G Fuel Taze Test

Alex Mandel Gives us a shocking taste test for some of his favorite G FUEL Flavors! Fuel Your Life at gfuel.com/


  1. Yoobirage

    Yoobirage8 months ago

    Dude he wanted to taser him so bad u could see

  2. therealosugodly

    therealosugodly9 months ago

    I smell burning

  3. pablo rages

    pablo rages11 months ago

    DON"T GET the BLACK ON BLACKBERRY ... it's BAD ! .... it doesn't taste like blackberry AT ALL .... it tastes like cloves ... it reminds me of going to the dentist !

  4. Rohith Yangalasetty

    Rohith Yangalasetty11 months ago

    Do it again with electricshock, this challenge would be perfect for him considering his name LOL.

  5. Hyper Flie

    Hyper Flie7 months ago

    i feel like he would disintegrate

  6. NaR3T0 YeEt

    NaR3T0 YeEt11 months ago

    can i become a sponsor

  7. OccŶpoo

    OccŶpoo11 months ago

    NaR3T0 YeEt lmao with 17 subs and Uber low quality videos what are you even providing the company what benefit do they get from giving u free products and money?

  8. Zasto

    ZastoYear ago

    Imagine if they made a cran-grape flavor now that would be epic

  9. Zasto

    Zasto11 months ago

    to each there own

  10. Liam Henebry

    Liam HenebryYear ago

    have dr disrespect come

  11. oreo

    oreoYear ago


  12. Mtops

    MtopsYear ago

    you guys need to make a series like this

  13. graph

    graphYear ago

    I wanna ser electric shock do the taste test

  14. Weirdo Productions

    Weirdo ProductionsYear ago


  15. ape33

    ape339 months ago

    Weirdo k

  16. Exalite

    ExaliteYear ago

    Change the flavors in the Try 5 Pack!

  17. daniel

    danielYear ago

    Pls restock in cherry limeade

  18. Majichan

    MajichanYear ago

    Do electric shock

  19. Kazmix2

    Kazmix2Year ago


  20. TLS Videos

    TLS VideosYear ago

    Make Kursed and Dequat do it..... or maybe the boss himself Cliff

  21. Chris Benoit

    Chris BenoitYear ago

    Why would anyone agree to this

  22. Leon Zhang

    Leon ZhangYear ago

    LMAO your dad

  23. Sam Lombardo

    Sam LombardoYear ago

    Bring back Blood Orange G Fuel

  24. The Potato Assassin

    The Potato AssassinYear ago

    Do people actually like gfuel? i bought a starter pack and every pack was either bad tasting or had a strong taste of artifical sweetener, i see everyone saying they love gfuel, I cant believe how anyone would like it, none of my friends liked it either when they tried it

  25. H P

    H P11 months ago

    @The Potato Assassin maybe It is not meant for you I guess.

  26. The Potato Assassin

    The Potato Assassin11 months ago

    @H P all of them had a strong taste of artificial sugar besides the shortcake one, but that was overly sweet. i tried ice cubes and it didn't help, also tried using as cold water as possible, didn't like any.. neither did my friends, they shared my opiniln

  27. H P

    H P11 months ago

    @The Potato Assassin you didnt like any one of them? Have you been using Ice? That makes a big difference.

  28. The Potato Assassin

    The Potato Assassin11 months ago

    @H P 7, fruit punch, greenapple, peach ice tea i think it was called, sour cherry, strawberry shortcake, faze berry and kiwi strawberry i think

  29. H P

    H P11 months ago

    @The Potato Assassin Did you get 1 flavor? or several? There are some that taste bad tbh. Try it with some Ice cubes.

  30. Archerboy 31

    Archerboy 31Year ago

    Logan pual

  31. leonarrxd

    leonarrxdYear ago

    How long would the shipping to Germany take?? Btw. Nice vid👍🏻

  32. German Flad

    German FladYear ago

    @leonarrxd Ich hatte noch nicht solche Probleme. Die menge an koffein in GFuel ist ca gleichzusetzen mit der eines energy drinks (ca 140/150mg pro 0,5l) Jeder reagiert anders auf Koffein. Aber ich denke wenn du ein gewisses alter erreicht hast ist der kosum unbedenklich. Ich würde aber abraten wenn du unter 16 bist. Ab 18 gelten 300mg Koffein am tag als unbedenklich. Wobei man ab 16 nur 1x gfuel am tag trinken sollte. Koffein wirkt sich mehr auf das wachstum und gehirn aus als viele denken. Wenn du über 16 bist würde ich es halt nicht abends trinken (logischerweise)

