Bahama Mama Smoothie

Looking for an ultra-refreshing, tropical-inspired energizing #GFUELmix - mix a cup of frozen pineapple with a can of Bahama Mama #GFUEL and mix in a blender for a tropical treat! Fuel Your Life at


  1. Coolguy guy

    Coolguy guy4 months ago

    is it flat

  2. JimJimWow

    JimJimWow4 months ago

    I dont know


    HYROXIA PLATIN4 months ago


  4. arthur crane

    arthur crane5 months ago

    I came from pewdipie channel

  5. Conrado Manlanat69

    Conrado Manlanat695 months ago

    i got that its like soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good ita so good that its make me 40 win in 1day

  6. IamR

    IamR5 months ago

    You going to sponsor medalcore?

  7. SebCT

    SebCT5 months ago

    if i get more than 10 likes , gfuel has to send me a free tub of gfuel

  8. feel sad

    feel sad5 months ago

    How long does it take gfuel to come in i bought mines last week friday .-.

  9. Ree11

    Ree115 months ago

    normally two to 3 weeks for me and i live in canada, usa quicker, europe longer

  10. Paolo Sparaco

    Paolo Sparaco5 months ago

    Cans mix. The best.

  11. Saku Zelo

    Saku Zelo5 months ago

    It’s a metal straw lmao

  12. Ewan Urquhart

    Ewan Urquhart5 months ago

    you could’ve called this “The Frozen Bahamas” but no, you called it Bahama Mama Smoothie

  13. Syndicates Streaming Highlights

    Syndicates Streaming Highlights5 months ago

    @Ewan Urquhart actually you have a good point their

  14. Ewan Urquhart

    Ewan Urquhart5 months ago

    Buzzinggamer i meant the smoothie could’ve been called the frozen bahamas not the gfuel flavour itself

  15. Syndicates Streaming Highlights

    Syndicates Streaming Highlights5 months ago

    this is roman atwoods custom G FUEL

  16. McShush

    McShush5 months ago

    That looks AWESOME

  17. Connor Pence

    Connor Pence5 months ago

    What about chug rug?

  18. Alonzo Nava

    Alonzo Nava5 months ago

    Any Recommendations That Will Go Good With Cotton Candy G Fuel

  19. _the_low_gold_gamer _

    _the_low_gold_gamer _Month ago

    Trash can

  20. Crystal Crosser

    Crystal Crosser5 months ago

    ItsGladesman nice

  21. ItsGladesman

    ItsGladesman5 months ago

    Cotton candy

  22. Mohamed N

    Mohamed N5 months ago

    Sell GFUEL glass cups!

  23. Dymistyc

    Dymistyc5 months ago

    GFUEL BAAAAAABY. Gotta love this stuff

  24. Awesome Stuff

    Awesome Stuff5 months ago

    i mean why not

  25. NerdyDan

    NerdyDan5 months ago

    wait was that the new york faze house kitchen?

  26. jacob olson

    jacob olson5 months ago

    Yo I was thinking the same thing lmao

  27. Z1han

    Z1han5 months ago

    YEAH use metal straws people

  28. MaJJorTurfOfDroidd

    MaJJorTurfOfDroidd5 months ago

    Looks delicious FAM I need to do one of These creative gfuel mixes & combinations BRUVS.

  29. PlatinumJoker

    PlatinumJoker5 months ago

    Could've called it anything else.

  30. Shxdow X

    Shxdow X5 months ago

    bahamama smoothie is a better name imp

  31. Joseph L

    Joseph L5 months ago

    I expected more but surprisingly only 2 ingredients

  32. Amy Levin

    Amy Levin5 months ago

    A sign Roman Atwood should return to USlikes (Bahama Mama is his G FUEL flavor).

  33. CybaNJ

    CybaNJ5 months ago

    Can you send me one?

  34. CallMeBenn

    CallMeBenn5 months ago


  35. DOMINIC Drury

    DOMINIC Drury5 months ago

    What does it taste like by itself just the powder or can because I’ve never had it before

  36. VxntageVFX

    VxntageVFX5 months ago

    Umm 0 dislikes lol

  37. คг๓คภ๔ร Skalbergs

    คг๓คภ๔ร Skalbergs5 months ago

    20 min ago

  38. ctrlzzz_

    ctrlzzz_5 months ago

    Bahama Mama *Worst Flavor* like *The Worst*

  39. Unknown Guy

    Unknown Guy5 months ago

    G Fuel Made 2 videos today. Lucky.

  40. Huzzle

    Huzzle5 months ago

    Fun fact: Everyone Checking Comments Before Theyve Even Seen Half Of The Video Lol! Including me!. 🔥

  41. Lucas Beach

    Lucas Beach5 months ago

    The video is 24 seconds long, it took you longer to type the comment than watch the whole thing

  42. Chronic Donut

    Chronic Donut5 months ago

    i have


    THE_ RACOON5 months ago


  44. Sxmtexx

    Sxmtexx5 months ago

    Quick and simple! Love it!


