Summer Variety Pack

Take a sip of summer with the NEW Summer Variety pack - featuring a can of Tropical Rain, Sour Blue Chug Rug, Ragin' Gummy Fish and Bahama Mama! Fuel Your Summer at


  1. Braydon Goat

    Braydon Goat5 months ago

    Yum πŸ˜‹

  2. OneCheesyGamer [Cheesy]

    OneCheesyGamer [Cheesy]5 months ago

    *Anyone know the song in this?*

  3. aaallesandere

    aaallesandere6 months ago

    It's got electrolytes!!

  4. Cole Tech Tips

    Cole Tech Tips6 months ago

    I find it silly how those are my 4 least favorite flavors

  5. Ejw

    Ejw6 months ago

    Is FaZe Rain no longer the inspiration of Tropical Rain. Only OGs know Tropical Rain was his flavor.

  6. RJ Merridith

    RJ Merridith6 months ago

    Please help me win the David Dobrik giveaway I really need this money for college and help my mom out please please please help me out

  7. Jovany Rojas

    Jovany Rojas6 months ago

    I wanna it in quiktrip

  8. namanjames4

    namanjames46 months ago

    Can someone explain to me how g fuel helps with gaming and what do you feel

  9. phluentqt

    phluentqt5 months ago

    You’ll feel like your way for on edge, like wayyyyy and I mean WAYYYY too alert atleast for me cus I’m young and my mom doesn’t really care cus I only drink half a serving a day or every other, but yeah it’s basically your more focused and i struggle with tunnel vision after gaming for a while and this helps. Everybody really feels something different depending on how big or old you are

  10. fohN

    fohN6 months ago

    plz gfuel to radal babashuka Apple pie, and sosig

  11. Pikachu

    Pikachu6 months ago

    Imagine Sosing gfuel

  12. Livelongspider

    Livelongspider6 months ago

    Will gfuel cans go international

  13. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n06 months ago

    If only they had swapped the ragin gummy fish to pewdiepie

  14. Alex_Perezident

    Alex_Perezident6 months ago

    Gfule my go to drink for gaming and editing brand new videos love it

  15. Ω‹

    Ω‹6 months ago

    I love the ice flavor do you agree

  16. tizergp

    tizergp6 months ago

    is it avalibl in canada


    AMPRO GAMING6 months ago

    this is pewdipies channel

  18. AaronWx

    AaronWx6 months ago

    Nunca probΓ© una GFUEL :(

  19. Alexis Cortes

    Alexis Cortes6 months ago

    Ima buy my first gfuel order. Anyone has any suggestions to flavors

  20. Krish Grover

    Krish Grover6 months ago

    Start selling in india

  21. sohan

    sohan6 months ago

    Hippity hippity I'm not a bot

  22. Liam On Gfuel

    Liam On Gfuel6 months ago

    I just got the notification πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘

  23. Momento Mori

    Momento Mori6 months ago

    Ah yes and by the time it arrives I’ll already be in school

  24. NanaTea64

    NanaTea646 months ago

    I need me some of these right now

  25. ko !

    ko !6 months ago

    I live in Norwei so i cant Get GfuelπŸ˜”

  26. Chroma

    Chroma6 months ago

    You see i would get these but I unfortunately live in Canada and they don't ship or you cant find them in any store. so G FULE please put them in Canada 😫

  27. Rise Within

    Rise Within6 months ago

    Just remeber gfuel is killing you slowly but surely. - Faze adapt

  28. Erick Ortiz

    Erick Ortiz6 months ago

    Is The GFUEL Cans available in Los Angeles, California 7-Eleven?

  29. SwatZ

    SwatZ6 months ago

    I need this! Gfuel is amazing!

  30. F2LMIKΞY

    F2LMIKΞY6 months ago

    Need to get. Also does Bahama Mama have real coconuts im allergic

  31. TheLukeSter

    TheLukeSter6 months ago

    Damn please can gfeul ship to south Africa πŸ™„πŸ˜­πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦πŸ˜

  32. TVKeepItsimple

    TVKeepItsimple6 months ago

    gfuel to expensive to me

  33. paul cottyn

    paul cottyn6 months ago

    when are we gonna be able to pay with a normal credit card?

  34. paul cottyn

    paul cottyn5 months ago

    but the problem is it only says paypal or amazon pay

  35. paul cottyn

    paul cottyn5 months ago

    @OneCheesyGamer [Cheesy] oh ok thx

  36. OneCheesyGamer [Cheesy]

    OneCheesyGamer [Cheesy]5 months ago

    I just did a week ago prior to your comment here and Purchased NoisyButters Star Fruit GFUEl and they still allow Credit Cards. Something might be wrong with yours if you're having issues with it. Contact your Bank and seek Assistance as soon as possible. GFUEL is amazing and no one should be missing out on it especially if they got that extras cash on the side.

