G FUEL Bubble Gum!

‪The nostalgia! The trip down “Flavor Memory Lane!” The fantastical, whimsical, taste-bud extravaganza that awaits you! What could it be? BUBBLEGUM of course! Better yet ... #GFUELBUBBLEGUM! Sign up for early access: gfuel.com/pages/launch-calendar


  1. Jack Drapeau

    Jack Drapeau6 hours ago

    Ah yes, femboy flavor. My favorite

  2. SoftServeSwift

    SoftServeSwift7 months ago

    Can an 11yr old have GFuel

  3. alex Rice

    alex Rice7 months ago

    When is it coming out in taster packs like the one you can get 3x for $4.99

  4. Samson Lund

    Samson Lund8 months ago

    it good g fuel

  5. Yo Kassie

    Yo Kassie8 months ago

    I hope I get my order soon I ordered it during the Special invitation to buy it before anyone else

  6. ImActuallyJager

    ImActuallyJager9 months ago

    Gfuel i'm new and would like to say it's delicious but i got the doom flavor it's good but i get bored of it my mom will buy a new flavor every 2 months pls give me a free flavor faze berry pls

  7. shrek is my fursona

    shrek is my fursona9 months ago

    Why was this delayed

  8. Bryce ALMIGHTY 16

    Bryce ALMIGHTY 169 months ago

    I wish I had gruel but I can’t 😥

  9. Versinal

    Versinal9 months ago

    Waitin for cookie dough GFUEL

  10. Sriram G

    Sriram G9 months ago

    Honestly I would buy GFuel just for the beautiful tub design. The fact that they taste amazing and help me focus are even better

  11. FormedEmperor90

    FormedEmperor909 months ago


  12. Mr Bloxu Ω

    Mr Bloxu Ω9 months ago

    This is something tha Wonka will make

  13. bleeduntildeath

    bleeduntildeath9 months ago

    can we get a straight up banana flavor? or banana colada? I want banana milk mix

  14. X Phasma X

    X Phasma X9 months ago

    I waited for 3 hours for a 16 second commercial And it was worth it

  15. Suck my big fat bangali cock

    Suck my big fat bangali cock9 months ago

    The dudes make new GFUEL everyday

  16. Ian32

    Ian329 months ago


  17. xenp

    xenp9 months ago

    Make a new energy crystal flavour please.

  18. 34 Media

    34 Media9 months ago

    just need to make it cheaper then soft drink as red bull is way cheaper in australia after freight any chance you could have distributers in different regions as the freight kills it ! a real shame even with BOGO still same price as full price red bull

  19. M40A3 SPNX

    M40A3 SPNX9 months ago

    Colour me interested

  20. Abraham Valles

    Abraham Valles9 months ago

    I will be eating this shit like it's my stepsis ass

  21. The Champ

    The Champ9 months ago


  22. MoistSkittlez

    MoistSkittlez9 months ago

    Instant cop💕

  23. 3xic Gaming

    3xic Gaming9 months ago

    lets go

  24. A1-Designn

    A1-Designn9 months ago

    Only thing is orders are taking a month to arrive trust me I made an order 2 weeks ago and the arrival time is Monday the 11th next month

  25. FrainBreeze AM

    FrainBreeze AM9 months ago

    Another flavor that will make you feel sick after half a cup

  26. Kayjay ._.

    Kayjay ._.9 months ago

    FrainBreeze AM that’s what I was thinking

  27. GD FlatOut

    GD FlatOut9 months ago

    Probably one of those flavours that would probs go with milk 🤷🏻‍♂️

  28. Beaniez

    Beaniez9 months ago

    CANT WAIT! you guys been popping out flavours like its NOTHING! mad respect!

  29. FloridaSky ツ

    FloridaSky ツ9 months ago

    I'm still waiting for Cookie Dough Ice Cream, been saying this since 2017 at least.

  30. LandoADiffBreed !

    LandoADiffBreed !9 months ago

    @kelpylogan yup, with water. Use milk with shortcake, French vanilla, strawberry banana, and more and itll taste good.

  31. kelpylogan

    kelpylogan9 months ago

    Milk based flavors tend to taste bad

  32. booper idk-a-name

    booper idk-a-name9 months ago

    i saw the ad and was like gonna order now confused why i couldnt find it clicked the video to see coming soon yall played me

  33. MikeyTheWarrior/MTW

    MikeyTheWarrior/MTW9 months ago

    I feel like this would be tasting like Pepto Bismol after reading one comment.

