G FUEL Starter Kit

7 Stick Packs - 1 Shaker - The Ultimate Starter kit! Fuel Your Life at gfuel.com/


  1. just a normal default pfp

    just a normal default pfpDay ago

    does it come with a scoop?

  2. Kevin Sickler

    Kevin Sickler2 months ago

    I’m getting one

  3. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz3 months ago

    Im picking up the new faZe miami starter kit

  4. Caleb Duke

    Caleb Duke3 months ago

    Was gonna order a shaker & some packs but a $30 order some how turned into a fuckin $50 order after shipping & stuff. Dissapointed.

  5. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz4 months ago

    do you eat the bars or are they powder? idk im stupid

  6. Gary Winthorpe

    Gary Winthorpe4 months ago

    Lol i got this 2 weeks ago and now i got it lmao

  7. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz3 months ago


  8. Shanice Naidoo

    Shanice Naidoo4 months ago

    I really want to get g fuel but it wont ship to me. Helppppp

  9. Jygako

    Jygako4 months ago

    the shipping is 27++ is it only because of corona or something else


    HYROXIA PLATIN4 months ago


  11. IsoTrap

    IsoTrap4 months ago

    I just got 2 tubs with the end of summer deal I got snow cone and sherbet

  12. Oreet Kipper

    Oreet Kipper4 months ago

    Can I drink this? I’m 13 btw

  13. Sickobing

    Sickobing4 months ago

    is gfuel halal? im muslim i really wanted to tasted GFUEL

  14. Clapsy

    Clapsy4 months ago

    😂 I got the glow in the dark today it’s coming soon and know I now what flavors should most likely be in the starter pack 🔥

  15. NoCloutExe

    NoCloutExe4 months ago

    you should make it so we can choose our own flavor packets

  16. yung Skrilla

    yung Skrilla4 months ago

    my order just came in and i am not disappointed

  17. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork4 months ago

    But why is it ultimate again?

  18. Chrispy-nics 15 noodles

    Chrispy-nics 15 noodles4 months ago

    Thanks gfuel

  19. vvibes 637

    vvibes 6374 months ago

    i’ve never had GFUEL IS IT GOOD

  20. Terrell C

    Terrell C4 months ago

    U guys should do where ppl can customize there own Gfuel shakers Every one would luv that if it’s possible

  21. Oscar B4z

    Oscar B4z20 days ago

    Kool idea but wld cost alot and take ages

  22. Smoraz

    SmorazMonth ago

    @Vibranium Chips LMAO TRUE

  23. awake.jayjay

    awake.jayjay3 months ago

    imagine a custom starter pack where u could customize your shaker and pick your 7 flavors

  24. stvr

    stvr4 months ago

    Ty Webb vlogs yeah true it would ruin the market for that...

  25. Ty Webb vlogs

    Ty Webb vlogs4 months ago

    Cool idea but then then creators when they get a shaker would not be as special

  26. F I S H Y

    F I S H Y4 months ago

    My opinion all the gfuel flavours are really good but strawberry banana from ksi is my personal favourite

  27. Flizz

    Flizz4 months ago

    I have the glowing one

  28. Dashawn Redden

    Dashawn Redden4 months ago

    wjhat does the g f=stnd for ]

  29. Roman

    Roman4 months ago

    Gfuel cans are addicting 😂

  30. InfernoDelta

    InfernoDelta4 months ago

    Just got mine today. Such a great deal and the flavours chosen are the perfect ones for starting gfuel. A good mix of the traditional with the collab flavours.

  31. Zyjuila

    Zyjuila4 months ago

    Lucky I ordered my starter kit yesterday

  32. Julian

    Julian4 months ago

    Do they not give out stickers with the starter kit anymore?

  33. Lil Sauce

    Lil Sauce4 months ago

    I got a sticker with mine

  34. Jackson Ray

    Jackson Ray4 months ago

    Just got some excited about the bahama mama

  35. Adam Riaz

    Adam Riaz4 months ago

    I got the glow in the dark one as my first g fuel order did not dissapoint

  36. Lil Sauce

    Lil Sauce4 months ago

    Same but haven’t tried it yet

  37. Ality

    Ality4 months ago

    When is the logic shaker cup coming out?

