Road to the World Cup: FaZe - The OG

FaZe Clan - champions in multiple esports events worldwide, now competing for the biggest prize of all - the Fortnite World Cup. Join us on this 5 part series as we explore what it takes to become a champion in the Fortnite World Cup!
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  1. Adrian Ponce-Hernandez

    Adrian Ponce-Hernandez5 days ago

    when FaZe Mongraal is positive

  2. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero2 months ago

    I remember when this game had a balenced player base

  3. FaZe Soar

    FaZe Soar2 months ago

    When I play fortnite I use gfuel and I'm on pc, my friends and sometimes family call me SoaR

  4. Armonii Salcedo

    Armonii Salcedo2 months ago


  5. Albin Hagberg

    Albin Hagberg5 months ago

    Well this did not age well

  6. AUS 41

    AUS 415 months ago

    Funk got 98th and 0 points but still made 50 grand

  7. seddy bruh

    seddy bruh6 months ago

    whos here after faze dubs said the n word

  8. Grandpa Minion

    Grandpa Minion6 months ago

    did i ask

  9. LMAO

    LMAO6 months ago

    Never knew funk qualified for worlds lol 😂

  10. Tomás Sánchez

    Tomás Sánchez10 months ago

    I miss this

  11. Wolfyxfn

    WolfyxfnYear ago

    No one: Mongraal:" i am definately placing top 5 in both" Well 7 place ggs

  12. soupy loops

    soupy loopsYear ago

    He got 6th and 13th

  13. What Happens?

    What Happens?Year ago

    All i see are nerds The only one who doesn't look that much like one is mongral

  14. Clown

    ClownYear ago

    when monggral broke that nice zowie cleritas or at least i think it was a zowie cleritas well anyway i cringed hard

  15. Henry Ortiz

    Henry OrtizYear ago

    I love FaZe but god Funk places 99th

  16. Xols Spooz

    Xols SpoozYear ago

    GG’s Bugha

  17. iQuickest

    iQuickestYear ago

    Nate hill be doing cocaine

  18. David Guzman

    David GuzmanYear ago

    I’m mad because they didn’t show the original faze clan members like apex banks tommy or rain

  19. Valarie Marks

    Valarie MarksYear ago

    I’ve been playing guitar since 12th grade smh

  20. Jaillity

    JaillityYear ago

    But guess what none of them won.

  21. Vapelord06

    Vapelord06Year ago

    The og lmao those guys are new not og gamersubs is batter

  22. xCaliber

    xCaliberYear ago

    1:52 guy in the back playing csgouv

  23. Finn Musco

    Finn MuscoYear ago

    They have to stop duing slo mo shots with fat dudes who play fortnite in a basement

  24. Wasian

    WasianYear ago

    Mitr0 In FaZe Leaked.

  25. Wasian

    WasianYear ago

    4:39 ask him if he’s working with the U.S government

  26. Genjo

    GenjoYear ago

    “I don’t come from a rich family” But you have a pc probably worth 700+ yea lucky you

  27. Wolfyxfn

    WolfyxfnYear ago

    And buys gucci next day



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  29. Jax

    JaxYear ago

    Gfuel should buy the old NY faze house

  30. SFG LunyWand

    SFG LunyWandYear ago


  31. exohimself

    exohimselfYear ago

    FaZe fat Megga

  32. abdirahman egal

    abdirahman egalYear ago

    Who else thought this was on the faze channel

  33. Zak Sugal

    Zak SugalYear ago

    Isn’t mongraal homeschooled smh 2:44

  34. 420 kevinn

    420 kevinnYear ago

    Fuck man this makes me want to join Faze clan 😭🤧 Hope i do so soon🤧

  35. JacxbMo

    JacxbMoYear ago

    This video feels like it was made in 2010

  36. vInsanity

    vInsanityYear ago

    At 0:23 only real men knew that those men wearing the faze 2.0 jerseys are Csgo players from what i see,I see rain,Allu,and karragan

  37. Albin Hagberg

    Albin Hagberg5 months ago

    Lol there were sooo many csgo clips bro

  38. Hellas69

    Hellas69Year ago

    Let’s go

  39. Julian Emmanuel

    Julian EmmanuelYear ago

    Is it just me or do I fantasize joining FaZe so much that it just may become reality?

