G FUEL 2020!

Listen here, 2020. You may have thrown a bunch of curveballs at us with your COVID-19, your pandemic, your lockdowns, your quarantine, your isolation, your fear and your uncertainty - But guess what? AIN’T NOTHING KEEPING THE #GFUEL FAMILY DOWN!!! 2021 - WE’RE COMING FOR YOU NEXT. Fuel Your Year at gfuel.com/


  1. Ima Gun-Di

    Ima Gun-DiDay ago

    Still waiting for the Gfuel console

  2. Arthur Miranda

    Arthur Miranda3 days ago

    I want g fuel in Brazil

  3. lockzfy

    lockzfy3 days ago

    I need my gfuel its been over 2 weeks no gfuel shaker at my house


    ADRIAN CARRILLO3 days ago

    They should add Gingerbread man favour

  5. Ry

    Ry4 days ago

    I finally quit Monster and I went to G-Fuel. I'm not going back 🙂

  6. Suppe Good

    Suppe Good5 days ago


  7. XknightX 72

    XknightX 725 days ago

    Can gfuel deliver to Middle East

  8. Woofie Dog

    Woofie Dog6 days ago

    Pewdiepie is subbed here cool

  9. RIZE_Brother -_-

    RIZE_Brother -_-6 days ago

    Hey gfuel not asking for gfuel but I have never taste it before I really want to try it hit me up if I can get something from you guys

  10. XRP1

    XRP18 days ago

    Gfuel 2021

  11. Hanzel Oliver

    Hanzel Oliver8 days ago

    0:15 yes

  12. Franco De la Torre

    Franco De la Torre8 days ago

    Why tf gfuel don’t ship to Mexico?

  13. simon peters

    simon peters9 days ago

    it's garbage reaaly not healthy


    JUICY JUNO9 days ago

    Did you that the “G” in G fuel stands for Garbage

  15. Ùłífт ŚēртФг

    Ùłífт ŚēртФг10 days ago

    can i get sponsored?

  16. THEMaNIsWOrTHit

    THEMaNIsWOrTHit10 days ago


  17. Andres Salazar

    Andres Salazar10 days ago

    Hoping for that xQc flavor this year ^_^

  18. South fn

    South fn10 days ago

    Please bring some to Ghana 🥺

  19. Respect Gowther

    Respect Gowther11 days ago

    I love gfuel

  20. wydcudos

    wydcudos12 days ago

    whoever is reading this dont buy G fuel they scammed me out my money i bought there product less then an hour the product was refunded but they said there were not going to ship it back and they kept my money im gonna let 3 days go pass and if they dont email me back im suing them for all they got

  21. Roman Martinez

    Roman Martinez2 days ago

    It’s been a week any luck!

  22. OccŶpoo

    OccŶpoo9 days ago

    @wydcudos nah g I’m 16

  23. wydcudos

    wydcudos9 days ago

    @OccŶpoo 11 year ol got in the chat

  24. OccŶpoo

    OccŶpoo9 days ago

    @wydcudos bum ass 12 yr old how’re you gonna sue them for everything off of some made up bull sht get in contact with their support they’ll refund you they’re a legit company

  25. wydcudos

    wydcudos9 days ago

    @OccŶpoo no bro they take more then 2 weeks to send your money back or they dont at all no need to use cus words

  26. Roomas

    Roomas13 days ago


  27. Cheez Doodles

    Cheez Doodles13 days ago

    I hope this year we can Get cheaper sending price, and maybe cans in shop in Europa

  28. ChrisIsError

    ChrisIsError13 days ago


  29. Zenzas

    Zenzas14 days ago


  30. TECH HD - Gaming Tech Channel

    TECH HD - Gaming Tech Channel14 days ago

    I can't wait to see how 2021 is gonna be with you guys 😁🔥 I'm excited

  31. junaid

    junaid14 days ago

    Comment of 2021

  32. n3rve apex

    n3rve apex14 days ago

    I can't wait for the mortal combat one

  33. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast14 days ago

    I still wanted those faze berry vitamins gummies

  34. Gabrielius Valavičius

    Gabrielius Valavičius14 days ago

    Imagine an oreo flavour in 2021

  35. Qwayzar

    Qwayzar14 days ago

    Happy new years

  36. Zyjuila

    Zyjuila14 days ago

    This was the Year I first tried Gfuel!

  37. LasEr vXbes

    LasEr vXbes14 days ago

    Here since 2020 ticket

  38. Mike Guitar

    Mike Guitar14 days ago

    I need to buy some more packs but there always out of stock

  39. Mike Guitar

    Mike Guitar14 days ago

    Please restock on packs and release some new flavours too 👍👍👍❤️

  40. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero14 days ago

    Nobody jinx 2021

  41. RubyLeveledUp

    RubyLeveledUp14 days ago

    shoutout Gfuel for working so hard around the clock

  42. Zaid Tecleab

    Zaid Tecleab14 days ago


  43. Mrajtheartist

    Mrajtheartist14 days ago


  44. noxmic

    noxmic14 days ago

    Can gfuel suprise me in 2021 :-)

  45. zerofusion21

    zerofusion2114 days ago

    Hello Say it back

  46. deadpool

    deadpool7 days ago

    Hi hey hello

  47. MaJJorTurfOfDroidd

    MaJJorTurfOfDroidd14 days ago

    Dope FAM!!!🙌🙌

  48. Abinayan Balakanthan

    Abinayan Balakanthan14 days ago

    The only channel which doesn't have a 3hr rewind video

  49. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming14 days ago

    What if we woke up tomorrow and it said in the sky “level 1 completed”

  50. Sydthesquid

    Sydthesquid14 days ago

    Why did I feel like crying during this lol

  51. Calzee

    Calzee14 days ago

    Crazy year and can’t wait for 2021!!!!

