The wait is over! Get your can of Pewdiepie's own G FUEL flavor now at


  1. Shrek Moto Moto

    Shrek Moto Moto3 months ago

    Mtn Dew: You can’t defeat me Sprite Cranberry: I know but he can Pewdiepie G Fuel: Floor Gang OUH!!

  2. Aaron Parkinson

    Aaron Parkinson3 months ago

    RTX: on

  3. Karl Isaac Abad

    Karl Isaac Abad4 months ago

    Award for best ad ever #1 🏆🥇🏅🎖️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. Sickobing

    Sickobing5 months ago

    you mean pewdiepie cannot?

  5. H3ating

    H3ating5 months ago

    Ayy pewdiepie is better then T some thing

  6. AG Netero

    AG Netero5 months ago


  7. Disco Goat

    Disco Goat6 months ago

    Damn these people have good animation

  8. Yept

    Yept6 months ago

    Why deosnt this have more views?

  9. DankDealer

    DankDealer6 months ago

    Idk if anyone already did this but.... *CAN* YOU DO THIS?

  10. faaizer

    faaizer6 months ago


  11. L W

    L W6 months ago

    Sir Pewds now has his own drink

  12. Ingrid hazbin hotel goatr the goat demon

    Ingrid hazbin hotel goatr the goat demon6 months ago


  13. Faze_Duck_pog

    Faze_Duck_pog6 months ago


  14. ruimy9

    ruimy96 months ago

    This is a very good quality ad, but pewds stop playing minecraft a month ago. Please stop about the Pewdiepie&Minecraft crossover.

  15. Vicnoto F

    Vicnoto F6 months ago

    Its to 3d

  16. Lenitudo

    Lenitudo6 months ago

    come on guys we're in 2020. it is time for you and pewds to create a more healthy drink. i cannot punish my fit and skinny body with this unhealthy and sucralose filled drink which reduces insulin sensitivity and leads to abnormal heart rhythms at high consumption.

  17. Diablo Nerd

    Diablo Nerd6 months ago

    Wow it looks like RTX

  18. Evidence

    Evidence6 months ago

    Is this a hint Pewds is coming to Minecraft

  19. sjakiedebanaan

    sjakiedebanaan6 months ago

    RTX on

  20. Dylan

    Dylan6 months ago


  21. Wheelchair Papi 2.0

    Wheelchair Papi 2.06 months ago

    Imagine if it shipped to other places beside only the U.S

  22. Catluke season 4

    Catluke season 46 months ago

    Can I buy 399 can?

  23. Thirsty Thirst

    Thirsty Thirst6 months ago


  24. KeylessTax

    KeylessTax6 months ago

    Honestly I want to try it but I'm kind of fucking broke right now so I'll have to wait

  25. MilkyMoose2

    MilkyMoose26 months ago

    Ideas for Gfuel flavour Cookies and cream Cookie dough Smores Vanilla milkshake Mango Please use :)

  26. berry

    berry6 months ago

    what shaders and texture pack is that???????/???

  27. P2p2p2pwpwpw

    P2p2p2pwpwpw6 months ago

    Seroisly I am a 34 year old parent my son bought this without permisoin

  28. BxdderRo

    BxdderRo6 months ago

    Cool does he like it?

  29. Girl Next Door

    Girl Next Door6 months ago

    Ferb i know what were going to do today!

  30. Smoll doggo

    Smoll doggo6 months ago

    Can you guys make pixel potion packets

  31. i don't like tacos

    i don't like tacos6 months ago


  32. iTac

    iTac6 months ago

    I found gfuel cans at my local 711, hopefully they restock with these

  33. laggernoob ._.

    laggernoob ._.6 months ago

    Can i refill car whit G fuel

  34. Mazza Asav

    Mazza Asav6 months ago


  35. Toby Bruce

    Toby Bruce6 months ago


  36. Henry Pham

    Henry Pham6 months ago

    Now ima go spend $69,000 on sum G fuel cans so I can crank harddddd

  37. z4xk0123

    z4xk01236 months ago


  38. HaypeX Gaming

    HaypeX Gaming6 months ago

    Omg yes!!!!!

