry hydration, battle juice

  37. Eric Cardinal

    Eric Cardinal3 months ago

    Please don’t be another faze berry flavor!!!!

  38. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast3 months ago

    How many are there going to be like there is faze berry and the sour version of that, battle juice, chug rug, strawberry short cake, and tropical rain but ok I’m hyped

  39. Gio

    Gio3 months ago

    Where can I pre order

  40. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing3 months ago

    Let’s gooo

  41. Hyper Legend

    Hyper Legend3 months ago

    Gimme gimme

  42. Pluto V2

    Pluto V23 months ago

    Okay, I’m buying this.

  43. Savageboiyt 1

    Savageboiyt 13 months ago

    Yoo u can shout me out pls o will pray

  44. Chαrσ

    Chαrσ3 months ago

    Snort it mate

  45. enanomus

    enanomus3 months ago

    Buy me one pls I'm broke

  46. Mandy Aurbine

    Mandy Aurbine3 months ago

    yes let goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  47. Plaakk

    Plaakk3 months ago


  48. WhyDidIPickTheName?

    WhyDidIPickTheName?3 months ago

    Like we don’t have enough already

  49. bvjeeva

    bvjeeva3 months ago

    Faze "gaming clan" gfuel

  50. Realiize

    Realiize3 months ago

    All of these little kids getting Gfuel at such a young age scares me lol

  51. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy3 months ago

    I think they can drink it as long it’s the Hydration formula but the normal one no

  52. GrayTheGreatYT

    GrayTheGreatYT3 months ago

    Same, I went to 6 year old cousin’s house, and he had that pewdiepie gfuel

  53. daniel alon7

    daniel alon73 months ago

    Yes sir all the faze flavors are fire so this is going to be fire af

  54. mynameiscontrary

    mynameiscontrary3 months ago

    Let’s go baby FaZe Up

  55. Burcol

    Burcol3 months ago

    LET'S GET IT!!!

  56. Elefante1

    Elefante13 months ago

    Burcol hi man

  57. KingaX5 King

    KingaX5 King3 months ago

    I will buy it, I have 3 flavors. Guess what? They're all FaZe flavors because why not? I originally got a winter white shaker cup and a Strawberry Shortcake tub for my last birthday which was August 30, then when there was the BOGO (Buy One Get One) Free Sale I chose FaZeberry and Tropical Rain! Can't wait to see the next FaZe clan or FaZe member GFUEL flavor!

  58. ny1ander

    ny1ander3 months ago

    god i placed 3 orders in the last 7 days, the slow September is definitely catching up now

  59. skiirts

    skiirts3 months ago

    Take my cash

  60. Pokémon and more with Chris W

    Pokémon and more with Chris W3 months ago

    Bought some gfuel yesterday so excited for it too come in I literally fell like the guy in the tik tok you posted and it feels like Christmas

  61. Smoke Bomb

    Smoke Bomb3 months ago

    Cant wait!!!

  62. noxmic

    noxmic3 months ago

    Shit i donf have money

  63. Skate videos

    Skate videos3 months ago


  64. real

    real3 months ago

    Gfuel Can you make Cola flavor in cans because the Cola is unhealfy but i think you Can do the magic


    ASTROSHOTZ3 months ago

    @BOT Dimitri g fuel is better than monster and that other shit

  66. Gamerbro37 Second Channel

    Gamerbro37 Second Channel3 months ago

    Try Bang Miami Cola, its honestly better then what gfuel could do. And it has fizz

  67. BOT Dimitri

    BOT Dimitri3 months ago

    Gfuel is not healthy ...

  68. Kevin Lewis

    Kevin Lewis3 months ago

    Bang did it pretty well. I'd love to see a gfuel one.

  69. CMShortboy

    CMShortboy3 months ago

    I support this idea.

  70. JAY-_- SNIPEZ

    JAY-_- SNIPEZ3 months ago

    the clickbait is real

  71. Itsssbrenden

    Itsssbrenden3 months ago


  72. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming3 months ago

    Yaaay a new faze flavor not that we needed more

  73. FBI

    FBI3 months ago

    I cait wait for these kids to have heart disease at 17 years old

  74. Captain Club

    Captain Club3 months ago

    @Julian T all good. The guy is a clown

  75. Captain Club

    Captain Club3 months ago

    @FBI that is completely false. 16oz is 500ml, in 500ml you're supposed to use one serving which is 150mg. Please stop bullshitting and find some actual data and do some real research before you start arguments.

  76. Julian T

    Julian T3 months ago

    @Captain Club shit mb i was replying to mr. smartypants above you

  77. Julian T

    Julian T3 months ago

    Yes, we got Mr. millionaire here watching Gfuel youtube videos and replying to college kids 😂 If your'e drinking 1 scoop worth of gfuel a day it wont do anything to you; I'ts not just for video games, many people use it for working out. Go invest in more stocks wolf of wallstreet.