  38. Ian Forgione

    Ian Forgione4 months ago

    This was uploaded two hours ago and I just got it

  39. Simthe Siman

    Simthe Siman4 months ago


  40. KrypticElement

    KrypticElement4 months ago

    Winter White is my favorite shaker IMO. I think it goes with pretty much every flavor aesthetically

  41. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing4 months ago

    The Starter Kits Are the Best When your trying Gfuel For the first time! With all the creators have there own and you can also buy them! So many designs! Btw Use Code SHOCK at Gfuel checkout

  42. Ewan Urquhart

    Ewan Urquhart4 months ago

    i was actually watching some of your vids earlier haha

  43. Ewan Urquhart

    Ewan Urquhart4 months ago

    obviously have to use code SHOCK to help out my man reid

  44. Skeeter McSleeper

    Skeeter McSleeper4 months ago

    I snort Gfuel

  45. SolezDazza

    SolezDazza4 months ago


  46. Unknown Guy

    Unknown Guy4 months ago


  47. Talon Wanderscheid

    Talon Wanderscheid4 months ago

    Get a warehouse in iowa

  48. Talon Wanderscheid

    Talon Wanderscheid4 months ago

    Or in the midwest

  49. SkepTep 9790

    SkepTep 97904 months ago

    Dislike is from ceiling gang

  50. BLOOMx AK47x

    BLOOMx AK47x4 months ago

    where can i get it in uk 🥺

  51. 72Astr0

    72Astr04 months ago

    why did shipping went from 7euros to 23 euros

  52. CEO of Asia

    CEO of Asia4 months ago

    Gfuel should rlly start making chewing gum idk why

  53. MOSASA

    MOSASA23 days ago

    hell no. It's a energy drink company. Gums? doesn't fit its description or what their whole operation and company were built and intent on.

  54. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski3 months ago


  55. otaku ma

    otaku ma4 months ago


  56. Compact BrawlStars

    Compact BrawlStars4 months ago

    Gfuel pin this or u hate ur gfuel fans :)

  57. JaDen Boi

    JaDen Boi4 months ago

    I am watching this but I have never tried gfuel before

  58. WagyFN

    WagyFN4 months ago

    just ordered my sour fazeberry and can't wait to do a review!

  59. Jonathan Castro

    Jonathan Castro4 months ago

    When is the bobby boy shaker coming out

  60. sunbeam_ dream1

    sunbeam_ dream14 months ago

    Just buy a starter kit Bahma mama and the nice sonic peach kit today on the way can't wait to get it😄😀😄😀😁😃😁😀

  61. Matt from Wii Sports

    Matt from Wii Sports4 months ago

    The dislikes are from people who drink red bull

  62. BeesAR

    BeesAR4 months ago

    Hydration starter kit? Hydration packs?

  63. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz3 months ago


  64. The F3RR3OS

    The F3RR3OS4 months ago

    Pls get like a gfuel facility in EU so shipping cost isnt insanely high like it is atm.

  65. Itz Maddness

    Itz Maddness4 months ago

    Grants GFUEL Rewiew he’s on about eu the shipping is like the same if not more from us amazon

  66. Grants GFUEL Rewiew

    Grants GFUEL Rewiew4 months ago

    In America you pay 8.49 cents for shipping From gfuel but there are some flavours on amazon For 30 dollars us and free shipping on prime

  67. shrek is my fursona

    shrek is my fursona4 months ago

    Luke Atkins yes but they make the price of the gfuel about £5-10 higher and if your buying more than 1 item it’s more cost efficient just to buy it if gfuel themselves

  68. Luke Atkins

    Luke Atkins4 months ago

    LimeProGaming is the offical uk reseller.

  69. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi4 months ago


  70. BlurFN

    BlurFN4 months ago

    Love the starter kits easy for everybody

  71. Her Royal Highness AlSaid

    Her Royal Highness AlSaid4 months ago

    Can i have one for free please

  72. Jaivir Vlogs

    Jaivir Vlogs4 months ago

    Literally 99% won’t see this but, god bless you and stay safe during these hard times I’m doing a giveaway make sure to enter🔥😎👍🏻

  73. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz3 months ago

    Thank you but give aways are scams

  74. KingaX5 King

    KingaX5 King4 months ago

    You have over 15,000 subscribers, why do you post stuff like this on other peoples' content? I work my *ss off and only have around 440 subscribers, not even.

