Cooking with G FUEL: MoonPie Pancakes

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Moonpie Pancakes
2 cups all-purpose flour
4 tbsp granulated sugar
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
6 tbsp unsalted butter , melted
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 scoop of MoonPie G FUEL



  1. just a normal default pfp

    just a normal default pfp10 days ago

    can you make swedish pancakes

  2. FatalJapan

    FatalJapan22 days ago

    Definitely trying this when my tub comes in.

  3. Jonah Marie R. Sebastian

    Jonah Marie R. Sebastian2 months ago

    But theres caffaine in this pancake?

  4. Anorn

    Anorn4 months ago

    Im vegan

  5. joma Huntington

    joma Huntington4 months ago

    U could take this a step further by getting 2 of the pancakes and getting marshmallow fluff from a jar and make a sandwich to take on the go possibly add chocolate syrup in some way


    NINE RUSH5 months ago

    The food in the comercial is fake during the end result because when they were making it it was so skinny and suddenly it turns thick and fluffy

  7. Brayden Aala

    Brayden Aala5 months ago

    They are turning into a Tasty channel now

  8. Houie Rhubarb

    Houie Rhubarb5 months ago

    Literally the only thing this flavor is good for

  9. JimJimWow

    JimJimWow4 months ago

    I think its good

  10. The Coconut

    The Coconut5 months ago

    Can you make strawberry shortcakes with the gfuel flavor

  11. Mrio

    Mrio5 months ago

    Love the ingridients’ amout display!


    NINE RUSH5 months ago

    Mouth watering

  13. LouwonDwayne Surio

    LouwonDwayne Surio5 months ago

    umm is this G fuel flavor pan cake

  14. E 11

    E 115 months ago

    Swedish pancakes

  15. Mr. Saltman

    Mr. Saltman5 months ago

    Already madea few for my dad before hewent to the gym

  16. Starttt

    Starttt5 months ago

    Is this the one made by Kosmic Kait?

  17. Amarii ded aya

    Amarii ded aya5 months ago

    Does this boost your energy

  18. WizardMan

    WizardMan5 months ago

    for me, no, just massive headaches the next day from the caffeine

  19. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing5 months ago


  20. NTGYL

    NTGYL5 months ago

    They should have added g-fuel powder

  21. Captain Club

    Captain Club5 months ago

    They did

  22. Omar Mercado

    Omar Mercado5 months ago

    Those pancakes look good af! 🤤

  23. a human person

    a human person5 months ago

    New flavour coronafruit

  24. Akaash Takaki

    Akaash Takaki5 months ago

    That one dislike WHY

  25. Shalondra Martin

    Shalondra Martin5 months ago

    My grandfather's favorite snack was moon pies but the banana flavor yes dead now

  26. Dreynolds23

    Dreynolds235 months ago

    Stop just stop 😔🤚

  27. Tad0

    Tad05 months ago

    you betrayed the 2x champ

  28. Mondy Mimo

    Mondy Mimo5 months ago

    Tad0 they must pay with pain

  29. Garrett Johnson

    Garrett Johnson5 months ago

    Everyone knows you mix dry and wet ingredients separately... DISLIKE

  30. Alex Edmondson

    Alex Edmondson5 months ago

    Can we please more new G Fuel mixes since we have more flavors now?

  31. JimJimWow

    JimJimWow3 months ago

    make your own mixes dude try them out

  32. F2LMIKΞY

    F2LMIKΞY5 months ago

    Cotton candy pancakes 🤔

  33. F2LMIKΞY

    F2LMIKΞY5 months ago

    I want


    TROLLMAKER 15 months ago


  35. Goldknight. Exe

    Goldknight. Exe5 months ago

    Does this really work

  36. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n05 months ago

    Wait a minute try instead the strawberry Banana tub topped with real bananas and strawberrys to make strawberry banana pancakes

  37. Monster Jax

    Monster Jax5 months ago

    I wanna make a strawberry banana syrup for the pancakes

  38. reverse Bro

    reverse Bro5 months ago

    Nice work G fuel

  39. AceGali

    AceGali5 months ago

    moonpie was a waste of $30

  40. Tim Hill

    Tim Hill5 months ago

    I have the Moonpie shaker and tub. I make iced coffee with it and I must say, IT SLAPS

  41. YTK_ dibsondibs

    YTK_ dibsondibsMonth ago

    @Tim Hill oh nice

  42. JimJimWow

    JimJimWowMonth ago

    @Tim Hill Thanks!

  43. Tim Hill

    Tim HillMonth ago

    Brew coffee, let cool. Add to shaker cup. Add suggested amount of Moonpie Gfuel. I add half and half to my coffee so I'm using it here. Shake. Since I have two shaker cups, I pour from one over ice into the other and it is tasty. I use Black Rifle Beyond Black coffee usually for this.

  44. JimJimWow

    JimJimWowMonth ago


  45. YTK_ dibsondibs

    YTK_ dibsondibsMonth ago

    that does sound good

  46. CoughE

    CoughE5 months ago

    Strawberry shortcake pancakes maybe?

