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  1. Dapper87

    Dapper876 days ago

    International release?

  2. Boobanubba

    Boobanubba27 days ago

    best flavor in my opinion!

  3. Kiandesu

    KiandesuMonth ago

    love it

  4. Joseph Gagliardi

    Joseph GagliardiMonth ago


  5. Joseph Gagliardi

    Joseph GagliardiMonth ago

    Wait why does GFUEL only have 600 k suns

  6. Miky

    MikyMonth ago

    sonic flavor

  7. Yampa

    Yampa2 months ago

    in the next movie he is gonna get hye on gfuel


    MITHU MIAH2 months ago


  9. Ayoub GB tv

    Ayoub GB tv2 months ago


  10. cong trần

    cong trần2 months ago


  11. Jonah Marie R. Sebastian

    Jonah Marie R. Sebastian2 months ago

    Please sega dont turn me into a drink AAAAAAAAAA

  12. Aaron castellanos

    Aaron castellanos3 months ago

    They should make a Pac-Man one

  13. skaterThings

    skaterThings3 months ago

    Gotta go fast

  14. Sonic Hero’s10

    Sonic Hero’s104 months ago

    Wow when I first saw this I thought it was the trailer for the new sonic game but no

  15. void_dark 03

    void_dark 034 months ago

    Hey can u sponsor my stream

  16. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz4 months ago

    now they need a mario gfuel flavor

  17. Rat Gosh

    Rat Gosh4 months ago

    Honestly, the video at the beginning was trash, all you had to do was show the drink then end the ad

  18. Team RypZ

    Team RypZ4 months ago

    that looks so darn good

  19. Tomie

    Tomie4 months ago

    i really want g fuel but im broke

  20. Nathan Rodriguez

    Nathan Rodriguez4 months ago

    Got me some sonic gfuel now!!

  21. Frosted Marcos

    Frosted Marcos5 months ago

    Now we wait for the Mario collab

  22. Gabe McCormick

    Gabe McCormick5 months ago


  23. Unknown Guy

    Unknown Guy5 months ago

    Unfortunately, I do not belong from the U.S or Canada.

  24. Steven

    Steven5 months ago

    I got my today 😁

  25. Huy Kiều Bá

    Huy Kiều Bá5 months ago

    remember the old model of sonic in sonic:the movie, yeah

  26. Pug With 1K Subscribers

    Pug With 1K Subscribers5 months ago


  27. I'm a fuckin rock.

    I'm a fuckin rock.5 months ago

    Yo, imma have to cop this!

  28. Houie Rhubarb

    Houie Rhubarb5 months ago

    Already picked it up

  29. Katelyn Herrera

    Katelyn Herrera5 months ago

    Yo I’m new to GFUEL. If I were to buy this a day after it’s release, would it be sold out?

  30. Laz_jay

    Laz_jay5 months ago


  31. HyperSonic 78

    HyperSonic 785 months ago

    I’ll take your entire stock

  32. Harrison Polanco Polanco Rebooted

    Harrison Polanco Polanco Rebooted5 months ago

    Somari: I want drink that

  33. Simthe Siman

    Simthe Siman5 months ago

    Do Pokémon

  34. Anthony Silva

    Anthony Silva5 months ago

    Can you make a Pac-Man G fuel and the flavor will be banana and watermelon

  35. Maxi

    Maxi5 months ago


  36. Numemon-chan

    Numemon-chan5 months ago

    US ONLY?? Come on dude D:

  37. wavy火

    wavy火5 months ago

    One day we will have gfuel in our stores just watch

  38. Genius Khan

    Genius Khan5 months ago

    Still looks better than Forces

  39. Nayrb _

    Nayrb _5 months ago

    I need this to fuel my inner autism

  40. mk nuggets

    mk nuggets5 months ago

    Who do you do y'all think gonna win the giveaway

  41. olguiere

    olguiere5 months ago

    I love that candy!

  42. Yousef Moatasem

    Yousef Moatasem5 months ago

    Does g Fuel reply?

  43. STRIKE

    STRIKE5 months ago


  44. Ice cream Boy

    Ice cream Boy5 months ago

    Ohhhh this how sonic gets his speed

  45. 1er

    1er5 months ago

    Im ready for this new g fuel :>

  46. Metal Channel

    Metal Channel5 months ago

    What i find odd, that why they used Speed Highway as a BGM, when the setting is Green Hill Zone?

