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  1. Xurzu XB

    Xurzu XBMonth ago

    These comments didnt age well

  2. phil dr

    phil dr7 months ago


  3. SwanTheChosenOne

    SwanTheChosenOne7 months ago

    🤢 🤮

  4. Tim Hill

    Tim Hill7 months ago

    I legit cant wait, and I'm making my dad try it. He grew up on Moon Pies

  5. Zee Zee

    Zee Zee7 months ago

    Sounds nasty

  6. cherry flavored panther510

    cherry flavored panther5107 months ago

    Next g fuel blunts

  7. Surielle the Cookieblobber

    Surielle the Cookieblobber7 months ago

    I was half expecting Ninja to show up due to the color scheme

  8. sparky kills

    sparky kills7 months ago

    If gfuel do what footasylum do and bing the people they sponsor on videos to play games and others things then this youtube channel would be lit

  9. Panda_ Officiel

    Panda_ Officiel7 months ago

    I'm a simple guy, I eat G-Fuel.

  10. PlasmaGaming 1214

    PlasmaGaming 12147 months ago

    You know dukaja

  11. Kunal Khonde

    Kunal Khonde7 months ago

    Its not that expensive but I still can't buy g fuel Bcoz they don't ship in Asia

  12. William Afton

    William Afton7 months ago

    Wheres babaushka apple pie gfuel

  13. Teshiku

    Teshiku7 months ago

    Everybody is saying gfuel invented chocolate water Hot chocolate: am I joke to you?

  14. Boondock Backup

    Boondock Backup7 months ago

    Definitely getting this flavor 🙂

  15. ZSolReaper Is a bot

    ZSolReaper Is a bot7 months ago


  16. MER

    MER7 months ago


  17. 乍乇巜工戶乇ズ나刀

    乍乇巜工戶乇ズ나刀7 months ago


  18. j r robotics

    j r robotics7 months ago

    Who’s here from pewdiepie

  19. JaydenTHEFLASH2

    JaydenTHEFLASH27 months ago

    You guys should do one with @coryxkenshin

  20. Senior Boomer

    Senior Boomer7 months ago

    This comment is sponsored by G-Fuel and Moon Pie

  21. NanaTea64

    NanaTea647 months ago

    Hello my name is brody I make gaming videos on TikTok and USlikes I am working on getting a better gaming setup I just got myself a mini fridge but nothing to drink I was wondering if you guys could please help me out??

  22. Gxdz •

    Gxdz •7 months ago

    tbh I don't think this is a good mix chocolate crackers with marshmallow filling as a gfuel liquid drink sounds weird

  23. Corrupt Szn

    Corrupt Szn7 months ago

    What flavor do you recommend for beginners

  24. A Dude With internet

    A Dude With internet7 months ago

    Fazeberry or any of the faze flavor start with fruity flavors

  25. hansiboiii

    hansiboiii7 months ago

    Now make babushka Apple pie

  26. everyone

    everyone7 months ago

    so close to babushka's apple pie flavor :c

  27. Sparky8127

    Sparky81277 months ago

    where is babushka's apple pie flavor?

  28. Sexy Flanders

    Sexy Flanders7 months ago

    Yo make alien nectar next

  29. Fede Cente

    Fede Cente7 months ago

    Suscribe to the channel: Comunità pastorale divina misericordia

  30. Team Jace

    Team Jace7 months ago

    also who thinks they should make a sour patch kids flavored gfuel?

  31. Team Jace

    Team Jace7 months ago

    this makes me want to die and barf

  32. Ghost2SC54 YT

    Ghost2SC54 YT7 months ago

    Is gfuel dangerous

  33. Danny Darcy

    Danny Darcy7 months ago

    Nope, just watch out for caffeine intake

  34. Dionis Morari

    Dionis Morari7 months ago

    Who else remember that one guy that had a stroke and was talking about moon pies?

  35. Reddy

    Reddy7 months ago

    they dropped keem still pissed about that

  36. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork7 months ago

    IK right so annoying.

  37. oby gaming

    oby gaming7 months ago

    How many subs for a sponsorll

  38. NoobZuz

    NoobZuz7 months ago

    Hello, I come from TEAM zKA, we are a small team in recognition but Big in Games. We are not like some teams that only focus on one. We have great activities among us but we want to go one step further. We need a Sponsor, that's why I came with you to ask for your help and I expect at least a response from you. Our Instagram is @ Team.zka.oficial

  39. NoobZuz

    NoobZuz7 months ago

    USlikes: TEAM zKA


    Cure NOTVACCINE7 months ago


  41. no yes

    no yes7 months ago


  42. Marco !

    Marco !7 months ago

    What happens if you drink Gfuel underage.