  47. Jonathan Castro

    Jonathan Castro5 months ago

    Im eating energy crystals right now

  48. Santiago Dunbar

    Santiago Dunbar4 months ago

    1 of 10 ppl since they're sold out for all eternity lol

  49. 13 Beaches

    13 Beaches5 months ago

    Those pancakes are more crooked than my ass cheeks bruh

  50. mrbruh

    mrbruh5 months ago

    To to person who is reading this: You're amazing and outstanding stay safe and have a wonderful rest of your day!✨

  51. Not Today

    Not Today5 months ago

    What g fuel pancakes

  52. FaTe Recon

    FaTe Recon5 months ago

    I’ve never had gfuel I’m disappointed

  53. Aaron Parkinson

    Aaron Parkinson5 months ago

    make this have alot of likes for no reason

  54. othmane innit

    othmane innit5 months ago

    i wanna buy gfuel so badly but my mom wont let me. Im 15 btw, do u guys think i can drink gfuel even if im young?

  55. Guy10169

    Guy10169Month ago


  56. Faulk Smash

    Faulk Smash5 months ago

    Just drink water and squeeze lemon into it lmao. G Fuel is literally useless and longterm not good for you. I tried their variety pack years ago when there weren't as many flavours as there are now, and some tasted good, others tasted like dog piss (FaZe Berry & Mystery Flavor) but after finishing all of them, I thought "Why did I even buy these"? I bought them out of curiosity, tried them, and they didn't do anything for me. Long term, I can't imagine they're the best for you. Just drink tons of water and make it a habit. Don't fall into the stupid G Fuel trap.

  57. Venomborn

    Venomborn5 months ago

    I’d stay away at least until you’re of age to necessitate the use of caffeine. No reason to so young, even if the ads and people’s recommendations are appealing :) eventually you can! Just gotta be safe with it

  58. Cas

    Cas5 months ago

    In moderation

  59. Rat The Rat

    Rat The Rat5 months ago

    I was confused but now I understand

  60. ToppyNoob

    ToppyNoob5 months ago

    Mmmm chunky water pancakes

  61. carlos69

    carlos695 months ago

    i was wondering about trying style for the first time should i buy some and if so what should i start out with? packs? tub? 20 pack?

  62. Yonas A

    Yonas A5 months ago

    @Ecto 130 yeah the ksi one? Mabye thinking about buying one. But i have to check on that later

  63. Ecto 130

    Ecto 1305 months ago

    @Yonas A moonpie or strawberry banana

  64. Yonas A

    Yonas A5 months ago

    @Ecto 130 you have any favorite flavour?

  65. Ecto 130

    Ecto 1305 months ago

    @carlos69 Its a decent starting flavor but still get the try 10 pack

  66. carlos69

    carlos695 months ago

    Ecto 130 is the gummy fish good?

  67. NxL_Splash

    NxL_Splash5 months ago

    I would try but don’t got moon pie

  68. Mondy Mimo

    Mondy Mimo5 months ago

    Doesnt taste much like chocolate its strange

  69. Mondy Mimo

    Mondy Mimo5 months ago

    I didnt like it

  70. Mondy Mimo

    Mondy Mimo5 months ago

    NxL_Splash moon pie is trash

  71. Joey

    Joey5 months ago

    Literally had this idea the day the flavor came out, bet they're amazing

  72. Roxy Bro

    Roxy Bro5 months ago


  73. TunaBread

    TunaBread5 months ago

    *Energy Pancakes*

  74. Stewzie

    Stewzie5 months ago


  75. Winsins

    Winsins5 months ago

    Can anyone tell me if these give u energy?

  76. Winsins

    Winsins5 months ago

    @zavannahlee07 well ig now u could say it's an energy meal lol sry

  77. Winsins

    Winsins5 months ago

    @Yonas A just like normal g fuel energy with caffeine vitamins etc

  78. zavannahlee07

    zavannahlee075 months ago

    Its like an energy drink but healthier so yes they do

  79. Yonas A

    Yonas A5 months ago

    You mean in like a coffeen type of energy? A meal or a training type of energy?

  80. P 3TER ❶

    P 3TER ❶5 months ago

    To the person reading this : I hope you guys are ok and I hope you guys are safe during these really hard times I wish nothing but love and positivity godbles🙏🏾 you guys 🧡

  81. Noodles

    Noodles5 months ago

    nice like bait lmao.

  82. ToppyNoob

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  83. JVanessa-

    JVanessa-5 months ago

    its 1:54 in the morning and my mouth is watering

  84. JVanessa-

    JVanessa-5 months ago

    Toppy i literally said the time irl not in the video

  85. ToppyNoob

    ToppyNoob5 months ago

    ?? Thats not a time stamp

  86. the sidnams

    the sidnams5 months ago


  87. Kazmix2

    Kazmix25 months ago

    Yayyyy this is awesome

  88. Rissk Snipes

    Rissk Snipes5 months ago

    GFUEL is amazing 🤤

  89. Aloof Foty

    Aloof Foty5 months ago

    "WHO ELSE IS A FAN OF G Fuel TRUE FAN🥰” (ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴛᴡ)❤️

  90. mat lol

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  91. Applezy

    Applezy5 months ago

    Gfuel pancake flavour where it at ??

  92. water boy 24

    water boy 245 months ago

    I’m hoping for apple pie soon😬

  93. Mopp

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    To the person who is reading this, Your amazing stay blessed, stay safe and have an amazing rest of your day!♥️

  94. Noodles

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    nice like bait lmao.

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    I cant

  96. ToppyNoob

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    How the actual flip yo do ur get ur viewers to sub to u?

  97. ToxicZYX

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    Hola niños

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    @Noodles ik right nothing is original theese days

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