G FUEL Christmas

'Twas the Night Before Christmas, and all through the house... You could hear Santa Poppin' off because he had G FUEL. Fuel Your Holiday at gfuel.com/


  1. Ima Gun-Di

    Ima Gun-Di2 days ago

    Whats his gamertag for xbox


    ADRIAN CARRILLO4 days ago


  3. Sami Rafique Gaming and Surah

    Sami Rafique Gaming and Surah11 days ago

    Who thinks this is a nawty Santa and not real

  4. Hanaa Rohy

    Hanaa Rohy13 days ago

    Happy New Year everyon Hanaa Rohy from Egypt 🤗🤗

  5. Luis Parra

    Luis Parra14 days ago

    Faze santa

  6. PVP SAAAN !!

    PVP SAAAN !!16 days ago

    Check my channel out 👍

  7. Boobanubba

    Boobanubba16 days ago

    santa was nice enough to get me the faze x bundle

  8. Potato Potato

    Potato Potato17 days ago

    What game was he playing

  9. kinanthecranker

    kinanthecranker18 days ago

    Why is this cringy

  10. musab the sweat

    musab the sweat18 days ago

    Please can you bring the cotton candy flavour tub back

  11. Benjamon

    Benjamon19 days ago


  12. MX Network LIVESTREAMS

    MX Network LIVESTREAMS19 days ago

    Brush G fuel

  13. Party King

    Party King19 days ago

    Damn bro

  14. Rarez

    Rarez20 days ago

    You should make babushka pineapple flavour

  15. Just Megumin

    Just Megumin20 days ago

    What people think santa does: rides on a slay chimney to chimney What santa actually does: plays games in strangers houses

  16. Unknown Guy

    Unknown Guy20 days ago

    santa gaming

  17. RubyLeveledUp

    RubyLeveledUp20 days ago

    merry christmas G fuel

  18. Aqua

    Aqua20 days ago

    Where is the xmas bogo?

  19. Money Mantrae30

    Money Mantrae3020 days ago

    He has a 6.32 K.D

  20. Amanda Clark

    Amanda Clark21 day ago

    Santa is a gamer

  21. Pocky Rocky

    Pocky Rocky21 day ago

    Ay yo i got the gfuel for Christmas

  22. Harold Torres

    Harold Torres21 day ago

    Santa's popping off yo!

  23. Chungy lover 420

    Chungy lover 42021 day ago

    Right before this video i bought the black out ksi shaker

  24. thorchat 88

    thorchat 8821 day ago

    Santas been hiting it to hard if u know what i mean.

  25. Sir Hogang

    Sir Hogang21 day ago

    Santa drinking two cans of gfuel in one sitting not very healthy for a guy of your age

  26. Aiden Lauer

    Aiden Lauer14 days ago

    Your pfp being nickvocado makes this comment funnier

  27. putrimutiarakilano Putri

    putrimutiarakilano Putri21 day ago

    Selamat hari natal Warga youtube

  28. Dizzy NU

    Dizzy NU21 day ago

    Should’ve made a gingerbread flavor

  29. jabber

    jabber21 day ago

    Keemstar really let himself go

  30. Gaby

    Gaby21 day ago

    i speechless. i am speechless

  31. austin braaten

    austin braaten21 day ago

    Im fuckin dieing i love it 😂😂

  32. Dat_boi_Juan712

    Dat_boi_Juan71221 day ago

    FazeSanta 🥶😈🔝💯

  33. Rene Martinez

    Rene Martinez21 day ago

    Is gamer supps good

  34. Something Something

    Something Something21 day ago

    Ah my favourite flavor CHRISTMAS

  35. Jordan Young

    Jordan Young21 day ago

    I want gripe so bad

  36. Rad Cool

    Rad Cool21 day ago

    even santa is addicted to gfuel😳

  37. SteezyLab

    SteezyLab21 day ago

    I love Curtis

  38. Beastmode 2po

    Beastmode 2po21 day ago

    Anyone know if there is going to be a big Christmas sale since I missed the bog sale this year

  39. Dizzy NU

    Dizzy NU21 day ago

    On the 12 days of Christmas calendar on their site there’s a crate with a money sign on it releasing on Christmas so probably

  40. GamiTheGfuelking

    GamiTheGfuelking21 day ago


  41. ThiccPotatoe

    ThiccPotatoe21 day ago

    Merry Christmas

  42. Kiandesu

    Kiandesu21 day ago


  43. Bent Beluga

    Bent Beluga21 day ago

    It wasn’t sprite cranberry flavor :(

  44. SpaZo FNツ

    SpaZo FNツ21 day ago


  45. Xile Tokyo

    Xile Tokyo21 day ago

    thats hot

  46. Yept

    Yept21 day ago

    i think this gfuel is makking me see things..

