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  1. GamingLikeEvan

    GamingLikeEvan17 hours ago

    this is the best ad I've ever seen. It's somehow an Evangelion and JoJo reference at the exact same time

  2. ItsAdriel

    ItsAdrielHour ago

    lol ikr

  3. Robot 0

    Robot 02 days ago

    This add is soooo awesome

  4. SHRUM

    SHRUM3 days ago

    Where tv ad?

  5. Moose coffe 200

    Moose coffe 2003 days ago

    jojo character belike

  6. Aurelia Elle

    Aurelia Elle6 days ago

    I would be honored if i got this as an ad

  7. Big Jerry

    Big Jerry16 days ago

    Pen pen stealing the can is the best part

  8. Maximiliano Castillo Navarro

    Maximiliano Castillo Navarro20 days ago

    Anyone still comes back just to see the this amazing comercial?


    MASLIN BRUNER20 days ago

    Now this is how you market your product

  10. mohammed touseef

    mohammed touseef26 days ago

    He looks like 40 year old Joseph

  11. Khalib Whatley

    Khalib Whatley26 days ago

    I want to see this in actually USlikes ads or on TV

  12. 原子ファフニール

    原子ファフニールMonth ago

    Jojo artstyle lol

  13. Lost Mechanical Pencil

    Lost Mechanical PencilMonth ago


  14. HC7

    HC7Month ago

    g-fuel: *nihongo jouzu* g-fuel, after all these months... i trusted you. i didnt know you're capable of this.

  15. AndreJ HD

    AndreJ HDMonth ago

    If you want big PP this is what you get xD

  16. Bazzas! Channel

    Bazzas! ChannelMonth ago


  17. Mikey Riccelli

    Mikey RiccelliMonth ago


  18. KuronoK

    KuronoKMonth ago

    Please come to Brazil

  19. error h/404

    error h/4042 months ago

    the ad i wanna see not that garbage "skip this ad...."

  20. RubyLeveledUp

    RubyLeveledUp2 months ago

    Really should of marketed it better I thought this whole time it was cherry flavored so i stayed away from it. The majority of people never even heard of a lingonberry.. My friend informed me today and I tried it and Im dissapointed I missed out on it for so long!

  21. Egzystencjalne Cierpienie

    Egzystencjalne Cierpienie2 months ago

    Pew-kun looks so... ..strong, everybody thought about his strength, r-right?

  22. Brandon Gwang

    Brandon Gwang2 months ago

    He looks like a jojo character

  23. BAT CAT

    BAT CAT2 months ago


  24. BAT CAT

    BAT CAT2 months ago

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣 WTF

  25. Funny Valentine

    Funny Valentine2 months ago

    Araki should collab with g fuel

  26. Max Marino

    Max Marino2 months ago

    Im using this for my school project

  27. PersonallyQuirky

    PersonallyQuirky2 months ago

    Imagine a pewdiepie anime

  28. Berry 7575

    Berry 75753 months ago

    I had this today, it tastes like cough medicine

  29. Leon mv

    Leon mv3 months ago

    Its like Jojos mixing with evangelion mixing with wtf

  30. Roberto Salvador

    Roberto Salvador3 months ago

    I hate Japan

  31. caned beans s

    caned beans s3 months ago

    Pls make it for kids also

  32. 男ニンニク

    男ニンニク3 months ago

    Is anyone gonna mention this looks like the jjba part 3 art style

  33. Neenja

    Neenja3 months ago

    part 9 jojo character looks fire

  34. S2 EVOK

    S2 EVOK3 months ago


  35. Horus

    Horus3 months ago

    PewDiePie Anime Opening 1: "G-FUEL"

  36. Spotify Ad

    Spotify Ad3 months ago

    I’m angry that there are no gas stations near me that sell gfuel in a can

  37. tgotyt

    tgotyt3 months ago

    I love the jojo art style

  38. Ultra

    Ultra3 months ago

    so, it's a parody of the opening for Neon Genesis Evangelion that has a Stardust Crusaders like animation... absolutely beautiful.

  39. John Vellekamp

    John Vellekamp3 months ago

    please no one dislike there is 690 no we just need ti get 69k likes

  40. Mariam Bassem

    Mariam Bassem3 months ago

    Rlly tho?

  41. Jarrett Brandt

    Jarrett Brandt3 months ago

    10/10 would recommend this anime

  42. Far Mist

    Far Mist3 months ago

    Pewdiepie in a jojo artstyle kinda looked like wekapipo but without the waffle hairstyle

  43. Kevin Hiep

    Kevin Hiep3 months ago

    0:21 and 0:23 why is no one talking about that looks like code geass reference? XD

  44. rigbyme

    rigbyme2 months ago

    I think that was a evangelion reference... Because this is evangelion with a jojo art style

  45. Samuel Vu

    Samuel Vu3 months ago

    Ikr XDDDD

  46. Thinh Thi

    Thinh Thi3 months ago


  47. ZeddliYT

    ZeddliYT3 months ago

    Art Style:JoJo Intro:Neon genesis evangelion Top 10 anime crossovers

  48. Apollo

    Apollo4 months ago

    It sold out right before I bought it

  49. BubbaJ456 -

    BubbaJ456 -4 months ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the Ben Ten Alien Force reference at 0:18?!

  50. rigbyme

    rigbyme2 months ago

    Not a ben 10 reference.

