New Years BOGO Sale!

Start your New Year off right with 2 TUBS for the price of ONE! G FUEL NEW YEARS BOGO Starts now! Fuel Your 2021 at


  1. Jaideep Mahay

    Jaideep Mahay15 days ago

    Awwww i just ordered

  2. Bl0xier

    Bl0xier15 days ago

    I’m the 69th comment Nice

  3. Vortex Stix

    Vortex Stix15 days ago

    I just bought my first order and I got the starter cup pack thing and 3 fazeberry packets and 3 sour chug rug packets did I pick a good choice

  4. Vortex Stix

    Vortex Stix12 days ago

    @Jimbo Lucen oh ok well it was my first time buying from there and a lot of stuff was out of stalk

  5. Jimbo Lucen

    Jimbo Lucen12 days ago

    No you didn’t

  6. CrisFTW

    CrisFTW15 days ago

    Welp.. I guess I got something I can enjoy for 2021. Thanks for the deal. I picked up 4. Will pick up more 😋

  7. Rinzler’s Playlist

    Rinzler’s Playlist15 days ago

    Just finished my castle of gfuel right before this video got posted. Me be like :😐😬

  8. TTV_Sniperalex22

    TTV_Sniperalex2215 days ago

    Right I ordered mine 3 days ago 😭

  9. Sonicmalo

    Sonicmalo15 days ago

    Oh boi oh boi now i have ordered 8 Tubs only in December... You make me poor xD

  10. Awesome Artie

    Awesome Artie15 days ago

    Can you guys help me choose my two tubs (here are the options): classified flavor peach cobbler wimp fruit shiny splash faze x guava peach rings star fruit nemesis tea flavor moon pie

  11. fanofpink

    fanofpink7 days ago

    Shiny splash and classified.

  12. Awesome Artie

    Awesome Artie13 days ago

    @Junkrat212 Can you recommend me one more flavor?

  13. Junkrat212

    Junkrat21215 days ago

    Peach rings is pretty good

  14. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing15 days ago

    I really want to but ....

  15. George Con

    George Con15 days ago

    What happen to cherry limeade?

  16. سيف المزروعي و اقطع

    سيف المزروعي و اقطع15 days ago

    Its been 2 months for my gfuel but ok

  17. Chroma

    Chroma15 days ago

    is sour cherry vaulted? (also bogo yay lol)

  18. andrei drugas

    andrei drugas15 days ago

    is this only for tubs?

  19. Dynimo _

    Dynimo _15 days ago

    yes its only for tubs

  20. Sammy Tomko

    Sammy Tomko15 days ago

    I got some last bogo but forgot to get a shaker cup 😭

  21. Roman Martinez

    Roman Martinez15 days ago

    I bought 2 tubs 5 days ago but ouch but still might have to get another because this boGO LOL

  22. FartingUnicorn 69

    FartingUnicorn 6915 days ago

    Cool now give us hot dog water gfuel

  23. Zyjuila

    Zyjuila12 days ago


  24. Dynimo _

    Dynimo _15 days ago

    that would slap

  25. Jason Berardi

    Jason Berardi15 days ago

    Already ordered and will probably break down and buy more before this one is over. LOL.

  26. Mitch Farrell

    Mitch Farrell15 days ago

    To think i bought gfuel 3 days ago no BOGO Sale....

  27. TNM B34ST

    TNM B34ST15 days ago

    I taught a random kid how to snipe, and now he’s joining FaZe

  28. Luvstagrind

    Luvstagrind15 days ago

    While I don't need to restock on my supply, I am not saying no to a bogo deal

  29. choking_kid

    choking_kid15 days ago

    i got it and it should have been 30 buck but it was 50$ ??

  30. Ashley Smart

    Ashley Smart15 days ago

    Gfuel ending the year the right way! Much respect

  31. Elias Gonzalez

    Elias Gonzalez15 days ago

    gfuel i’m fiending where is my shipment

  32. KikoTheGovakian

    KikoTheGovakian15 days ago


  33. Go to my Channel / LIVE NOW /

    Go to my Channel / LIVE NOW /15 days ago

    I'm thinking ragin gummy fish and blue ice😘😍😍

  34. Benja Hevia

    Benja Hevia15 days ago

    comment number 30

  35. DaRkSn1p3r 777

    DaRkSn1p3r 77715 days ago

    I'm thinking ragin gummy fish and blue ice

  36. Jakob

    Jakob15 days ago


  37. brianroks

    brianroks15 days ago

    Only buying on Amazon now sadly, I ordered from their site a month ago and still haven’t gotten it

  38. Five Jedi's

    Five Jedi's15 days ago

    @Jason Berardi Yeah. I agree. Kinda wish they would use FedEx or something. FedEx from my experience is typically pretty fast even during the holidays.