  40. Poiint

    PoiintYear ago

    Only OG players can like this 👍🏽 ( Gifting next 10 Subscribers ❗️❗️

  41. Javier Ortiz

    Javier OrtizYear ago

    Funk got 0 points xd

  42. Cxnrz

    CxnrzYear ago

    Mongraal predicted his future

  43. GODz Sniperr

    GODz SniperrYear ago

    Nate and funk didn't

  44. Treflip

    TreflipYear ago

    All these kids look exactly like what a nerd stereotype looks like 😂

  45. Patsy Griffith

    Patsy GriffithYear ago

    The Fortnite Guy 😂😂😂😂

  46. Tropical Jus

    Tropical JusYear ago

    I’m not gonna lie i forgot mongral was in faze

  47. 徐贤芬

    徐贤芬Year ago

    Never knew G FUEL had their own channel😆

  48. Crap-Ton Studios

    Crap-Ton StudiosYear ago

    Dubs play like a bot XD

  49. Taco Pants

    Taco PantsYear ago

    Mitr0 should join faze

  50. HumbleH4ze

    HumbleH4zeYear ago

    Where tfue at? Oh wait, nvm

  51. The Oscar

    The OscarYear ago

    Chicken and rice

  52. Neil Perez

    Neil PerezYear ago

    I like dem big

  53. James Furness

    James FurnessYear ago

    Hi everyone watching this video you probably don’t know who I am but I’m just a 11 year old looking to make it 100+ subscribe and if you could subscribe it would mean the world to me



    Brooo look at nates eyes hes on cocaine lmao

  55. GODz Sniperr

    GODz SniperrYear ago

    On god😂the very first time I watched this I was like wtff

  56. Ano An

    Ano AnYear ago

    5:53 **nervous basketboll player laugh**

  57. Tms Mindset

    Tms MindsetYear ago

    Uncultured swine u don't know his name kahwi leonard

  58. Gabriel

    GabrielYear ago

    It seems like Nate’s a cousin or brother to the younger players

  59. Xiyqo :/

    Xiyqo :/Year ago

    “I don’t come from a lot of money” Also has acouple thousands worth of gaming shit

  60. Jack

    JackYear ago

    They did trash

  61. Oxy

    OxyYear ago


  62. Cloux

    ClouxYear ago

    Funk really had hopes to win. My man got 0 points

  63. RamiRez 16

    RamiRez 16Year ago

    And he won 50k while you are hating on him haha

  64. Tracer

    TracerYear ago

    Faze mitro and Faze Bugha

  65. brayden COLLAZO

    brayden COLLAZOYear ago

    This is the fakest faze clan i ever herd of lol 😂😂😂😭😭

  66. Soccerdrew Hi

    Soccerdrew HiYear ago

    Kng really got shit on

  67. Zarbus

    ZarbusYear ago

    bro dubs looks so fat in picture no wonder he plays game all day yet doesn't get first like everyone said lol

  68. Nomar

    NomarYear ago

    okay so?

  69. Stinvk

    StinvkYear ago

    i love faze x gfuel but none of these players are "og" they were only relevant for the passed year