  52. Nicklas Salling

    Nicklas Salling14 days ago

    Xqc shaker when again in store?

  53. سيف المزروعي و اقطع

    سيف المزروعي و اقطع14 days ago

    Day 47 of Gfuel Delivery Guy Refusing to deliver my Gfuel

  54. TornadoBoy 55

    TornadoBoy 5514 days ago


  55. Cxral

    Cxral14 days ago

    Im waiting for my Gfuel to come in

  56. Uneche Official

    Uneche Official9 days ago

    @Cxral so you think...

  57. Cxral

    Cxral9 days ago

    @Uneche Official tuff😂 mines actually comes in today.

  58. Uneche Official

    Uneche Official14 days ago

    Same it’s been a year n 15 days since I ordered 😂😂

  59. MrFinnymore

    MrFinnymore14 days ago

    Next year is gonna be crazier!!!

  60. Jacob Mann

    Jacob Mann14 days ago

    i just got the bogo deal

  61. aden12nd

    aden12nd14 days ago

    can you bring the cans to hawaii

  62. Jacob Blume/ KiNG Teal

    Jacob Blume/ KiNG Teal14 days ago

    And 2021 will be even better 🙌💪💪

  63. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock14 days ago

    Excited for 2021 🎆😳

  64. Christien Morgan

    Christien Morgan13 days ago


  65. HTL Gaming

    HTL Gaming14 days ago

    Iw we all keep using code shock like we have a new shock flavour might not be to far away

  66. Elijah

    Elijah14 days ago


  67. RubyLeveledUp

    RubyLeveledUp14 days ago

    maybe we'll get a shock flavor this year??

  68. Toaster MC

    Toaster MC14 days ago

    What’s up goat

  69. ZeroTwoThighs

    ZeroTwoThighs14 days ago

    Nemesis tea still the god tier

  70. KMG4REAL

    KMG4REAL14 days ago

    Gfuel y’all need to make a Pink starburst flavor inspired by KMG👀👀🥶 just thoughts

  71. Weenerpeener

    Weenerpeener14 days ago

    Dude you have 80 subscribers

  72. Mr. Penguino

    Mr. Penguino14 days ago

    Ima snort some gfuel for new years

  73. MFC Jazz

    MFC Jazz14 days ago


  74. Connor Daredevil

    Connor Daredevil14 days ago

    Reply with your favorite flavor

  75. Brawlstarplayz !

    Brawlstarplayz !14 days ago

    Oh, I do not drink gfuel

  76. Rancid Riki

    Rancid Riki14 days ago

    This year was a banger for gfuel. Dubmelon, guava, demonade, nemesis, bubblegum, starfruit, peach rings, faze x, shiny splash are all banger flavors

  77. Leo Foss

    Leo Foss14 days ago

    Faze x the goat

  78. Yigit Buba

    Yigit Buba14 days ago

    Facts bro

  79. Pro Blox

    Pro Blox14 days ago

    Where is XQC Goblin Flavour

  80. Washro

    Washro14 days ago

    you saw this on recommended then click it

  81. Pokémon and more with Chris W

    Pokémon and more with Chris W14 days ago

    So where's the gfuel next gen console at?

  82. J-Roc

    J-Roc14 days ago

    Bubblegum was definitely the worst one I tried this year

  83. Greg Gamer

    Greg Gamer14 days ago

    It’s ok

  84. ShayOpikokew

    ShayOpikokew14 days ago

    Butcheek sonic

  85. CRANX

    CRANX14 days ago

    It has been a good year next to gfuel🔥

  86. DarkArcher05

    DarkArcher0514 days ago

    Gotta love all the success Gfuel had this yesr

  87. Drone

    Drone14 days ago

    one of the first

  88. Nastie Nawrus

    Nastie Nawrus14 days ago

    Are u guys ever gonna do a give away for gfuel because I would take one

  89. Sir, This is a Burger King

    Sir, This is a Burger King14 days ago


  90. THE DERP 655129

    THE DERP 65512914 days ago


  91. S1P_BRODY

    S1P_BRODY14 days ago

    Gfuel hi love you energy drinks

  92. XxxNaruto13 xxX

    XxxNaruto13 xxX14 days ago


  93. Derek Galinac

    Derek Galinac14 days ago

    Bring back blood orange

  94. Draco ϟ

    Draco ϟ14 days ago

    Love this

  95. Nico Ro

    Nico Ro14 days ago

    First in Line

  96. Stunn

    Stunn14 days ago


  97. Stunn

    Stunn14 days ago

    Gon be better for gfuel

  98. Shadow Furious Gamer

    Shadow Furious Gamer14 days ago


  99. xMyssing-

    xMyssing-14 days ago


  100. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid14 days ago

    Gfuel beat drink out there

  101. Sliky

    Sliky14 days ago

    Ayyy, I'm earlyyy

  102. Dynimo _

    Dynimo _14 days ago


  103. Raiken Reto

    Raiken Reto14 days ago


  104. Athrekyte

    Athrekyte14 days ago


  105. Sr Leaf

    Sr Leaf14 days ago

    Noti gang!!