  34. Ashley Smart

    Ashley Smart9 months ago

    So excited for this one! Got to try a sample and it was exactly like the gum growing up that came with comics and cards!! My new number 1!!

  35. PhantomAid3n

    PhantomAid3n9 months ago

    It’s weird that it looks like an April fools commercial but it’s actually real 😂

  36. JJ Kaname

    JJ Kaname9 months ago

    Copping it!

  37. Oakley

    Oakley9 months ago

    I was hopping for birthday cake

  38. SkateGame ScreamRepeat

    SkateGame ScreamRepeat9 months ago

    No way I always told myself if for some reason I was able to have my own GFUEL flavor I would want it to be this I can’t wait I’m definitely gonna get it

  39. DragonitePlayZ

    DragonitePlayZ9 months ago

    powdered pepto that turns back into a liquid when mixed

  40. Jack Casciato

    Jack Casciato9 months ago

    It’s been long enough

  41. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast9 months ago

    I’m hyped for it

  42. zPureHardcore

    zPureHardcore9 months ago

    Love the promos you guys do! So hype for this flavor! 😎

  43. Chilly

    Chilly9 months ago

    I feel like this would just taste like medicine

  44. Twangy188

    Twangy1889 months ago

    I was wanting this to be a flavor and it's actually happening!!!

  45. ultra

    ultra9 months ago

    New gfuel yesss

  46. Sicario

    Sicario9 months ago

    Gimme gimme I need it ...... .my precious :)

  47. gfueloniichan gfuelloniichan

    gfueloniichan gfuelloniichan9 months ago

    I feel like it will be super similar to cotten candy

  48. Kayjay ._.

    Kayjay ._.9 months ago

    gfueloniichan gfuelloniichan true

  49. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock9 months ago

    Oh yes!

  50. Jake from State Farm

    Jake from State Farm9 months ago


  51. Negans Mayo Sandwiches

    Negans Mayo Sandwiches9 months ago

    ElectricShock hi huge fan

  52. ErdinJE Games

    ErdinJE Games9 months ago


  53. Eran Stoianov

    Eran Stoianov9 months ago

    now im feeling sad that im under age cuz im fricking love bubble gum :sad_face:

  54. water boy 24

    water boy 249 months ago

    Eran Stoianov yolo man, I’m you’ll be fine just don’t drink it everyday

  55. O K

    O K9 months ago

    Bazooka zooka bubblegum

  56. Theo Refi

    Theo Refi9 months ago

    now we wait for shock

  57. Mr BurntOut

    Mr BurntOut9 months ago

    More hydration flavors

  58. Saltiboii reviews

    Saltiboii reviews9 months ago

    Damn this gonna be lit

  59. Falling beds

    Falling beds9 months ago

    There'll never be a flavor you didn't make at some point

  60. Falling beds

    Falling beds9 months ago

    @black Person you mean the peepee-poopoo flavor? It's still a work-in-progress.

  61. black Person

    black Person9 months ago

    DogHog YT what about the poop flavor tho😎😳

  62. GRISLY

    GRISLY9 months ago

    I'm still waiting for the seamen flavor🔥

  63. GappStar

    GappStar9 months ago


  64. JT Films

    JT Films9 months ago

    I might have to try the new flavor


    SHADOWRIDER889 months ago

    I'm so so excited for this!

  66. Memetologist

    Memetologist9 months ago

    Feel like it's gonna be good once but the rest of the 39 servings... Just like Iced Coffee and Strawberry Shortcake

  67. Tully Smully

    Tully Smully9 months ago

    Yeah bro got iced coffee ain’t nice unless you got milk or oat milk and still then it’s okay

  68. Venomborn

    Venomborn9 months ago

    The Platinum Tugboat water must activate something important in the mix more efficiently (seeing as all GFUEL is made with water in mind as a blanket rule), so having at least 4oz mixed in with 12oz of milk would bring the flavor out the best way

  69. k47w

    k47w9 months ago

    ツツ Landen I hope you enjoy it man!

  70. LandoADiffBreed !

    LandoADiffBreed !9 months ago

    @k47w I heard it was good and I'm gonna buy a tub along with coffee cup for my next order

  71. CapitalGerm

    CapitalGerm9 months ago

    Instinct cotton candy slaps

  72. dumdum

    dumdum9 months ago

    Just keep my wallet

  73. GRISLY

    GRISLY9 months ago

    The "save this card information for next time purchase" has never came in handy so much monkaS


    JUSTxTRIPPY9 months ago

    Gum ?