  47. Flest_

    Flest_5 months ago

    They should I put a G fuel store with an advertisement that said Brandy G fuel sonic

  48. Olivia 757

    Olivia 7575 months ago

    I saw this trailer out of context during the Sonic Official stream. When I first saw it I thought we got a new Sonic game but when I saw Sonic collect Peach Rings I knew this was a G Fuel commercial. This was sooo much better compared to the painfully awful long Pokemon Unite trailer.

  49. Trash

    Trash5 months ago

    Sonic taste good

  50. Projekt Hectic

    Projekt Hectic5 months ago

    But is there Sonic Feet Flavor 🤔 All jokes aside, I actually really liked this. Good job 👏

  51. engineer gaming

    engineer gaming5 months ago

    How to make people want to kill you 1 say I hate g-fuil btw I do 2 wait 24 hours 3 make your icon mine because thats what drinking G-fuil is like

  52. [Hold my Apple juice]

    [Hold my Apple juice]5 months ago

    I don't drink energy drinks, but I wanna try it

  53. [Hold my Apple juice]

    [Hold my Apple juice]5 months ago

    @TheAlexis45 oh , okay , def buying it

  54. TheAlexis45

    TheAlexis455 months ago

    Gfuel is a healthier energy drink, it is not like the energy drinks you see in gas stations

  55. sub zero

    sub zero5 months ago

    Are they saying there is speed in it or

  56. david

    david5 months ago

    PewDiePie is subscribed to you

  57. fn ZOMBIE

    fn ZOMBIE5 months ago

    I am getting that 1000%

  58. Mahbus

    Mahbus5 months ago

    Now I am speed


    HSLIGHTNING Z5 months ago

    Sonic used to be my childhood and he still is and i drink gfuel daily which means i love gfuel and they added THE SONIC GFUEEEEEEEL IM IM SHOOOOOOOOOCK

  60. tully adams

    tully adams5 months ago

    Deviantart flavor

  61. Chrispy-nics 15 noodles

    Chrispy-nics 15 noodles5 months ago

    Gotta go fast yk

  62. gun_ _d

    gun_ _d5 months ago

    Please send one pack to Moscow 😢💜💜💜

  63. Pelo Boy

    Pelo Boy5 months ago

    This will fresh up my memory by seeing a man in a sonic costume getting chainsawed in the butt cheek

  64. Gerbil

    Gerbil5 months ago

    the fact that i know EXACTLY what game this is from, I WANT IT SO BAAAAD

  65. The Minecraft

    The Minecraft5 months ago

    Gerbil Bruh

  66. [Hold my Apple juice]

    [Hold my Apple juice]5 months ago

    @Gerbil ah yes , thanks

  67. Gerbil

    Gerbil5 months ago

    @[Hold my Apple juice] it's Green Hill act 1 from Sonic Generations

  68. [Hold my Apple juice]

    [Hold my Apple juice]5 months ago

    Which one?

  69. DJ Awesome Dude

    DJ Awesome Dude5 months ago

    I think Mario is screwed the next time these two cross paths

  70. VETO Vibez

    VETO Vibez5 months ago

    Only the cans rn tho whyyy

  71. TheAlanDude

    TheAlanDude5 months ago

    I wish I can buy the cans outside of US, the cans design are so much better.

  72. Vamsi Atmuri

    Vamsi Atmuri5 months ago

    Gfuel goes all out

  73. smug kid has bread

    smug kid has bread5 months ago

    Well the floral shaker cup come back in the gfuel shop?

  74. smug kid has bread

    smug kid has bread5 months ago

    @TheAlexis45 aw :(

  75. TheAlexis45

    TheAlexis455 months ago

    @smug kid has bread Yes, F

  76. smug kid has bread

    smug kid has bread5 months ago

    @SabotageLuke so basicly i missed a chance of getting the floral cup then? :(

  77. SabotageLuke

    SabotageLuke5 months ago

    Probably not since it was Spring / late Summer themed. Maybe it'll make a return next year though like the Dakotaz did this year.

  78. Hehegu

    Hehegu5 months ago


  79. Harold Torres

    Harold Torres5 months ago

    Did Jun Do the Music to this?

  80. Daniel Jay Robinson

    Daniel Jay Robinson5 months ago

    So this is why Sonic is able to run so fast

  81. Randomse

    Randomse5 months ago

    The adventure shoes do give him some new abilities

  82. Randomse

    Randomse5 months ago

    @The Sonic Hub No they don't atleast the classic/modern ones

  83. The Sonic Hub

    The Sonic Hub5 months ago

    His shoes also make him fast

  84. lm _ Slayer

    lm _ Slayer5 months ago

    Just when you'd think they'd run out of ideas, they pull these flavors out of the weirdest places

  85. Chαrσ

    Chαrσ5 months ago

    **S a n i c**

  86. Bitranium

    Bitranium5 months ago

    This looks like MineCraft lol

  87. Mark W

    Mark W5 months ago

    Ok where are the badniks???