  39. brianroks

    brianroks15 days ago

    @Five Jedi's definitely not their fault but still disappointing, still gonna buy and support them but can’t trust the usps enough to make use of these bogo sales

  40. Jason Berardi

    Jason Berardi15 days ago

    Waiting on 6 packages sent through the USPS in December. 1 of them is from GFUEL and it left their facility on December 15. Hardly their fault. Though, what they charge for "shipping" they could probably find a more reliable shipper and not use the one that allows them to make a few extra bucks with each shipment, but rather one that doesn't disappoint their customers.

  41. F13

    F1315 days ago

    im from sweden and i got it yesterday i orded when it was cyber monday sale

  42. scopezwrld

    scopezwrld15 days ago

    that’s kinda sad ngl. have some patience

  43. Leterz

    Leterz15 days ago

    Let’s goooo

  44. karim Ra

    karim Ra15 days ago

    To whoever read this comment: stay positive hopefully everything will go back to normal soon and stay safe❤️❤️❤️ Small youtuber here help would be nice

  45. Moreslushy

    Moreslushy15 days ago


  46. sjakiedebanaan

    sjakiedebanaan15 days ago


  47. Cade R

    Cade R15 days ago

    Buying a single tub is too expensive in my opinion, seeing as how I'm always dead broke, but their BOGO sales are always too good to pass up.

  48. Zyjuila

    Zyjuila14 days ago

    @Pīñk Jëłłÿ no I mean just a single tub not the bogo sale

  49. Pīñk Jëłłÿ

    Pīñk Jëłłÿ14 days ago

    @Zyjuila can’t use a code I’m pretty sure during a bogo

  50. Kevin roose

    Kevin roose14 days ago

    @Pīñk Jëłłÿ man here in estonia the shipping is 41 dollars

  51. Cade R

    Cade R15 days ago

    @Dynimo _ yeah, that's actually what I was thinking too when I bought a couple tubs during their Black Friday BOGO but I don't have a sustainable enough income to buy G Fuel without a good sale :/

  52. Zyjuila

    Zyjuila15 days ago

    @Pīñk Jëłłÿ well yeah if you wanna get the bogo sale but for a tub alone use a code that has more 30% off and it will come down to 41usd which would be 52CAD ordered my hype sauce tub never tried it before

  53. Matthew Khudziakou

    Matthew Khudziakou15 days ago

    I legit purchased a tub of g fuel last night........

  54. KikoTheGovakian

    KikoTheGovakian15 days ago


  55. Dynimo _

    Dynimo _16 days ago

    just restocked my whole collection

  56. Abdullahi Mohamed

    Abdullahi Mohamed16 days ago


  57. SARAH

    SARAH16 days ago

    CAN I BUY ?

  58. Anthonydoes VR

    Anthonydoes VR16 days ago

    I literally just got 5 tubs yesterday..

  59. Typicalxbl

    Typicalxbl15 days ago

    I literally just bought a tub lol Big OOF

  60. ZeroTwoThighs

    ZeroTwoThighs15 days ago


  61. Devious

    Devious15 days ago

    never buy until a bogo (unless you are a big enough fan to literally order every single drop but aside from that)

  62. Flizz

    Flizz16 days ago

    $60 delivery 😭😓


    SLANDEMATION16 days ago

    G fuel

  64. Data 1

    Data 116 days ago


  65. DarkArcher05

    DarkArcher0516 days ago

    Yayyayayayyay bogos!!!!!!!!

  66. Kane Plier

    Kane Plier16 days ago


  67. Voidz

    Voidz16 days ago

    Can I get some gfuel

  68. solo 1k

    solo 1k16 days ago

    Do u ship to the uk ?

  69. Lord Defonator

    Lord Defonator16 days ago

    yes they do, ordered from them multiple times!

  70. Momo Chunky

    Momo Chunky16 days ago


  71. cxlbyprod.

    cxlbyprod.16 days ago

    I just bought one to right before this

  72. Jerek Beamon

    Jerek Beamon16 days ago

    You already know i gotta cop

  73. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero16 days ago


  74. Sir Hogang

    Sir Hogang16 days ago

    Second like 😳😳

  75. Bruh moment

    Bruh moment16 days ago


  76. Khushi Entertainment

    Khushi Entertainment16 days ago

    """"any collage+& school students here """😍💋😘😘

  77. Jaideep Mahay

    Jaideep Mahay15 days ago

    Yep ...soon to be a Canadian int student....I ordered already.....time to cancel order and order again?..double gfuel