    POPA7H GAMER5 months ago

    أنا متأكد أنه 99.9 %من الناس لو شاف كلمة ألله هيطنشو التعليق 💔 لا تخلي الشيطان يضحك عليك واشتراك في القناة ولك الأجر لأني أنشر قرآن ❤👍


    HOTJIMI4EVER5 months ago

    Would it still work even tho I don’t have the can ? I have the tub

  47. Brilliant Cataclysm

    Brilliant Cataclysm5 months ago

    @Richie H use seltzer water

  48. Richie H

    Richie H5 months ago

    @cheese nah the can is carbonated so it's a bit

  49. cheese

    cheese5 months ago

    I mean it's the same thing right? I'm sure it'll taste the same


    GAMING TUBE5 months ago

    I’m pretty sure

  51. Scavenge

    Scavenge5 months ago

    Very last

  52. Mookie

    Mookie5 months ago

    I’m gonna observe the bots in the comments

  53. Coolguy guy

    Coolguy guy4 months ago

    im real Its just a joke

  54. Coolguy guy

    Coolguy guy4 months ago


  55. Awesome Stuff

    Awesome Stuff5 months ago

    good idea

  56. Pluto V2

    Pluto V25 months ago

    Umm, Pluto flavour? Mangos, bananas, and Doritos.

  57. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid5 months ago

    Hi pluto

  58. Itz_urboyary

    Itz_urboyary5 months ago


  59. Blufiee

    Blufiee5 months ago

    can we make it with the powder??

  60. CourtSoul

    CourtSoul4 months ago

    Use half the water but full powder in the shaker then add in half a shakers worth of seltzer.

  61. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork5 months ago

    Blufiee 👍🏻 😁

  62. Blufiee

    Blufiee5 months ago

    Charged Stork oh ok! Cool!

  63. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork5 months ago

    Blufiee yeah it doesn’t really make a difference just mix the powder in and should be good

  64. tely

    tely5 months ago

    Yummy 👍👍

  65. Jose Alanis

    Jose Alanis5 months ago

    My package arrived today let’s gooo

  66. Platinum Tugboat

    Platinum Tugboat5 months ago

    mine arrived with Sonic's peach rings collectors box. Stoked

  67. just eraf

    just eraf5 months ago


  68. Zaber_live

    Zaber_live5 months ago

    I don’t like Bahama mama but this looks good if I did

  69. califye

    califye4 months ago

    Zaber_live dawg he was toxic to me look at the comments😂

  70. Zaber_live

    Zaber_live4 months ago

    cali I noticed his comment before I noticed yours please stop being toxic on my comment

  71. califye

    califye5 months ago

    Toxic Crimson you have no pfp nobody even notices your comments

  72. Zaber_live

    Zaber_live5 months ago

    @Toxic Crimson don't be toxic man

  73. califye

    califye5 months ago

    it’s alright

  74. Reversal • 50 years ago

    Reversal • 50 years ago5 months ago

    Hope you get some G Fuel

  75. Extraction

    Extraction5 months ago

    Mmmmmm looks so good!

  76. Aaronnn

    Aaronnn5 months ago


  77. Ftr Dille

    Ftr Dille5 months ago

    First like 2 times in a row

  78. InDirect Swiftyy

    InDirect Swiftyy5 months ago

    Noti gangggg

  79. Vextersickboii

    Vextersickboii5 months ago

    3rd comment lol

  80. Glory Abraham

    Glory Abraham5 months ago


  81. Chorennn

    Chorennn5 months ago


  82. The slayer Kattah

    The slayer Kattah5 months ago


  83. Christian Lima

    Christian Lima5 months ago


  84. Mo farah

    Mo farah5 months ago


  85. Masked Ballers

    Masked Ballers5 months ago

    To everyone that is reading this: You’re very intelligent and can accomplish anything! Stay healthy during quarantine😊 My dream is to hit 1.5k and any help would be amazing. I just wanna make my family proud.

  86. Devin

    Devin5 months ago


  87. YoFlowz

    YoFlowz5 months ago

    To The amazing People Seeing This: I Hope Your All Doing Well And Staying positive and following Your Dreams My mom said I have to stop USlikes for school but if I get 50k I wont have to please help me out🌺

  88. Mo farah

    Mo farah5 months ago

    @MrBeast ❶ It's not you 😭😭😭

  89. just eraf

    just eraf5 months ago


  90. Mo farah

    Mo farah5 months ago

    No way

  91. Mo farah

    Mo farah5 months ago