French Vanilla G FUEL | Coming Soon!

Introducing French Vanilla Iced Coffee G FUEL! Coming soon! Fuel Your Life at


  1. kingstarboy14 Plays

    kingstarboy14 Plays6 months ago

    Gfuel:our new french vanilla drink is coming! Me:say sike right now

  2. Youtubers rule Youtube

    Youtubers rule Youtube10 months ago

    where is pewdiepie

  3. FatalJapan

    FatalJapanYear ago

    Lets get a gfuel mocha coffee and caramel

  4. Lizzette Hernandez

    Lizzette HernandezYear ago

    *Me and the boys at the office be like:*

  5. Wack Penguin

    Wack PenguinYear ago


  6. Tyler Erickson

    Tyler EricksonYear ago

    is it actually coffee?

  7. Scottish Boi

    Scottish BoiYear ago

    Can u hurry up and deliver my g fuel 😭

  8. NoahMaynardTV

    NoahMaynardTVYear ago

    I can’t wait!!!!

  9. Jakob

    JakobYear ago

    We all want PewDiePie forest berry flavour!

  10. ItsPlasmaMC

    ItsPlasmaMCYear ago

    I was the 6900 view

  11. Adamthomax

    AdamthomaxYear ago

    Thank you for the nostalgic music

  12. n3wb_deli

    n3wb_deliYear ago

    This is gonna be epic

  13. Senji

    SenjiYear ago

    what if I put in coffee?

  14. Nyx

    NyxYear ago

    I'm getting straight penguin club vibes from this ad, Instant pickup for me cannot wait.

  15. BvH

    BvHYear ago

    how about this, just drink coffee.

  16. Cary Bickley

    Cary BickleyYear ago

    It’s better cuz usually French vanilla coffee has lots of sugar and this does not, and this will save you money and trips to the coffee shop

  17. Andrew Warner

    Andrew WarnerYear ago

    Horchata when?

  18. Marksmam 53

    Marksmam 53Year ago

    I've never tried Gamer Fuel in my life

  19. FortBox

    FortBoxYear ago

    Is this the one bastrin tried

  20. RedXI

    RedXIYear ago

    Okay this ones different. Curious to see how it compares.

  21. Ziviik

    ZiviikYear ago

    Instant cop

  22. J

    JYear ago

    Isn't this song from the tattoo game ad 😂🤣

  23. monopoly

    monopolyYear ago


  24. Qthunder

    QthunderYear ago

    Issa cop

  25. navy ye

    navy yeYear ago

    *LE DRINK 100*

  26. Kitty Doss

    Kitty DossYear ago

    Now I'm coping this forsure

  27. Youtuber

    YoutuberYear ago


  28. k47w

    k47wYear ago


  29. CMShortboy

    CMShortboyYear ago


  30. Brian Cunningham

    Brian CunninghamYear ago

    I’m so excited for this

  31. Stone Alexander

    Stone AlexanderYear ago

    Dairy free?


    RVFFICAYear ago

    I hope this is good cos that banana strawberry was terrible. Haven't switched from faze Berry and tropical rain cos they're my safe flavours that I've had. Peach sounds nice but is blue ice just like a blue powerade?

  33. Daryn Gillespie

    Daryn GillespieYear ago

    Yes. Other good flavors are gummy fish, easily strawberry shortcake but it's been out forever, type 0 is good too, green apple and rainbow sherbet

  34. D A I J O U B U

    D A I J O U B UYear ago

    was excited for regular vanilla milk gfuel but now im sad that its coffee

  35. Chronic_Breakdown

    Chronic_BreakdownYear ago

    I love french vanilla coffee. Ima have to try this one

  36. Mike Weaver

    Mike WeaverYear ago

    I always requested this in the questionnaire they ask you to fill out when I buy. I was thinking more like a hot chocolate booster or coffee booster but damn im hype!!!

  37. Rev 5

    Rev 5Year ago


  38. Kazmix2

    Kazmix2Year ago


  39. Kazmix2

    Kazmix2Year ago


  40. Ishmon

    IshmonYear ago

    Called it

  41. MEISAI

    MEISAIYear ago

    GFUEL is overrated asf.

  42. Daryn Gillespie

    Daryn GillespieYear ago

    Why are you here if you just want to talk shit, go somewhere else with your existence and negativity

  43. Expired dorito

    Expired doritoYear ago


  44. BryKriTri

    BryKriTriYear ago

    So I guess I can put my gfuel in the microwave 😳

  45. Nesquicc

    NesquiccYear ago

    French Vanilla is nasty

  46. Zasto

    ZastoYear ago

    Well I guess if you don’t like coffee

  47. Ironcaster

    IroncasterYear ago

    It's a flavor i'd like to get a smaller individual packet of first before I bought a whole tub.