  70. Løgïç 420

    Løgïç 420Year ago

    Only mongraal Dubs did good lmaoo

  71. idk what my name is

    idk what my name isYear ago

    When i see Dubs face it makes me throw up

  72. Glockuaryy

    GlockuaryyYear ago

    Mongraal is fat as🤣🤣🤣

  73. Violet Region CC

    Violet Region CCYear ago

    Check out me new video

  74. Joe Curtis

    Joe CurtisYear ago

    Well that did not go to plan

  75. LIAM

    LIAMYear ago

    eU ist in duo Better then NA in solo i Think NA is Better

  76. Miles Clark

    Miles ClarkYear ago

    Feels bad for Funk, aye he still made more money than most of us tho 🤣

  77. stypo

    stypoYear ago

    Connor Obregon lmao yes

  78. Connor Obregon

    Connor ObregonYear ago

    @GODz Sniperr if i qualified i would just try to grief xxif the whole time

  79. GODz Sniperr

    GODz SniperrYear ago

    Facts if I qualified I would just be playing for fun cause ik I'm trash compared to them I'll take that 50k😂

  80. JavonIGL

    JavonIGLYear ago

    Can you all go like and comment on my video I’ll do the same

  81. micahboig

    micahboigYear ago

    Where’s tfue

  82. LoveFromSTALIN

    LoveFromSTALINYear ago

    micahboig he is not in faze anymore

  83. STAMINA_2K

    STAMINA_2KYear ago

    5:38 umm mitr0?

  84. Stealthy

    StealthyYear ago

    STAMINA_2K he was there to practice with his duo mongraal

  85. TrapZz

    TrapZzYear ago

    STAMINA_2K Yeah your right

  86. Sameed F

    Sameed FYear ago

    5:37 Mitr0 joining FaZe leaked

  87. Peppa Pig

    Peppa PigYear ago

    xCandy Gamerx u thought

  88. Lonely Zyo

    Lonely ZyoYear ago

    Funk got no points LOL

  89. UniqueBart

    UniqueBartYear ago

    I would’ve got 60+

  90. Prolexity

    ProlexityYear ago

    Technically the only who actually did good was dubs because in my opinion mongraal qualified as part of team secret but you know that's just my opinion.

  91. Super Crash

    Super Crash7 months ago

    dubs is kinda cracked though

  92. Abraham Sanchez

    Abraham SanchezYear ago

    Were is tfue at

  93. Vapor

    VaporYear ago

    Yet bugha clapped everyone in faze LOL

  94. Zeixy

    Zeixy7 months ago

    Vapor your so brain dead lmaoooooo

  95. Vapor

    VaporYear ago

    jeffrey segura killing someone once means nothing, it’s about the overall skill

  96. A Luna

    A LunaYear ago

    Vapor umm I’m pretty sure mongraal killed him in the 4th game but if ur talking about placement then yea.

  97. Beukers

    BeukersYear ago

    3 million dollars not 30

  98. Adar Zeren

    Adar ZerenYear ago

    in total

  99. Camowars

    CamowarsYear ago

    Why is this like a tv show on abc 😂

  100. KXL Vicious

    KXL ViciousYear ago

    Mongrall look like a teddy bear

  101. Kejasr

    KejasrYear ago

    Only Fortnite OG's can like this.

  102. Divine Clan

    Divine ClanYear ago

    Should have partnered with SEN

  103. Divine Clan

    Divine ClanYear ago

    Sdvn Nevets yeah ik

  104. Sdvn Nevets

    Sdvn NevetsYear ago


  105. JorgeRamos

    JorgeRamosYear ago

    The fortnite guy should think of washing his face

  106. Patsy Griffith

    Patsy GriffithYear ago

    Rhyymezz and Mongraal with all that acne

  107. rabb0

    rabb0Year ago

    I dont think Nate Hill is the best fortnite player I know he's the BEST fortnite player

  108. Matisse HONTEBEYRIE

    Matisse HONTEBEYRIEYear ago

    Stfu its bhuga

  109. TW Hemuli

    TW HemuliYear ago

    THE RABBIT BADGER 4 points last game lmao

  110. Saturn Patturn

    Saturn PatturnYear ago

    Haha SEN-Buhga won lol rekt

  111. YEP

    YEPYear ago

    @Saturn Patturn and my point is mongraal qualified for duos and solo and he clapped bugha