  33. leonarrxd

    leonarrxdYear ago

    Gerry Floh ich habe mir reviews angesehen und leute sagen das sie gezittert haben und nicht einschlafen konnten. Stimmt das? Lg

  34. German Flad

    German FladYear ago

    @leonarrxd Kein ding

  35. leonarrxd

    leonarrxdYear ago

    Gerry Floh ok danke vielen dank

  36. German Flad

    German FladYear ago

    @leonarrxd Der Versand ist ziemlich teuer. Ich hab mir vor kurzem nochmal ne Tub und energy Crystals gekauft. Versand + Steuer waren ca. + 15€ Aber ich weiß nicht ob du das weißt. Viele Stramer etc sind verpartnert mit GFuel und die haben codes wo du eigentlich durchgehend mit irgend nem code 30% rabbat bekommst. Das deckt dann die versand und steuer kosten. Wenn du sonst noch fragen hast stell sie gerne. Hab oft genug bestellt 😅

  37. T Dude

    T DudeYear ago

    Bring a mango flavor. Or strawberry

  38. ape33

    ape339 months ago

    T Dude there is both

  39. Amanda K

    Amanda KYear ago

    Romanatwood vs someone else and secondly Logan Paul vs jake Paul

  40. Lthal Ghost

    Lthal GhostYear ago


  41. Daanish Hussain

    Daanish HussainYear ago

    You need to get KSI or Roman Atwood on this

  42. Connor

    Connor11 months ago

    Daanish Hussain Roman Atwood was on this 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  43. Luke

    LukeYear ago

    At 1:50: Do you even mix it? lol

  44. Luke

    LukeYear ago

    @Ryan ClaybornSo you basically wasted the rest of the powder? Also you must be using a bit too much. Cause I never had such problem.

  45. Ryan Clayborn

    Ryan ClaybornYear ago

    @Luke personal preference. i think it tastes better with the powder at the bottom. goes down easier

  46. Luke

    LukeYear ago

    Ryan Clayborn and it takes a couple seconds to shake/mix it?? 😂 It’s literally a taste test!

  47. Ryan Clayborn

    Ryan ClaybornYear ago

    you do realize it takes time to make a video? they probably made it before filming at let it rest for a minute.

  48. Jami

    JamiYear ago


  49. Xyku

    XykuYear ago

    When does the collector box for Gfuel Iced Coffee French Vanilla come back???

  50. Anton L

    Anton LYear ago

    @Xyku There's honestly nothing too special about the Iced Coffee flavor collector box, besides the art on the box itself. Just wait for a future collector box you like and get that one instead. The shaker isn't worth getting for the coffee one imo.

  51. Xyku

    XykuYear ago

    TLS Videos noooooo😢 I was gonna get it the next day of its release but it sold out.

  52. TLS Videos

    TLS VideosYear ago

    Hope Xyku it might not ever come back... that’s the point of collectors items

  53. Brandon Spinner

    Brandon SpinnerYear ago

    You need to get KSI in on this lol

  54. xd_raze_

    xd_raze_Year ago

    I got peach ice tea

  55. Daniel’s Vlogs

    Daniel’s VlogsYear ago


  56. VoidVFX

    VoidVFXYear ago

    gfuel i need


    RANDOW STUFFYear ago

    I want gfuel

  58. SirLimeII

    SirLimeIIYear ago

    gfuel is illegal in my country so i cant buy it, which sucks, ill have to go with rogue energy

  59. TheAlexis45

    TheAlexis458 months ago

    @SirLimeII R.I.P

  60. SirLimeII

    SirLimeII8 months ago

    @TheAlexis45 idk

  61. SirLimeII

    SirLimeII8 months ago

    @Alfonsas Stenkevicius and belgium

  62. SirLimeII

    SirLimeII8 months ago

    @Alfonsas Stenkevicius norway

  63. TheAlexis45

    TheAlexis458 months ago

    Why is it even illegal?

  64. CensusFN

    CensusFNYear ago


  65. Hollett

    HollettYear ago

    Does gfuel respond to people with notifications?

  66. JJ Kaname

    JJ KanameYear ago

    Tazer face.

  67. Soggy Diaper

    Soggy DiaperYear ago

    You would think he meant taste but no a taser

  68. King of Darkness

    King of DarknessYear ago

    Bruuuuh lol

  69. Ashton Ochsner

    Ashton OchsnerYear ago

    Send me a tub and I’ll Buy a backpack

  70. Zasto

    ZastoYear ago

    Dude stop begging it’s pathetic

  71. x7ki

    x7kiYear ago


  72. Adi Jamal

    Adi JamalYear ago


  73. Dombondo

    DombondoYear ago