SPOOKY SEASON is upon…Imagine if you will: A very spooky, haunted circus...Placed atop an equally spooky hill...Full of menacing clowns, grinning jack-o-lanterns, harrowing ghosts, goblins and ghouls...Ahhh yes...One could say that this is certainly the stuff of “NIGHTMARE FUEL”...And so, on this very spooky night, the witches of G FUEL went and took FaZe Rug’s “SOUR BLUE CHUG RUG” and gave it a very spooky, Limited-Edition, Halloween-inspired new look..And they called it - “NIGHTMARE FUEL!” Heeeheeeeheeee!!! Fuel Your Halloween at


  1. JGN

    JGN10 days ago

    That stuff was good though

  2. Big Hair

    Big HairMonth ago

    I got this

  3. flqgs

    flqgs2 months ago

    I need g fuel can you send me some plz

  4. Little_drip_jr ‘

    Little_drip_jr ‘2 months ago

    Yesterday I ordered the nightmare chug rug

  5. Stoja SRB

    Stoja SRB2 months ago


  6. Nox.INk# Records ❶

    Nox.INk# Records ❶2 months ago

    NIGHTMARE FUEL by G-FUEL Co-sponsored by: Junji Ito. *Moist*

  7. [GD] Neon

    [GD] Neon2 months ago

    Plz pin this

  8. Cedric Nathan Chan

    Cedric Nathan Chan2 months ago

    g fuel i have a question is g fuel allowed for kids

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  10. I don’t know what to name this Channle

    I don’t know what to name this Channle2 months ago

    Might get this

  11. nrx rtx

    nrx rtx2 months ago

    Bruh its inspired by faze rug how and y

  12. Crummeh

    Crummeh2 months ago

    Powder before water, that was the scary part...

  13. Gehinsk

    Gehinsk2 months ago


  14. Ashley Smart

    Ashley Smart2 months ago

    These re-skins are so dope & creative!

  15. GrimReaper

    GrimReaper2 months ago

    whats it taste like?

  16. LilHug

    LilHug2 months ago

    I just shet ma pants

  17. Mr. Monkey

    Mr. Monkey2 months ago

    It’s looks good lol

  18. scooby Dum

    scooby Dum2 months ago

    Code merl at checkout

  19. imjustwaybetter 2

    imjustwaybetter 22 months ago


  20. Lily OwO

    Lily OwO2 months ago


  21. Isaac McLean-Carratt

    Isaac McLean-Carratt2 months ago

    Wait so is sour blue chug rug cancelled?

  22. Litosciano UDS

    Litosciano UDS2 months ago

    Well, i just finnish my bonk

  23. Omar Fun Tube

    Omar Fun Tube2 months ago

    Little kids: cOCAhInA?

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  25. ZANPlayz_YT

    ZANPlayz_YT2 months ago


  26. BRODIS

    BRODIS2 months ago

    Is it a new flavor or just the container is different.

  27. Yeah Preety

    Yeah Preety2 months ago

    Now they just reskined it. It’s nothing new and the collector box it comes with the tub and a normal glow in the dark shaker cup. So it ain’t worth it unless you wanted to buy sour blue chug rug it’s better to but the faze x flavor or wait for the blueberry lemonade. Btw I just got my faze x like 20 min ago and it’s amazing highly recommended.

  28. Will Stan

    Will Stan2 months ago


  29. Half8n

    Half8n2 months ago

    As soon as I heard the clown music I thought forsure Keemstar was making a come back.

  30. Plty

    Plty2 months ago


  31. nerdykitty cakez

    nerdykitty cakez2 months ago

    Another sour flavor is pretty scary

  32. MasterOden

    MasterOden2 months ago

    I need this

  33. TBH_ Stryker

    TBH_ Stryker2 months ago

    i have never tried gfuel but i still keep watching video about it

  34. MundaneMelon

    MundaneMelon2 months ago


  35. Sammy5000

    Sammy50002 months ago

    spooky scary gfuel

  36. zSTAR LORD

    zSTAR LORD2 months ago

    By the time we get these spooky season will be over lol

  37. Raimundo Kanaan

    Raimundo Kanaan2 months ago


  38. ツVibezz

    ツVibezz2 months ago


  39. BenPGamer

    BenPGamer2 months ago

    just a reskin or?

