Youtooz G FUEL

@youtooz! #GFUEL! The most ELITE crossover of the winter szn! A #Youtooz-inspired, Blue Ice re-skin Collector's Box Bundle with Youtooz's ICONIC "BOOP" figurine included! Drops December 21st!
Fuel Your Life at


  1. DallasUNBOXER

    DallasUNBOXER16 days ago

    Rather get a shaker cup

  2. lance agudo

    lance agudo24 days ago

    to open or not to open once i get one

  3. 18-D Digvijay Pawar

    18-D Digvijay Pawar27 days ago


  4. Srrws

    Srrws27 days ago

    gfuel x pop rocks

  5. IcyWintrr

    IcyWintrr27 days ago

    Can 12 year olds drink g fuel

  6. Maritza R!tz

    Maritza R!tz28 days ago

    This collab 🙌

  7. Memer Boi

    Memer Boi29 days ago

    I will do anything to just get one drink from you right now f*** I'm poor

  8. Alec M

    Alec M29 days ago

    You know what your missing.... Mr. Beast G fuel




  10. XFurySoy

    XFurySoyMonth ago

    I want hype sauce to be my flavor

  11. Play Mezik

    Play MezikMonth ago

    But why its like 20 fucking bucks im a guy so you know its not that ez heh

  12. Reino Nuopponen

    Reino NuopponenMonth ago


  13. Phiko

    PhikoMonth ago


  14. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard UnboxingMonth ago

    What a Great Collab!!!!!!

  15. ojas dhand

    ojas dhandMonth ago

    epic pog

  16. greg

    gregMonth ago


  17. the dabbing bros

    the dabbing brosMonth ago

    Wow that sucks

  18. Jortin

    JortinMonth ago

    Will g fuel ever make Pewdiepie hydration

  19. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    I hope not

  20. F B I

    F B IMonth ago

    _So has Gfuel been run by dogs this entire time_

  21. Lord yt Garena

    Lord yt GarenaMonth ago

    My parents: What are you doing Me: I am collecting Blessings for you and me 🙏

  22. Varadaraj Borkar

    Varadaraj BorkarMonth ago

    Can I get one 😍😍

  23. A K

    A KMonth ago

    On my birthday 🎉

  24. pandabuffet

    pandabuffetMonth ago

    I just spent all my money on a blue ice tub for the first time and then this comes out :(

  25. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    Your problem

  26. Acoffeemug

    AcoffeemugMonth ago

    Lol thats what happened to me i feel ur pain same exept i got another blue sour chug rug then this comes out

  27. glazmo

    glazmoMonth ago

    I thought this would be plastic flavor. -1/10 for misleading me

  28. King Frezno

    King FreznoMonth ago

    Holy shit another one

  29. Mizuca

    MizucaMonth ago

    Cotton candy when?

  30. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael RodriguezMonth ago

    What the fuck gfuel. My package hasn't arrived. I've ben waiting 2 damn weeks. Not happy. 😤

  31. Andrew Warner

    Andrew WarnerMonth ago

    The blue ice makes me pee out my butt due to the blue dye used.

  32. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    @Andrew Warner bummer

  33. Andrew Warner

    Andrew WarnerMonth ago

    @Tat I promise you I wont.

  34. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    @Andrew Warner no, without

  35. Andrew Warner

    Andrew WarnerMonth ago

    @Tat after having 5 immodium sure big guy.

  36. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    @Andrew Warner drink more blue ice, baby boy

  37. Sam Jessen

    Sam JessenMonth ago

    But where is the juice lord tho

  38. The_PugInSpace

    The_PugInSpaceMonth ago


  39. Proboscis monkey

    Proboscis monkeyMonth ago

    pineapple is the best topping for pizza 🍕 change my mind

  40. Burcol

    BurcolMonth ago


  41. Rene Martinez

    Rene Martinez15 days ago


  42. greg

    gregMonth ago

    hi verified man

  43. Gyrosphere

    GyrosphereMonth ago

    Whoa it’s the epic dragon ball xenoverse 2 guy who beats up toxic kids 🤩

  44. BOOMX

    BOOMXMonth ago

    Hello verified man

  45. FrostyDog487

    FrostyDog487Month ago

    Looks good

  46. Fe4rero

    Fe4reroMonth ago

    Never thought it would it would happen. So is youtooz sponsering gfuel or is gfuel sponsering youtooz.