  75. tely

    tely4 months ago

    Stop selfpromoting

  76. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi4 months ago

    I didnt see it sorry

  77. Cheater. Glowsnap

    Cheater. Glowsnap4 months ago

    Drinking hype sauce rn

  78. Jelow

    Jelow4 months ago

    It's dope got my tub of hype sauce today

  79. porunds

    porunds4 months ago


  80. Jelow

    Jelow4 months ago

    Ordered one 16 days ago! It's still in america

  81. Jelow

    Jelow4 months ago

    @Jezre thats good to hear!

  82. Jezre

    Jezre4 months ago

    I ordered over month ago and its still in america....

  83. PatSlams

    PatSlams4 months ago

    What’s your favorite gfuel flavor?

  84. Logan Will

    Logan Will4 months ago

    Watermelon is soooo sweet I hate it in my opinion

  85. PatSlams

    PatSlams4 months ago

    @Alonzo Nava 🔥

  86. Alonzo Nava

    Alonzo Nava4 months ago

    As Of Now, Strawberry Shortcake With Milk, Or Watermelon.

  87. Emilio Rodriguez

    Emilio Rodriguez4 months ago

    Can I have one

  88. lilxc

    lilxc4 months ago

    yo gg

  89. Blury

    Blury4 months ago

    so early that the shaker cups and gfuel say first on them..

  90. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz3 months ago

    Bro i do not know a single word you said.

  91. AZI__ 78

    AZI__ 784 months ago

    can i get some for free?

  92. KGBOSS1029

    KGBOSS10294 months ago

    Hi GFUEL

  93. Sauucy ツ

    Sauucy ツ4 months ago

    I got here before the bots 😂

  94. Mister Lavender

    Mister Lavender4 months ago

    Would be better if you could decide the flavors yourself

  95. LeMom

    LeMom4 months ago

    Mister Lavender same I’ve only just ordered gfuel for first time and it’s been 3 weeks it’s not here yet. But im thinking of only buying if the buy one tub get 50% off another tub comes out or if I’m ordering a bunch of tubs at once

  96. Mister Lavender

    Mister Lavender4 months ago

    @LeMom I can imagine, but still.. I mean a tub is on their side 10 dollars more then by Walmart.. And it's weird to have bonus codes that take the same amount off that the coupon is worth. And then you can only use one coupon, so the free delivery fee coupon is kinda useless. Or the bonus points you collect. Just saying, the product is nice, but I would definitely buy more and more often if I wouldn't have to pay delivery all the time

  97. LeMom

    LeMom4 months ago

    @Mister Lavender in canada its worse

  98. Mister Lavender

    Mister Lavender4 months ago

    That said it's by the way super annoying that you charge a mail delivery fee. I mean 8.99.. Whats the point of promo codes if it literally adds up the delivery fee right away again.

  99. NJ boss

    NJ boss4 months ago


  100. anthony key

    anthony key4 months ago

    Let us choose the flavor packs🤔

  101. anthony key

    anthony key4 months ago

    Vibranium Chips that too I was just calling it what they are classified under as of now

  102. Vibranium Chips

    Vibranium Chips4 months ago

    anthony key yeah but not as a starter kit more like a custom kit because starter is for newbies

  103. anthony key

    anthony key4 months ago

    Vibranium Chips I think many can agree the few different options from the various starter kits aren’t that great having an option to choose your flavors in a base cup would be great

  104. anthony key

    anthony key4 months ago

    xSteezyBoi  not really most of the starter packs come with the same variation

  105. Vibranium Chips

    Vibranium Chips4 months ago

    anthony key no because it’s for new people that are new and try the most picked and popular flavors

  106. hour long

    hour long4 months ago

    I just bout gfuel I got the 3 pack of KSU flavor then the snow cone with the clear bottle

