G Fuel Energy Crystals

The Energy That Pops is back! G Fuel Energy Crystals are available now at gfuel.com/


  1. Anthonydoes VR

    Anthonydoes VRMonth ago

    Gamer meth is now legal!!!!

  2. Slothx

    Slothx3 months ago

    ggt round 1 emails was sent but I got literally nothing, even people who didnt make it got an email saying that? Can someone please help

  3. Dazzell

    Dazzell3 months ago

    I swear that released like 2months ago

  4. maryammking

    maryammking3 months ago

    Me seeing this when my brother ordered G fuel for the past 4 months and they don’t Bring it and take our money be like : 🖕🏻them

  5. error retr0

    error retr03 months ago

    Mmm yes, high on gfuel i am

  6. Funky Poggers

    Funky Poggers3 months ago

    Next Up G Fuel Snort packs

  7. QuantumRamen 420

    QuantumRamen 4203 months ago

    Imma snort it

  8. Yrs_Alpha

    Yrs_Alpha3 months ago

    Does Gfuel reply???

  9. Fuzzy442

    Fuzzy4423 months ago


  10. Dakshak Srivathsav

    Dakshak Srivathsav3 months ago

    Can I order G-fuel in India??

  11. Jaystormshield -

    Jaystormshield -3 months ago

    me:wants gfuel gfuel:you must be 18 and above me:BRUH

  12. Carn0

    Carn03 months ago

    I lost my pewdiepie jr shaker cup conveniently the day before my watermelon gfuel comes in. F

  13. MM - 06DJ 792314 The Valleys Sr PS

    MM - 06DJ 792314 The Valleys Sr PS3 months ago

    I feel bad for people who drink to much of it

  14. keyboardwarroirッ

    keyboardwarroirッ3 months ago

    I’m 10 throw 12 year old can I have gful

  15. Tommyevans18

    Tommyevans183 months ago

    can i get free gfuel cause i be to broke to afford it

  16. SWIRL Logan

    SWIRL Logan3 months ago

    I’m getting this !

  17. frixx ay non

    frixx ay non3 months ago

    My secondary school has a bunch of kids who is doing drugs. Maybe this might be better

  18. DylanJ

    DylanJ3 months ago

    i still have mine from last year

  19. Ahmed Fidaily

    Ahmed Fidaily3 months ago

    bro if i bring that to school it will look like iam doing drugs

  20. songs and gaming king ador

    songs and gaming king ador3 months ago

    Colab with fortnite

  21. Scxpe.

    Scxpe.3 months ago

    So they sell meth

  22. Cosmox

    Cosmox3 months ago

    Still waiting on doc shungite flavored crystals

  23. EneY

    EneY3 months ago

    walter white wants to know your location

  24. Kcz Lux

    Kcz Lux3 months ago

    So you mean meth?

  25. A.L Streams Channel

    A.L Streams Channel3 months ago

    Gamer holds up gfuel crystals and shakes them gently while staring into the eyes of his gamer friend, then say "you tweaking bro"

  26. Sen

    Sen3 months ago

    First gamer cocanie and now gamer meth

  27. Sen

    Sen3 months ago

    Finally gamer meth

  28. Conner Beardsley

    Conner Beardsley3 months ago

    Cool, but what are they?

  29. Solo2k

    Solo2k3 months ago

    Isnt this basically the same thing as meth or crack? "crystals of energy" Would not be suprized to see someone get arrested and get on the news for this one. Low key you should change the packaging and name from crystals to pop rocks, your gonna get someone killed!!!

  30. Zyjuila

    Zyjuila3 months ago

    Sold out

  31. Matthew Khudziakou

    Matthew Khudziakou3 months ago

    Ah yes, my drug dealer finally got a resupply of meth.

  32. Hugo Bolzer

    Hugo Bolzer3 months ago

    Can i put them in my lightsaber

  33. Kids That Do YouTube

    Kids That Do YouTube3 months ago


  34. Millennium

    Millennium3 months ago

    third order, this time the package never reached my home, i didnt got my ~80€, support doesnt answer, last time i ordered gfuel.