  47. BruhAnt

    BruhAntMonth ago

    Tastes like plastic

  48. neepi

    neepiMonth ago

    Finally i have been waiting for this collaboration

  49. Yuudaii

    YuudaiiMonth ago

    Yoooo let’s go this is soooo fire!!!

  50. Flazzyfn

    FlazzyfnMonth ago

    *literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day!*

  51. Joe M

    Joe MMonth ago


  52. ItsDevin

    ItsDevinMonth ago


  53. Licorice Liam

    Licorice LiamMonth ago

    Imagine nike flavored G FUEL. Tastes like *REAL SHOES!*

  54. CobaltDunlin

    CobaltDunlinMonth ago


  55. Hawkeye12

    Hawkeye12Month ago

    i am not buying this.) This is just re skined tub with a figurine inside.) if this a was a new flavor with a new look I would totally buy.but nice coop. I love gfuel personally but i am not a collector of anything and everything gfuel keep up the good work though. :)

  56. Setu

    SetuMonth ago

    Ah yes, a company which makes merchandise for USlikesrs is being made merchandise by a company which makes merchandise for USlikesrs

  57. Setu

    Setu24 days ago

    @xSteezyBoi you are welcome

  58. xSteezyBoi

    xSteezyBoi24 days ago

    I just had a stroke trying to read this

  59. Ya Boi Kryzon

    Ya Boi Kryzon26 days ago

    I mean they aren’t made directly for you tubers only.....

  60. YouTube Nutzer

    YouTube NutzerMonth ago

    Will it also cost 40$ or more?

  61. NoNameJack

    NoNameJackMonth ago


  62. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gamingMonth ago

    I don’t like blue Ice but I would get this only because of the new tub design and the vinyl figure

  63. Big bit boi Bit

    Big bit boi BitMonth ago

    Pog champ

  64. Mahir

    MahirMonth ago


  65. RyanMG08 The Welsh Commentary YouTuber

    RyanMG08 The Welsh Commentary YouTuberMonth ago


  66. JR. Beast

    JR. BeastMonth ago

    Ok this is cool a company that makes figures has a gfuel flavor reskin

  67. Red what ?

    Red what ?Month ago


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  69. KitaFN

    KitaFNMonth ago

    who else just got this randomly recommended so just clicked it see am not the only one

  70. %sinke!

    %sinke!Month ago


  71. Washro

    WashroMonth ago


  72. Osiel Caballero

    Osiel CaballeroMonth ago


  73. AZI__ 78

    AZI__ 78Month ago

    I wasn't expecting this tbh

  74. Joncarlos Guerrero

    Joncarlos GuerreroMonth ago

    Fun Fact I love You

  75. Kazmix2

    Kazmix2Month ago

    Yesss lmaooo

  76. TSK

    TSKMonth ago

    So wait it’s basically a Reskin/ collab ?? Has the formula changed at all ?

  77. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    Yes And look it up up if it has

  78. lauwins4

    lauwins4Month ago

    the collab of the century is finally here! PogU

  79. bulldawg

    bulldawgMonth ago

    can i have it for christmas

  80. Roll

    RollMonth ago


  81. Spidey Charles the hedgehog

    Spidey Charles the hedgehogMonth ago

    Time to fly in G Fuel HQ 👍

  82. abdulaziz alani

    abdulaziz alaniMonth ago

    Bro I hope I get a taste of gfuel when I grow up I haven’t hade any in my life I wish I could

  83. Charged Stork

    Charged StorkMonth ago

    Which country do you guys live in I could give you some, I live in the uae

  84. mustapha mustapha

    mustapha mustaphaMonth ago

    Me tooo

  85. Izon Icy

    Izon IcyMonth ago

    1 min ago

  86. Code Vullifyy

    Code VullifyyMonth ago


  87. Demetrius Reyna

    Demetrius ReynaMonth ago

    I don’t get it what is that dog thing

  88. Tat

    TatMonth ago


  89. RETR0 B4LLER

    RETR0 B4LLERMonth ago

    Wen will g fuel make a orange flavor.