  39. LlamaNotFound

    LlamaNotFound6 months ago

    This is Lowkey Sick 🔥

  40. Saucy Boy

    Saucy Boy6 months ago

    When will they start shipping world wide

  41. Arikardu

    Arikardu6 months ago

    Can I get some free gfuel

  42. smug kid has bread

    smug kid has bread6 months ago

    Babuskia apple pie flavored by radal

  43. LapisCath

    LapisCath6 months ago

    The Hidden Treasure of Brofist Kingdom revealed

  44. Chαrσ

    Chαrσ6 months ago

    *mmmm sweaty swedish gamer in a can very yummy*

  45. twizz dat boi memer doggo

    twizz dat boi memer doggo6 months ago

    Wow This is what you call an ad you can not skip

  46. Soda Pop Studio

    Soda Pop Studio6 months ago

    If I don’t see “babauska’s apple pie” the idea radal had, I’ll Raid your company.

  47. shoes.supreme

    shoes.supreme6 months ago

    I bought a twelve pack lmao

  48. CMYK R0SE

    CMYK R0SE6 months ago

    But where is Ikea bird?

  49. Feb

    Feb6 months ago


  50. Cam

    Cam6 months ago

    So do I need to order this online or can I get this at a gas station like Casey's for example

  51. Might be Snail

    Might be Snail6 months ago

    Haha Minecraft cloud

  52. Shalin Chowdhury

    Shalin Chowdhury6 months ago


  53. 『TheBubbleTeaVibe』

    『TheBubbleTeaVibe』6 months ago

    Whoa what texture pack did you guys use?

  54. Kelox on Ipad

    Kelox on Ipad6 months ago

    Who else watching knowing their parents won't buy them any GFuel! :(

  55. Burger Man

    Burger Man6 months ago

    Yeah that was what would happen to me until I won a bet from a few of my friends. And because of that, i walked out with 4 full tubs of Gfuel. Lovely, is it now?

  56. Kelox on Ipad

    Kelox on Ipad6 months ago


  57. Sign in

    Sign in6 months ago

    gfuels marketing team is on point👌

  58. x2 Envi

    x2 Envi6 months ago

    what’s a 30% code?

  59. Shower Thoughts

    Shower Thoughts6 months ago

    Your mom is what I use

  60. Gorfir

    Gorfir6 months ago

    Guess i stay with redbull 😥 no shipping to sweden for cans! F

  61. drim

    drim6 months ago

    So glad they didint make it fortnite style

  62. Retake

    Retake6 months ago

    yooooo sickk

  63. Kaptson

    Kaptson6 months ago

    Its enough to make a grown man cry. And thats ok, you go right ahead tear💦

  64. Wahid Zaman

    Wahid Zaman6 months ago

    One of the best ads I've ever seen.

  65. EpicGazelle

    EpicGazelle6 months ago

    Big PP

  66. Nautiepautie

    Nautiepautie6 months ago

    Epic gfuel

  67. Máté Hilmer

    Máté Hilmer6 months ago

    Looks really nice! Thank you!

  68. FreshCoal

    FreshCoal6 months ago

    Is that a bedrock tree? 😂😂

  69. bakka. jr

    bakka. jr6 months ago


  70. Abodi Motii

    Abodi Motii6 months ago

    G-fuel should make a can that says FLOOR GANG OUH

  71. Fierce Playz

    Fierce Playz5 months ago

    That's so Childish.

  72. Guðjón Andréson

    Guðjón Andréson6 months ago

    Very cool👍

  73. Hippsthehippo

    Hippsthehippo6 months ago

    *ive seen this one before!&0*

  74. سجق 69

    سجق 696 months ago

    I never thought that I will like an ad

  75. ZurjjMedia

    ZurjjMedia6 months ago

  76. NecRolf

    NecRolf6 months ago

    Want a spray cranberry?