  47. K0NECT

    K0NECT21 day ago

    Play of the Game: St. Nick as Santa

  48. Jamil Abdelkarim

    Jamil Abdelkarim21 day ago


  49. Zack Kcaz

    Zack Kcaz21 day ago

    "Jesus actually wasn't born December 25th. Christmas trees, stockings & the exchange of gifts is a Roman tradition to celebrate the winter solstice. The first recorded Christmas celebration was in Rome on Dec 25th, AD 336 after Constantine converted to Christianity. It's ALL PAGAN!" - An atheist that has her children believe in Santa.

  50. Zack Kcaz

    Zack Kcaz20 days ago

    @Seth Bowling Atheism itself is nonsense, no one is really athiest. It's a trend full of delusional in denial. A little knowledge of science makes you an atheist. In-depth knowledge of science makes you a believer in God.

  51. Seth Bowling

    Seth Bowling20 days ago

    @Zack Kcaz There would be no test? What is this test you speak of? Why would there be any sort of test if God supposedly welcomes everyone as His own? This is all fabricated nonsense. I'm done with this conversation.

  52. Biden Alsagof

    Biden Alsagof20 days ago

    @Seth Bowling Many Christians became an atheists because Christianity itself is confusing. They took the easy way out & become an atheist without studying other religions. Indeed, God is real

  53. Zack Kcaz

    Zack Kcaz20 days ago

    @Seth Bowling The problem with atheists is that they want to be 100% sure that God exists. They dont realize that if God came to them & show them Heaven & Hell then told them to worship him to enter Heaven then they would have no free will & there would be no test because Everyone will worship him. If someone tells you that some might choose Hell even if they are 100% certain when God came to them & told them to worship him then that shows how dishonest they are.

  54. Seth Bowling

    Seth Bowling20 days ago

    @Biden Alsagof I'd rather not believe and be wrong than believe and be wrong. The disappointment, embarrassment, and shame knowing that you devoted your life to being a gullible fool would be too much to handle.

  55. RavenOnyx

    RavenOnyx21 day ago

    The comments are dry

  56. clutchcraze

    clutchcraze21 day ago

    Mongreel when he realises santas a controller player

  57. Renegade Wada

    Renegade Wada21 day ago

    Merry Christmas

  58. Angel Juarez

    Angel Juarez21 day ago

    merry christmas everyone

  59. Yeetbeat487 89

    Yeetbeat487 8921 day ago

    Your on the naughty list -Santa Jr will remember that-

  60. FaZe Sniper

    FaZe Sniper21 day ago

    I have G vclub

  61. Otacon Magoo

    Otacon Magoo21 day ago

    Dang.. Santa be Savage.

  62. Cogbtw

    Cogbtw21 day ago

    This is My 5th GFuel Christmas lmfao

  63. Jarom Temple

    Jarom Temple21 day ago

    he poppin off tho

  64. gametagisME

    gametagisME21 day ago

    ay, who knew santa is a gamer

  65. ダッキーガイ1234

    ダッキーガイ123420 days ago

    No. He’s an EPIC gamer.

  66. Tulsi Rawat

    Tulsi Rawat20 days ago


  67. Bruh 69

    Bruh 6920 days ago


  68. gametagisME

    gametagisME21 day ago


  69. Swirl

    Swirl21 day ago

    Nice getting gfuel soon.

  70. Snopple Wopple

    Snopple Wopple21 day ago

    "G FUEL Christmas " Best Christmas I Could Ask For

  71. Captain French

    Captain French21 day ago


  72. Spedebo

    Spedebo21 day ago

    Im watching this at 3 AM.

