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  1. Extyix

    Extyix2 months ago

    no body: Bowling ally screens when you get a strike:

  2. Plixterious

    Plixterious2 months ago

    I'm expecting to turn into Iron man when I drink this

  3. Tanya Mitchell

    Tanya Mitchell2 months ago

    so g fuel is drugs for kids right

  4. NotSpooky

    NotSpooky2 months ago

    no it's " (g)aming fuel"

  5. Pepehfow

    Pepehfow2 months ago

    If thats really what happens when u drink g fuel, then i would for sure drink it, but like they say redbull gives u wings, does g fuel give u armor?

  6. Todd

    Todd2 months ago

    fuel may taste good but red bull gives you wings

  7. Tari

    Tari2 months ago


  8. CallMeGhost

    CallMeGhost2 months ago

    Can I have a Gfuel Flavour

  9. 4tomatikk

    4tomatikk2 months ago


  10. Hermes PG3D

    Hermes PG3D2 months ago

    Ayo Tommy do be vibin 😂

  11. Kary Mac

    Kary Mac2 months ago

    That’s animated

  12. coraltracker

    coraltrackerMonth ago

    No shit

  13. ShockZ

    ShockZ2 months ago

    Thats sooooo cool

  14. ShockZ

    ShockZ2 months ago

    Love ur flavors of gfuel

  15. 7even Up

    7even Up2 months ago

    Iron Man lol

  16. Señor Wainscott

    Señor Wainscott2 months ago

    Instead of just giving the character his own movements on the software itself, try doing what they do in the movies with the elastic suit with the white balls attached in front of a green screen.

  17. Song Movie Maker

    Song Movie Maker2 months ago

    G fuel mascot 2021?

  18. CACHED_CLONE 666

    CACHED_CLONE 6662 months ago

    Im sorry, the animation is fkin trashy. Its fkin shit. Lookin at it for 2s makes me sick. Might as well puke.

  19. Satyam Raj

    Satyam Raj2 months ago


  20. Janith Perera

    Janith Perera2 months ago

    Very nice it 👌😘

  21. Daniyel FX

    Daniyel FX2 months ago

    the editing tho

  22. Erwey TBT

    Erwey TBT2 months ago

    Hey Gfuel I Ordered some Gfuel and it never came

  23. Team FNO

    Team FNO2 months ago

    So basically g fuel is like geting high lol

  24. Boyz Sike

    Boyz Sike2 months ago

    100th comment wow

  25. x ICEY x

    x ICEY x2 months ago

    Why does it look like every ph animation

  26. ActivistXV

    ActivistXV2 months ago

    Looks like a budget master chief

  27. soda

    soda2 months ago

    New GTA VI trailer lookin great

  28. Sodo

    Sodo2 months ago

    This was really awesome, I loved the 3D animation:)!!!

  29. Oliver Shen

    Oliver ShenMonth ago

    I don’t

  30. RedXI

    RedXI2 months ago


  31. hidden

    hidden2 months ago

    G fuel is terrible for you, I mean if you drink it you start hallucinating and will eventually lose your mind.

  32. Deedee Mantis

    Deedee Mantis2 months ago

    Why did I think this would actually happen ?

  33. Jed Edits

    Jed Edits2 months ago

    What did I watch

  34. TheExpertBro

    TheExpertBro2 months ago

    Suit armor not included

  35. Stoja SRB

    Stoja SRB2 months ago


  36. Adalberto Pedregon

    Adalberto Pedregon2 months ago

    Tommy you the man ! Hope you read this you really living the dream

  37. Marion Brown

    Marion Brown2 months ago

    This is amazing i will definitely do this

  38. Bru

    Bru2 months ago

    Amazing job guys!

  39. PMP Lambboy

    PMP Lambboy2 months ago

    Yo partner with marshmallow you guys could make a good flavor and shacker

  40. tact1c

    tact1c6 days ago


  41. pico mi

    pico mi2 months ago


  42. Cresh

    Cresh2 months ago

    This is animated

  43. Cresh

    Cresh2 months ago

    So slick armor

  44. ItzAlef

    ItzAlef2 months ago


  45. Death Graves

    Death Graves2 months ago

    Wtf is this

  46. WarKing

    WarKing2 months ago

    I like but it legit just taste like Fazeberry

  47. Raiken Reto

    Raiken Reto2 months ago


  48. ANAVAR mdma crack dmaa TREN trenbolonia sandwiches

    ANAVAR mdma crack dmaa TREN trenbolonia sandwiches2 months ago

    Trump 2020 Biden 10- 20 for selling America to China.

  49. Pat Ing

    Pat Ing2 months ago

    This looks awful

  50. XxSuski

    XxSuski2 months ago

    Every time I drink g fuel it makes me so tired to the point where I can’t even play

