We know you wish summer would never end - but let this summer go out with a BANG with our END OF SUMMER BOGO! Buy One Get One on G FUEL Tubs. Stock up while supplies last at gfuel.com/


  1. Hedsta

    Hedsta4 months ago

    first time ordering tubs and i was only going to get one originally but because of this i got pewdiepie and hype sauce.

  2. AnX Ares

    AnX Ares4 months ago

    I missed it😭

  3. Lego stop Motion studio X

    Lego stop Motion studio X4 months ago

    I wish g fuel was in Canada 🇨🇦 😭😒

  4. Finikera Vlogs

    Finikera Vlogs4 months ago

    Got it a whole tub free yeeee

  5. Wyatt R.

    Wyatt R.4 months ago

    I’m just waiting till the Black Friday bogo sale. Sucks they vaulted dubmelon mint I always wanted to try it. This year’s Black Friday surprise should be some flavors unvaulted instead of a new flavor like last year. Like so G Fuel can see this.

  6. uncultured

    uncultured4 months ago

    This is what I call pog

  7. Daniyel FX

    Daniyel FX4 months ago

    trying to get the sponsorship i am gonna grind for it

  8. Jygako

    Jygako4 months ago

    dubmelon mint restock??

  9. Obamas Cum

    Obamas Cum4 months ago

    I only came here for PewDiePie

  10. Dhiyaan Nirmal

    Dhiyaan Nirmal4 months ago

    Remove keen from your channels section

  11. micro 11

    micro 114 months ago

    how muc htime have i told you make babushka apple pie gful

  12. Johnson Outdoors

    Johnson Outdoors4 months ago

    Your company is awesome for supporting Roman Atwood and not throwing him under the bus because he fell into hard times the only reason I came to your channel is because you didn't throw him under the bus

  13. First name Last name

    First name Last name4 months ago

    Just ordered 6 tubs lol

  14. Marlo Newkirk

    Marlo Newkirk4 months ago

    Who’s here from Roman’s vlog


    HYROXIA PLATIN4 months ago


  16. TheRealBean

    TheRealBean4 months ago

    Nobody: Me: Buys 4 tubs of gfuel bc of summer sale

  17. Matthew Rowan

    Matthew Rowan4 months ago


  18. RiftzIsCute

    RiftzIsCute5 months ago


  19. RG Exotic ツ

    RG Exotic ツ5 months ago

    What two flavors did you get

  20. Vurxy

    Vurxy4 months ago

    Pewdiepie and tropical rain. Kinda regret it and wish I got battle juice tbh

  21. Moby dig

    Moby dig5 months ago

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes YES

  22. DAT BOI

    DAT BOI5 months ago

    yo g fuel can we get blue ice hydration


    CJ2SEGGSY5 months ago

    I’ve lost count how many flavors are there

  24. Brennan Blarek

    Brennan Blarek5 months ago


  25. Iherbs Iherbs

    Iherbs Iherbs5 months ago

    Let’s go I just bought 5 tubs

  26. Ragnar Lodbrok

    Ragnar Lodbrok5 months ago

    Bring back DrDisrespects GFuel!

  27. Jacob

    Jacob5 months ago

    Just have my money. I don't need it

  28. ChrisKing29

    ChrisKing295 months ago

    Already brought 4 tubs

  29. Its Rookie

    Its Rookie5 months ago

    I just wasted my money on gfuel are you fucken kidding me

  30. CanadianB·O·W

    CanadianB·O·W5 months ago

    missed opportunity G FUEL END OF SUMMER BOGALOO

  31. Walleuh

    Walleuh5 months ago

    Dang no peach ice tea sad

  32. Flest_

    Flest_5 months ago

    When does it end

  33. xSteezyBoi

    xSteezyBoi5 months ago

    really like the new designs for the flavors

  34. Calzee

    Calzee5 months ago


  35. JBJ Crash J

    JBJ Crash J5 months ago


  36. Emberrr

    Emberrr5 months ago

    Literally bought 2 tubs when Peach Rings came out......

