Build Your Own Box

4 flavors, 20 stick packs, one Epic box! Build YOUR box at


  1. ItsCruzTube

    ItsCruzTube3 months ago

    when are you gonna put this on the app

  2. Captain Water

    Captain Water3 months ago

    to bad cotton candy is gone

  3. joma Huntington

    joma Huntington4 months ago

    I wish there was a one of everything pack

  4. Sil

    Sil4 months ago

    Please bring back cotton candy

  5. Kerolos Ehab

    Kerolos Ehab4 months ago

    G fuel should be available in egypt tbh, people here love energy drinks.

  6. Santiago Dunbar

    Santiago Dunbar4 months ago


  7. Cinema Moments HD

    Cinema Moments HD4 months ago

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  8. DynxBlxx6 Giorno

    DynxBlxx6 Giorno4 months ago

    One day ima Sponsor there drinks on my channel

  9. FZE sharky

    FZE sharky4 months ago

    Hello pewdiepie

  10. Zxulh

    Zxulh4 months ago

    aayo could you check me out and maybe even sponser me one day it would be my dream

  11. duchess

    duchess4 months ago

    Hello people today im asking for advice... how do i tell my parents gfuel is good? My bday was a couple days ago and i got $250 and i wanna buy g fuel, i already asked and they say its bad for you but its really not! So pls tell me how to convince my parents thanks

  12. Valentino Golubić

    Valentino Golubić4 months ago


  13. Boog ?

    Boog ?4 months ago

    Its pretty much glorified pre workout but I give em credit for the marketing and it is the best tasting pre workout I've had

  14. Maulaya Syauqi Mirza

    Maulaya Syauqi Mirza4 months ago

    How much it cost?? 12 dollars??


    PEWDIEPIE OFFICIAL4 months ago

    Only die hard fans.

  16. sugma _E

    sugma _E4 months ago

    When will you restock on sour cherry

  17. Resident

    Resident4 months ago

    We’re Dukaja gfuel flavour

  18. Cobra Kai Clips

    Cobra Kai Clips4 months ago

    Who Is waiting for there Gfuel

  19. Impossible_Fishy

    Impossible_Fishy4 months ago

    Petition for gfuel to make there popular flavors caffeine free versions

  20. Renegade Raider5

    Renegade Raider54 months ago

    Hi G FUEL it’s for 11 year old ?

  21. Renegade Raider5

    Renegade Raider54 months ago

    Flying _melon Ok

  22. Flying _melon

    Flying _melon4 months ago


  23. LouwonDwayne Surio

    LouwonDwayne Surio4 months ago

    I thought this is Build your own flavor

  24. Josua EJ

    Josua EJ4 months ago

    Hey Gfuel sort out your shipping and I’ll think about it

  25. Angry bird 7

    Angry bird 78 days ago

    Are they bad to the U.K.?

  26. Angry bird 7

    Angry bird 78 days ago


  27. Tam

    Tam4 months ago

    Why is peach iced tea only in servings now?

  28. Talon Wanderscheid

    Talon Wanderscheid4 months ago

    Bring grape back plz

  29. Skeeter McSleeper

    Skeeter McSleeper4 months ago

    Just drink water

  30. Emberrr

    Emberrr4 months ago

    Love how they skipped over cotton candy, sorry Keem, maybe next time

  31. Ethan Doan

    Ethan Doan4 months ago

    Bring back peach mango!!!!

  32. Isaac Sobarzo

    Isaac Sobarzo4 months ago

    Bring back strawberry kiwi

  33. Isaac Sobarzo

    Isaac Sobarzo4 months ago

    It’s my favorite

  34. Cywil PL

    Cywil PL4 months ago

    In my opinion kiwi strawberry sucks but its fine if u like it

  35. luke Mainwaring

    luke Mainwaring4 months ago

    Petition to put the hydration series on these also

  36. Impossible_Fishy

    Impossible_Fishy17 days ago

    @ConeTech hydration cans would be awesome cuz the amount of caffeine in cans is insane

  37. ConeTech

    ConeTech4 months ago

    And hydration cans

  38. OperaticAdam

    OperaticAdam4 months ago

    There isn’t hydration packs but good Idea

  39. Skytower 1,000

    Skytower 1,0004 months ago

    I’m a USlikes

  40. Skytower 1,000

    Skytower 1,0004 months ago

    Why don’t thay sponser me

  41. shrek is my fursona

    shrek is my fursona4 months ago

    If you want an honest opinion then it is your sub count

  42. Quinn

    Quinn4 months ago


  43. Alex Edmondson

    Alex Edmondson4 months ago

    With how many cans there are we need a “build your own 12 pack cans”

  44. TΞCHNICAL Ꮆ卂爪乇尺

    TΞCHNICAL Ꮆ卂爪乇尺4 months ago

    Love from India...

  45. Radley Mckinney

    Radley Mckinney4 months ago

    I want it but I can’t have it - some person

  46. Patrick Gardner

    Patrick Gardner4 months ago

    Bet they won’t pin this comment

  47. Whisper

    Whisper4 months ago


  48. JonahTV

    JonahTV4 months ago

    That’s actually really cool

  49. Kid laroi sold his soul Pray to Allah

    Kid laroi sold his soul Pray to Allah4 months ago

    Whatup gfuel

  50. Drone On GFuel

    Drone On GFuel4 months ago

    Could you imagine if gfuel actually responds!!