  40. daniel

    daniel2 months ago

    omfg this jumpscare

  41. SabotageLuke

    SabotageLuke2 months ago

    Wait... fo- *FOUR* flavors in *ONE* month?!

  42. Jamie Cooper

    Jamie Cooper2 months ago

    Stop with the faze flavors for real

  43. Taha Jamhour

    Taha Jamhour2 months ago

    Looks awesome

  44. Bobcat Hyper

    Bobcat Hyper2 months ago

    You guys have been making a shit ton of new flavors keep up the good work

  45. homie turtle

    homie turtle2 months ago

    very spook

  46. Plankton

    Plankton2 months ago

    I got a little tiny heart attack 0:21

  47. Iggy The dog

    Iggy The dog2 months ago

    First time I was like “ok that was shit not scary at all “ and then second time I was like 😳

  48. Adam Šlibar

    Adam Šlibar2 months ago

    ja yeet

  49. Rodo Tv

    Rodo Tv2 months ago

    Faze X fire

  50. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan2 months ago

    Clam Your before 100k views ticket here

  51. Aaron castellanos

    Aaron castellanos2 months ago

    Can you make a Pac-Man flavor

  52. Sav Chrižźż

    Sav Chrižźż2 months ago


  53. Anti_simp _Jackson

    Anti_simp _Jackson2 months ago

    like how they put this out when it is the last 5 days of SPOOKY SEASON

  54. Obey SXB

    Obey SXB2 months ago


  55. DeVon Jackson

    DeVon Jackson2 months ago

    Is it just gonna be chug rug

  56. Iggy The dog

    Iggy The dog2 months ago


  57. Jomuel 47

    Jomuel 472 months ago

    Just a reskin?

  58. Iggy The dog

    Iggy The dog2 months ago


  59. Faze CleXy

    Faze CleXy2 months ago

    But the tub looks great

  60. Faze CleXy

    Faze CleXy2 months ago

    That wasn’t scary i was scared u could do better gfuel

  61. Flintrail

    Flintrail2 months ago

    @Plty same ._.

  62. Plty

    Plty2 months ago

    Wow so funny im dying of laughter!

  63. Flintrail

    Flintrail2 months ago


  64. Harold Torres

    Harold Torres2 months ago

    It looks cool! But isn't that just a re skin for the month?

  65. Iggy The dog

    Iggy The dog2 months ago


  66. row3

    row32 months ago

    i gotta cop

  67. TECH HD - Gaming Tech Channel

    TECH HD - Gaming Tech Channel2 months ago

    I'm glad I didn't have my Volume Maxed😂😂

  68. DarkArcher05

    DarkArcher052 months ago

    That’s actually Awesome, who else excited for the movie?

  69. skiirts

    skiirts2 months ago

    Looks great😀

  70. eyal carrol

    eyal carrol2 months ago

    Omg lets go a new faze rug flavor and and its halloween flavor 😱

  71. Landsafe

    Landsafe2 months ago

    So same flavor different design??

