The pinnacle of gaming technology has arrived. The peak of human engineering. The future of science. Tirelessly crafted in the image of G FUEL, with state-of-the-art components, features and specs to meet the demands of only the most EPIC of gamers. This is...G FUEL NGC.
Console Specs:
-28 USB Ports
-Floppy Disk Port
-128x Optical Disk Drive
-G FUEL liquid-Cooled
-Built-In Refrigerator
-4 Feet Tall
Controller Specs:
-G FUEL FlavorDispenser Technology
-Built-In Shaker Holder
-Built-In G FUELMister
*This product may or may not be real. Set to release 2021. Find out more at:
Fuel Your Life at gfuel.com/


  1. Ahmad Baccari

    Ahmad BaccariHour ago

    I laughed hella hard when they said 28 portable charging stations LMFAOO

  2. Shadow L

    Shadow L4 days ago

    I want it 😂

  3. AmongTheLiving_86

    AmongTheLiving_866 days ago

    Out of all the controller designs , YOU PICKED THE N64 DESIGN !!!!

  4. DietDorito52

    DietDorito527 days ago

    First Gfuel now KFC what’s next Nike Console

  5. ows 315

    ows 31528 days ago

    Bruh how could it be 4 feet tall and have that many small usb ports that big

  6. EZZY

    EZZYMonth ago

    haha kfc dong it.................. but for the kfc its freaking real 😐

  7. Heartz

    HeartzMonth ago

    Yo I just bought it!!!, I can run 10000000 fps on the g fuel website. I can't use anything Else Tho :(. POGGERS,

  8. Debunking Conspiracy theory

    Debunking Conspiracy theoryMonth ago

    is this real

  9. Nite Lando

    Nite LandoMonth ago

    I can’t tell if you are serious or not

  10. Reino Nuopponen

    Reino NuopponenMonth ago

    is this true no or yes

  11. CIA

    CIAMonth ago

    Yes I have 1

  12. Charlie Oneal

    Charlie OnealMonth ago

    Lmao it got me at the gfuel mister

  13. Carter

    CarterMonth ago

    Probably a joke but they should make a can looking mini fridge

  14. Ivaniel Reyes

    Ivaniel ReyesMonth ago

    Is this real?

  15. Adam

    AdamMonth ago

    Let’s go I can finally use floppy disks on a new console except I don’t have any

  16. Zafer D.

    Zafer D.2 months ago

    Is this really a gaming console!

  17. Ramen 1107

    Ramen 11072 months ago

    I want this

  18. CIA

    CIAMonth ago

    I have 1

  19. Ensar Bir

    Ensar Bir2 months ago

    I need to watch this every day for my mental health (sidenote: the music is cool 😎)

  20. Wickerboy243

    Wickerboy2433 months ago

    is this a joke


    SYNCSHOTZ3 months ago

    Why do I feel like this is going to cost like £1k

  22. meme nation army

    meme nation army3 months ago

    What I'm so confused

  23. Ozzy Armstrong

    Ozzy Armstrong3 months ago

    “Only 4ft tall” 😂

  24. Epz

    Epz3 months ago

    im buying that no matter what comes in my way im getting that thing into my house and play some minecraft with that

  25. 2004 Kid :/

    2004 Kid :/3 months ago

    Big Dreams.

  26. QuantumRamen 420

    QuantumRamen 4203 months ago

    I honestly don’t know if this is real or fake

  27. DeepFriedNexus

    DeepFriedNexus4 months ago

    Amazon Alexa 2.0

  28. VAMPIRØ !

    VAMPIRØ !4 months ago

    GFuel upgraded to apple

  29. That Epic Gamer

    That Epic Gamer4 months ago

    When i first heard the music and saw the lighting sequence, i thought instantly of a Gfuel x Stranger ThingsTM collab. Maybe gfuel should consider a Gfuel x Stranger ThingsTM collab? Gfuel if you like this idea, contact me.

  30. shnirffs _

    shnirffs _4 months ago

    this is a joke

  31. Squiddyy

    Squiddyy4 months ago

    i can't if this is a joke or not

  32. Santiago Dunbar

    Santiago Dunbar4 months ago


  33. BUGGZ_TV

    BUGGZ_TV4 months ago

    I dont under stand what is it and what's the usb ports for

  34. Bloxy _

    Bloxy _4 months ago


  35. Joey Cartel

    Joey Cartel4 months ago

    How much?

  36. Calvin Johnson

    Calvin Johnson4 months ago

    Bring IT!!!!!!!!!

  37. Miguel Tadeo

    Miguel Tadeo4 months ago

    Looks like a Razer april fools joke

  38. DynasticR

    DynasticR4 months ago

    when is it coming out

  39. Meitemarkiano

    Meitemarkiano4 months ago

    O N L Y 4 F E E T T A L L

  40. MontanaKid60

    MontanaKid605 months ago

    No FRIKEN way

  41. Sickobing

    Sickobing5 months ago

    when you realise gfuel can is better than iphone 11

  42. ToxicGamer_ Monk

    ToxicGamer_ Monk5 months ago

    Is this for real?

  43. Memegenics

    Memegenics5 months ago

    Only 4 ft tall?

  44. Anoop K B

    Anoop K B5 months ago

    is the controller real?

  45. ferraridevil

    ferraridevil5 months ago

    April is late it year xd

  46. Gabe McCormick

    Gabe McCormick5 months ago

    This is awesome.