  43. Oktay Dogan

    Oktay Dogan7 months ago

    Nice commercial video. Thanks for sharing.

  44. The Aberdevine

    The Aberdevine7 months ago


  45. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork7 months ago


  46. SpainCat

    SpainCat7 months ago

    Lmao in your dreams Not after what happened to Keem.

  47. TheBlackfire218

    TheBlackfire2187 months ago

    Cream pie

  48. Rocky Jackson 007

    Rocky Jackson 0077 months ago

    Do you believe in rebirth? 🌟

  49. hazard

    hazard7 months ago

    I can tell this is gonna be good with milk

  50. Vicevilla

    Vicevilla8 months ago

    still waiting for xqc flavor

  51. RevoSzn

    RevoSzn7 months ago


  52. Luis Mainardi

    Luis Mainardi8 months ago

    Where is my order it has been 7 days and it said 3 -5 days and still haven’t received any code for me to track

  53. Chet McGhee

    Chet McGhee7 months ago

    @Luis Mainardi youre wrong, wong

  54. Luis Mainardi

    Luis Mainardi7 months ago

    Nathan Shoenthal received it 2 days ago. Don’t believe the hype it’s not that good and it has a weird texture to it

  55. Nathan Shoenthal

    Nathan Shoenthal7 months ago

    That is shipping. Look at the email, it says 5 to 10 days to prep. It will take 3 to 5 days to ship.

  56. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork8 months ago

    Gfuel, hear me out. Make a section on Gfuel where you can customize your own shaker cup. It would be a very good marketing tactic. I have a logo and something like that would be perfect. Of course with all different rules and regulations of copyright applied, I think this would be Gfuel at a whole other level. Hope you take my thoughts into consideration. I have been a fan of Gfuel and as a consistent customer, you could listen to advice. Thank you.

  57. EwanMC

    EwanMC7 months ago

    as cool as it would be i dont realy thinka multi million dollar company has any reason theyd want to do that.

  58. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork7 months ago


  59. DermalNotFoundXP

    DermalNotFoundXP7 months ago

    Tbh I don’t think g fuel even listen to replies

  60. aaallesandere

    aaallesandere8 months ago

    It's got electrolytes!!

  61. Luca Massironi

    Luca Massironi8 months ago

    Im in italy In how many time the product wil send?

  62. jager_is_slow

    jager_is_slow8 months ago

    You guys need to chill, you've now got more flavours than I have chromosomes

  63. Simi

    Simi8 months ago

    That must taste bad it’s like putting a cookie in water

  64. Q Y

    Q Y8 months ago

    Anyone else here bc of killer keeeeeeeemstar

  65. Shaping

    Shaping8 months ago

    This kinda doesn't sound good.. any1 else?

  66. Jeezet

    Jeezet8 months ago

    Wheres my gfuel sponsor?

  67. Pappy

    Pappy8 months ago

    This is... *INTERESTING*

  68. Adrian Veth

    Adrian Veth8 months ago

    when you stop sponsoring that piece of humanoid named keemstar ill buy your product, bye

  69. Bluetoothgaming boden

    Bluetoothgaming boden8 months ago

    The first flavour to involve chocolate. Probs will be my favourite "candy" flavour. Not to sure on the shaker design though

  70. TruTV

    TruTV8 months ago

    Glad u dropped keem

  71. lunabird89

    lunabird898 months ago

    Sounds like a cake with loads of frosting

  72. ND All

    ND All8 months ago


  73. Mtops

    Mtops8 months ago

    Gfuel if you make this flavor sour I’m gonna fcking quit drinking gfuel every sweet flavor you MAKE IS FCKING SOUR the only flavor that isn’t is Bahama mama

  74. R6 LGND

    R6 LGND8 months ago

    Damn banger after banger GFUEL pipe down 🥵🥵🥵

  75. Yonas A

    Yonas A8 months ago

    It gotta be good since its gfuel, but...