  72. Iggy The dog

    Iggy The dog2 months ago


  73. Ma. Stella Carguera

    Ma. Stella Carguera2 months ago

    Definitely hyped for this

  74. RIPMajor

    RIPMajor2 months ago

    Claim your " here within an hour " ticket right here

  75. Iggy The dog

    Iggy The dog2 months ago

    @Yusuf Y no sowwy me

  76. Yusuf Y

    Yusuf Y2 months ago

    @Iggy The dog no me soowy

  77. Iggy The dog

    Iggy The dog2 months ago

    @Yusuf Y sowwy

  78. Yusuf Y

    Yusuf Y2 months ago

    @Iggy The dog K

  79. Iggy The dog

    Iggy The dog2 months ago


  80. Mains

    Mains2 months ago

    FaZe Rug New Tub😱

  81. RIPMajor

    RIPMajor2 months ago

    Claim your " here within an hour " ticket right here

  82. [GD] Neon

    [GD] Neon2 months ago

    Gg bois yall just got scammed

  83. 0.0

    0.02 months ago

    @Festive Bear correct

  84. Festive Bear

    Festive Bear2 months ago

    No I don't think I will.

  85. Mateo Gamer

    Mateo Gamer2 months ago

    Man I missed it I had work to do

  86. SMR979

    SMR9792 months ago

    Got it perfectly

  87. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing2 months ago

    Let’s Gooo we lit

  88. Wrighty HD

    Wrighty HD2 months ago

    Now that... is a tub design.

  89. Awsome zombie

    Awsome zombie2 months ago

    awsome video ❤️❤️❤️

  90. Nathan Medina

    Nathan Medina2 months ago


  91. 1 destroyers

    1 destroyers2 months ago

    😳this is sooooo cool

  92. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid2 months ago

    Y’all stop releasing new flavors on me like this 😭

  93. Jaxon Hines

    Jaxon Hines2 months ago

    Def not new

  94. Vurxy

    Vurxy2 months ago

    That’s not new, it’s just a tub reskin lmao

  95. Yusuf Y

    Yusuf Y2 months ago

    That jumpscare scared me!!

  96. 123KID321

    123KID3212 months ago

    Noti gang like

  97. LFC Ahmed

    LFC Ahmed2 months ago

    Nah am good mate

  98. LG Sense

    LG Sense2 months ago


  99. Faze Dilraj sidhu

    Faze Dilraj sidhu2 months ago

    G Fuel4Life ...

  100. Resident

    Resident2 months ago

    Can’t wait

  101. Juice Rip

    Juice Rip2 months ago


  102. Jami

    Jami2 months ago


  103. markybuildy

    markybuildy2 months ago


  104. IOwnRew

    IOwnRew2 months ago

    Gonna be lit!!!!

  105. Lion HIMSELF

    Lion HIMSELF2 months ago

    Is it just a reskin orrrrr wut

  106. Iggy The dog

    Iggy The dog2 months ago


  107. xXxLANGOxXx

    xXxLANGOxXx2 months ago

    This looks sick

  108. Fizzy Cactus

    Fizzy Cactus2 months ago

    Just got the FaZe X flavor it tastes like Gatorade definitely up with Hype sauce and sour blue chug rug

  109. MrFinnymore

    MrFinnymore2 months ago

    MY GOD YES!!!!!

  110. Louka Tsoutsas

    Louka Tsoutsas2 months ago


  111. Your Riddler

    Your Riddler2 months ago

    Love the G Fuel ⛽️

  112. Shadow Furious Gamer

    Shadow Furious Gamer2 months ago


  113. Yrs_Alpha

    Yrs_Alpha2 months ago

    One of the first

  114. Maddy aux

    Maddy aux2 months ago

    Once again out done your self good job

  115. Daniel Perez

    Daniel Perez2 months ago

    Looks amazing!!

  116. Ferocious Entail

    Ferocious Entail2 months ago


  117. Logan Pranga

    Logan Pranga2 months ago


  118. A4RYXN

    A4RYXN2 months ago

    3rd here

  119. J. Michael Miller

    J. Michael Miller2 months ago

    Surprised FaZeberry isn’t Crimson for the movie release

  120. Plty

    Plty2 months ago

    yea i heard the FaZe fam was in the movie too!

  121. Truly B

    Truly B2 months ago


  122. Truly B

    Truly B2 months ago

    @Just Zero 🤣 im just playing u obviously was

  123. Just Zero

    Just Zero2 months ago

    Looks amazing!