  47. GfuelGamer _

    GfuelGamer _5 months ago

    Why is this so cool

  48. Smoll doggo

    Smoll doggo5 months ago

    If this is not a joke every console or pc or handheld should worry this will break the internet net and its manufacturing in big quantities meaning it will be cheaper then getting parts

  49. Satyakam

    Satyakam5 months ago

    happy april fools i think

  50. Crazy bad Cuber

    Crazy bad Cuber5 months ago

    Is this real

  51. T

    T5 months ago


  52. A1t3r

    A1t3r5 months ago


  53. Shlopty

    Shlopty5 months ago


  54. Tomer Trav

    Tomer Trav5 months ago

    I really question this

  55. RedPandaCooper616

    RedPandaCooper6165 months ago

    I neeeeeeeeeed it

  56. cooper Payne

    cooper Payne5 months ago

    Is thus true

  57. Mr. IcyHotTrash

    Mr. IcyHotTrash5 months ago


  58. Nepxus

    Nepxus5 months ago

    "This product may or may not be real." Feelsbadman

  59. Altlmao

    Altlmao5 months ago

    paying 500000 dollars for this no cap

  60. Vendetta Esport r6

    Vendetta Esport r65 months ago

    I want it

  61. jay Ok

    jay Ok5 months ago

    gfuel you guys should make a sour patch like flavor just an idea i had in mind i think it would be an amazing flavor 👍🏾.

  62. Dastan0522

    Dastan05225 months ago

    Question: Can we put Xbox Playstation and PC disc and play?

  63. BlueGuest222

    BlueGuest2225 months ago

    Apple has left the chat

  64. Matthew Broeren

    Matthew Broeren5 months ago

    soooo its gonna by an NEW Console too??? with new games? its looks cool but gives me errors also... XD

  65. Nitin Paul

    Nitin Paul5 months ago

    Seriously ?

  66. ImLlama

    ImLlama5 months ago

    please be real plz gfuel ibegggggggg

  67. Mickey Smeme

    Mickey Smeme5 months ago

    If u plug a charger in that cup its going to explode

  68. chinchilla505

    chinchilla5055 months ago

    lol i thought the 28 holes were for "EXTREME HEAT VENTILLATION" but nah, "28 USBS"

  69. Alfie Stutter

    Alfie Stutter5 months ago

    please acctually make this

  70. Tsots loot

    Tsots loot5 months ago


  71. Efficient Gamer

    Efficient Gamer5 months ago

    *The new generation console wars will be between the G Fuel and KFC console*

  72. InFr ConTrol

    InFr ConTrol5 months ago

    Is this a troll or for real??

  73. manly

    manly5 months ago

    Y'all just gonna ignore a fking built in refrigerator

  74. BottledWater

    BottledWater5 months ago


  75. Itsthoughtless

    Itsthoughtless5 months ago

    When is someone gonna use 28 usb ports and a floppy disc lmao

  76. losa05

    losa055 months ago

    Throw some rgb on it and I’ll buy your entire stock.

  77. ClayPayJob

    ClayPayJob5 months ago


  78. Chrispy-nics 15 noodles

    Chrispy-nics 15 noodles5 months ago

    Screw the ps5 and xbox x series ahahha

  79. Luca Assion

    Luca Assion5 months ago

    Is GFuel the new Razer now?

  80. G0AT CLAN

    G0AT CLAN5 months ago

    is this a joke

  81. Kyzerii

    Kyzerii5 months ago

    when you RTX ON a redbull can

  82. Kyzerii

    Kyzerii5 months ago

    looks like the type of thing RAZER would upload on april fools lmao

  83. InscepT

    InscepT5 months ago

    How many organs do I have to sell

  84. InscepT

    InscepT5 months ago

    28 USB ports and floppy disk , nice joke

  85. :& Bảo

    :& Bảo5 months ago

    Is this a joke?

  86. Dargox

    Dargox5 months ago

    Yeah it's not real

  87. Yurtle

    Yurtle5 months ago

    kfc gfuel team up

  88. Marcus Holloway

    Marcus Holloway5 months ago

    This is fake

  89. Ian Rebol

    Ian Rebol5 months ago

    Please tell me this is real

  90. Krispy

    Krispy5 months ago

    wait april 1 was 4 months ago

  91. DirtyKeyboard

    DirtyKeyboard5 months ago

    “Only 4 feet tall” 😂😂😂

  92. Dulana Bandara

    Dulana Bandara5 months ago

    KFC GAMING CONSOLE : hey look at that beast.

  93. NoVa DaRkK

    NoVa DaRkK5 months ago

    Yo is this real ?

  94. Omen ψ

    Omen ψ5 months ago

    Dude I love how this is an early April fools joke

  95. infinity curse7

    infinity curse75 months ago

    Can it run g fuel at 120 FPS ?

  96. The Legend of Pablo

    The Legend of Pablo5 months ago

    Im suprise that wasnt a april fools joke but damn

  97. Ceener

    Ceener5 months ago

    why is there a floppy disk port?

  98. Yameen Hamza

    Yameen Hamza5 months ago

    how much will it be?

  99. JayDieJack

    JayDieJack5 months ago

    whens pewdiepie skin coming

  100. Maylothen

    Maylothen5 months ago

    Wow they remake the worst controler ever

  101. Team D4RK Gaming

    Team D4RK Gaming5 months ago

    is this a joke

  102. MOLTEN

    MOLTEN5 months ago

    that's 100$

  103. LeOrangeMan

    LeOrangeMan5 months ago

    I am so confused

  104. cricketbrick

    cricketbrick5 months ago

    i thought this was an april fools joke