  37. Natesh Garg

    Natesh Garg5 months ago

    Yeah but peach ring cant be applied here

  38. YT APEX

    YT APEX5 months ago

    Inspired by YT Apex lol

  39. Elijah Thompson

    Elijah Thompson5 months ago

    Yup, I already got my Gfuel list planned out

  40. KrypticElement

    KrypticElement5 months ago


  41. BreninGaming

    BreninGaming5 months ago

    I’m bout to stock up

  42. Zopie YT

    Zopie YT5 months ago

    I just did the deal an hour ago it’s pretty good I got faze berry and pewdiepie

  43. IamR

    IamR5 months ago

    Already bought some yess

  44. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman5 months ago

    Why does this have to start when I have no money NOOOO😭

  45. crow raider

    crow raider5 months ago

    How can iget some i am in lebanon

  46. Cracked Crafty

    Cracked Crafty5 months ago

    Im so getting kiwi strawbarry

  47. WyldeNites

    WyldeNites5 months ago

    Can you please announce when you're doing this next time? I just bought 3 tubs and now I feel ripped off

  48. Gabriel Rivera

    Gabriel Rivera5 months ago

    @Levi Deaton big brain

  49. Levi Deaton

    Levi Deaton5 months ago

    Cancel the order

  50. xSteezyBoi

    xSteezyBoi5 months ago

    nice boutta order cherry limeade and tropical rain. also, why does cherry limeade and tropical rain not have the inspired by logo on it?

  51. Lurchingcoder

    Lurchingcoder4 months ago

    xSteezyBoi  he does drugs and is in a serious spot wit social media and it might not look good for their brand

  52. Ancien

    Ancien4 months ago

    xSteezyBoi  he is going through stuff and takes a ton of drugs or did

  53. xSteezyBoi

    xSteezyBoi5 months ago

    Lurchincoder34 H what happened to rain?

  54. Lurchingcoder

    Lurchingcoder5 months ago

    Maybe bc wat happened wit rain they decided to break the sponsorship

  55. Pepega Clap

    Pepega Clap5 months ago

    I just bought clothes for like 200 dollars... FUCK

  56. A-VOIDED

    A-VOIDED5 months ago

    I just bought a tub yesterday😂😫

  57. AustinHB

    AustinHB5 months ago

    A-VOIDED dangg

  58. A-VOIDED

    A-VOIDED5 months ago

    AustinHB I tried to cancel my orders before but never got a reply from gfuel or a cancellation on my order

  59. AustinHB

    AustinHB5 months ago

    cancel the order then

  60. CallMeArvs

    CallMeArvs5 months ago

    I’m going to get 6 tubs any recommendations?

  61. SyberChief

    SyberChief5 months ago

    don't listen to elijah those are ass. hype sauce and blue ice are top tier in my opinion

  62. 1 destroyers

    1 destroyers5 months ago

    Hypesauce ,sour blue chug rug ,fazeberry

  63. Elijah Thompson

    Elijah Thompson5 months ago

    Ragin' Fish, Sour Cherry & Strawberry Shortcake (only with milk, not water 😁)

  64. Le Boys

    Le Boys5 months ago

    Imagine not getting gfuel

  65. markybuildy

    markybuildy5 months ago


  66. RayRay

    RayRay4 months ago


  67. Slickzy

    Slickzy4 months ago


  68. markybuildy

    markybuildy5 months ago

    ​@Exalite 😳

  69. Exalite

    Exalite5 months ago

    Hi KirkBot 😳

  70. Original Karizma

    Original Karizma5 months ago

    Has anybody else made a small gfuel commercial for fun xD ONE DAY GFUEL ONE DAY I shall work with you

  71. henry

    henry5 months ago

    best of luck!

  72. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero5 months ago

    Imagine disliking Gfuel's videos

  73. duckyyy

    duckyyy5 months ago

    @Fe4rero what? I didn't take it seriously I just explained a good joke and/or a joke.

  74. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero5 months ago

    duccy people like you take jokes wayy too seriously

  75. duckyyy

    duckyyy5 months ago

    @Fe4rero also great example my guy 😀👍

  76. duckyyy

    duckyyy5 months ago

    @Fe4rero no punch line= plain and not funny. Sure it's still considered a "joke" but it was so plain I couldn't even tell it was a joke, therefore, that joke was not funny.😀👍

  77. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero5 months ago

    @duckyyy thats like saying "why is there no ketchup with my fries". well you dont need ketchup with your fries.

  78. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n05 months ago


  79. J-Roc

    J-Roc5 months ago

    Where’s Dr Disrespects flavor? 😤😤

  80. Tye

    Tye5 months ago

    he left for mtn dew game fuel, big L in my opinion gfuel on top

  81. FloridaSky ツ

    FloridaSky ツ5 months ago

    Of course after I buy some already. But they don't have the tubs I would want to order anyways.

  82. Mason Hobbs

    Mason Hobbs5 months ago

    Is Censor not affiliated anymore?