  75. riot 1k

    riot 1k9 months ago

    Know what I'm buying

  76. L0SXD

    L0SXD9 months ago

    Really GFuel LMA0 Bubblegum flavor, Can't wait to get it and try

  77. Jogxogx 3

    Jogxogx 39 months ago


  78. FrenchyEBoy

    FrenchyEBoy9 months ago

    Can't frickin wait

  79. TheSkyLife

    TheSkyLife9 months ago

    Nothing bubble gum ever tastes good so we’ll see 🤷🏼‍♂️ still gonna buy it tho.

  80. Chilly

    Chilly9 months ago

    It’ll taste like Pepto for sure

  81. Baadach

    Baadach9 months ago

    TheSkyLife i predict itll taste like that dentist flavored stuff hah

  82. II Vhelocity

    II Vhelocity9 months ago

    I swear if this tastes like Pepto bismol😂

  83. X bocc

    X bocc9 months ago


  84. ViperPlays

    ViperPlays9 months ago

    Ok this is low key gonna taste good

  85. CRIMS X

    CRIMS X9 months ago

    Leeeeets gooooo finally

  86. Malachi Grant

    Malachi Grant9 months ago


  87. Tocan

    Tocan9 months ago

    Yess Electric shock

  88. francesca warner

    francesca warner9 months ago

    pls release a birthday cake flavor to go along with the shaker

  89. L0SXD

    L0SXD9 months ago

    @francesca warner niceee

  90. francesca warner

    francesca warner9 months ago

    HypeGinger yea i have it

  91. GRISLY

    GRISLY9 months ago

    Yeah but would it be? I've had birthday cakes that were chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, etc. it would probably be old fashioned vanilla if I'd had to guess

  92. Sloppy Borrito

    Sloppy Borrito9 months ago

    @L0SXD loser

  93. L0SXD

    L0SXD9 months ago

    they have a birthday shaker on the website my guy, its look very cool

  94. Raccoon Penguin

    Raccoon Penguin9 months ago


  95. 50k and no Video

    50k and no Video9 months ago

    I’m ordering it

  96. Pluto V2

    Pluto V29 months ago

    Is it chewable at least 😂

  97. Derpy

    Derpy9 months ago

    If you put in enough powder then it’ll start clumping up to get the closest thing to chewable

  98. Groundon

    Groundon9 months ago

    Oh my God

  99. Balianto

    Balianto9 months ago


  100. Bloxie Iced

    Bloxie Iced9 months ago

    It looks ok

  101. Whomever

    Whomever9 months ago


  102. Platinum Scrims

    Platinum Scrims9 months ago

    NO WAY

  103. Alexthenewboi

    Alexthenewboi9 months ago


  104. Alexander Mendez

    Alexander Mendez9 months ago


  105. X3TM

    X3TM9 months ago


  106. Warm Spaghettios

    Warm Spaghettios9 months ago

    What flavor of bubble gum doe

  107. Supify

    Supify9 months ago

    I have to get it

  108. Frankie M.

    Frankie M.9 months ago

    Not gonna lie, I thought this was Pepto Bismol

  109. Mr Bloxu Ω

    Mr Bloxu Ω9 months ago


  110. Greninja14

    Greninja149 months ago

    Frankie M. Lmaoo people have stomach pain😭😂

  111. ToppyNoob

    ToppyNoob9 months ago

    Which bubble gum flavor tho?

  112. Artioza

    Artioza9 months ago

    Some one is bound to snort this one

  113. Kayjay ._.

    Kayjay ._.9 months ago

    I snorted spicy demonade so this is child’s play

  114. Noah Gladden

    Noah Gladden9 months ago

    Artioza I’m going to do it

  115. Señor Risgaard

    Señor Risgaard9 months ago

    My Wallet: Ah shit here we go again

  116. Vertilius

    Vertilius9 months ago

    Are they trying to make people eat the straight up powder at this point?

  117. V01dStorm

    V01dStorm7 months ago

    @Alexander Mendez woah lads chill

  118. V01dStorm

    V01dStorm7 months ago


  119. Alexander Mendez

    Alexander Mendez8 months ago

    mialuv your like 6 buddy

  120. iistrqxmi

    iistrqxmi8 months ago

    Alexander Mendez your like 10 chill

  121. Chilly

    Chilly9 months ago

    I fill like this would just taste like medicine

  122. Jus The moose

    Jus The moose9 months ago

    Yo this flavour is 100% gonna be bomb

  123. the omega

    the omega4 months ago

    @Ryker Loth ur opinion but ok

  124. Ryker Loth

    Ryker Loth5 months ago

    it’s not