FaZe X

The next epic chapter in our FaZe-inspired lineup of flavors is coming! FaZe X? Pre-Order now at gfuel.com/


  1. King Frezno

    King Frezno2 months ago

    Lol I shattered my lid and gfuel went all over the place

  2. Super Random Gamer

    Super Random Gamer2 months ago

    why they are worse than t series

  3. Craziestplaya

    Craziestplaya2 months ago

    So what's the flavor

  4. brady alley

    brady alley2 months ago

    i allready bought this and i cant wait to game boyyssssssssssszzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Andre Johnson

    Andre Johnson3 months ago

    Yes 5 more years

  6. Meghan O'Donoghue

    Meghan O'Donoghue3 months ago

    I want some

  7. Chell W.

    Chell W.3 months ago

    looks yummy but alot of sugar

  8. I Love Trash

    I Love Trash2 months ago

    It has zero sugar

  9. Jack Lodge

    Jack Lodge2 months ago


  10. Viktor N

    Viktor N3 months ago

    Doth I detect pineapple?

  11. Zeke

    Zeke3 months ago

    That was battle juice, this is something else

  12. rxrt

    rxrt3 months ago

    just copped, can't wait for it to arrive for my birthday. congrats FaZe!

  13. rxrt

    rxrt3 months ago

    @Azgardian Arachnid thanks mate, much love

  14. Azgardian Arachnid

    Azgardian Arachnid3 months ago

    Happy early Birthday rxrt ❤❤

  15. LRB_Vids

    LRB_Vids3 months ago

    Less goo just pre ordered my collectors box

  16. Fresh141 !

    Fresh141 !3 months ago


  17. LasEr vXbes

    LasEr vXbes3 months ago

    Gfuel should make a starbucks one

  18. Hi 84

    Hi 843 months ago

    They do have a coffee latte flavor

  19. Eli Miller

    Eli Miller3 months ago

    Is this healthier than an energy drink

  20. Eli Miller

    Eli Miller3 months ago

    Ok 👌

  21. BUGGZ_TV

    BUGGZ_TV3 months ago

    Yes but it does have caffine

  22. Dbzboy

    Dbzboy3 months ago

    Me just wasted t rest of my money on the new wampa flavor gfuel well you got a week to get your but back to work

  23. Dodge FN

    Dodge FN3 months ago

    Can't wait to try it

  24. Jerry Kensick

    Jerry Kensick3 months ago

    i just bought sour fazeberry box i maybe should have waited but how would i have known

  25. MattC

    MattC3 months ago

    we dont even know what flavor it is and your asking for people to pre-order it lol

  26. Cheemtos

    Cheemtos3 months ago

    @JimJimWow you can tell what flavor pewds flavor was as it had lingonberries on the front

  27. MattC

    MattC3 months ago

    @Shotta they rebranded mystery I think lol

  28. MattC

    MattC3 months ago

    @Shotta I know someone who got it and they said it was a colder mystery flavor

  29. Shotta

    Shotta3 months ago

    @JimJimWow but I did have cherrys on it

  30. Shotta

    Shotta3 months ago

    I watched reviews and I saw people got it yesterday some how and it is indeed a frost flavor but how don’t know when we are going to get it

  31. Subwooferzzz

    Subwooferzzz3 months ago


  32. kelpylogan

    kelpylogan3 months ago

    is this just fazeberry with a new look

  33. Marrelle V

    Marrelle V3 months ago

    Yay tfue

  34. TBH_ Stryker

    TBH_ Stryker3 months ago

    i have never tried gfuel or any gaming drink [cry's]

  35. Gordeklon GKN

    Gordeklon GKN3 months ago

    Aight imma head in

  36. Jesse Tate

    Jesse Tate3 months ago

    Give us a Super Saiyan gfuel

  37. Chroma

    Chroma3 months ago

    Lads if this is Fruit Punch...

  38. Patrick Wehbe

    Patrick Wehbe3 months ago

    That looks fire 🔥 shout out to Faze 🤘

  39. Eli Spaeder

    Eli Spaeder3 months ago

    thats sic

  40. la flame

    la flame3 months ago

    my cart is now 301.99$

  41. Awesome Stuff

    Awesome Stuff3 months ago

    Gfuel is running out of ideas at this point

  42. RockiOnGfuel

    RockiOnGfuel3 months ago

    @ZeroPointGravity neither most of the flavours are amazing

  43. ZeroPointGravity

    ZeroPointGravity3 months ago

    @RockiOnGfuel they basically only do collaborations because thats what makes them money. I mean not complaining

  44. Zeptr

    Zeptr3 months ago

    @RockiOnGfuel yer maw

  45. RockiOnGfuel

    RockiOnGfuel3 months ago

    A collaboration doesn’t mean they’re running out of ideas

  46. Epz

    Epz3 months ago

    just in time for my cousins 17th birthday. Imma get this collecters box later

  47. FlickZ

    FlickZ3 months ago

    bro ima cop that

  48. Dom M

    Dom M3 months ago

    tf is the flavor? x flavor?