  83. KillaHavi

    KillaHavi5 months ago

    Hi hello hello hi hello Bye

  84. Phlijr

    Phlijr5 months ago

    I’m in school because idc because is gfule

  85. MKP YT

    MKP YT5 months ago

    I got savedI bought Gfuel just before it ended

  86. pomp

    pomp5 months ago

    Release the xQc juicer flavor PeepoClap

  87. Calin Radu

    Calin Radu5 months ago

    10 Tubs of gfuel here i come

  88. Lethal Syringe

    Lethal Syringe5 months ago


  89. Paekx

    Paekx5 months ago

    Restock nemesis!!! :(

  90. MarioMadness

    MarioMadness5 months ago

    Nice !! time to buy 8x tubs

  91. tylerbrinkley64 0

    tylerbrinkley64 05 months ago

    Will I get points for both of the tubs

  92. SteamyI

    SteamyI5 months ago

    Woah idk if buy one get one free is true but ok...

  93. PatSlams

    PatSlams5 months ago

    Hey, what’s you’re favorite gfuel flavor?!

  94. Karlis Bondars

    Karlis Bondars5 months ago

    I've tried six flavors and my fave so far is kiwi strawberry


    NINE RUSH5 months ago

    Chug rug

  96. mk

    mk5 months ago

    Chug rug

  97. TalonDeathSkull

    TalonDeathSkull5 months ago

    Ragin gummy fish

  98. culture

    culture5 months ago

    Raging gummy fish and grape

  99. Charles Cooper

    Charles Cooper5 months ago

    I though mt cherry limeade is no longer a flavor and discontinued

  100. Calzee

    Calzee5 months ago

    They brought it back with the bogo

  101. DC Reapper

    DC Reapper5 months ago

    I ordered gfuel 4 weeks ago it still has not come

  102. DC Reapper

    DC Reapper5 months ago

    The go thing is comes today at 8 pm

  103. Phyric

    Phyric5 months ago

    Damn that sucks. Mine last time took like 3

  104. Idkplayer Fan

    Idkplayer Fan5 months ago

    85 th like

  105. Applezy

    Applezy5 months ago

    Can I get 1 like on this comment

  106. Zokon

    Zokon5 months ago

    Thanks for reminding me Summer is ending soon. The cold weather sucks.😒

  107. angelthebotyeh akaPresidentBottXD :D

    angelthebotyeh akaPresidentBottXD :D5 months ago

    67tH like 😁

  108. Jürnas Jaanits

    Jürnas Jaanits5 months ago

    The gfuel reddit kids: so what are you gonna buy? So what are you gonna buy? My bogo order. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  109. angelthebotyeh akaPresidentBottXD :D

    angelthebotyeh akaPresidentBottXD :D5 months ago


  110. tely

    tely5 months ago


  111. Dany Arabo

    Dany Arabo5 months ago

    Who else wants G-FUEL to collaborate with fallguys 🤪🤪

  112. Anoop K B

    Anoop K B5 months ago


  113. astruzz

    astruzz5 months ago

    Try and get Coryxkenshin!!!!!

  114. Nelson Cisneros

    Nelson Cisneros4 months ago

    Sounds cool but don’t know how there gonna contact Cory

  115. The godly ODD TRASH CAN

    The godly ODD TRASH CAN5 months ago


  116. Xavier Burgess

    Xavier Burgess5 months ago

    I've always thought they should collab as well!

  117. CardboardCat

    CardboardCat5 months ago

    8th like😁😁😁

  118. Cody Ramey

    Cody Ramey5 months ago


  119. Cilas

    Cilas5 months ago


  120. NitroApples

    NitroApples5 months ago

    Damnit and I just bough some gfuel

  121. RayRay

    RayRay4 months ago


  122. MLG Ivan

    MLG Ivan5 months ago

    ツLilTrixsta1 the SONIC one ?

  123. MLG Ivan

    MLG Ivan5 months ago

    Same but I had to go again 🤦🏻‍♂️

  124. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez5 months ago


  125. ColbyD 3662

    ColbyD 36625 months ago

    Why is it that you guys don’t just wait for a BOGO? They do like 4+ per year.

  126. Memegenics

    Memegenics5 months ago


  127. xotfy

    xotfy5 months ago

    “To the Early Squad That’s reading this” Sending Virtual hugs to anyone who needs it! stay safe everyone and stay positive 😭* My dream is to hit 8k, Just Trying To Make My Mom Proud

  128. Cody Ramey

    Cody Ramey5 months ago

    you the same as everyone else

  129. martymacaron1

    martymacaron15 months ago


  130. tenpq

    tenpq5 months ago


  131. Yoshi gaming Yoshi

    Yoshi gaming Yoshi5 months ago


  132. Isaac F

    Isaac F4 months ago

    @Yoshi gaming Yoshi sup