  88. The Minecraft

    The Minecraft5 months ago

    Green Hill is peaceful for today

  89. JoshManBlue07

    JoshManBlue075 months ago

    i hope we can drink g fuel in the next sonic game to get super powers

  90. Blizz_Robin 24

    Blizz_Robin 245 months ago

    i know how to make it. you just take the gold rings from sonic and add some peach, blend it and your good.

  91. Scorpp FN

    Scorpp FN5 months ago

    David Dobrik needs a flavor

  92. TBCkoma

    TBCkoma5 months ago

    Is this just a rebrand of the old peach mango or is it a completly different flavour?

  93. Tat

    Tat5 months ago

    What about peach rings don't you understand

  94. Boomafloom

    Boomafloom5 months ago

    I like how gfuel haters just go on the video to dislike it

  95. mini 7255

    mini 72555 months ago

    I want to get this so bad but it won't ship to my country

  96. Cake Boi

    Cake Boi5 months ago

    It's about time this happened!

  97. Wack Penguin

    Wack Penguin5 months ago

    But why, why would you do that?

  98. Alana Owens

    Alana Owens5 months ago

    Why wouldn't you do that is the better question

  99. GhostJim

    GhostJim5 months ago

    The crossover we were never expecting

  100. Goombytee

    Goombytee5 months ago

    I saw it coming and I love it

  101. Kairyuu Cruz

    Kairyuu Cruz5 months ago

    No, we always saw it coming but we’re to confused by pewds flavor

  102. Ashley Smart

    Ashley Smart5 months ago

    Brings me back to my childhood wow! Outstanding work! Hyped to try this flavour in tub & can form! Lets gooo!

  103. Relentless_Naes

    Relentless_Naes5 months ago

    This looks fire

  104. Relentless_Naes

    Relentless_Naes5 months ago

    GhostJim no tastes like a hot dog if you bought it off wish

  105. GhostJim

    GhostJim5 months ago

    But tastes like shoe


    SHADOWRIDER885 months ago

    Well the cans are released, wheres the powder? Come on im getting impatient! Lol

  107. SabotageLuke

    SabotageLuke5 months ago

    Haha IKR

  108. Rob Gill

    Rob Gill5 months ago


  109. Danytus

    Danytus2 months ago

    @I'm a fuckin rock. Dead brain

  110. I'm a fuckin rock.

    I'm a fuckin rock.5 months ago

    Dead meme.

  111. The Minecraft

    The Minecraft5 months ago

    Sammy was acting guys

  112. Unknown Guy

    Unknown Guy5 months ago


  113. SabotageLuke

    SabotageLuke5 months ago


  114. XYZ_toni

    XYZ_toni5 months ago

    Why out of everything on earth sonic

  115. PH4NT0M S14Y3R

    PH4NT0M S14Y3R5 months ago

    Well why not?

  116. Mona Chan

    Mona Chan5 months ago

    They late on this one....

  117. Lilajtpunk

    Lilajtpunk5 months ago

    Albert be saying : I'm sonic😎😳

  118. Obito OGK

    Obito OGK5 months ago

    you have my attention....

  119. rxzey

    rxzey5 months ago

    Mom i become sonic

  120. Cheater. Glowsnap

    Cheater. Glowsnap5 months ago

    Great graphics but does it taste like peach iced tea or peach rings like the gummy

  121. Team_C.U

    Team_C.U5 months ago

    I’m buying that!!

  122. Huntingpengu 2

    Huntingpengu 25 months ago

    I need this Update: I got it

  123. Huntingpengu 2

    Huntingpengu 24 months ago

    It’s probably my favorite flavor out of the 15 I tried. It’s sweet, and it tastes exactly like peach rings from cvs or Walmart.

  124. Sebastian Jeznach

    Sebastian Jeznach4 months ago

    How is it, should I get it

  125. George

    George5 months ago



    FSTC PLAYZ5 months ago

    They actually did the unthinkable.


    JAYJARJAR JR5 months ago

    Let’s fuckinggg goooo

  128. Shidenzu

    Shidenzu5 months ago

    Wait what

  129. Just Slay

    Just Slay5 months ago

    Bet this is gonna taste nice I can already tell it’s gonna make me the fastest ( runner)