  90. RETR0 B4LLER

    RETR0 B4LLERMonth ago

    Ok I herd that they are making a orange cream sicle

  91. Qlippurz

    QlippurzMonth ago

    RETR0 B4LLER they had one for a while blood orange and caffeine free orange maybe they’ll bring it back eventually

  92. supreme pops

    supreme popsMonth ago


  93. dumdum

    dumdumMonth ago

    strangest gfuel combination

  94. Aaron castellanos

    Aaron castellanosMonth ago


  95. Joey Calvento

    Joey CalventoMonth ago




    this so lit

  97. oliverm Mercado

    oliverm MercadoMonth ago

    That’s funny

  98. Sr Leaf

    Sr LeafMonth ago

    Thats fire

  99. MasterOden

    MasterOdenMonth ago

    Is it just a reskin?

  100. Hawkeye12

    Hawkeye12Month ago

    yes details are in description of vid.

  101. Drfrog JZ

    Drfrog JZMonth ago

    Ooh nice

  102. 1 destroyers

    1 destroyersMonth ago

    Woooooooooooww noice😋

  103. Ewan Urquhart

    Ewan UrquhartMonth ago

    tempting cop

  104. Vincent Klein

    Vincent KleinMonth ago


  105. Zenon Quiroz

    Zenon QuirozMonth ago

    Instant Cop!!

  106. Bubble_boi

    Bubble_boiMonth ago

    Poggers furry gfuel

  107. BatWing Z

    BatWing ZMonth ago


  108. Yung Sandwich

    Yung SandwichMonth ago

    Alright you know I'm buying this

  109. James

    JamesMonth ago


  110. The holy pro !

    The holy pro !Month ago


  111. DaNoobAngel

    DaNoobAngelMonth ago


  112. Blank462

    Blank462Month ago

    Good video gfuel

  113. Ninja Cyborg

    Ninja CyborgMonth ago


  114. RuddyCreeper

    RuddyCreeperMonth ago

    Fun Fact: Saying “Fun Fact” makes everyone read your comment

  115. keppihevonen

    keppihevonenMonth ago

    Fun fact thats true

  116. Z1han

    Z1hanMonth ago


  117. Bilal Mumtazi

    Bilal MumtaziMonth ago

    @Morgan Andrew 😂

  118. Morgan Andrew

    Morgan AndrewMonth ago

    Fun fact

  119. الملك The King I

    الملك The King IMonth ago

    """"إن شاء الله بعد ربع ساعة يتصل.... 📞بك شخص غالي على قلبك ❤️ ويقلك خبر يفرحك يلي عملت لايك 🥰 """واشتراك"""

  120. Double Up

    Double UpMonth ago


  121. Bryan Menchaca

    Bryan MenchacaMonth ago


  122. Xau Xshosa

    Xau XshosaMonth ago





  124. Sr Leaf

    Sr LeafMonth ago


  125. Over Dead hills

    Over Dead hillsMonth ago


  126. Qlippurz

    QlippurzMonth ago


  127. Daddykovs On Insta

    Daddykovs On InstaMonth ago


  128. Lunden Reid

    Lunden ReidMonth ago


  129. Declan collier

    Declan collierMonth ago


  130. Sida

    SidaMonth ago

    To the early squad reading this: sending Virtual hugs to anyone who needs it. Read my name 🍁

  131. I’m Legit subbbing to everyone who subbbs to me

    I’m Legit subbbing to everyone who subbbs to meMonth ago

    “Who's been a TRUE fan FOR OVER A YEAR”😇" (ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴛᴡ)🥥 🕴