  77. NecRolf

    NecRolf6 months ago


  78. ozzi_909

    ozzi_9096 months ago

    Honestly the best ad I’ve ever seen

  79. ZurjjMedia

    ZurjjMedia6 months ago

  80. LukkeBoy

    LukkeBoy6 months ago

    Big oof not worldwide shipping on cans

  81. Nelsony

    Nelsony6 months ago

    finally another ad I don't wanna skip

  82. ZurjjMedia

    ZurjjMedia6 months ago

  83. shy2k

    shy2k6 months ago

    big up zurj

  84. ZurjjMedia

    ZurjjMedia6 months ago

  85. Tools lol

    Tools lol6 months ago

    Is there gonnabe a bogo sale soon?

  86. Duck Train

    Duck Train6 months ago

    The pewds themed gfuel products always ALWAYS get the best treatment

  87. Donald Trump Gaming

    Donald Trump Gaming4 months ago

    As they shld

  88. Senaru Lonath Senevirathna

    Senaru Lonath Senevirathna6 months ago

    As they shld

  89. Vamsi Atmuri

    Vamsi Atmuri6 months ago

    Rightly so

  90. Luis Medina

    Luis Medina6 months ago

    Obviously its Pewds

  91. Kirk94

    Kirk946 months ago

    Minecraft clouds! Just copped some

  92. James Sunderland Seventh

    James Sunderland Seventh6 months ago


  93. salad 69

    salad 696 months ago

    The new terraria update looks great!

  94. Sînziana Beceriu

    Sînziana Beceriu6 months ago

    Why can't all ads be like this

  95. ZurjjMedia

    ZurjjMedia6 months ago

  96. BerryAndRyan

    BerryAndRyan6 months ago

    NAH. AH

  97. Ahnaf Iftida

    Ahnaf Iftida6 months ago

    Gfuel can represented by Minecraft. EVERYONE LIKED THAT*

  98. Athrekyte

    Athrekyte6 months ago

    Is this gonna be at micro center?

  99. Youtuber Rozonexkt

    Youtuber Rozonexkt6 months ago

    I wanted to buy but i dont have money

  100. Gyro

    Gyro6 months ago

    can’t find this at Sheetz I think it’s always sold out

  101. Kairyuu Cruz

    Kairyuu Cruz6 months ago

    Joergön would be proud.

  102. BoBBy BaEZ

    BoBBy BaEZ6 months ago

    Is this the teaser trailer for Minecraft 2?

  103. polo0

    polo06 months ago


  104. Brick Attack

    Brick Attack6 months ago

    floor gang ough

  105. Blue Owl

    Blue Owl6 months ago

    Is G FUEL leaking us the next minecraft game?

  106. cozyseb

    cozyseb6 months ago

    This is now epic

  107. MarioMadness

    MarioMadness6 months ago

    The new minecraft update looks great

  108. Eco YahYup

    Eco YahYup6 months ago

    i will comp

  109. Firey Blaze

    Firey Blaze6 months ago

    It’s here

  110. Amir Zanganeh

    Amir Zanganeh6 months ago

    damn..... g fuel makes better ads than Felix does for himself.

  111. Nelsony

    Nelsony4 months ago

    @sheraz games but thats not felix... that's his team. and the original comment only pointed out felix...

  112. Amir Zanganeh

    Amir Zanganeh6 months ago

    @Epic_Gaymer look kid I know it's weird but I developed a conspiracy theory. WHAT IF they were the same person

  113. sheraz games

    sheraz games6 months ago

    @Nelsony do you know he has a team of editors

  114. sheraz games

    sheraz games6 months ago

    you are god damn right

  115. G0han_Ez4

    G0han_Ez46 months ago

    Wait your not using the same face

  116. Captain Taco

    Captain Taco6 months ago

    U.S. customers: Yay were so happy! Finally more cans! E.U squad: **sips on tea** Sigh It's a Rip Bois

  117. MrBaggieBug

    MrBaggieBug6 months ago

    Pewdiepie community is the only one that can make a meme of a video in comments less than 20 seconds of the video being published

  118. Yxng Buba

    Yxng Buba6 months ago

    Oof game of thrones season 9 looks great