  51. CROD

    CROD2 months ago

    @Tat fr 😂

  52. Tat

    Tat2 months ago

    You must be doing something wrong then

  53. yyousuf

    yyousuf2 months ago

    What an collab

  54. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing2 months ago

    This is Sooo Cool

  55. abdul sarra

    abdul sarra2 months ago

    Nice video man

  56. supreme pops

    supreme pops2 months ago


  57. Joe Owen

    Joe Owen2 months ago

    help me from coming last in every cod game GFUEL

  58. Jerry Kensick

    Jerry Kensick2 months ago

    the flavor is good tho

  59. elijah sterling

    elijah sterling2 months ago

    Mexican looking so cute

  60. Alpra

    Alpra2 months ago

    Why does my mans look like that tho 👀 😂

  61. Escav

    Escav2 months ago

    looks lame af

  62. Tat

    Tat2 months ago

    You do

  63. Patrik Oreb

    Patrik Oreb2 months ago

    Bruh what is this 😂

  64. MrGamerMarcus77YT

    MrGamerMarcus77YTMonth ago

    A Guel Fuel Ad

  65. ItsPanda

    ItsPanda2 months ago

    The details on eveything look so realistic

  66. Aztrix

    Aztrix2 months ago

    Looks like THUG2 graphics and gameplay lol

  67. Tat

    Tat2 months ago


  68. Gaming With Mousa

    Gaming With Mousa2 months ago

    Let’s go I’m so early 36th comment

  69. vazmin

    vazmin2 months ago

    Tzy x Gfuel?

  70. Lucid Ranger

    Lucid Ranger2 months ago

    give me that flavor for free im to broke to afford it

  71. JimJimWow

    JimJimWow2 months ago

    @Lucid Rangerdang

  72. Tat

    Tat2 months ago

    @Lucid Ranger it depends on age and laws You're a child, children should not have caffeine *there

  73. Lucid Ranger

    Lucid Ranger2 months ago

    Is their really a age I think it depends on your body tolerance the age is a recommendation I sometimes drink like 3 coffees I’m perfectly fine after

  74. Tat

    Tat2 months ago

    @Lucid Ranger yeah, you're not old enough for energy drinks Sit down

  75. Lucid Ranger

    Lucid Ranger2 months ago

    i am only 15 and where i live you need to be at least 18 to work

  76. Lucid Ranger

    Lucid Ranger2 months ago


  77. Pj Cilli

    Pj Cilli2 months ago

    Who else is here when this has been public for 4 minutes

  78. Davinator_peepo

    Davinator_peepo2 months ago

    That's enough film grain and flipped assets in 1 minute to last a lifetime.

  79. 4tomatikk

    4tomatikk2 months ago


  80. Procrastiplayer

    Procrastiplayer2 months ago


  81. Mazamar

    Mazamar2 months ago

    The best G fule taste, for real!

  82. Stealtho

    Stealtho2 months ago

    This is a great advancement for Thailand’s Democratic Protests

  83. Fishy Brother

    Fishy Brother2 months ago

    FAZE iron man


    RΞDLIGHT2 months ago

    2 minutes ago LMAO

  85. MrGamerMarcus77YT

    MrGamerMarcus77YTMonth ago

    1 month ago for me

  86. Coinchaingod123

    Coinchaingod1232 months ago

    Will they ever take away Faxe X flavor? Because it says limited edition. Because I might get it for Christmas if they don’t take it away.

  87. Coinchaingod123

    Coinchaingod1232 months ago

    @akaskillz oh ok

  88. akaskillz

    akaskillz2 months ago

    nahh you got plenty of time

  89. Weekly Krunker Clips

    Weekly Krunker Clips2 months ago

    This is so lit this like Power Rangers/Transformers/Iron man

  90. Weekly Krunker Clips

    Weekly Krunker Clips2 months ago

    @Seth Bowling oh ok ima edit it

  91. Seth Bowling

    Seth Bowling2 months ago

    I was thinking more like Iron Man because of the thing in his chest.

  92. Fishy Brother

    Fishy Brother2 months ago


  93. Unknown Seizure

    Unknown Seizure2 months ago

    0:04 woah throwing a controller isn't cool at all dude.

  94. Steven Thompson

    Steven Thompson2 months ago

    Not supposed to be it represented him being stressed out not to be cool come on use your brain its 2020

  95. SecretlyDetective

    SecretlyDetective2 months ago

    Gmod animations be like

  96. Albert_playz

    Albert_playz2 months ago

    Hi erly gfuel

  97. MrGamerMarcus77YT

    MrGamerMarcus77YTMonth ago

    I subbed to you

  98. jeff jeff

    jeff jeff2 months ago

    why are his hands so tiny

  99. Tat

    Tat2 months ago

    Why are yours so big

  100. 5kull Iccy

    5kull Iccy2 months ago


  101. Brodiecow1 Twitch

    Brodiecow1 Twitch2 months ago


  102. Shott1ez

    Shott1ez2 months ago


  103. TBH_ Stryker

    TBH_ Stryker2 months ago

    second because everyone else is first

  104. Plty

    Plty2 months ago

    ok fn kid

  105. AbleFox6

    AbleFox62 months ago

    You guys are the best

  106. Olivia Galvin

    Olivia Galvin2 months ago

    Yeesssir them good flavors

  107. Gabby Parente

    Gabby Parente2 months ago


  108. Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix2 months ago


  109. Archie Christie-Crainie

    Archie Christie-Crainie2 months ago


  110. ssabahh Ali

    ssabahh Ali2 months ago


  111. PEGUNI _

    PEGUNI _2 months ago


  112. Emiliano Figueroa

    Emiliano Figueroa2 months ago


  113. Yo Winky

    Yo Winky2 months ago


  114. Dat Owen

    Dat Owen2 months ago


  115. Invis Snowyy

    Invis Snowyy2 months ago


  116. Brf 9

    Brf 92 months ago


  117. Yo Winky

    Yo Winky2 months ago


  118. Rapper

    Rapper2 months ago


  119. Vurxy

    Vurxy2 months ago