  37. Kyle McGrath

    Kyle McGrath6 months ago

    If only you packed them with Styrofoam so the cans wouldn't burst on delivery. Two of the four packages i ordered were ruined

  38. markybuildy

    markybuildy6 months ago


  39. F1RE Flie

    F1RE Flie6 months ago

    GFuel is the best energy drink ever it is so so so so so good

  40. DailyXNaruto

    DailyXNaruto6 months ago

    Its energy formula


    ULTRON TU6 months ago

    Awesome can’t wait to buy that gfuel variety pack just like what I did with the other pack

  42. Mist Esports

    Mist Esports6 months ago

    Amazing Ad

  43. Arsh Chahal

    Arsh Chahal6 months ago


  44. Lava Is bad

    Lava Is bad6 months ago


  45. GhostJim

    GhostJim6 months ago

    Your 40th


    MP GAMING6 months ago

    I have never tried gfuel wish i can im here from the Fortnite guy and team kungarna

  47. Cameron Coombes

    Cameron Coombes6 months ago

    We need the cans in UK

  48. Cameron Coombes

    Cameron Coombes6 months ago

    @AJ Campbell 100% theyre fizzy too

  49. AJ Campbell

    AJ Campbell6 months ago

    Ye id actually buy it if it uk delivered I reckon

  50. bruh

    bruh6 months ago

    I think you meant that we need a EU warehouse

  51. lizetong qiu

    lizetong qiu6 months ago

    I snort gfuel

  52. Do Not Pursue Lu Bu

    Do Not Pursue Lu Bu6 months ago

    I do too


    OCTANE HIGH VERSION6 months ago

    wow im pood

  54. I was Never here

    I was Never here6 months ago

    I love g fuel it helps me soo much I game way better with it

  55. TuGaz

    TuGaz5 months ago

    @Azaan Merchant 6

  56. CIA

    CIA5 months ago

    It’s in you head lmao

  57. Azaan Merchant

    Azaan Merchant5 months ago

    How old were you when you started drinking g fuel

  58. Thomas Luu

    Thomas Luu6 months ago

    It does

  59. DailyXNaruto

    DailyXNaruto6 months ago


  60. Jezza Clarkson

    Jezza Clarkson6 months ago

    Sad that I am in UAE, not America.

  61. Joe Nuts

    Joe Nuts6 months ago


  62. κ§„π’ˆ™π’π’€°π’Œ§π’Œ§π’ˆ™tπ’€±κ§„π’€°κ§„π’ˆ™κ§„π’ˆ™κ§„π’ˆ™π’ˆ™π’€°π’€°π’ˆ™κ§„π’ˆ™π’€°π’ˆ™π’€°π’€°π’ˆ™π’ˆ™π’ˆ™π’«π’«π’«π’«π’«π’«κ§„ ꧄

    κ§„π’ˆ™π’π’€°π’Œ§π’Œ§π’ˆ™tπ’€±κ§„π’€°κ§„π’ˆ™κ§„π’ˆ™κ§„π’ˆ™π’ˆ™π’€°π’€°π’ˆ™κ§„π’ˆ™π’€°π’ˆ™π’€°π’€°π’ˆ™π’ˆ™π’ˆ™π’«π’«π’«π’«π’«π’«κ§„ ꧄6 months ago


  63. Leanne Melvin

    Leanne Melvin6 months ago

    @Do Not Pursue Lu Bu Underrated reply

  64. Do Not Pursue Lu Bu

    Do Not Pursue Lu Bu6 months ago

    Underrated comment

  65. VinTage spamz

    VinTage spamz6 months ago

    I just orderd Gfuel

  66. Pluto V2

    Pluto V26 months ago


  67. Bafle VR

    Bafle VR6 months ago


  68. EmsBat

    EmsBat6 months ago

    Who thinks gfuels the best!😎

  69. bence guraly

    bence guraly6 months ago

    Fuel (i stole this comment)

  70. melons btw

    melons btw6 months ago

    When your not aloud to drink gfuel

  71. Chronic Donut

    Chronic Donut6 months ago

    i started when i was 13 im 14 now

  72. melons btw

    melons btw6 months ago

    @Brendon DavΓ΅dov that's a big ooff my parents said no like 5 times

  73. Brendon DavΓ΅dov

    Brendon DavΓ΅dov6 months ago

    My mom let me to try the starter pack but now i cant anymore Im 12

  74. Sharkham44

    Sharkham446 months ago

    I want to try gfuel

  75. Chαrσ

    Chαrσ6 months ago

    Broke gang gamers

  76. pro gamer pro gamer

    pro gamer pro gamer6 months ago

    Then buy one lmao

  77. SuperVada

    SuperVada6 months ago

    Try it out when ya get a chance.

  78. Zahid muhamad

    Zahid muhamad6 months ago

    me too

  79. SRG_SKYE

    SRG_SKYE6 months ago


  80. nMz Alpha

    nMz Alpha6 months ago

    Not 1st

  81. B I V Y g

    B I V Y g6 months ago


  82. Rapirex TM

    Rapirex TM6 months ago


  83. n0t. me

    n0t. me6 months ago

    Do you deliver to Macedonia? Haha I was first, not that it matters

  84. GhostJim

    GhostJim6 months ago

    You were first?

  85. baldski

    baldski6 months ago


  86. YoFlowz

    YoFlowz6 months ago

    To The amazing People Seeing This: I Hope Your All Doing Well And Staying positive and following Your Dreams😊 My Dream Is 50k. I’m struggling it’s hard but never give up!😎

  87. GhostJim

    GhostJim6 months ago

    I think the bot is called dave

  88. n0t. me

    n0t. me6 months ago

    What's the bot called that you are using?

  89. GhostJim

    GhostJim6 months ago


  90. GhostJim

    GhostJim6 months ago


  91. Diagonal Mario

    Diagonal Mario6 months ago

    F u e l