    OZZY DA DERP4 months ago


  52. RU!NZ

    RU!NZ4 months ago

    hi gfuel im dad

  53. Next_Music

    Next_Music4 months ago


  54. Fatlad

    Fatlad4 months ago

    Fuel can I get a sponser

  55. THE DERP 655129

    THE DERP 6551294 months ago

    Very cool

  56. Alan Smith

    Alan Smith4 months ago

    Immso bying

  57. Kid laroi sold his soul Pray to Allah

    Kid laroi sold his soul Pray to Allah4 months ago


  58. Jaden Shands

    Jaden Shands4 months ago

    Ayo gfuel lemme get one for free.. please 😩

  59. JimJimWow

    JimJimWow4 months ago

    Nothings free

  60. RileyGams

    RileyGams4 months ago

    Please bring back peach mango. That was my favorite flavor

  61. It’s Rammy

    It’s Rammy4 months ago

    RetroRiles ahh yes because I need the approval of someone on the internet who’s most likely a child you know what I’m gonna say it.. peach mango trash gottem..” epic back flip”

  62. RileyGams

    RileyGams4 months ago

    It’s Rammy I don’t like you 😤

  63. RileyGams

    RileyGams4 months ago

    Brady Austin but peach mango is better

  64. Brady Austin

    Brady Austin4 months ago

    @RileyGams I dont know peach rings is pretty good

  65. It’s Rammy

    It’s Rammy4 months ago

    I don’t like mango

  66. Larry Borg

    Larry Borg4 months ago

    love you whoever you are reading this

  67. blest ?

    blest ?4 months ago


  68. SvenCo Yolo

    SvenCo Yolo4 months ago

    im not first and i don't want to be first

  69. Bassam Al Dossary

    Bassam Al Dossary4 months ago


  70. Unknown Guy

    Unknown Guy4 months ago

    Oh boy.

  71. Pelo Boy

    Pelo Boy4 months ago

    So many dang comments saying First who does

  72. That YEET Boi

    That YEET Boi4 months ago

    Wow imma buy this

  73. Kraken Canine kid

    Kraken Canine kid4 months ago

    This is what I needed

  74. 1 sub before 2022?

    1 sub before 2022?4 months ago

    To the person who is reading this: Your amazing stay blessed ‘stay safe and have an wonderful rest of your day!✨

  75. Action Finn

    Action Finn3 months ago


  76. Willow Faded

    Willow Faded4 months ago

    Ok bot

  77. Lil Snake

    Lil Snake4 months ago

    because of covid 19 yea. kinda bored in qurintine

  78. -_--_-

    -_--_-4 months ago


  79. no no

    no no4 months ago

    Fun Fact: You can't breathe when you smile I just wanted you to smile

  80. no no

    no no4 months ago

    @CUL1F what shup man

  81. Alan Smith

    Alan Smith4 months ago

    Lol you can

  82. Tristan on sticks

    Tristan on sticks4 months ago


  83. Bassam Al Dossary

    Bassam Al Dossary4 months ago

    oh thank you man lol

  84. Ali Hani

    Ali Hani4 months ago

    gfuel is goated

  85. Natesh Garg

    Natesh Garg4 months ago





  87. Blowy Wand

    Blowy Wand4 months ago

    Let’s go

  88. toastymilk

    toastymilk4 months ago

    can o get free

  89. HAHA David

    HAHA David4 months ago


  90. Adam Garcia

    Adam Garcia4 months ago

    Can I get a hook up

  91. Focus Fn

    Focus Fn4 months ago

    Loook at my name I’m actually subbing

  92. Mercury

    Mercury4 months ago


  93. Muhammed Saad Amir

    Muhammed Saad Amir4 months ago

    Noti gang

  94. Chopper

    Chopper4 months ago


  95. ExceededSine776

    ExceededSine7764 months ago

    Hello gfuel

  96. ExceededSine776

    ExceededSine7764 months ago

    Gacha is for Weirdos what❤️😂

  97. ExceededSine776

    ExceededSine7764 months ago

    Necrosis 😂😂😂

  98. Kid laroi sold his soul Pray to Allah

    Kid laroi sold his soul Pray to Allah4 months ago

    Bruh wtf

  99. Virtues

    Virtues4 months ago


  100. CENSO

    CENSO4 months ago

    Gfuel ur cans r gud

  101. noxmic

    noxmic4 months ago

    First pin me plaseeee

  102. Black Rabbit

    Black Rabbit4 months ago

    No one caressss

  103. Mr steal your views

    Mr steal your views4 months ago


  104. Oscar May

    Oscar May4 months ago


  105. Connor Daredevil

    Connor Daredevil4 months ago


  106. 14baeball14

    14baeball144 months ago

    Connor Daredevil 😂

  107. Connor Daredevil

    Connor Daredevil4 months ago

    😂 forgot that was still uploaded

  108. 14baeball14

    14baeball144 months ago

    Nice funko pop Collection

  109. Gary Winthorpe

    Gary Winthorpe4 months ago


  110. Blowy Wand

    Blowy Wand4 months ago


  111. jack L

    jack L4 months ago


  112. Kikberkis

    Kikberkis4 months ago


  113. P 3TER ❶

    P 3TER ❶4 months ago

    To the person that’s reading this: You’re a very beautiful and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine ❤ *My dream is to hit 7K, I’ve been struggling to get there. 🍹*