G FUEL Guava Flavor! Inspired by Castro!

NEW G FUEL Guava flavor - inspired by Castro! Get G FUEL Guava now at gfuel.com/pages/castro-guava.


  1. 男ニンニク

    男ニンニク6 months ago

    Well this is racist but meh no one cared

  2. sai

    sai6 months ago

    omg its sooooooo gooooodd

  3. IDMS

    IDMS7 months ago

    There should’ve been tamarind

  4. unusually Cheesy

    unusually Cheesy7 months ago

    I have a big question which I need answered how do you get the small gfuel can with the shaker together like they show in some comercials because I went to the gfuel website and I only found the small serving packs with the shaker are those only for USlikesrs or for pre order only idk how it works

  5. Juan Gutierrez

    Juan Gutierrez9 months ago

    Just order mines vamos papa

  6. Christian Villarreal

    Christian Villarreal9 months ago

    So as in Castro the communist

  7. BigbenMMA

    BigbenMMA10 months ago

    He’s still short

  8. Jonathan Castro

    Jonathan Castro10 months ago



    JAHIR ERFANN YT10 months ago

    we moveee guavamos big dumb

  10. CallybobCOD.R6

    CallybobCOD.R610 months ago

    This Castro guy actually puts me off from buying this flavour

  11. GunnersHD

    GunnersHD10 months ago


  12. Zarimis

    Zarimis10 months ago

    Might need too start ordering g fuel again

  13. Alpha Squad

    Alpha Squad10 months ago

    Man, G Fuel made a oopsie not getting Guava Juice to do this flavour. Castro should of had Burrito and Cigar flavour

  14. Limitless

    Limitless10 months ago


  15. xqcbv

    xqcbv10 months ago


  16. Lucid -_-

    Lucid -_-10 months ago

    That should've been guava juice

  17. Off Shore Account

    Off Shore Account10 months ago

    First time I saw the thumbnail and title I actually thought it was inspired by Fidel Castro

  18. Gabriel Sanchez

    Gabriel Sanchez10 months ago

    Finnaly my favorite fruit

  19. Baby Tim Tim

    Baby Tim Tim10 months ago


  20. Slim Brady

    Slim Brady10 months ago

    😂 l love Castro

  21. Fetchdafish

    Fetchdafish10 months ago

    Fidel Castro flavored Gfuel would just be milk.

  22. JJ Kaname

    JJ Kaname10 months ago

    Sounds and looks delicious.

  23. Sir_Positive

    Sir_Positive10 months ago

    Hello, I hope you all are having such a lovely day today. You're wonderful and perfect for who you are, Perfect is what you make it out to be, I wish you the best today. Everyone is unique and special and everyone should always respect everyone. We all love you, We should always love whatever you love. Your existence is amazing. You're so special to everyone. You are you and only you can be you. Who knows what's going on with people's lives so it's always good to make everyone feel loved and heart warmed, People need to be nice and not mean, Make the mean people nice. Everyone should try to have a Positive, Mental Attitude and never have a negative mind all the time.

  24. Sir_Positive

    Sir_Positive10 months ago

    @TheMamba117 Thanks. Yeah, it is. ^^, WIshing people the best in their life. :) Who knows who I will make a smile.

  25. TheMamba117

    TheMamba11710 months ago

    ZetsubouKibou well this is random as hell

  26. Mozolen

    Mozolen10 months ago

    He looks like post malone cousin


    BABASKITZ10 months ago

    make a mega fuit combo taste.

  28. Baadach

    Baadach10 months ago

    castro was my favorite fascist leader of the 1900s, very inspirational and kind of you to make a flavor in his honor


    BABASKITZ10 months ago


  30. MrNoName YT

    MrNoName YT10 months ago

    I bought it

  31. francesca warner

    francesca warner10 months ago

    what does guava even taste like

  32. Mr. Spectral

    Mr. Spectral10 months ago

    cant buy it from the website here in norway. That's so annoying. And if i buy it on other websites it costs like 10 dollors extra and like 5 dollors for shipping... PLease fix this

  33. I’m Dizzy

    I’m Dizzy10 months ago

    About time my boy has his own flavor

  34. Teddy Kennard

    Teddy Kennard10 months ago


  35. Antonio Petrella

    Antonio Petrella10 months ago

    Should have been inspired by Guava Juice the USlikesr 😂 Guava Juice inspired by Guava Juice

  36. wild glizzy

    wild glizzy10 months ago

    Ekho Cool ya good point but maybe when they look up guava juice this’ll pop up

  37. Ekho

    Ekho10 months ago

    @wild glizzy i mean children that young shouldnt be watching gfuel vids lol

  38. wild glizzy

    wild glizzy10 months ago

    Ekho Cool here comes the salty kids

  39. Bleach is very epic aka Shadows0rder

    Bleach is very epic aka Shadows0rder10 months ago

    Guava juice is for kids hes trash😂

  40. Ekho

    Ekho10 months ago

    guava juice makes shitty content

  41. Sonicice 24

    Sonicice 2410 months ago

    Spanish, Mexiccan, or vbrazol soccer?