  112. Saturn Patturn

    Saturn PatturnYear ago

    @YEP ok but my point is bugha won, mongraal didn't

  113. YEP

    YEPYear ago

    @Saturn Patturn no but he clapped bugha and he was qualified for duos and solo

  114. Saturn Patturn

    Saturn PatturnYear ago

    @YEP but did mongraal win? Rekt

  115. YEP

    YEPYear ago

    But mongraal killed bugha rekt

  116. BasicSnooze

    BasicSnoozeYear ago

    The beginning reminds me of some Gordon Ramsey’s intro

  117. Carlos Charrrlie

    Carlos CharrrlieYear ago

    BasicSnooze it’s Fooshee he lives at the FaZe house lol

  118. Cracked Fucking Cryptîx

    Cracked Fucking CryptîxYear ago

    FaZe Mongraal And FaZe Sway 💪🏼

  119. Dxwnd

    DxwndYear ago

    Mongraal wins FaZe : takes 99.99% of the money I am a small channel, any support helps

  120. Link

    LinkYear ago

    Nate hill is on acid look at his eyes 5:30

  121. Cracked Fucking Cryptîx

    Cracked Fucking CryptîxYear ago

    Nate Hill is good, but not the best. It looks weird seeing the kids and then the Adults

  122. its puggo

    its puggoYear ago

    Its FaZe jr and then adult FaZe

  123. king king

    king kingYear ago

    Make a slurp juice flavor plis

  124. ripmichael

    ripmichaelYear ago

    Goated Players

  125. David

    DavidYear ago

    whos here after bugha won

  126. ZT_COCO

    ZT_COCO5 months ago

    Lmaooo dummy

  127. ACEphysixs

    ACEphysixs7 months ago

    I’m just here cause I have mad respect for gfuel and I love their flavors

  128. Shahen Ispirian

    Shahen Ispirian7 months ago

    Don’t spoil 😂

  129. Ziow

    ZiowYear ago

    Goku yup 😂

  130. costa

    costaYear ago

    Mongraal: Top 5 Nate Hill: i feel confident, top 3 WC FN: nope

  131. Henry Ortiz

    Henry OrtizYear ago

    They didn’t even show funk 😂💀

  132. Nolan K

    Nolan KYear ago

    Mangraal would have placed 2nd 3rd or maybe even 1st if he had been getting points in the first 3 games

  133. Ark s

    Ark sYear ago

    FaZe Taqo joke just like you’re name.

  134. Vorous

    VorousYear ago


  135. Jahhy

    JahhyYear ago

    Anyone else getting a wwe vibe

  136. Alex Boz

    Alex BozYear ago

    dud and megga side by side LMFAO

  137. I S R A E L G A R C I A

    I S R A E L G A R C I AYear ago

    U calling dubs fat??

  138. fortniteLover 101

    fortniteLover 101Year ago

    Dubs needa to start losing weight, no offence

  139. Evac

    EvacYear ago

    fortniteLover 101 mongraal too lol

  140. Manaphx

    ManaphxYear ago

    5:38 what is mitr0 doing there

  141. Manaphx

    ManaphxYear ago

    @Edgar Avila ow yeah. You are right thx

  142. Edgar Avila

    Edgar AvilaYear ago

    Timsijmen he’s mongrols duo partner for the WC and they have to practice together

  143. LillaGrisen

    LillaGrisenYear ago

    I don se tfue

  144. Kicas

    KicasYear ago

    I really hope your sarcastic

  145. RainDrop

    RainDropYear ago

    Tfue is gone from faze u idiot

  146. yllre

    yllreYear ago

    How many times does megga say like

  147. Tyler Walker

    Tyler WalkerYear ago

    Omg Nate Hill... that whole section was pointless w the placement you got.. 🤣 gg

  148. Tyler Walker

    Tyler WalkerYear ago

    Qunzai oh definitely no complaints on my end either considering I didn’t even qualify, I give HUGE props to everyone at the World Cup just for being able to make it that far I didn’t mean to hate on him was just making a little joke haha my bad 🙂

  149. Qunzai

    QunzaiYear ago

    50k so i aint complaining