  48. JJ Kaname

    JJ KanameYear ago

    I just love Gfuel!!! It helped me to get my tasks completed at my job without crashing and because of that, Im able to clock out early. Im definitely buying this flavor along with another shaker. GFuel is my "Senzu Bean" drink.

  49. FloridaSky ツ

    FloridaSky ツYear ago

    Where's my Cookie Dough Ice Cream flavor? I've been asking for like 2 years! REEEEEE!

  50. Zachary Filion

    Zachary FilionYear ago

    I Want This bad

  51. Sam Lombardo

    Sam LombardoYear ago

    The number 1 best flavor, Blood orange needs to come back

  52. Joshua Havens

    Joshua HavensYear ago

    Michael Silve you can only get it on eBay for over 40$, I just looked today

  53. JR. Beast

    JR. BeastYear ago

    Gamers rise for what will be one of the best flavor of our time unless your not a coffee guy like me

  54. Yosh

    YoshYear ago

    Take all my money I want it now

  55. Awsome zombie

    Awsome zombieYear ago

    awsome i love you gfuel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. Thecbommer 41

    Thecbommer 41Year ago

    Sign me up

  57. BornTroublesome

    BornTroublesomeYear ago

    I’m the only one who thinks this shit will be nasty?

  58. Sith Tha

    Sith ThaYear ago

    Capitalising on the milk i see

  59. EarthPlay

    EarthPlayYear ago

    Why French?

  60. Bigzz

    BigzzYear ago

    They did it they actually did it

  61. SwayVY

    SwayVYYear ago


  62. Just Another Pleb

    Just Another PlebYear ago

    You couldn’t have picked a better flavor for #40. Congrats to the whole team over at GFUEL

  63. Lzr_Krl

    Lzr_KrlYear ago

    also notice how the flavor is just called "french vanilla" which means they are going to do more coffee flavors

  64. NoobMaster69

    NoobMaster69Year ago


  65. Nicotine Gaming

    Nicotine GamingYear ago

    Hmmm Would be tastier if I combine it with milk

  66. James

    JamesYear ago

    i think you are supposed to.

  67. Petr Drahoňovský

    Petr DrahoňovskýYear ago

    I drink G Fuel, because i hate coffee. But hey, looks good i guess :D

  68. Rancid Riki

    Rancid RikiYear ago

    this one is lighter than coffee, you might like it

  69. Sonicice 24

    Sonicice 24Year ago

    That looks like pee.

  70. Zasto

    ZastoYear ago

    Sonicice 24 oh come on your 8

  71. Sonicice 24

    Sonicice 24Year ago

    @srfn No.

  72. srfn

    srfnYear ago

    Sonicice 24 ur 8

  73. Sonicice 24

    Sonicice 24Year ago

    @Scorpp FN I'm 16.

  74. Scorpp FN

    Scorpp FNYear ago

    Sonicice 24 you're probably like 8 so chill

  75. xZeo-san

    xZeo-sanYear ago


  76. Spongebob Squarepants

    Spongebob SquarepantsYear ago

    Z̶e̷o̷ I love French Vanilla too, hope this is really good

  77. xZeo-san

    xZeo-sanYear ago

    @Spongebob Squarepants its the only flavor that i like but I love french vanilla products.... I hope they dont mess this up

  78. Spongebob Squarepants

    Spongebob SquarepantsYear ago

    Z̶e̷o̷ man I hate Green Apple

  79. Brian Cunningham

    Brian CunninghamYear ago

    That’s crazy but like the thing is I don’t remember asking you a thing

  80. MacMan

    MacManYear ago

    Brian Cunningham you have da whole gang who are interested in that here: ...

  81. Epiphanyz

    EpiphanyzYear ago

    I want this so bad like, this gonna help me study. Also the shaker cups look cool too ima need to buy it

  82. MinE_RaIdZ

    MinE_RaIdZYear ago

    My bdays march 11, please release a good flavour like this for that motnhs release

  83. L0SXD

    L0SXDYear ago

    i'm going to try this on my channel!

  84. L0SXD

    L0SXDYear ago

    @F13 lol

  85. F13

    F13Year ago

    No one asked

  86. CallybobCOD.R6

    CallybobCOD.R6Year ago

    I don’t like coffee 😢😢😢

  87. Rancid Riki

    Rancid RikiYear ago

    it's lighter according to shock

  88. massimo

    massimoYear ago


  89. Phoenix_Guardian

    Phoenix_GuardianYear ago

    It's nice because some flavors uses milk instead of water

  90. Phoenix_Guardian

    Phoenix_GuardianYear ago

    It endend

  91. ImOcto

    ImOctoYear ago


  92. RexxBone

    RexxBoneYear ago

    Can’t wait for this flavour☺️☺️ @G FUEL