  76. lankybox fan

    lankybox fan8 months ago

    very cool will buy

  77. Lezbunny69

    Lezbunny698 months ago

    Y'all come out with new flavors faster than u fulfill my orders. That is a bit sad tbh

  78. snapped

    snapped8 months ago

    Nice chalk pie

  79. XI Velocity

    XI Velocity8 months ago

    Wow will there be a giveaway because I this looks really bomb 🤤💣 but I can’t afford it so I would really like a chance to win

  80. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid8 months ago

    This not might be good it’s gon be a marshmallow chocolate drink that don’t sound to good

  81. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid8 months ago

    No way this is real lemme go on the website brb

  82. Chustin Key

    Chustin Key8 months ago

    Bruh just stop 🛑

  83. Zeb Frinar

    Zeb Frinar8 months ago

    pretty sure liquid moon pie that get you HYPED is pretty much not what anyone wanted

  84. Sam Bam

    Sam Bam8 months ago

    Chill gfuel my wallet 😫

  85. AppleSawce

    AppleSawce8 months ago

    In the partner section of this channel keemstar is listed. Did g fuel forget to remove him or is he still partnered?

  86. Jack McSomeone

    Jack McSomeone8 months ago

    As soon as I ask for a chocolate flavour on my Facebook, GFuel gives us a chocolate flavour. Coincidence?

  87. The Box Don

    The Box Don8 months ago

    TraMa x GFuel?

  88. Crit

    Crit8 months ago


  89. ddcn427

    ddcn4278 months ago

    seems like it might be gross. hopefully the single packs are out soon

  90. zParil

    zParil8 months ago

    I wish I had money ever since they sent me the free starter kit I’ve been addicted and I need a Tub of this now

  91. kweefing

    kweefing8 months ago

    your cups leak when i drink out of them

  92. Supreme

    Supreme8 months ago

    Austin S used to happen to me make sure to align the top of the shaker perfectly with the lines in the top of the cup then twist until you can’t anymore

  93. Abdel Speelt Games

    Abdel Speelt Games8 months ago

    sup gfuel can we make a concepton your twitter for a new flavor

  94. Armacalypse Roguewind

    Armacalypse Roguewind8 months ago

    GFuel X Keemstar kek /s

  95. Sonicice 24

    Sonicice 248 months ago

    G Fuel is now Space Fuel.

  96. Skinny Penis

    Skinny Penis8 months ago

    So now Iam going to have crumbs in my gfuel?

  97. OmarTMG

    OmarTMG8 months ago

    Either disgusting or amazing

  98. 1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos?

    1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos?8 months ago

    this sounds kind of gross to be honest. Imagine mixing moon pie in water

  99. WindReiter10

    WindReiter108 months ago

    Some of their flavors are meant more for milk.

  100. Max Hutton

    Max Hutton8 months ago

    imagine sponsoring keemstar

  101. PizzaSkin

    PizzaSkin8 months ago

    dang i tried it and boi its not my favourite but i do think they need to chill with pumping out new flavours if you think about it imagine all the flavours in sections and people spending less time in others then they are supposed to

  102. PizzaSkin

    PizzaSkin8 months ago

    @Kolorfied oh no I didnt I just wanted to seem like I knew what was going on

  103. Kolorfied

    Kolorfied8 months ago

    How’d you try it already?

  104. Peter G

    Peter G8 months ago

    I'd say good in milk, but hot garbage in water

  105. Chrisss

    Chrisss8 months ago


  106. Oceanfrog 789

    Oceanfrog 7898 months ago

    Wtf this looks good

  107. Awsome zombie

    Awsome zombie8 months ago


  108. アレックス

    アレックス8 months ago

    I remember when they were just memeing on Twitter

  109. [GD] lunachu

    [GD] lunachu8 months ago

    Omg why tho

  110. GhostJim

    GhostJim8 months ago

    I can finally eat rocks without be judged

  111. Sil

    Sil8 months ago

    Pls bring back cotton candy

  112. Marcell Vida

    Marcell Vida8 months ago

    Its avaible in hungary orbany gfuel?


    DIFFERENT DATAS8 months ago


  114. Hassan Habbal

    Hassan Habbal8 months ago

    Well....i don't think they work together.

  115. 10,000 subs with no videos

    10,000 subs with no videos8 months ago

    ew wtf...

  116. SkateGame ScreamRepeat

    SkateGame ScreamRepeat8 months ago

    I hope they release a cheesecake flavor just normal cheesecake