  51. Belle chan

    Belle chan4 months ago

    Love this

  52. Dat guy

    Dat guy4 months ago

    I need a dawko one

  53. Mikhail Silaev

    Mikhail Silaev4 months ago

    Is this both a Jojo's and Evangelion reference? Damn this gfuel marketing knows no bounds

  54. Le Danker

    Le Danker4 months ago

    i just realized that pewdiepie did a chad face


    KAMRYN FONTENOT4 months ago


  56. Niklas

    Niklas4 months ago

    im not a fan of anime but how can someone dislike this

  57. Cobra Kai Clips

    Cobra Kai Clips4 months ago

    Who Thinks Pewdiepie gfuel is the worst ad?

  58. JimJimWow

    JimJimWow4 months ago


  59. Imran Khan

    Imran Khan5 months ago

    gfuel is honestly a pretty good company, they know how to sponser ( PewDiePie ) and know who not too, ( keemstar )

  60. Noah Jock

    Noah Jock5 months ago

    Diamond play button is unbreakable


    DRIPPY PLAYZ5 months ago

    That's what I call a anime

  62. Raol Babay

    Raol Babay5 months ago

    Is that a jojo refference

  63. TP 11

    TP 115 months ago

    Does it taste like pewdiepie?

  64. Tomy Sonardi

    Tomy Sonardi5 months ago

    Giogio What do you mean that already exist in part 5?

  65. Cipher 1

    Cipher 15 months ago

    Evangelion but with JoJo characters

  66. Vincent’s Random Posts

    Vincent’s Random Posts5 months ago


  67. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando5 months ago

    Felix is the alternate universe best blonde haired Joseph Joestar from part 3

  68. Nate Rodrigo

    Nate Rodrigo5 months ago

    I love how Felix is a Joestar now and he looks awesome like a part 3 Joseph jojo in that style of JoJos Felix looks so awesome this is the new jojo part

  69. PaperBag

    PaperBag5 months ago

    We can't even get them in the UK :(

  70. Ultiz Games

    Ultiz Games5 months ago


  71. 田所浩二

    田所浩二5 months ago

    何故、日本語があるの? Why is there Japanese language?

  72. Đào Chị

    Đào Chị5 months ago

    People: he looks like a jojo character People: don't realize it's Evangelion

  73. Mini Siin

    Mini Siin5 months ago

    This music is good

  74. chap

    chap5 months ago

    i watched this ad like 50 times

  75. Mehedi Hasan Emon

    Mehedi Hasan Emon5 months ago

    Am i the only one who forgets about this video and just randomly remembers it at 2am in the morning and rewatches it a bunch of time till satisfied?

  76. turk

    turk5 months ago

    the one ad i will actually watch

  77. Al Qahb

    Al Qahb5 months ago

    Y won’t they add g fuel adds to utube

  78. Al Qahb

    Al Qahb5 months ago

    G fuel adds r the best

  79. Im lazy to have A channel name

    Im lazy to have A channel name5 months ago

    I will spend all my life savings on this drink

  80. crippling cheese addiction

    crippling cheese addiction5 months ago

    only ad I don't skip

  81. Mete44 _hd

    Mete44 _hd5 months ago

    This has some real anime potential Change my mind

  82. NotGoodJustAsian

    NotGoodJustAsian5 months ago

    This remind me of AOT season3 op

  83. Pokey King

    Pokey King5 months ago

    I love how some of the frames are actually just jotaro frames

  84. Patrick Jan

    Patrick Jan5 months ago

    has someone even tried this gfuel? i tried it some days ago and i wont say it's that good in my opinion xd

  85. MeowMeow

    MeowMeow5 months ago

    690k views... nice

  86. Jepi122

    Jepi1225 months ago

    Why does it have to be so expensive tho???

  87. Zev

    Zev6 months ago

    How is this an ad and not a post on r/S**tpost Crusaders?

  88. Carlos n Megan Moraga

    Carlos n Megan Moraga6 months ago

    I always wondered what big pp energy felt like

  89. Just Karl

    Just Karl6 months ago

    That slurping, sounds so heavenly.

  90. Thomas Had Never seen Such bull

    Thomas Had Never seen Such bull6 months ago

    The one good ad

  91. nguyen hung

    nguyen hung6 months ago

    pewdiepie bizzard adventure

  92. Charlie Eden

    Charlie Eden6 months ago

    674 people are ceiling gang, cringe.

  93. Mayu Rose

    Mayu Rose6 months ago

    I was extremely happy when I got this as an ad lmao- And extremely upset it only ever showed up as an actual ad to me once-

  94. Akio Cloud Eser

    Akio Cloud Eser6 months ago

    For brofist and pewdiepie

  95. GameBoiTim

    GameBoiTim6 months ago

    Weird, I don’t wanna skip this ad.

  96. Pun Master

    Pun Master6 months ago

    If pewdiepie had an anime an extended version would be the intro

  97. tunafish

    tunafish6 months ago

    the fact that the anime is really depressing and making this made the anime less depressing

  98. やイット810

    やイット8106 months ago

    0:24 ? SUPER ? ? ワオ!日本語上手 ? ですね!おめでとう ? ございます! ?

  99. Mateusz G

    Mateusz G6 months ago

    Wow... The Listened to Andrei Terbea! Good Job.

  100. MLG Alcatraz98

    MLG Alcatraz986 months ago

    My 12 pack came in the mail today definitely worth $30 might have to stock up on more on payday

  101. EnderTeimant

    EnderTeimant6 months ago

    *w h a t*

  102. Help

    Help6 months ago


  103. Certified Simp

    Certified Simp6 months ago


  104. Roberto Salvador

    Roberto Salvador6 months ago

    Future of PewDiePie.