  42. archie.

    archie.10 months ago

    My boy

  43. OLI

    OLI10 months ago


  44. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast10 months ago

    I’m waiting for the doom flavor to come out

  45. Offset’s face

    Offset’s face10 months ago


  46. Elliot Moran

    Elliot Moran10 months ago

    Well this just popped up in my recommended

  47. scoobyCrac

    scoobyCrac10 months ago

    Fatty’s got his own gfuel

  48. Christian Callaghan Music

    Christian Callaghan Music10 months ago

    Mon the fooking castro!!!!!

  49. Dest Delta

    Dest Delta10 months ago

    0:07 fortntie players when they see a llama

  50. Paw x

    Paw x10 months ago

    I feel like guava juice should’ve got this

  51. Greenhunter

    Greenhunter10 months ago

    @YelloR6 he probably would since he tried to advertise a mystery box scam company

  52. Blandeu

    Blandeu10 months ago

    yeah wtf

  53. Jimbob1708

    Jimbob170810 months ago

    Pretz oh yeah forgot about that

  54. YelloR6

    YelloR610 months ago

    Hes not going to sell g fuel to his 6 year old audience

  55. Jimbob1708

    Jimbob170810 months ago

    X Sultan X true

  56. Wow

    Wow10 months ago


  57. Ashley Smart

    Ashley Smart10 months ago

    Big hype!! Lets gooo! Something new and refreshing!!

  58. HeartLeak

    HeartLeak10 months ago

    How'd you get 5 Castro's on stage?

  59. HeartLeak

    HeartLeak10 months ago

    @Jacob You see, my jokes are understood ONLY if you have 120 IQ. Otherwise you wouldn't get the complex meaning and message behind it.

  60. Jacob

    Jacob10 months ago

    Lilly skies Actually, you aren’t because that is quite obviously a joke

  61. Lilly skies

    Lilly skies10 months ago

    wow your not that bright

  62. Juan Andrade

    Juan Andrade10 months ago


  63. Meagan

    Meagan10 months ago

    I dont even know what guava taste like

  64. Meagan

    Meagan10 months ago

    Lol okay I'm trying

  65. Giovanny Martinez

    Giovanny Martinez10 months ago

    Like heaven

  66. GassedGhost

    GassedGhost10 months ago

    Hey Slurpie it taste like strawberry pear and even mango

  67. HeartLeak

    HeartLeak10 months ago

    Damn I thought it was post Malone at first

  68. Cameron Coombes

    Cameron Coombes10 months ago


  69. Cole Hinchliffe

    Cole Hinchliffe10 months ago

    Gfuel madonald hanburger flavor for mouth

  70. Rudi O’Brien

    Rudi O’Brien10 months ago

    WE MOVE!!!!!

  71. wiindows

    wiindows10 months ago

    Gonna cop

  72. Jaydon Wagy

    Jaydon Wagy10 months ago

    What does guava even tase like. I'm a white boy

  73. Dylan Smith

    Dylan Smith10 months ago

    Mix between strawberry and a pear

  74. ItsHealerr

    ItsHealerr10 months ago

    similar taste to a pear, a blend of strawberry and pear or grapefruit and pear

  75. Trash Packer

    Trash Packer10 months ago


  76. Starttt

    Starttt10 months ago

    Trash Packer P O G G E R S BABEYYY

  77. roze man

    roze man10 months ago

    I did not expect tihs

  78. Parker Vavrick

    Parker Vavrick10 months ago

    Sounds fye

  79. PheZy

    PheZy10 months ago

    Lol I love gefuel

  80. DarkArcher05

    DarkArcher0510 months ago

    Is the flavor good?

  81. Lelouch vi Britannia

    Lelouch vi Britannia10 months ago


  82. Drake The Dope Pope

    Drake The Dope Pope10 months ago


  83. Zaney Boy

    Zaney Boy10 months ago


  84. Diamond Swords HQ

    Diamond Swords HQ10 months ago

    No one will ever know how I got here This Early

  85. archie.

    archie.10 months ago


  86. AZA

    AZA10 months ago


  87. CIAB BeanS

    CIAB BeanS10 months ago

    Wtf how did u do that?

  88. Meagan

    Meagan10 months ago


  89. X3TM

    X3TM10 months ago