  35. Jack wins at Life

    Jack wins at Life3 months ago

    Idk man sounds like crack to me

  36. swedish donuts

    swedish donuts3 months ago

    We did it guys, Crystal Meth is now legal.

  37. Wavy Snakx

    Wavy Snakx3 months ago

    Lmao 🤣

  38. Ken

    Ken3 months ago


  39. gavin gamsby

    gavin gamsby3 months ago

    Hsjejdjjf is so gooooooooood

  40. Brian Cunningham

    Brian Cunningham3 months ago


  41. Some kid who plays drums

    Some kid who plays drums3 months ago


  42. n3rve apex

    n3rve apex3 months ago


  43. iiAzT3Cii

    iiAzT3Cii3 months ago

    Didin't this come out like 2 years ago?

  44. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing3 months ago


  45. Fenax

    Fenax3 months ago


  46. Granny Waden The Best President

    Granny Waden The Best President3 months ago

    new flavor meth

  47. TaterTot Hotdish

    TaterTot Hotdish3 months ago

    Now we can snort crystal g fuel 🤤

  48. Sharkade

    Sharkade3 months ago

    'Rock & Stone, to the bone!' :D

  49. No enemies

    No enemies3 months ago

    Mmmm METH!

  50. Soham Mahajan

    Soham Mahajan3 months ago

    some guy gonna be caught selling meth and say it was gfuel energy crystals

  51. Taco Killaking

    Taco Killaking3 months ago

    Ngl I thought they looked a lot like meth crystals when I first saw the ad

  52. Miguel Rosales

    Miguel Rosales3 months ago

    Drugs noice 👌

  53. SD_ George

    SD_ George3 months ago

    What do you want sir????? The new crystal weed please Okay its 30$ 😔😔No crystal weed today...☹️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. Willow Faded

    Willow Faded3 months ago

    Ah yes, i can get high of gfuel branded meth

  55. Ow E

    Ow E3 months ago

    Hell yeah

  56. potatocat109

    potatocat1093 months ago

    why aren’t they in gas stations

  57. Instinct

    Instinct3 months ago

    potatocat109 They are.

  58. Resident

    Resident3 months ago

    This is the Earliest I’ve ever been

  59. HoaX

    HoaX3 months ago

    Time to get mining boys!

  60. Maxwell Parrish

    Maxwell Parrish3 months ago

    early gang

  61. Resident

    Resident3 months ago

    Please make dukaja gfuel

  62. Maxwell Parrish

    Maxwell Parrish3 months ago

    yh that would be good

  63. Whisper

    Whisper3 months ago


  64. Wardy16

    Wardy163 months ago


  65. world noob

    world noob3 months ago

    Well that was a long video

  66. Talon Wanderscheid

    Talon Wanderscheid3 months ago


  67. stylz

    stylz3 months ago

    Lets go they restockeddd

  68. Maxwell Parrish

    Maxwell Parrish3 months ago

    crystal memeth

  69. Xtreme Rooster

    Xtreme Rooster3 months ago


  70. Lightism

    Lightism3 months ago

    These look good

  71. elitezlol

    elitezlol3 months ago


  72. Mr creeped

    Mr creeped3 months ago

    First bruh

  73. Iain_McKee

    Iain_McKee3 months ago

    Crystal meth

  74. papiulevic _

    papiulevic _3 months ago


  75. iVonikXz

    iVonikXz3 months ago

    Can you heart my comment

  76. cream

    cream3 months ago


  77. Ecognito

    Ecognito3 months ago

    Nice cat

  78. SD_ George

    SD_ George3 months ago


  79. Sklipz Bleep

    Sklipz Bleep3 months ago

    Jesse I’m fucking homeless Jesse

  80. Maxwell Parrish

    Maxwell Parrish3 months ago

    first comment tho

  81. Riley Willis

    Riley Willis3 months ago

    What is it supposed to be