  107. Laurens Franken

    Laurens Franken4 months ago

    Ahmad Al habib ok mr spelling bee

  108. Ahmad Al habib

    Ahmad Al habib4 months ago

    Bought** mate

  109. Wes Thompson

    Wes Thompson4 months ago

    Make a red rasberry flavor

  110. IKON Yesser_18

    IKON Yesser_184 months ago


  111. Behind You Lol

    Behind You Lol4 months ago


  112. Fuuko

    Fuuko4 months ago

    G FUEl is mwa

  113. Applezy

    Applezy4 months ago

    Gfuel is my breakfast lunch and dinner

  114. Sh4dow

    Sh4dow4 months ago


  115. Blufiee

    Blufiee4 months ago

    I love the starter kits! Highly recommend when getting into gfuel!!

  116. Blufiee

    Blufiee4 months ago

    Cameron Lotter it’s not 😂

  117. Blufiee

    Blufiee4 months ago

    she took the kids it’s not

  118. Cameron Lotter

    Cameron Lotter4 months ago

    @Tarig yeah😂

  119. Tarig

    Tarig4 months ago

    It seem like a bot co.mment

  120. Cameron Lotter

    Cameron Lotter4 months ago


  121. sliCey

    sliCey4 months ago


  122. Skinny Penis

    Skinny Penis4 months ago

    Ok will it be overtpriced tho?

  123. Flopp3r

    Flopp3r4 months ago

    Sasuke Uchiha Works At McDonald’s it’s already a thing if u get 30% off then it’s like 10 dollars before shipping

  124. Lost

    Lost4 months ago


  125. King_ ___

    King_ ___4 months ago


  126. Ftr Dille

    Ftr Dille4 months ago

    Lol i was the first like

  127. ExceededSine776

    ExceededSine7764 months ago

    2nd comment!

  128. Vurxy

    Vurxy4 months ago

    just bought one yesterday lol

  129. Vurxy

    Vurxy4 months ago

    It’s an app used to communicate with others

  130. Jackson Ray

    Jackson Ray4 months ago

    Vurxy wym by discord

  131. Vurxy

    Vurxy4 months ago

    You got discord?

  132. Vurxy

    Vurxy4 months ago

    Nice. I got the winter white

  133. Jackson Ray

    Jackson Ray4 months ago

    Vurxy and some cans

  134. walter approvesinthecomments

    walter approvesinthecomments4 months ago

    Very epic

  135. F4Z3Heatless

    F4Z3Heatless4 months ago

    Who else loves GFUEL

  136. Alexander Mendez

    Alexander Mendez4 months ago


  137. Cyan

    Cyan4 months ago


  138. RetroOmega

    RetroOmega4 months ago

    Nice kit🤑😎

  139. MrBeast CLIPS

    MrBeast CLIPS4 months ago


  140. YoFlowz

    YoFlowz4 months ago

    "Who clicked on the vid and came straight to comments?😂" (OMG fuel thanks for commenting on my new video❤)

  141. Vlad Do Stupid Things

    Vlad Do Stupid Things4 months ago


  142. Buffy the Pomeranian

    Buffy the Pomeranian4 months ago


  143. CarFlo Soccer

    CarFlo Soccer4 months ago

    I’m early

  144. Hypxre

    Hypxre4 months ago


  145. Wisp Deltaz

    Wisp Deltaz4 months ago


  146. 999 Swat

    999 Swat4 months ago


  147. kxlicz

    kxlicz4 months ago


  148. Bloxie Iced

    Bloxie Iced4 months ago


  149. Elite Bruv

    Elite Bruv4 months ago


  150. Darryl Huh

    Darryl Huh4 months ago


  151. Chris Perez

    Chris Perez4 months ago


  152. Rich Yvngan

    Rich Yvngan4 months ago

    To the person reading this: You're amazing stay blessed, stay safe and healthy during quarantine 🖤 My Dream is to hit 7k I am struggling to get there🌧

  153. DizzyFN

    DizzyFN4 months ago

    *Literally 99% won’t see this but God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day read my name btw* 💕

  154. SparkPlugYang23

    SparkPlugYang234 months ago