Ragin' Gummy Fish Smoothie

Looking for a positively mouth-watering, energizing, frozen fruit-infused #GFUEL recipe?? We've got you covered!
- 1 cup of frozen raspberries
- 1 can of Ragin' Gummy Fish G FUEL
- Mix into a blender
- Enjoy! 😋
Find your mix at at gfuel.com/


  1. Sendtoepic Hi

    Sendtoepic HiMonth ago

    They had to put a metal straw so no body gets triggered

  2. Equinox Fox

    Equinox Fox4 months ago

    Yes please

  3. baitrixx

    baitrixx4 months ago

    I appreciate that you posted this right when jev posted his 4 million subscriber video

  4. OfficialEdrockMusic

    OfficialEdrockMusic4 months ago

    it has 0 dislikes

  5. oz kchip

    oz kchip4 months ago

    ok im getting this

  6. LouwonDwayne Surio

    LouwonDwayne Surio4 months ago

    Can we have sousage G fuel flavor

  7. zavannahlee07

    zavannahlee074 months ago

    Hammed burger

  8. Christian Campbell

    Christian Campbell4 months ago

    Let’s go

  9. De Hiderated

    De Hiderated4 months ago

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  10. Seth Bowling

    Seth Bowling4 months ago

    I wonder if strawberries would be a good alternative.

  11. A random Hungarian

    A random Hungarian4 months ago

    Kind of. Yes. It's gonna be a bit more of a sweet taste tho. I mean if You don't like raspberries go for it.

  12. Maximize

    Maximize4 months ago

    can i get a custom shakercup?

  13. Alan Sulejmani

    Alan Sulejmani4 months ago

    Tried the can the other day absolutely disgusting

  14. Mr. Flix

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  15. 32 Wavy

    32 Wavy4 months ago

    can i have one for free lol

  16. Ewan Urquhart

    Ewan Urquhart4 months ago

    have 2 packets of ragin gummy fish left so i might try this. oh and whenever i make gfuel i’m always left with a little powder still left at the bottom does anyone know how i van stop that from happening?

  17. Slickzy

    Slickzy4 months ago

    It’s not powder it’s the vitamins

  18. Ewan Urquhart

    Ewan Urquhart4 months ago

    Ethan Connolly i’m going to try more water too

  19. Ewan Urquhart

    Ewan Urquhart4 months ago

    CourtSoul i’m going to try adding ice

  20. CourtSoul

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  21. Ethan Connolly

    Ethan Connolly4 months ago

    Or less powder

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  24. Justin Koster

    Justin Koster4 months ago

    Let’s get jev to do it

  25. Ethan Connolly

    Ethan Connolly4 months ago

    Food review lol

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  27. Gordo Vergudo

    Gordo Vergudo4 months ago

    U forgot to add ice!

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    ayo i got the last sonic collectors box

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    Day 1 of asking for *F R E E B O B U X* from gfuel

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    70 bobux moment

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    Gful hook me up

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    Are you winning son

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    I wanna try

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    As a Jev Fan I’m excited

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    I love your all the channels

  38. RileyGams

    RileyGams4 months ago

    Bring back peach mango please. Do this and I’m a happy camper

  39. BoostedBolt

    BoostedBolt2 months ago

    Check amazon they have a few of the discontinued flavors

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    Bet say less

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    gfuel hook me up

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    Me to

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    Daaamn! I'm sure it's tasty!NOW SHUT UP BOTS IM THE FIRST

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    @MasterOden damn, you got me!

  50. MasterOden

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    Gergő Ferenczy nah I was 😉

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    Can’t wait

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    I’m going to try this

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    Day 21 of asking Gfuel for a free tub

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    2 tubs for 48 bucks

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    Should have just bought on the bogo sale

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    And on,y about 97 cents per serving :)

  58. Gaming with Echo

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    Brooooo I will try this right away thank you GFUEL

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    Ima try this and make a video on it

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