  49. shrek is my fursona

    shrek is my fursona3 months ago

    Yeah but what’s it taist like

  50. david Carp

    david Carp3 months ago

    I gotta get the collectors pack

  51. Sxled

    Sxled3 months ago

    Plot twist it tastes like all the faze gfuel flavors mixed together

  52. Dark

    Dark3 months ago

    What flavor is this exactly

  53. Sweetcaliber

    Sweetcaliber3 months ago

    so, you release pre-orders before the flavor is revealed, so everyone with heaps of money gets the collectors box while the people with less that want it wait because they dont know what the flavor is yet and dont want to waste their money, but by the time the flavor is revealed those people probably wont be able to get a collectors box, at least a hint would be nice

  54. Jorge Peña

    Jorge Peña3 months ago

    Mr simpson you are diabolical

  55. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment3 months ago

    Faze is dead make something new

  56. Tat

    Tat3 months ago

    @Bruh Moment kids channel? What kids channel? 🤣😅 Wrong post? *you're

  57. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment3 months ago

    XD your the salty one. Your over here protecting a kids channel 😂😂

  58. Tat

    Tat3 months ago

    @Bruh Moment nah, but keeping being salty :D

  59. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment3 months ago

    Lol you just say that because your a fanboy. My opinion is the right one and yours is wrong

  60. Tat

    Tat3 months ago

    @Bruh Moment yes salty and they're still good now

  61. Alpha

    Alpha3 months ago

    I wonder what the flavor is!

  62. Mark Tawil

    Mark Tawil3 months ago

    @MattC wow that would be amazing

  63. MattC

    MattC3 months ago

    @Mark Tawil how much you bet its glacier cherry

  64. Mark Tawil

    Mark Tawil3 months ago

    I just want to know😂

  65. Aphidgamer 246

    Aphidgamer 2463 months ago

    Looks cool and I'm 100% getting it.... but what is it supposed to taste like?

  66. Tat

    Tat3 months ago

    Glacier cherry then

  67. Flintrail

    Flintrail3 months ago

    Some people say the cherry Gatorade

  68. YT APEX

    YT APEX3 months ago

    Ight I'm buying this instead of sour fazeberry

  69. Testy

    TestyMonth ago

    If you’ve ever tried the white glacier Gatorade, that’s what it taste like, I like both flavors but faze berry is definitely #1

  70. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork2 months ago

    Get both

  71. MGM distinct

    MGM distinct3 months ago

    What flavour is it

  72. Tropi

    Tropi3 months ago


  73. Nee Gerr

    Nee Gerr3 months ago

    Ok but like whats the flavor

  74. Evan Traola

    Evan Traola3 months ago


  75. Diegothehunter Ok

    Diegothehunter Ok3 months ago

    I’m the 497 like let’s go

  76. Belle Clemonte

    Belle Clemonte3 months ago

    epic :D

  77. Tetty

    Tetty3 months ago

    What flavor though?

  78. Zymer

    Zymer3 months ago

    YO i gotta get sum of dat and snort it!?!?!

  79. Mazza Asav

    Mazza Asav2 months ago


  80. Cubeson

    Cubeson3 months ago

    That tub looks so sick!

  81. Joe Owen

    Joe Owen3 months ago


  82. Cameron Fredricks

    Cameron Fredricks3 months ago

    Whats the Flavor like? or is it like FaZe Berry?

  83. califye

    califye3 months ago

    wondering the same thing

  84. DDolin

    DDolin3 months ago

    Cool.. but like, what flavor is it😂

  85. Stepcut Team

    Stepcut Team3 months ago


  86. Big pig 2000

    Big pig 20003 months ago

    Hey can u maybe sponsor my video that’s coming up? If u don’t want to all fine. I just want some g feel so if u do sponsor maybe giving one or two flavours?

  87. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero3 months ago


  88. Lindsie Rodgers

    Lindsie Rodgers3 months ago

    Wow. That is like their shirts. Great job GFUEL! 👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥😁

  89. Trey Broadhurst

    Trey Broadhurst3 months ago

    I’m buying this

  90. Red Mist

    Red Mist3 months ago

    Why was this recommended to me lol

  91. Pierce Yorkinator!

    Pierce Yorkinator!3 months ago

    Whats its taste going to be

  92. DarkDisplay

    DarkDisplay3 months ago

    Congrats to FaZe!