  73. Venomborn

    Venomborn21 day ago

    Merry Christmas to all!!! 🎄🎁

  74. Tang Ho Jit Trevor鄧皓捷

    Tang Ho Jit Trevor鄧皓捷21 day ago


  75. YoDrip

    YoDrip21 day ago

    Even Santa loves Gfuel what’s next Joe Biden lol

  76. FaZe Dirty

    FaZe Dirty21 day ago

    Santa hates me :(

  77. Swirl

    Swirl21 day ago

    @gametagisME 🤣🤣🤣

  78. gametagisME

    gametagisME21 day ago

    but like who asked???🤔🤔🤔

  79. Swirl

    Swirl21 day ago


  80. Snopple Wopple

    Snopple Wopple21 day ago

    Same fam

  81. YoDrip

    YoDrip21 day ago

    Merry Christmas

  82. RiskingBrandon

    RiskingBrandon21 day ago

    Gingerbread flavor? 👀

  83. MFC Jazz

    MFC Jazz21 day ago

    Merry Christmas everybody


    ETHAN DELEON21 day ago

    Fivio shootchu for nothin

  85. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero21 day ago


  86. Foxy Brownies

    Foxy Brownies21 day ago

    42nd comment

  87. Negans Mayo Sandwiches

    Negans Mayo Sandwiches21 day ago

    Santa is that you🥺

  88. BeefCake

    BeefCake21 day ago

    Wanna squad up bro

  89. Ccc Vvv

    Ccc Vvv21 day ago



    EDZEL S LAPUZ YT21 day ago

    Merry x mas

  91. RDR2 For Life

    RDR2 For Life21 day ago

    Merry Christmas everyone

  92. Darkness Dark

    Darkness Dark21 day ago

    G FUEL we all Energy


    CUTE ANIME GIRL21 day ago

    is he playing call of duty

  94. starkiller pumpkin

    starkiller pumpkin20 days ago

    No his playing black ops Cold war

  95. Just An Odd, Fucking Extrovert

    Just An Odd, Fucking Extrovert21 day ago

    Can't wait to have the Christmas flavor!

  96. The Danklux

    The Danklux21 day ago

    @Josh Payne he is talking about the reskin

  97. joma Huntington

    joma Huntington21 day ago

    Cookie and milk flavor

  98. Josh Payne

    Josh Payne21 day ago

    Its mere hours before Christmas, I very much doubt a Christmas flavour will release.

  99. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep21 day ago

    This is honestly one of the most accurate commercials to my actual behaviors I've seen

  100. My Asscrack

    My Asscrack21 day ago


  101. SG 7104C

    SG 7104C21 day ago

    Merry Christmas, Remember to sleep


    CUTE ANIME GIRL21 day ago

    OMGGG!!!! santa

  103. Nathan Medina

    Nathan Medina21 day ago

    GFuel cans are the perfect stocking stuffers

  104. TuGaz

    TuGaz21 day ago

    Gfuel Is So Fucking Good

  105. Rancid Riki

    Rancid Riki21 day ago

    Last year's gfuel Christmas was bomb, with the coconut unvaulting. Bring back your old classics!

  106. Rancid Riki

    Rancid Riki21 day ago

    @TuGaz that's a reskin not an unvaulting. Kiwi strawberry already was refreshed and available before the ugly sweater thing i believe

  107. TuGaz

    TuGaz21 day ago

    Kiwi Strawberry

  108. ComicBurrito967

    ComicBurrito96721 day ago

    I wannnnttt gfuellll

  109. Mike Guitar

    Mike Guitar21 day ago

    Merry Xmas everyone

  110. Taylor

    Taylor21 day ago


  111. Jerek Beamon

    Jerek Beamon21 day ago

    Loving the new gfuel things! Keep up the work guys much love and merry Christmas to all!

  112. Fríđi Jóhanson hansen

    Fríđi Jóhanson hansen21 day ago


  113. Jackson Perrin

    Jackson Perrin21 day ago

    Yo wassup

  114. Draftyy Simps

    Draftyy Simps21 day ago

    Can I get some gfuel Santa?

  115. Emmanuel Duarte

    Emmanuel Duarte21 day ago

    Merry Christmas to everyone reading this

  116. xPenguin YT

    xPenguin YT21 day ago

    Merry Christmas

  117. YoDrip

    YoDrip21 day ago

    You to and thxs for spreading the positivity around god bless

  118. Ccc Vvv

    Ccc Vvv21 day ago

    @YTK_ dibsondibs 👍

  119. OW Exotic

    OW Exotic21 day ago


  120. Jaxon C

    Jaxon C21 day ago

    Thanks you to

  121. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast21 day ago

    Merry Christmas to Gfuel

  122. aa Fps

    aa Fps21 day ago

    ayyoo free gfuel?🤔🤫

  123. Plaakk

    Plaakk21 day ago

    Who thinks gfuel will make Christmas better!

  124. Shadow Furious Gamer

    Shadow Furious Gamer21 day ago


  125. Wintry Vfx

    Wintry Vfx21 day ago

    Haha noob

  126. Oregan 2000

    Oregan 200021 day ago


  127. FS RAID

    FS RAID21 day ago


  128. Wintry Vfx

    Wintry Vfx21 day ago