The G Fuel Ring

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  1. Dan Bee

    Dan Bee18 days ago

    fight or flight,...or popcorn🚫❔

  2. Game Bro

    Game BroMonth ago

    can you sponcer me my channal is game bro

  3. Sam Is Twisted!

    Sam Is Twisted!2 months ago

    I am legit watching commercials for fun what's going on

  4. abdul sarra

    abdul sarra2 months ago

    Nice video man

  5. HEmotional

    HEmotional2 months ago


  6. Rome De Julio

    Rome De Julio2 months ago

    Kinda sad that the reskin collector boxes doesn’t come with a to go scoop

  7. Emerge

    Emerge2 months ago

    It that my grandma

  8. Fayruz Zahwan

    Fayruz Zahwan2 months ago

    Nooo,my Gfuel!!!!

  9. flqgs

    flqgs2 months ago

    Can I have g fuel plz

  10. CMShortboy

    CMShortboy2 months ago


  11. KingSamuga

    KingSamuga2 months ago

    Imagine DaVirus pumping up the screen ....

  12. MoeyDoesGaming YT

    MoeyDoesGaming YT2 months ago

    Her @?

  13. Sara Sherman

    Sara Sherman2 months ago


  14. MoeyDoesGaming YT

    MoeyDoesGaming YT2 months ago

    @Sara Sherman lmfao its u

  15. Sara Sherman

    Sara Sherman2 months ago


  16. TheFamousJose

    TheFamousJose2 months ago

    Cindy The Tv Is Leaking

  17. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n02 months ago

    they copied scary movie 3

  18. Bren Gaming

    Bren Gaming2 months ago

    scary movie 3

  19. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero2 months ago


  20. Turdy Nerd

    Turdy Nerd2 months ago

    GFUEL chain

  21. KwikSlash

    KwikSlash2 months ago

    I would beat someone up if they try to steal my gfuel

  22. XD_ Radioactive

    XD_ Radioactive2 months ago

    Can you sponsor me pls

  23. DJ20Beast

    DJ20Beast2 months ago

    You guys are so creative now a days,

  24. Shadez

    Shadez2 months ago


  25. AnonyMeme

    AnonyMeme2 months ago

    id watch this lol

  26. YABO Entertainment

    YABO Entertainment2 months ago

    I love the fact that she keeps eating popcorn

  27. Chαrσ

    Chαrσ2 months ago

    Eating Popcorn from the floor give you +5 health and a few buffs for only 10 seconds so yea

  28. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n02 months ago

    just like Linda in scary movie 3

  29. Zak Naz

    Zak Naz2 months ago

    Lets go

  30. Lenin No Bulto

    Lenin No Bulto2 months ago

    “Si te tomaste 1 segundo para leer este pequeño comentario, Jesús te ama y que te proteja de esta enfermedad. ¡Amén!🙏❤️😍

  31. Chicken Fun

    Chicken Fun2 months ago


  32. Evan Brodie

    Evan Brodie2 months ago

    I'm the G Fuel bully buster. If I catch you bullying G Fuel then you're gone

  33. nrx rtx

    nrx rtx2 months ago

    How much i love u i gotta take the credit for first dislike wow

  34. Artemist 123

    Artemist 1232 months ago

    When does This come out in theaters? 👻😂😂

  35. Pluto V2

    Pluto V22 months ago

    The ring

  36. CleenisPEPEGA

    CleenisPEPEGA2 months ago

    give me F R E E

  37. Akash Kumar

    Akash Kumar2 months ago

    wait is there gonna be a bogo lets goo!

  38. hunter838

    hunter8382 months ago

    Is this Elden Ring? OOOOHHHHHHH

  39. GORJAN:D

    GORJAN:D2 months ago


  40. xXxLANGOxXx

    xXxLANGOxXx2 months ago

    I just copped the KSI Miami shaker

  41. Nelson Cisneros

    Nelson Cisneros2 months ago

    Don’t worry she just want that g fuel 😁

  42. GemstoneInfinite

    GemstoneInfinite2 months ago

    Is that a JoJo’s reference


    ITTTSSS JAXXX2 months ago


  44. Sunny

    Sunny2 months ago


  45. Pika

    Pika2 months ago

    Was up

  46. dripy

    dripy2 months ago

    @Pika lol

  47. Pika

    Pika2 months ago

    @Jaydog gaming lol

  48. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming2 months ago

    The sky

  49. Unknown Seizure

    Unknown Seizure2 months ago

    Oh God there's a cult for g-fuel too

  50. kelpylogan

    kelpylogan2 months ago

    ok gfuel

  51. Colerona

    Colerona2 months ago


  52. sub or james charles is going to kiss u at night

    sub or james charles is going to kiss u at night2 months ago

    Ring on the hand

  53. xXxLANGOxXx

    xXxLANGOxXx2 months ago

    Early gang

  54. Skyler Gomez

    Skyler Gomez2 months ago

    2nd 😝

  55. KRANIUM 69

    KRANIUM 692 months ago

    2 views I’m the 2nd one here

  56. Big Itchy

    Big Itchy2 months ago


  57. Itz Prestige

    Itz Prestige2 months ago

    Amazing !!!

  58. Prince Penguin

    Prince Penguin2 months ago


  59. Qw3rty

    Qw3rty2 months ago


  60. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming2 months ago

    Ha funny

  61. FaZe_ 1van60FPS

    FaZe_ 1van60FPS2 months ago


  62. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming2 months ago

    Ha thats funny

  63. 000Fman - Roblox and FNAF!

    000Fman - Roblox and FNAF!2 months ago


  64. French toes Gaming

    French toes Gaming2 months ago

    First like PogU

  65. ZeroPointGravity

    ZeroPointGravity2 months ago

    Ur 3rd lol

  66. Louka Tsoutsas

    Louka Tsoutsas2 months ago


  67. alone

    alone2 months ago


  68. KRANIUM 69

    KRANIUM 692 months ago

    Hi first I’m 2nd