  93. fahad

    fahad3 months ago

    we want poop gfuel

  94. Alec Tamaroff

    Alec Tamaroff3 months ago

    FAZE UP ‼️

  95. Admist

    Admist3 months ago

    heck yea, you already know we are gonna order that.

  96. Callum Roden

    Callum Roden3 months ago

    whats the flavour tho that is a sick design

  97. Logic Tropicz

    Logic Tropicz3 months ago

    The flavor is icey cherry if you have had white Gatorade that’s what it will taste like

  98. IsaacBeast

    IsaacBeast3 months ago


  99. Chorennn

    Chorennn3 months ago


  100. Moms spaghetti

    Moms spaghetti3 months ago

    . .

  101. Cronsooz

    Cronsooz3 months ago

    Different version of fazeberry I looked at the ingredients

  102. Mor

    Mor3 months ago



    SHADOWRIDER883 months ago

    You know i'm buying this!

  104. Colby Johnson

    Colby Johnson3 months ago

    congrats faze

  105. Damon Delbert

    Damon Delbert3 months ago

    What flavor is it

  106. RuddyCreeper

    RuddyCreeper3 months ago

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  107. Mazza Asav

    Mazza Asav2 months ago

    I'm not reading that

  108. An Apple

    An Apple3 months ago

    Ah yes that one jojo fan on every video

  109. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid3 months ago

    What’s wrong with you u good

  110. Moms spaghetti

    Moms spaghetti3 months ago


  111. Tristan Wolf Gustavsen

    Tristan Wolf Gustavsen3 months ago


  112. Team RypZ

    Team RypZ3 months ago

    Nice job FaZe

  113. Lion HIMSELF

    Lion HIMSELF3 months ago

    Lesss goooooo baby!!!!!!!! Jabdjwjsdbsjkjnsndks

  114. Fadezz

    Fadezz3 months ago


  115. YTI Locks

    YTI Locks3 months ago


  116. Aaron Conley

    Aaron Conley3 months ago

    FaZe X is the flavor?... wonder what it’ll taste like

  117. MattC

    MattC3 months ago

    My guess is Glacier Cherry, we will see though

  118. Robert Tiano

    Robert Tiano3 months ago

    I’m so excited for this flavor

  119. Fernex

    Fernex3 months ago

    Here early

  120. YTI Locks

    YTI Locks3 months ago


  121. TBNRbuildingCrow

    TBNRbuildingCrow3 months ago

    Cool G fuel flavor I love it I have your flavors I just drink it was awesome

  122. Ghosthunter3427

    Ghosthunter34273 months ago

    I want that

  123. Señor Risgaard

    Señor Risgaard3 months ago


  124. saltzi

    saltzi3 months ago

    Holy crap

  125. Not Trenton

    Not Trenton3 months ago

    The first comment to actually acknowledge the GFUEL

  126. IVortexHunter

    IVortexHunter3 months ago

    Can’t fucking wait

  127. Lil Chuyi

    Lil Chuyi3 months ago

    Second and by the way GFUEL can u give me one for free pls

  128. Tat

    Tat3 months ago


  129. Shmed

    Shmed3 months ago

    @Lil Chuyi sorry I’ve just seen to many two year olds write this unironically

  130. Lil Chuyi

    Lil Chuyi3 months ago

    By the way I was just joking

  131. Lil Chuyi

    Lil Chuyi3 months ago

    @Shmed u know I was joking

  132. Shmed

    Shmed3 months ago

    You think they gonna give you one for free?

  133. xXxLANGOxXx

    xXxLANGOxXx3 months ago


  134. Ypt

    Ypt3 months ago


  135. Doggo

    Doggo3 months ago

    your like 50th

  136. CiikoEU

    CiikoEU3 months ago


  137. SlobberKnobbers

    SlobberKnobbers3 months ago

    so what's the flavor?

  138. huh what lol

    huh what lol3 months ago

    boy early lets gooo

  139. Kevin Herrera

    Kevin Herrera3 months ago


  140. Rehtric

    Rehtric3 months ago

    Red tiger camo gfuel

  141. Justin Duane

    Justin Duane3 months ago

    Faze clan

  142. Maddy aux

    Maddy aux3 months ago


  143. Nation be vibing

    Nation be vibing3 months ago

    I’m coping that🔥🔥🔥

  144. bantz_splash

    bantz_splash3 months ago

    Is it just fazeberry

  145. Tat

    Tat3 months ago


  146. joma Huntington

    joma Huntington3 months ago

    Yummy x flavor