  78. FBI

    FBI3 months ago

    @Julian T using caffeine for performance purposes is stupid, playing video games is a temporary job if you didn't know, any successful person will make way more than a gamer, for example my yearly income is 185 thousand dollars(I'm an accountant in NYC) but I also heavily invest in the stock market which can make me instantly 60000 just from a republican president win, I have made around a million dollars from the stock market in one year from my investments, you don't have to believe me but you will learn when you get older

  79. Athrekyte

    Athrekyte3 months ago

    Earlier than Gemini to a preschool

  80. Jason Balaz

    Jason Balaz3 months ago

    Ur from tiktok100%

  81. Marvin The Pigeon

    Marvin The Pigeon3 months ago

    I caused 9/11

  82. Ality

    Ality3 months ago

    I love gfuel

  83. Hanzero

    Hanzero3 months ago


  84. Habeebzz

    Habeebzz3 months ago


  85. A. MXR

    A. MXR3 months ago

    Your fathers name is Habibi 🐸

  86. Gage J

    Gage J3 months ago

    If your reading this reply and like and i will buy you a tub or a starter pack :) feelin kind today!

  87. Cheater. Glowsnap

    Cheater. Glowsnap3 months ago

    Imagine Spicy FaZeberry

  88. SMR979

    SMR9793 months ago


  89. Pokémon and more with Chris W

    Pokémon and more with Chris W3 months ago

    That sounds so good I bought some gfuel last night and it was the fazeberry hydration with the sonic shaker and I want it now

  90. Robby With a Y

    Robby With a Y3 months ago

    wh... why would you even want that to be a thing lmao

  91. Ayaanomatic

    Ayaanomatic3 months ago

    This will make history Faze x G FUEL

  92. Realiize

    Realiize3 months ago

    They already have flavors lol

  93. AdexyX

    AdexyX3 months ago

    Lmao happened the first time like 7 years ago

  94. Essam Shaikh

    Essam Shaikh3 months ago

    I am exited

  95. NxghtmaarePlays

    NxghtmaarePlays3 months ago


  96. Ality

    Ality3 months ago

    No way

  97. GNナイト

    GNナイト3 months ago


  98. George

    George3 months ago

    Where’s xqc sweat??????

  99. zenongfuel

    zenongfuel3 months ago


  100. Sir Hogang

    Sir Hogang3 months ago


  101. Kayjay ._.

    Kayjay ._.3 months ago


  102. Phaseboibevan

    Phaseboibevan3 months ago


  103. Vraxooo

    Vraxooo3 months ago

    take my money already

  104. Xterizm

    Xterizm3 months ago

    Lets gooooooo😄😄😄😄

  105. Lokin

    Lokin3 months ago

    wow what a surprise

  106. Tronee

    Tronee3 months ago

    I'm getting Gfuel for Christmas

  107. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming3 months ago

    Abdulla Ahmed yea I have a snowcone one my aunt had one in her starter pack hoping its good ill try it tomorrow for school

  108. Tronee

    Tronee3 months ago

    @A. MXR yeah I'll start small

  109. Tronee

    Tronee3 months ago

    @A. MXR I'm definitely getting PewDiePie flavour or whatever it's called I've lost track but I will look it up on the website Have a great day bro can't wait to have my first GFuel

  110. A. MXR

    A. MXR3 months ago

    Tronee good luck getting a safe flavor for your first you would not want to hate the taste of your first gfuel, for me I loved peach ice tea, ksi flavor was good but I little to meh for me it’s still good but you know you might not like it so I would say go for packets before getting a tub

  111. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming3 months ago

    Tronee cool cool

  112. AloniBaloni

    AloniBaloni3 months ago


  113. LucasGaming757

    LucasGaming7573 months ago

    Im Finna buy it take my money already

  114. Kongrazzps

    Kongrazzps3 months ago


  115. IUSE

    IUSE3 months ago


  116. Lion HIMSELF

    Lion HIMSELF3 months ago

    Lesssss goooo

  117. Herobrah

    Herobrah3 months ago

    Can’t wait!!!!!

  118. reflexz FN

    reflexz FN3 months ago

    Another one

  119. JohnWickingYou

    JohnWickingYou3 months ago

    Don't get rid of Battle Juice

  120. Ferocious Entail

    Ferocious Entail3 months ago

    I was drink Jevs fish

  121. Aquatic

    Aquatic3 months ago

    Yo 3rd

  122. Lil Chuyi

    Lil Chuyi3 months ago

    Oh okay bet faze up baby

  123. Plazma ὣ

    Plazma ὣ3 months ago

    So that's what jarvis tastes like

  124. Jacob Rausch

    Jacob Rausch3 months ago


  125. Christian Garcia

    Christian Garcia3 months ago

    Litty figtty

  126. Osiel Caballero

    Osiel Caballero3 months ago


  127. Bulletz

    Bulletz3 months ago

    *To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual Hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe read my name 💞😇

  128. Bulletz

    Bulletz3 months ago


  129. Bobcat Hyper

    Bobcat Hyper3 months ago


  130. Chris P Cookie

    Chris P Cookie3 months ago

    Bobcat Hyper its a robot. He’s not subbing back

  131. Bobcat Hyper

    Bobcat Hyper3 months ago

    I subbed with notis